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A tormented and blissful metamorphosis.
Happening in New York and Orlando
A tormented and blissful metamorphosis. Happening in New York and Orlando
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Last update of the year

Well the tour is over and i am finally resting,

It has been fantastic, amazing, hard, ridiculously long(67 shows) but  i am still alive, in one piece and my head still on my shoulders.

I have had a great response from the audiences, critics and the festivals too, that made my summer quite good and amazing. I also had almost empty theaters and bad reviews, then i had to remember why am i doing this??? Oh yes, making my show better, so lets go out there and quick ass!! Like in Edmonton when my premiere was at midnight on the first day of the festival, i had 12 people in the audience and one of them was a critic, i had no idea but the next day i had an amazing review so it was all worth it...

I learned a lot through this tour, how to sell my show, how to do a show in any type of conditions and still have a show getting better and to don't assume that people are going to give you what you want unless you explain yourself really well... Oh well, live and learn!

I had the chance to be invited back to New York in January for one show at the Kraine theater and to be able to sell my show at the APAP convention. Other propositions have come my way but not sign yet...

And so here i am planning a new creation at the beginning of next year...

I want to thank you for your support, not just financial but also it has been amazing to have friends following me along the tour through the internet. This was truly amazing!!!



Yeah For Canada council!!!

I just got the news that i got a grant from canada council!!!

$12.000 in the red will disappear at the end of july and i will have enough money to finish the tour!!

I almost pulled the plug on the tour at the end of Ottawa as the stress was too much and i wasn't able to appreciate the amazing adventure anymore...

By the way i got great press in London and Ottawa.

The award for most daring show in London and best of the fest in Ottawa.

Now that the producer in me can finally relax, Little lady will have more space on stage and i can concentrate on the after fringe. 

Next goal: little lady 2013...

I am in Toronto for the next two weeks, the premiere is tonight and i can't wait to be on stage with my behind up in the air! It is how the piece starts...

Big kisses and love your way.

Always remember you are a part of all of that!!


Good morning,

I hope spring has been sweet with you and that you are ready for a hot summer.

I have been a busy bee, writing a new grant, so by now three in total. Got the news that the first one was a no. So one down, two to go...

You should have all received your rewards, check your snail mail boxes or my website, depending of what you are expecting. The flying kisses should get to you very soon, their wings are small carrying big kisses so they go slow! The website is almost up to date, missing a few names, don't worry i know, and if you haven't received a card yet please let me know, i may just not have your address.

I started the summer tour in Las Vegas because it is where i got my best friend's(Elijah) car.

I took five days to drive to Orlando taking highway 10 and some beautiful little roads on the way, never going into any big cities to take advantage of what america has the most to offer: big beautiful empty spaces!!

It was so beautiful, if you ever have time i will have some tips...

I arrived in Orlando one day early to participate in an evening of presentation for the out of town artists.

The best 3 minutes spent in advertising!!! That started a buzz about my show, i then got one of the 20 most expected shows of the festival and a critic at the premiere and another one at my second show. Both are great!

In the first three days i gave out 800 little lady cards with my make up on on site to advertise  the show.

On seven shows i had one sold out and two almost sold out. I had people coming twice and one of the fringe  producer wrote that my show defines what fringe is about.

So I would say it was a great festival and definitely a step up from NY.

The artist in me is so happy, what a great fun to have an audience on three sides that are so into it and actually responding out load, dropping bottles, baby crying in the hallway, all that is food and beautiful presents to react to!

The producer in me is freaking out as the show even with more seats sold is far from covering the cost of little lady.

But i keep on smiling and i am so great full to my friends who keep on helping me in this crazy adventure!!!

Big kisses to you all where ever you are.

Fringe Review: Little Lady

MAY 18, 2012

A contorted figure (Sandrine Lafond) lies prone, facedown on the floor, clad in hooded red dress and fur stole. She slowly wakes to circus music, her white face framed with oversized glasses opening wide to greet the morning with a giggle. The little lady limbers up her feet and props herself precariously on tiptoes, tottering around the stage and waggling her tongue at bemused audience.

Over the course of our wordless pantomime hour together, this curious character tries crocheting with giant needles, laps water from a dog bowl, and watches a boxing match on TV. A container appears with magical rejuvenating jujubes, which she consumes enthusiastically. At night, they enact a metamorphosis, causing her to birth a bundle of yarn from her bulbous belly and bud abundant breasts and buttocks.

Lafond, a former dancer with Cirque du Soleil and Celine Dion, displays marvelous mastery of her muscles, and the character she creates is undoubtedly unique. Is she the subject of some insidious experiment? A symbol of unachievable ideals of feminine beauty? Honestly, I’m not entirely sure, as I experienced a WTF moment or three during the show. But if you’re the sort to seek out the strange and surreal, this show should be one of your best bets this Fringe. Just be sure to sit in the front row if you want a full view of her ground-level antics.


Archikulture Digest

by Carl F Gauze

Little Lady

Little Lady
By Sandrine Lafond
Directed by John Turner
Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival – Blue Venue

I’m not sure what creature Ms. Lafond portraying in her mink vest and orange swim wrapper. The obvious guesses are a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly, a child reaching adult hood, a lab rat in an experiment, or a woman aging and losing her looks. But whatever the transformation is she seems delighted with it. There are clues – three metal boxes contain increasing numbers of sweets. A television gives increasingly violent programs. Vast clots of yellow orange yarn emerge from her belly. She licks many objects, water mist delights her, and she sleeps like an internet cat picture. The collective arts writers of Orlando are deeply confused and conflicted over the inner meaning, but whatever Ms Lafond aims for, it’s utterly fascinating. My big piece of advice: do everything you can to sit in the front row. The show is performed on the floor, and anyone taller than midget ahead of you will block the show. Dance, mine or clown, I couldn’t advise. But it’s a unique Fringe experience.

