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3D Printable kits with superb finish, designed to print great even on low-end 3D printers!
3D Printable kits with superb finish, designed to print great even on low-end 3D printers!
3D Printable kits with superb finish, designed to print great even on low-end 3D printers!
250 backers pledged CA$ 30,444 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Cairn12

      @Jeff Volckaert - Sorry to be so late, but Warlord Games has an extensive collection of decals for most of the combatant nations of WWII, including Germany and the Soviet Union. These should work great on 3D Wargaming vehicles.

    2. 3D Wargaming Creator on

      @Stuart Harrison: A backer and I worked out a mass access granting system. I mostly works, but for this time around it may show some double in the downloads.

      @Neil Hughes: 100um layer. 0.4mm nozzle. We will be adding pictures soon, they are hd, so you can zoom in for the layers.

      @Jeff Volckaert: I'm gland that you like the models. As for the Formic, AWC stands for Armored weapon carrier, meaning it's a small vehicle, but feel free to scale up. The marauder is a very old design, a full fix may not be doable, but we will try to improve it a bit after we are done with the Kickstarter model.

      @Øyvind Hjelleflaten: try re-calibrating the printer.

    3. Missing avatar

      Stuart Harrison on

      Possible glitch in your system - I've received 2 "Order Complete" emails in the last few hours with no items and 0 cost (ie: basically blank orders). Just checked my available downloads and the last four models show twice.

      Just FYI

    4. Missing avatar

      Neil Hughes on

      Just curious about the pictures of the printed tanks. They look great! What resolution are you using to get this good quality i.e. Layer thickness, nozzle size, step size?? I can't see the layers as you normally see on a lot of prints.

    5. Missing avatar

      Kalechaoslord on

      Can I have an update on granting access - I know you are stuck doing it the hard way, but I only have up to the tumbleweed on my account and you have 4 more ready on the store.

      they are nice designs and I would like to get printing!

    6. Missing avatar

      Jeff Volckaert on

      Does anyone have a source for german and soviet tank symbols, words, and numbers? I want to print my own laser decals, but am having a hard time finding images to create an 8.5" x 11" sheet.

    7. Missing avatar

      Jeff Volckaert on

      I've really enjoyed printing the Tiger, Panther, and T-34. I've printed 2 of each (3 for the T-34). I'm building a Russian army for Bolt Action using all the models coming out and a box of Plastic Soldier Company Russian Infantry. It's going to be "Huge" as some famous people like to say.

      I also printed the Formic AWC. It looked a little small next to my Reaper marines, so I printed a second at 150%... looks more to scale with 28mm.

      Down the road (i.e. after the KS models are complete)... is the Marauder going to be "reworked" to be more printable like the Tiger/Panther?

      Keep up the good work... these are turning out better than I had hoped. I am REALLY impressed. If you need suggestions for the next KS... boats are sorely missing... Soviet Bronekater armoured patrol boat, German U-Boat, PT Boat, etc. I think you could really pull that off.

    8. Missing avatar

      Øyvind Hjelleflaten on

      The Body bottom of the M-113 seems to wide? Just me?

    9. 3D Wargaming Creator on

      @Cairn12 We are stuck on granting access manually until we get ourselves a new Web Dev, so it may take some time.

      @Timothy C. Wright: We don't follow the same realase order as on the KS page, the KVs come after the Panzer IV and Stug IV

    10. Timothy C. Wright

      Awesome Find Carirn! Hopefully the Kv1/2 is in the pipeline (although, I suspect we'll see the "new releases" before the stretch tanks. (fingers crossed anyway)

      BTW, anyone have a Bowden system who's printed the tiger tracks out?
      My latest build has a bowden and that's new for me and I'm having trouble getting the tracks to finish. Any tips (or your retract setting, I'm using Cura)?
      I might just go back to my other printer with direct drive and see if that comes out better.

    11. Cairn12

      @3D Wargaming - I see that T-34-85 and SU-100 are now available in the 3D Wargaming store. Any idea when these will be available to Kickstarter backers as part of their pledge ?

    12. 3D Wargaming Creator on

      @Eirikur: Made change on the files, they should be there now. Thanks for the notice.

      @Axel Großmann: We don't have an automated system for access granting, so it may take another week or so to finish granting access.

    13. Missing avatar


      The 2 smallest pieces for the turret on the Tiger I seem to be missing. The small circular pieces that go into the side of the turret behind the gun mantlet

    14. Axel Großmann on

      Same here, tanks on the site but no access from my account. After 4 days adding backers - or is something left ?

    15. 3D Wargaming Creator on

      @Steve Mellan

      To start granting access, the model need to be put on the website first. It takes a while to finish granting access to all backer, just be patient,

    16. Steve Mellan

      I see the Panther and Thumbleweed on the site available to buy but nothing for me to download, can you clarify what i have missed pls

    17. Missing avatar

      Brendan Moylan

      Just got the first two models. Looking forward to printing them. Have you considered doing any WWI tanks?

    18. 3D Wargaming Creator on

      @Robert Anderson those models are not released yet.

    19. Robert Anderson on

      It seems I haven't gotten access to my files yet, are you still giving access to files? I only had 2, the T34/85 and Panther. Thanks!

    20. 3D Wargaming Creator on

      @Jeff Volckaert I found the issue, I put two rail of the same side. I just re-uploaded the files, try out now. Thanks for the notice.

      @Greg thompson there not really a pre-planned schedule, the models are coming out as they are completed.

