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Create videos of gaming events after they happen. Video is buffered in system RAM and written to a file on demand. (PC Software).
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Have you ever accomplished something amazing in a video game and wished you could have captured it on video? Perhaps you single handedly defeated 3 people in a World of Warcraft arena match or you had an epic kill streak in Team Fortress 2. However awesome you may have performed, without a video to prove it the Internet will never believe you!

We created EpicRewind to make immortalizing your best gaming moments easy and convenient without negatively impacting your gameplay. EpicRewind works differently than other video capture software you may be familiar with, you can think of it like an “instant-replay” or DVR for games. Your gameplay video is captured and continuously buffered in system RAM; with the press of a hotkey the buffered video is written out to a file on disk. You can game for hours on end and choose to save only the highlight moments, after they happen. No need to pre-plan your gaming videos anymore or dig through hours of saved video files to find the good stuff.

Awesome Performance

As gamers, the last thing we want is our gameplay experience to be negatively impacted. We don’t want to worry about running out of disk space, having our games run choppy, or having our network connection saturated with streaming video. High efficiency has been our priority from day one; we want the load on your system to be minimal and seamless so you can focus on what really matters: your game. We spent a great deal refining and optimizing EpicRewind until we were satisfied with its performance, and we are tough customers.

Performance Highlights

• Video buffering occurs in system RAM.
• Only raw frames are copied while passively buffering, that’s it. Encoding of video and writing to disk only happens when you choose to save the buffer contents.
• Frame resizing performed directly by the GPU (currently DX9 only). This eliminates the need to copy the full frames into system RAM prior to resizing.
• Leverages multi-core CPUs for video processing.
• Select high speed or high quality frame resizing by configuration.
• Optionally postpone all video processing until after you log out of your game.

Video Capture Samples

(High Quality, Short Duration)
Game Settings: Team Fortress 2 played at 1920x1200
EpicRewind Settings: 1/2 frame resize to 960x600, 24 FPS, 1,024Mb BufferSize
RollingBuffer duration: 26 Seconds

(Low Quality, Long Duration)

Game Settings: Team Fortress 2 played at 1920x1200
EpicRewind Settings: 1/4 frame resize to 480x300, 24 FPS, 1,024Mb BufferSize
RollingBuffer duration: 104 Seconds

More videos can be found on our website: as well as our YouTube channel:

Current State of EpicRewind

EpicRewind is nearly feature complete with our current focus on testing and fixing bugs. We are currently running a closed beta-test and adding enhancements from this feedback. We are planning on making it generally available to the public on August 1st 2013 and available for download on our website:

Why Kickstarter?

The current beta build of EpicRewind works great on our PCs, but we want to ensure everyone else enjoys this same experience. If we are able to reach our Kickstarter goal we will be investing in versions of Windows we don't currently own and some additional PC hardware to enhance our test coverage. Unfortunately we cannot test EpicRewind on virtual machines, only “bare metal” Windows installations are sufficient.

EpicRewind will be a freemium product

When released EpicRewind will be available as a free download with a limited feature set. The free version limitations are as follows: 256Mb maximum limit on the RewindBuffer size, all videos will have our website URL: overlaid on the saved video, and fewer choices of output video formats/codecs. Users can choose to unlock the registered version for a one-time cost of $20 which removes the free version's limitations.

Feature Summary

• Directly hook and capture video from Direct3D 8, 9, 9EX, 10, 11 and OpenGL games. • Surface region capture; capture video from flash games, browser games, or anything else on your desktop.
• RewindBuffer capture mode, DVR like rewinding functionality performed directly in system RAM.
• With RewindBuffer mode, your computers load is kept to an absolute minimum by capturing and buffering only the raw frames, video processing and encoding doesn't happen until you choose to save the video buffer.
• Direct-To-Disk capture mode, stream video to a file.
• Dynamic frame resizing - Optionally resize the video frames as they are buffered to 1/2, 1/4 and 1/8 of the original size.
• Configurable Video Output Format and Codec
• Configurable Hotkeys for controlling EpicRewind within games
• Settings Profiles: Load and save sets of configurations as separate profiles.
• Audio Capture, including capture of teamspeak, ventrillo, and other overlaid sounds.
• Screenshot Capture
• Runs on Windows XP 32-bit, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8

RewindBuffer and Frame Resizer

The RewindBuffer is a configurable portion of reserved space in system RAM that EpicRewind uses to continuously buffer captured video. The duration of video which can be stored in the RewindBuffer is a function of frame resolution, frame rate, color depth, and the specified size of the buffer. The maximum configurable size of the RewindBuffer is limited to the amount of free 32-bit addressable space on your system. This works out to approximately 4Gb minus any reserved memory by any other active 32-bit applications. 32-bit Windows users would also have to factor in their OS overhead, while 64-bit users would not. As a generalization, if you have at-least 4Gb of RAM allocating 512Mb buffer sizes will be fine, in many cases you can use 1024Mb.

EpicRewind offers multiple options for frame re-sizing: ½, ¼, and 1/8. People tend to like playing games at the best possible video settings but they don’t necessarily want the captured video to be the same resolution. As the primary purpose of capturing video from games is to share it on the Internet, keeping video sizes reasonable and accessible is critical if you want others to bother viewing it. Frame resizing dramatically increases the rewind buffer duration. For example, a 1Gb buffer @ 1366x768 and 24 FPS will hold 15 seconds of full frame video or 228 seconds with ¼ resizing @ 342x192.

Color depth is currently fixed at 24-bits per pixel, this is typically referred to as “True Color”. A feature we have planned for the future is to make color depth adjustable, allowing the user to specify either 16-bit or 24-bit by configuration. This would allow a slight sacrifice in video quality in exchange for significantly longer rewind buffer durations. Buffer durations would increase by 33% for 16-bit color.

Please see the example table below with pre-calculated RewindBuffer duration covering multiple configurations. If your interested in making further calculations on your own, you can use this formula to pre-determine the buffer duration:

DurationInSeconds = (BufferSizeInMegaBytes * 1024 * 1024 * 8) / (FrameWidth * FrameHeight * BitsPerPixel * FramesPerSecond)

(Click for fullsize)
512Mb Buffer Table
512Mb Buffer Table

Supported Games

All Direct3D 8, 9, 9EX, 10, 11 and OpenGL games are supported by direct hooking capture. Anything running on the desktop can be captured with region capture mode.

Multiple Supported Video Output Formats

EpicRewind provides several options for your output video encoding and format. While we can't legally package and distribute any MPEG-4 encoding software with EpicRewind, our currently supported MPEG-4 codecs are completely free for end-users to download and use. The option to use either DivX or Xvid for encoding will be selectable configuration options after you have installed these codecs on your system.

Supported MPEG-4 Codecs:


New Feature Roadmap

• Integrated YouTube upload feature, optionally upload clips to your YouTube account after you save them
• Configurable color depth: 16-bit or 24-bit color options
• 64-bit EpicRewind client release
• RewindBuffer duration in-game UI overlay enhancements
• 64-bit game client support
• Additional video output formats
• Having more configuration options changeable on the fly
• UI Overlay for region capture mode

Risks and challenges

EpicRewind has integration points with both the operating system it runs on and the games it captures video from. Basically, this creates quite a few variables that can't always be accounted for beforehand. As issues arise with Operating System X or Game Y we will work hard to duplicate and resolve the problem ASAP.

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