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A new sci-fi epic featuring aerial silks, puppetry and live music from the creators of Water Bears in Space

PuppeTyranny! (pup·pet tyr·an·ny) is a philadelphia based collective of multimedia performance and theater. We need your help to make our most recent sci-fi saga Iminami a sparkly, shimmery low budget masterwork.

Iminami (im-in-ah-me):  A megatsunami, referring to a tsunami with an initial wave amplitude (height) measured in several tens, hundreds, or possibly thousands of meters. In Japanese, "purification wave".

After a devastating iminami plunges Earth into chaos, the last vestiges of the scientific community flee to the moon Enceladus in this post-apocalyptic drama of two worlds. The same folks that brought you the 'utterly, transcendently bizarre' Water Bears in Space present a new sci-fi epic replete with puppets, aerial silks and a live score provided by the music collective Upholstery.

Your generous donation will go towards...

  • Rental of performance space, the wonderful, forward-thinking woodworking collective at GreenSaw Design.
  • Compensation for set materials and props (the ones that aren't made from cardboard).
  • Risers! For the first time, we're getting risers so that everyone can see all the action. Neat!
  • 2 Aerial silks and rigging equipment
  • Paying our actors, stage crew and musicians (what a concept!)

Iminami is Puppetyranny's third offering to the Philadelphia Fringe Festival. 2011 saw the sold-out run of the microscopic adventure saga, Water Bears in Space, which 'may not be the strangest Fringe show I’ve ever seen, but it at least makes the top three.' (Wendy Rosenfield, Philadelphia inquirer). And in 2009, playwright/director C. Kennedy made her Philadelphia debut with Rails,  a 'fiendishly satisfying noir comedy/thriller' (CityPaper)


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    CHARON - Are you a moon of Pluto? Or a dwarf planet in your own right? Either way, I wanna orbit you. When I see you next, you're getting a planet-sized hug.

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    TRITON - Mighty moon of Neptune! Your complex and mysterious tectonic terrains hide a gentle core. You will receive a thank you in our program because we love you that much.

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    MIRANDA - You have intense geologic activity in your past, but your future holds a thank you in our program and free refreshments at the show!

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    CALLISTO - Your low radiation levels are balanced by your high levels of generosity. Receive a thank you in our program plus a poster autographed by the cast!

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    DACTYL - You are such an amazing moon that you don't even need a planet! Orbit around your asteroid to receive everything listed above as well as a copy of the album that inspired the show, If : Then :: Iminami.

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    PHOBOS - You move so fast you get to rise and set twice a Martian day. For a busy bee like yourself, receive two free tickets to the show!

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    GANYMEDE - Largest of moons! Your magnetosphere has pulled in our hearts. Receive all of the above, plus receive a real live puppet from the show!

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    ENCELADUS - Oh my goodness, you are the moon that is in the play! The play literally takes place on the surface of your generosity! To show our appreciation, our house band Upholstery will play a show at your house (As long as your house is somewhat near Philadelphia)!

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