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1989 Golden Joystick Award-winning hero Rocket Ranger returns in a completely fresh new take on the classic action-adventure videogame!
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Rocket Ranger Reloaded - Game Design Implementation!

Posted by Cinemaware (Creator)

Rocket Ranger Backers!

First off, we truly apologize for the lack of updates over the last couple of months - things have been quite hectic for the team, and with the amount of work we have on our plates (between the different versions of Wings! about to be released, the upcoming Sega Genesis version of It Came From the Desert and the movie partnership that was announced, ongoing development of Rocket Ranger Reloaded, mobile releases of our classic games, etc.) our small team of Cinemaware aficionados has been juggling a lot! We hope to be able to count on your ongoing patience and support as we make further progress on so many fronts...phew!

For this first official pre-production update, we thought of covering something different which makes for a nice insight for all our backers into the progress of the game! We put together this update showing our master designer, David Grafton, working on a cool board game version of Rocket Ranger Reloaded that he’s been developing and using to help us work out the gameplay!

Notice the suspicious Lunarium bottles in the background...
Notice the suspicious Lunarium bottles in the background...

Work is progressing on the game design and early development of the game, and part of the process involves laying out how the complex system of countries, resources, agents and Nazis will interact – especially since we are adding new areas to the world stage and new aspects of gameplay.

Could a real boardgame be in the cards?
Could a real boardgame be in the cards?

Our chief designer has immersed himself deeply into all things Rocket Ranger and has been coming up with a set of rules, gameplay logic and storyline elements for the new game which is very faithful to the original Amiga classic, but adds LOTS of cool new aspects for you to enjoy!  

One way in which he is getting to grips with the gameplay is through the old-fashioned means of paper and ink: he has created this board game version of Rocket Ranger Reloaded to test out ideas and rules. We’ve been having great fun as guinea pigs testing out the rules and playing with our tiny paper pieces to see if we run out of Lunarium or lose all of our agents too easily!  

Will the Nazis uncover Allied agents and stop Rocket Ranger?
Will the Nazis uncover Allied agents and stop Rocket Ranger?

Rocket Ranger, along with a number of other Cinemaware games, were heavily influenced by board game design. So it fits perfectly that we use this unusual method to model how the game will work and how players will get to tackle the Nazi threat. Testing out new game concepts, rules and mechanics in this fashion is allowing us to see and open up many more game design and gameplay possibilities, which will result in a game that is lots of fun and highly replayable!

Who knows - maybe with your support and interest we could one day produce a real, complementary board game featuring many of the great aspects of the original but introducing some real cool variables that are unique to board games as well as multiplayer participation! What do you all think? 

Implementing a Rocket Ranger boardgame!
Implementing a Rocket Ranger boardgame!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this insight into the early process of creating Rocket Ranger Reloaded. Other aspects of the game are being created alongside the design during this pre-production phase, and we hope to be able to show off more very soon, including an early port of the playable demo working on mobile platforms! Again, we are sorry for the belated update but please stay tuned!

Finally, please don't forget - funding is still ongoing on via PayPal at: 

RRR is a big project and we are still seeking funds and resources to maximize the potential and the vision we have for this great game. Your continuing support and help in sharing this funding effort with other fellow gamers is always appreciated.


Team Cinemaware

In other Cinemaware news...

Wings! Remastered Edition is coming this month to iOS, Android and Apple's Mac Store. It will also be coming soon to a new, to-be-announced Chinese console!

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