    21. Missing avatar

      Jeff Volckaert on

      I'm printing the T-34. I think the track rails are off. One "key" didn't fit one side. The other side has the big drive gear in the back. I think I'll cut the "nubs" off and flip the track around.

    22. Missing avatar

      Greg thompson on

      is there a timeframe for the release schedule? I know the plan is by the summer, but I am sure that means releases over the next few months and also assumedly released as finished? Will you work on easier models first, or focus on the bigger tougher models. I remember you saying the Sherman was giving you issues with the slopes

    23. Baldypat

      Printed the body of the tiger last night, hopefully get the rest of it printed by the end of the week. Looking good so far. Can’t wait for the rest of the models :)

    24. 3D Wargaming Creator on

      @Fedor G Pikus not all model had been made yet

    25. Missing avatar

      Fedor G Pikus on

      Very cool models! Thanks!

      Question about the "Tanker Ace" pledge level: the email I just got says "your order has been completed" but there are only 10 downloads. Are there more coming? The pledge description was "EVERY MODEL from this Kickstarter, all our other current models, every stretch goal, and all Bonus Items",

    26. 3D Wargaming Creator on

      @Mark Roberts
      File will be given under the account you gave in the survey.

    27. Missing avatar

      Mark Roberts on

      Sory if this has already been asked, I set up an account a while ago on the website. Do I need to to set up a new one to get the files?

    28. 3D Wargaming Creator on

      @Robert Haddon
      My mistake in making that survey, really sorry for that. Kickstarter won't allow me to correct it, so it's stuck.

    29. Robert Haddon on

      This the most confusing pledge manager I've ever seen. I have no idea what I'm supposed to do. I pledged for 10 models plus SG. A form says to enter ten names, then click five names, then repeat the ten names again. What the heck is going on?

    30. Missing avatar

      Greg thompson on

      So excited to print this week. Hopefully my filament will be in (mess up with delivery meant only the printer with its trial amount arrived last week...). Hatchbox pla, is it any good? also I ordered some filabotics pla last night. do you know anything about it? $17 Canadian for a kg, so I got 2, but literally cant find anything about it.

    31. Brian Webster on

      Just filled out the survey. Can't wait to try some of the files.

    32. Missing avatar

      Greg thompson on

      No problem, take care of the home first, I need to play with the thing a bit anyways so no big deal if its this week or next

    33. 3D Wargaming Creator on

      @Greg thompson and Mark Roberts
      I'll be releasing the model next week. Got some problems at home causing some delay, but thing should be find by next week.

    34. Missing avatar

      Greg thompson on

      Going to have a printer next week, any chance I can have one of the ready files by next weekend so I can give it a go?

    35. Missing avatar

      Mark Roberts on

      Any idea when the first prints will be available on the website?

    36. Missing avatar

      Greg thompson on

      Oh, i have another question to do with print sizes. Will 120x120x120 be large enough for most prints in 28mm? As long as the parts individually fit that's fine, I'm ok with having to do a couple of goes to get all the parts

    37. 3D Wargaming Creator on

      @Greg thompson: An instruction will me sent to everyone. I'm updating a few things on the website, no need to make the account now, as you make have to remake one after updating the website:

      @George Sealy: Thanks, busy updating all the current model before releasing them.

      @Stuart Harrison and Thanks

      @John A Schmidt: PM me

    38. Missing avatar

      Greg thompson on

      2 questions: first, do I go make an account for the site and files go there or are they sent to my email or something? No rush on this as I wont have a printer until march earliest it seems (another kickstarter). Second, for the next campaign, if it happens, could you add modern vehicles, 1950s-now?

    39. George Sealy on

      @3dwargaming congratulations on a successful campaign. You’ve convinced me that I can use my printer for more than just scenery. Having printed both the original and (work in progress) updated Tiger, the quality is fantastic, and I can’t wait to get printing on the new models as they come through! So once again, congratulations on the campaign and also for the wonderful models.

    40. Missing avatar

      John A Schmidt on

      Hello, I was curious about a commercial license and if this is the proper venue to start the ball rolling on that? Great campaign and I am very stoked about this!

    41. Churchill

      I know EXACTLY what my first printed tank is going to be. Cannot wait for the files. The printers are hungry and need to be fed.

    42. C and B

      Congratulations on such a successful kickstarter, but the success was well deserved. :)

      Glad the Churchill got unlocked, I guess we will now have to wait for the other unlocked tanks to come along in your next kickstarter - which I am sure will be even more of a success when gamers see the results produced by us 250 backers putting our models on tables worldwide. :)

    43. Missing avatar

      Stuart Harrison on

      Congratulations on a successful campaign, 3D Wargaming - looking forward to seeing the results!

    44. 3D Wargaming Creator on

      @godgorF: Another Hour to go, so who knows ;) Stuart Tanks anyone?

    45. godgorF

      Things are going so well at this point may as well unlock everything amirite? ;)

      Good campaign though, looking forward to printing some tanks!

    46. 3D Wargaming Creator on

      Well well, let me just update the graphic in a bit. There is still the Stuart M3 and M5....1 hour guys :)

    47. Missing avatar

      Neil Hughes on

      Awesome Churchill! Hope it stays above $30K

    48. Missing avatar

      Yokopops on

      I put down an extra $5 on top of my pledge an hour or so ago glad to see it helped!

    49. George Sealy on

      @godgorF Cheers! My British army thanks you :)

    50. godgorF

      Alright guys I upgraded and kicked us over the hump.

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