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1989 Golden Joystick Award-winning hero Rocket Ranger returns in a completely fresh new take on the classic action-adventure videogame!
942 backers pledged $90,715 to help bring this project to life.

Update #6: Enhanced $29 Pledge Level, CinemawareTV and Retro-Boerse!

Posted by Cinemaware (Creator)

Esteemed Rocket Ranger Resistance Fighters!

As we progress into our third week of the campaign, we have been steadily making progress on several fronts. The demo is now fully playable and we are at this moment fine-tuning and polishing it. Hopefully by next week we will be able to release it for everyone to enjoy!

On the funding side, we recently crossed 40% - but there's still lots of ground to cover! Meanwhile, we are staying busy creating all sorts of great artwork, fleshing out the game design, and exploring what new characters will be appearing in the new game. We are super excited about Rocket Ranger Reloaded and believe it will represent a great evolution for Cinemaware and our fans!

Enhanced $29 Pledge Level Now Open!

After quickly selling out the $29 pledge, we decided to give it a new BOOST with some really unique digital rewards specially created by our artists: digital Third Reich Secret Weapons Blueprints in HD quality, chock-full of detailed info and technical specs! 

Our agents have captured these top-secret blueprints!
Our agents have captured these top-secret blueprints!

Several Third Reich secret weapons blueprints have been captured by our agents (so far at least three!!) and more are sure to follow! All backers at $29 (and above) will now get copies of these great, ultra-secret diagrams!

An additional 250 pledges are open for this enhanced $29 pledge! Those who have already pledged at this level do not need to change - your pledge is automatically updated to this boosted version!

In addition, a special paper-PRINTED version of one such diagram (your choice!) will be included at higher pledge-levels...more details to follow in a future update! 

Good men have given their lives to capture this material...
Good men have given their lives to capture this material...

LIVE Speedpainting Webcast This Sunday on Cinemaware TV !

We'd like to invite everyone to come watch a live speedpainting session with our team while Charles Moreira (one of our great artists) paints one of the MAIN Rocket Ranger characters (it's a surprise) right before your very own eyes!

It will air at 5pm New York / 10pm UK / 11pm Germany time! Be there!

Watch a live speedpainting session!
Watch a live speedpainting session!


It is a well-known fact that Kickstarter campaigns tend to slow down throughout the middle of the fund raise. However, this is the time when we cannot let our guard down -  when everyone who is able to must do their best to contribute. For it is exactly how we perform over the next 2 weeks that will likely determine the future success of this campaign...

We still have 20 days to reach our goal, but this is no time to rest. We still need all the help, all the support we can get, to guarantee that all of us get to see this project become a reality! So many of you have already helped a lot, and many others have gone beyond the call of duty, dedicating a lot of effort and in several cases, very large pledges to this campaign. But, the campaign still needs more backers...that is the key to success.

Telefunken Monitor Prototype
Telefunken Monitor Prototype

Again, here are a few tips on how you all can still help:

1) CONSIDER increasing your pledge - even if it's just by $1, $5, $10...every bit makes a HUGE difference! (At this point, a $5 average raise by all backers would get us closer by another $3,000!). Or, upgrade to the next-higher pledge!

2) FIND A NEW BACKER and bring him here! This is, after pledging, the 2nd most powerful thing you can do! Think through the people you know and there's sure someone that is a candidate to FIGHT THE FUTURE! If you are part of a retro gaming or Amiga community, let your buddies know! If every current backer brought one additional backer onboard, we could almost double the funds raised in short order!

Share this campaign with others!
Share this campaign with others!

3) CONTACT THE PRESS (gaming and traditional). Send an email or tweet to your favorite editor about Rocket Ranger, about Cinemaware, about the importance of this campaign! IGN, Joystiq, Kotaku, Gamespot, 1UP, etc. are all great gaming sites that have yet to write about this project! Retro gaming and Amiga gaming communities are also great places to get involved!

4) SEEK other Cinemaware fans who might not be aware of this campaign! There are literally TENS OF THOUSANDS of them out there - they have just not been "activated" yet! YOU - the backers - are the most powerful catalyst for other Cinemaware fans to join this battle!

5) JOIN our Facebook community, FOLLOW us on Twitter and help us spread posts and tweets to your circle of friends! 

This is YOUR campaign - FIGHT FOR IT!

Retro-Boerse Mannheim, Germany

Cinemaware will be present with our own small booth at the Retro-Boerse in Mannheim, Germany!

If you plan to visit or are in the area, please stop by and say hello! We will be showing  an early demo of Rocket Ranger Reloaded and It Came From the Desert for Sega Genesis!


Other Cool Campaigns We Recommend

We'd also like to bring attention to a couple of other interesting projects that deserve some support, too!

Matt Gray's Reformation C64 is a great music project for all of you who are into the retro game music scene. Matt's a great musician and deserves attention for this super cool project!

Crystal Rift is a Virtual Reality grid-based dungeon-crawler in first person perspective, inspired by classic dungeon games.

We hope you have enjoyed this update, and we wish everyone in the USA (and elsewhere) Happy Thanksgiving!

Team Cinemaware


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    1. Richard on

      Right, I will admit not looking that far down the goals list. My bad ;)

    2. Cinemaware 3-time creator on

      @Richard: That is what we proposed in the campaign at the $500,000 stretch level. It is very high we know, but Rocket Ranger Reloaded will demand a lot of resources from us and we do not want to shortchange it.

    3. Richard on

      Perhaps make the stretch goal 'any funds extra used toward ICFTD' campaign next year. Seems to work for pinball arcade :)

    4. Jeremie Lariviere

      Thanks for the update!

    5. Cinemaware 3-time creator on

      @Kickstart_1.2: We have been planning the demo for quite some time, and it's a quite technically complex part of Rocket Ranger. We really could not delay the campaign further for we would run into the Christmas period, a very hard time period for crowdfunding.

    6. Kickstart_1.2 on

      While IMO this campaign was launched a bit prematurely (just a few weeks later with the demo ready would have been so much better - clearly the success of Wings! alone is not enough) this is a good update and there is still time for a successful conclusion. To all backers: please do all you can to share this project and help making this exciting game happen.