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The Fish Bridge To Japan project is a plan to facilitate  travel to Japan to be mentored by  master Gyotaku printmaker Mineo  Yamamoto.
The Fish Bridge To Japan project is a plan to facilitate travel to Japan to be mentored by master Gyotaku printmaker Mineo Yamamoto.
62 backers pledged $3,248 to help bring this project to life.

Rewards update!!

With most all of the hand tinted brook trout pints dispersed,


After a maze of project complications like repairing an upscale Epson printer, replacing all of the ink cartridges, chasing after newer printer drivers and updates that would work on the newer 64 bit Windows 7, procuring some real real nice art paper for the Giclee repros , and some file design work, my first addition of a chop and my name in katakana has produced another round of KICKSTARTER rewards.

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Rewards are hitting the Post Office!

 Hello friends.

I hope you all had a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season..   

I am just coming up for some air after spending the past couple days working with the Rewards....

I wanted to give a status report...   since last update, the design of the note cards has been completed and the selection of a set of six have been printed and packaged with envelopes. Two newly indirect printed images, resulting from the "Summer of Gyotaku"  were included.

The B&W pen& ink trout reproductions have been fitted into their shipping envelopes and we are deep into production of one of the biggest category of rewards- the hand tinted trout reproductions... each one becomes an original and is the result of a few hours of inking.

Originally I was to wait until all work was complete , and mail rewards at the same time,but have switched to sending them out in small groups as they are completed.

attached is a snapshot of the tinting work currently being done...

Gyotaku Giclee prints as soon to be done, and etchings prepared for mailing, also.

So with the cards produced and shipping materials all set ,  you should see your reward soon.

In the meantime, here is a link to a Gyotaku article I was invited to write for the Scientific American Blog, , Simbiartic:

enjoy   the reading and the rewards,  and have a happy and prosperous new year...

We'll  be in touch


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So where are those rewards,anyway??

Hi  all.

I wanted to post an update,and thank you for your patience. When I entered  into the Fish Bridge project,  I did not want to simply clear out old inventory for the rewards offers , but wished to make the rewards benefit from the newly learned methodology and inspiration.

After the Tour of Japan,and the subsequent Gyotaku encounters this summer,  I got to work... The most universal reward component across the gamut  of you supporters   is the Gyotaku note cards.  I wanted to include at least 2 new images, direct fruit of the effort, namely the Dolphin and the John Dory, seen previously in the updates. To complete the indirect print themselves, the eyes needed to be researched and added to the image.  Then the digital scanning and adjustment,   and card series layout  and pre-press work..   The printing to begin next week. 

The next most universal reward is the hand tinted, non-Gyotaku brook trout Pen and Ink reproduction. I classify these as "hybrid"  images, and each and every one becomes an original, as the colors are carefully layered to each print with transparent colored inks.  I have always been pleased with the final product from this process. 

Some of the Gyotaku reproduction print rewards are also newly edited and printed and put through the same process as the note cards and printed out on archival materials.

The original print rewards like the etchings that are part of current inventory, are accompanied by other rewards like the note cards,  so shipping of these with be mutual.

The goal is to get all rewards out in the next couple weeks,  and hopefully still in time to be used as holiday offerings if desired. 

Look for updates soon.    Thanks again for your patience,  I hope you feel it was worth the wait,and enjoy your holiday celebrations.

Your  fish geek printmaker,


Fish Bridge Rewards process has begun!!!

Hi  Supporters!

I just wanted to send out a note that after a whirlwind summer of Gyotaku learning and teaching, finished up with a week long specimen collection trip to Cape Cod , Mas.,  the drawing table is humming and the rewards for your support in bringing this cultural artform home from Japan   are going to begin to go out to you in the next couple weeks.

Please enjoy this image of a Dolphin printed while I was working with Mineo in Fort Collins Colorado, several weeks after returning from Japan.


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A new group of photos from Japan and the Fish Bridge project

Just now back from attending the Nature Printing Society workshop in Fort Collins, Colorado.

After giving the week's opening presentation about utilizing hand pulled nature prints as a component of digital Illustration, I spent the rest of the week in Gyotaku and nature Printing workshops. 

another successful week.  In the timeline of the fish bridge project, it is now time to begin producing and mail out those pledge rewards.

I hope you all have submitted those mailing addresses!!

now to the photos:

remember, you can these and other photos from the project at :



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