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6x6 - The Art Version of a Music Festival's video poster

What If There Were No More Art Galleries? 6x6 is the answer to that question. Read more

New York, NY Art
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This project was successfully funded on August 6, 2011.

What If There Were No More Art Galleries? 6x6 is the answer to that question.

New York, NY Art
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About this project

When You Bet on Creativity, You Never Lose!

Thanks to everyone who helped us make it to the $10,000 mark.

Even though we reached our kickstarter goal, we could still REALLY use another $2000 in backing to make 6x6 run like a well-oiled machine.

(Hey, if the US government can raise the debt ceiling past 14.2 trillion, I don’t think it’s too over-the-top to raise our funding goal to $12,000 so we can buy extra lighting , rent chairs for workshop participants, and pay for pod-casting equipment. You know what I'm sayin'?)

Also—We still need to cover costs for printing and shipping of postcards and t-shirts so we can get your righteous rewards into your hands as soon as earthly possible.

Thank you all for your amazingly enthusiastic support!

You totally ROCKED it!

(More proof that Art IS the new Rock’n Roll!)


Mr. Baang & Mr. Burne

(aka Kesha + Charlie)


What is 6x6?

6x6 is the answer to the simple question: “What if there were no more art galleries?” 

How would Artists sell and promote their work if they completely removed the traditional commercial gallery route from the equation?

What if self-produced, “indie” events were considered the norm instead of the alternative?

6x6 is the blue print for the way Artists will take back control of their own work and careers.

Starting on September 8, 2011, 6x6 will begin its acrobatic presentation of six, back to back, one week only art exhibitions in New York City. 

And as if producing 6 weeks worth of killer exhibitions wasn’t already an impressive display of stamina and coordination, we’re throwing in a host of hands-on, interactive, learn by doing workshops and programs for art buyers, artists, and creative entrepreneurs. 

At the end of 6x6, we will take the video footage and workshop notes, podcast recordings and package it all up into an affordable, easily accessible, step-by-step DIY "How-To" Guide that teach independent Artists how they can plan and re-create their own version of 6x6 in their own Art communities.

A Brief Line-Up of Planned Events:

Four “Friday Art Date” dinners where we transform the gallery space into a fun, cozy restaurant for the exhibiting artists and 15 to 20 hungry art lovers.

Get Connected: A two-part workshop series focusing on on Effective Web Design + Branding and Social Media for Creatives, in partnership with the New York Foundation for the Arts.

Web Work Marathon:  Show up with your laptop, images, and a bit of web copy.  Leave with your slick new Art website built under the knowledgeable guidance of a team of Rockstar web designers.

Hide and See: An Art World themed Scavenger Hunt throughout the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City custom designed in partnership with Secret City.

Looking and Cooking with ArtBite. A Fine Art cooking class taught by Renowned Los Angeles Executive Chef Maite Gomez-Rejoin.

What is Baang and Burne?

Baang and Burne Contemporary was founded in 2009 by two artists: Kesha Bruce (aka Mr. Burne) and Charlie Grosso (aka Mr. Baang).

We named our roaming gallery after a cold-war era spy term for “covert sabotage and demolition operations" because it perfectly describes our philosophy about tearing down the barriers that are part of the old-school art buying experience and creating a new innovative art experience.

Also, we just love spy movies.

Simply put, Baang and Burne events are where people who love art and people who make art come together.

Be forewarned: No Art Snobs Allowed.

Where Will Your Money Go?
Here's a rough break down:

$3,000 for Art Space Rental.

$3,500 for Workshops and Programming for Artists.

$1,500 for Delicious snacks for our event guests.

$1,000 for Printing & Promotion.

$1,000 for Weekly installation & preparation of the space over the 6 week period.

FACT:  When a small army of creative people get together---magic happens.

So are you in?  Good.

Now, let's go make some magic!


Pearl Jam-Backspacer tour at the Gibson Theater, Los Angeles, 2009.
Limited Edition Print, 17x22 inches, Archival Pigment, Edition of 20.

Are you Readymade?

An original Limited Edition t-shirt designed and created exclusively for Baang and Burne Contemporary, for 6x6, by anonymous video artist Readymade777. 

6x6 Box Set Artwork Selection

Jane Zweibel – The Matrix Series:

Matrix #2. 2003, watercolor, gouache and thread on paper, 7" x 5"

In this series of small works on paper, the central forms are silhouettes
of figures, flowers, trees and vehicles. Each stenciled image reveals a narrative fragment.

Matrix #4. 2003, watercolor, gouache and thread on paper, 7" x 5".

Kesha Bruce

I’ll Fly Away #10 Mixed Media on Paper, 2008.

Kesha Bruce create works that combine painting and collage
to explore the connections between memory, personal mythology, and
magical-spiritual belief.  

I’ll Fly Away. (Edition of 25)  Archival pigment print.  9 x 12 inches. 2008.

Charlie Grosso

Helping America into the New World,  Bradbury Building, Los Angeles.

