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Update #3

Our Lovely Leading Lady!

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I am incredibly happy to welcome Mari Adams to our film family. Mari has been cast to play Midway's lead character, Mara! Now, I know what you're thinking...Mara/Mari- coincidence? We don't think so either.

Mari is not only talented and beautiful, but she is already deeply connected to the film. Her emotional understanding of the character, her environment and her surrounding cast is exceptional. Our ideas for costuming are even identical-- all good signs that this new creative relationship is a perfect fit! 

Additionally, Mari has dedicated herself to assist us with casting, since she has a strong network within Atlanta. She has examined the characters closely and found appropriate actors for the roles. We are excited to invite Mari's colleagues to our auditions this weekend.

I would like to thank Mari personally for her enthusiasm and hard work. We can't wait to get this lovely woman to Savannah for rehearsals! Please view her website at the following link: Mari Adams

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