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1989 Golden Joystick Award-winning hero Rocket Ranger returns in a completely fresh new take on the classic action-adventure videogame!
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Update #4: Speedpainting A New Action Sequence!

Posted by Cinemaware (Creator)

Special Rocket Ranger Agents!

Today we got something for you we think is pretty cool - a recorded "speedpainting" session of a brand-new concept art piece depicting one of the new action sequences we have planned for Rocket Ranger Reloaded!

This concept has been created by our artist Charles Moreira, one of our amazing living art machines that is on an incessant quest to find the true "Cinemaware spirit" in all the art we create! :)

Without further delay, here we go!

This concept depicts several of the elements we are looking to "reload" in one of the action sequences of the game - the infiltration/shootout sequence from the original in which you face many enemy Nazi guards and gun installations! In this particular piece, Rocket Ranger faces Afrika Korps Tiger tanks in the deserts of North Africa. However, MANY other locations set in the jungle, arctic, steppes, airborne and several other environments are planned if we reach the funding requirements!

Original jungle sequence shootout
Original jungle sequence shootout
Rocket Ranger - RELOADED! (new desert sequence concept art)
Rocket Ranger - RELOADED! (new desert sequence concept art)

We are looking to expand these sequences with a ton more interactivity and targets on-screen, as well as added mobility for the Rocket Ranger: you will be able to duck & dodge like in the original, but now also make use of the jetpack (and any special enhancements you might have found!) to hover over the battlefield scenario in order to take out special targets and enemy bosses! We are truly aiming for a classic arcade-like blast-fest with Hollywood-caliber explosions! Yeah!

The feared Tiger tank
The feared Tiger tank

Defeating enemies in order to infiltrate a base might now also include multiple-waves as well as multiple-depths of Z-axis on-screen progress. Enemies will now be mobile as well as stationary, zig-zag across the screen and dig into more defensive positions - all the while advancing on YOUR position to send the Rocket Ranger packing back to Fort Dix!

We hope you have enjoyed this glimpse into our team's concept art speedpainting techniques. We plan to carry out a LIVE video session for a brand-new piece and will announce it soon - watch and interact as Charles produces another amazing sequence for Rocket Ranger Reloaded!

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These are two really awesome retro-style projects that deserve everyone's support and attention! We are cheering for them - Heroes Live Forever!

Tom Cory (aka Rocket Ranger) - early concept art
Tom Cory (aka Rocket Ranger) - early concept art

Team Cinemaware

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    1. Jeremie Lariviere

      very cool

    2. Cinemaware 3-time creator on

      @All: Thanks for all the great comments and input! As for the gameplay, keep in mind it's just the focus of this particular sequence and the vision for it. Rocket Ranger is much more than this and all those other great elements (spying, strategy, romance, adventure and a few NEW surprises) will be there too! We just need more backers to join!

    3. Kickstart_1.2 on

      The art piece is beautiful and does indeed capture the Cinemaware spirit, well done! I'd be a little more worried about the "arcade-like blast-fest" part. It'd be really great for 1-2 sequences but definitively not wanted as a main direction for Rocket Ranger Reloaded. We also want the spying, mystery and romance. ;)

    4. Dean Demon on

      @Cinemaware - It's captured just right and will be more than happy if the rest of the art style in the game is in this style, looks like it's progressing nicely.

    5. TAHR on

      I like speedpainting videos, especially when the result is excellent, which is the case here. I still hope to know before the end of the campaign if the game will be full 3d, or if there will be 2d images during certain sequences and if so if they'll be in this style (that is to say realistic and without flashy colors). .

      About the "Cinemaware spirit", well... All I've seen so far is great (2d and 3d), except one piece that, in my opinion, is off the subject.


    6. Cinemaware 3-time creator on

      @Dean Demon: You feel in this particular piece we have not achieved the Cinemaware "spirit" then?

    7. Dean Demon on

      That's quite amazing to see in time lapse, i don't think many people realise just how much work and editing that goes into a single scene or image and don't think that anyone could argue that Charles has captured the "spirit" of cinemaware.