Limited Edition Archival Print, 11x14 inches. (Edition of 20.)

“This is the Bradbury building in Downtown Los Angeles where Blade Runner was filmed. I was lucky to be granted permission to photograph in this architectural landmark build in 1893.

This was shot on Polaroid T-55 (which is no longer available, but I do have a private stash of it), a positive / negative film that is super sensitive to heat and scratched. Part of the emulsion often comes off when you pull the positive from the negatives which is what give you an interesting texture and element of unpredictability.”

See something you like?  Great!  Go buy yourself something pretty!


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    For just $10, you will become an official Art Hero. In exchange you will
    also receive our complete love and affection and a mention of your Art Hero Status
    on our Blog and Facebook page.

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    For giving $25 or more you’ll receive The Official “I Am An Art Hero”
    postcard to hang on the wall in your studio or workspace so you’ll never forget
    who you are. You’ll also get a mention of your Art Hero Status on our Blog and
    Facebook page.

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    For $50 or more you’ll receive the entire “Art Hero” postcard set featuring
    artworks from each exhibiting artist plus a BIG juicy shout out about your Art
    Hero Status on our Blog and Facebook page.

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    6 backers Limited (44 left of 50)

    Are you Readymade?
    For $75 you’ll get your hands on an original, limited-edition t-shirt designed and created exclusively for Baang+ Burne Contemporary, for 6x6, by anonymous video artist Readymade777.

    Normal Price: $150. Your price through kickstarter----$75. (Limited to 50)

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    Pledge $100 or more

    18 backers Limited (2 left of 20)

    To show our gratitude for your $100 pledge, Baang and Burne
    Contemporary artist Cara Lynne Kleid will make you the star of one of her well
    known and highly sought after “10 minute portraits”. Your portrait can be drawn
    from a photo, or if you are in NYC during her exhibition she will draw you live at
    the event and you can take your portrait home with you that very day.

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    Pledge $145 or more

    0 backers

    Portfolio Review Session:
    Are you a recent Art school grad wondering if you’re ready to sell your work in the “real world”? Have you been working on your art for years, but need some feedback about your current work? We will help you recognize your strongest pieces and advise you on assembling a solid body of work to use in your marketing arsenal. During your Portfolio Review Session you’ll get constructive feedback and advice in a supportive, nurturing environment. Regular Price: $175-- Kickstarter Price: $145

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    4 backers Limited (6 left of 10)

    For giving $200, you’ll receive a 4x6 inch signed and numbered, limited
    edition, hand pulled print by artist Kesha Bruce. This print will be created
    *exclusively* for Kickstarter backers who donate to 6x6. It will not be available
    for sale at any other time anywhere else. Never. Ever.

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    Pledge $210 or more

    2 backers Limited (4 left of 6)

    Portfolio Review + Strategy Session. Struggle is over-rated. Let us help you:
    • Find more buyers for your work.
    • Choose worthwhile exhibition opportunities.
    • Get organized and stop procrastinating.
    • Feel less overwhelmed and become more focused.

    You will finish your Strategy Session with concrete steps and a solid game plan for how to reach your specific goals.

    Regular Price: $250-- Kickstarter Price: $210

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    0 backers Limited (10 left of 10)

    Our Artists Rock.

    The Proof: For becoming a backer at the $450 level you will score a totally killer, limited edition Print, by Artist Charlie Grosso, of Pearl Jam on tour for their album Backspacer.
    Taken at the Gibson Theater in Los Angeles, in September 2009.

    Normal Price: $500. Your price through kickstarter----$450. (Limited to 10)

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    Who says money can’t buy you happiness? For $500 you'll be getting a real
    treat: The 6x6 Box Set of 3 original artworks created by three Baang and
    Burne artists. Valued at $1100.

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    Pledge $750 or more

    0 backers Limited (4 left of 4)

    Private VIP *Art Star* NYC Guided Gallery Walk with B+B Artists and Directors Kesha Bruce and Charlie Grosso.

    First, we’ll meet you and a group of your friends, co-corkers, or employees at Baang and Burne for your private viewing of the 6x6 exhibition. Then, we’ll head out for a 2-hour gallery hopping tour through a hand-picked selection of the absolutely best art shows in the Chelsea ‘hood.

    ---But make no mistake, this ain’t your Art History professor’s tour of Chelsea. You’re about to get the VIP insider treatment to the coolest shows in town. Get ready to have the best damn Art Day of your life.

    No Art Snobs Allowed.

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    Pledge $1,000 or more

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    If you donate at this level, it is highly likely that you are totally
    righteous. We want to reward you and three of your foodie friends with a special
    VIP *ART STAR* private wine & h'ordeuvre preview of the exhibition of your choice,
    plus 6 VIP admissions to the 6x6 programming events of your choosing. You’ll
    also receive the completely lovely Art Hero Box Set of 3 original artworks created
    by three Baang and Burne artists Valued at $1100.

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