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Andy D is recording his third album and needs your help! This is also the perfect opportunity to offer his fans something extra.
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Andy Duncan

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Back from Tour!

Dearest Dudes and Chicks who believe in me,

Sorry to keep you hanging like that! I know the projected date of delivery for most rewards was April, but then half-way through the KickStarter campaign, we decided to leave LA, after a trying six months and move back to the Midwest and go on a seven week tour, which we just completed, the last eleven dates of which were performing with Electric Six and that was magical yet again.

So yeah , tour happened, and it was RAD! Since I started doing this, I knew I had to do a really big tour to really get what I'm doing out and about to more people, potential fans and friends. Well we just covered 12,000 miles across 22 states playing 41 shows! So this tour had to happen, but I wouldn't have had the drive to do it if I didn't have the recording of this album to come back to, and now I'm doing it. I just ordered the final part of my new studio this week, it should be here next week.

Meanwhile I am doing the rhythm sections of the eight songs I have completely finished writing, arranging the five songs I'm partly done with, and thinking on the one song I haven't even begun writing but just conceived of this past weekend. Yes, that's rite, if you do the math this new album will have 14 original songs, PLUS two additional reprise tracks, at least, we will see how it goes. I will keep the demos up on soundcloud (, but will probably stop demoing, and just record the final versions from now on. As of this past tour, we started performing High Energy Lover and Forever in My Dreams live.

For now we are doing weekend shows, I will be traveling in May getting the tracking done for Lord Midnite and other special guests, and hopefully will have Warcries the album wrapped by June or July. I am also meeting with artists for album artwork in the next couple weeks.

As for the backer rewards, I will be putting out the surveys to collect your data very soon. I have the song for the Erotic Gold Package getting remastered for distribution to you all as I type this. I've already given one vest to a backer in Nashville at the show, so that was awesome, and I'm getting the demo compilations and other things together too, so I can get all that out to tide you guys over while I get the album done.

Now, the biggest news is last! Whilst on tour, Gizmodo paid me the hugest compliment imaginable, if you missed it check this:

I'm pumped this project is not a regret! I know KickStarter can be abused, I don't intend on abusing either it nor your trust and faith in me and what I'm doing here. I believe in you and I love you, thank you for believing in me too, I'm going to finish this album about robots and mutants learning to dance in the far future and it will be incredible!

This has been Andy D.