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1989 Golden Joystick Award-winning hero Rocket Ranger returns in a completely fresh new take on the classic action-adventure videogame!
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Update #5: New Extended Gameplay Footage!

Posted by Cinemaware (Creator)

Backers of the Resistance!

As we make further progress on the playable Rocket Ranger Reloaded demo, we get more and more excited about all the possibilities that lie ahead of us! 

For this update, we wanted to give you an even deeper glimpse into how the demo is coming along and the different gameplay aspects that show just a little bit of the many things we are creating to be part of the final game. The Rocket Ranger universe is vast and expansive, so for the demo we will be focusing first on the flight combat sequences that take you through the skies fighting off several Nazi super-weapons, like the real Me-262 jet fighter and several other aircraft that were inspired by both science-fiction and real engineering being developed at the time!

Without delay, here's the footage:

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For the demo and the final game, we are creating a huge number of enemy forces: vehicles, ships, submarines, Zeppelins, fighter aircraft, tanks, gun emplacements and all other sorts of unique, historical and also fictional units that will still be revealed over the coming weeks!

The Me-262 was the first combat-ready jet fighter in WW2 and history
The Me-262 was the first combat-ready jet fighter in WW2 and history

As we progress with development of the project, your involvment and feedback is crucial to our success in bringing you the kind of game that all fans want. Please keep sharing this campaign and let us know what else we can cover in future updates that might be of interest to you. We have a lot more to cover and details to dive into, so stay tuned!

Cinemaware TV

We are planning on having a weekly live-chat show on! Don't miss our live-chat stream tonight: 11pm Germany / 10pm UK / 5pm New York at:

Watch us on Twitch!
Watch us on Twitch!

Steam Greenlight Voting

Steam Greenlight voting is ongoing, so please take a couple of minutes to sign onto Steam and vote for us! It can make a huge difference for the success of this campaign!

Rocket Ranger will face multiple types of enemies in the skies!
Rocket Ranger will face multiple types of enemies in the skies!

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We hope you have enjoyed this latest update!

Team Cinemaware

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    1. Cinemaware 3-time creator on

      @William O'Meallain: You might be surprised what the new game will let you do ... :)

    2. ☜☆RSF☆☞ on

      The video looks fantastic!

    3. William O'Meallain

      Awesome! Can I fly any of those cool planes, too? LOL!