Seth Kubersky's 20 most anticipated Fringe shows (in alphabetical order)


4 Truths and a Lie

Ex-Orlandoans Audrey Kearns and Brian Bradley hit it big in Hollywood; now they're back telling (mostly) truthful tales with a rotating team of local celebs (including OW's Steve Schneider).

Blood Sisters the Musical: In Concert

This original piece about a matriarchal African-American family features Broadway-credited director Marion J. Caffey and a cast of strong-voiced women.

Blue & Tod: Too Drunk to Fringe

The founder of Varietease and the creator of last year'sSuckers (which I helped produce) might be too drunk to Fringe, but this powerhouse pair are never too inebriated to present an intoxicating cabaret.

Bursting Into Flames

Martin Dockery's previous manic monologues (Wanderlust, The Bike Trip, The Holy Land Experience) were excellent examples of the absurd, and his latest tale of the afterlife appears equally surreal.

Cannibal the Musical!

Logan Donahoo (last year's Trash Cinema 101) and a cast of dozens stage the campy cult musical from the creators ofSouth Park and Book of Mormon.

Connected: An Interactive Experience

Artist Cole NeSmith and director Aradhana Tiwari team up on a potentially fascinating participatory experiment blending dance, drama and audience interaction.

Dance for Grandma

Scott Whittemore's one-man ukulele musical about grief and Christmas sweaters promises to be offbeat and uniquely personal, exactly the qualities I look for at Fringe.

GGG: Dominatrix for Dummies

Eleanor O'Brien journeys to Orlando from Oregon to impart wisdom from her adventures in NYC's S&M scene, giving us her Good Girl's Guide to sex work for fun and profit.


Bernie “O'B.” O'Brien (no relation to Eleanor) is a favorite recurring Fringer whose natural storytelling skills have sharpened into a superb stage presence over the last few festivals.

Kirikou and the Sorceress

The Orlando School of Cultural Dance's exuberant African choreography is always infectious; I'm excited to see how they channel that energy through a magical folktale.

Little Lady

Cirque du Soleil-trained Canadian clown Sandrine Lafond looks and moves like something out of David Lynch's nightmares (and I mean that in a good way).


T.J. Dawe is among the top monologians on the fringe circuit for good reason; if his new spiel about shamanic medicine is anything like his last half-dozen shows, it will be a huge hit.

The Monkey King

Viet Nguyen's Reincarnation Soup was among my top picks of 2010; his newest retells an ancient Asian fable through physical storytelling and masks.

My Exploding Family

Two years ago I fell in love with the cartoon-inspired nonverbal comedy of Tokyo's Miss Hiccup, and now she's back and accompanied by two additional living anime characters.

Nashville Hurricane

From 6 Guitars to Superman Drinks, Chase Padgett's solo shows keep getting better and better; casting him as “guitar prodigy” doesn't seem like much of a stretch.

Happy easter!! Joyeuses Paques!!

No, i haven't forgotten you, not at all actually.

I think about you often wondering if this or that would be interesting... But production time is nothing really interesting, e-mails and more e-mails, dead lines for each cities, tech forms, programs forms. Nothing that exiting to describe...

Well since last time we talked, i sent another grant proposal to the canada council, thrilling isn't it???

I will have the answer in July, lets cross fingers and everything else one more time. I am going to yoga today so i will do that for sure... Trying to get back in shape and to stay in shape for the tour...

I just came back from five days in Sudbury where i worked with three lovely woman who will be my stage manager along the way this summer.

Miriam cusson will be with me in Orlando, Jenn Blanchet in London, France Huot in Ottawa, Toronto and winnipeg. Miriam will join me again at the end of winnipeg for the rest of the tour.

It was a bit weird to have three persons taking care of the props, i had nothing to do apart from enjoying them timing themselves packing and unpacking props...

They were really serious about it, took pictures and all...

I did two run of the piece for them to get comfortable with the sound and it was quite a joy to be little lady again. I have to say i can't wait to be on tour...

Here is a pic on their first day.

From left to right: France Huot, Jenn Blanchet and Miriam Cusson

Happy chocolate Easter! I am going to yoga...

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New York is almost over...

Tonight is the last show of Little Lady as part of the held over shows. I also got the festival favorite award and two amazing critics!

What i was expecting from NY: a stage and an audience for the show to be born and continue on growing.

So i got way more than i came here for!!!!

I have to add to that the support of my friends and the joy of being able to meet with the audience at the end of the show, what i have been missing, performing in big shows.

I am also very happy to have started in a small festival with very friendly organizers with a smile on their faces every single day!!

The hard part for me was to have small audiences, i had 78 audience members in total for 6 shows. But as my friend Rachelle said to me: "I had to cancel shows because of no audience at all, my first year!"

Rachelle has always the right thing to say, she is the one who told me last July that i gave enough of my artistry to big companies and that i should do my own show and tour the Fringe...

She is also the one who told me to go study with John who is now also my director.

I love to listen to my friends...

Money wise: i made $57/show. I already new that i wouldn't make money in my first festival, so it is not a big surprise and NY is also a hard town to attract people to see your show, they are so many around!!

Here are a few pics:

1: The Red Room theater, the Kraine theater and the KGB bar all in one building in east village...

2: Curtis the tech and little lady warming up...

3: The stage

4: John and me on the Brooklyn bridge, it was his first time!

I just want to repeat one more time:


In case you missed it...

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