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Future Worlds Modular Sci-Fri Terrain for 3D printers is fast and flexible enabling rapid building of unique and complex terrain.
Future Worlds Modular Sci-Fri Terrain for 3D printers is fast and flexible enabling rapid building of unique and complex terrain.
Future Worlds Modular Sci-Fri Terrain for 3D printers is fast and flexible enabling rapid building of unique and complex terrain.
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    1. Nick Fatchen 2-time creator on

      @ Chris Abbey - Hi Chris, I'm glad you're enjoying the files. I've been working on getting all the base level options done first so you haven't missed it. Finishing everything HAS taken longer than I'd expected - that's something I'll take with me to the next project and I apologize about the delays on this one.

    2. Chris Abbey @ Sally 4th on

      Hi Nick, love the stuff I've got from you, just wondering if the stretch goals had been done and sent out yet or if I'd missed your email about it?

    3. Missing avatar

      Marcus Tillman on

      When I print it out. The piece's top is definitely not as high as the wall pieces. I'm not good at estimating this kind of distance but maybe three or four limes of plastic (at .2).
      I opened the two pieces in Blender and compared it x-ray mode and the tab piece sticks out further than the slot. the width and the height are exactly the same so right now I shrinking the tab so it fits inside the slot. (Version 4 is about 80% the size of the slot) So, far it is still too big unless I trim.
      I will e-mail a photo.

    4. Nick Fatchen 2-time creator on

      @Marcus Tillman - When you say the corner piece is shorter, it's not showing as the same vertical height as the other pieces? (that might seem like a dumb question but I'm trying to make sure that I understand correctly). And the tab is deeper than the sot in the other wall pieces?

      The slots in the wall pieces were all created using the corner piece as a template, so the tab should fit exactly inside the slot - that being said, if the tab seems only a tiny bit too deep, it may indeed be a limitation of the printer/material used as the slot was created by subtracting the tab with zero margin - so if there is a little 'slop' as it were it's possible that they may not quite fit.

      Can you confirm that the tab fits properly into the slot, but doesn't go to full depth? I didn't account for possible minor differences in printers as I wanted the tab to fit tightly BUT i don't want people to have to muck about with their settings either to get a good print either. I'm not sure why the corner piece is shorter than the wall pieces as again, they were all created at the same vertical size - how much shorter is it? If you're able to send me a couple of photos it may assist with description. My email is Regardless of photos or not, I'll do my best to work out why you're having issues.

    5. Missing avatar

      Marcus Tillman on

      I'm not sure (maybe it's my printer) but I'm having a real problem with the tabs on the corner piece. I'm going to shrink them some and print them next. Looking at the STL file I also notice the piece is shorter than the walls and the tab is longer than the slot (but the same width and height).

    6. Nick Fatchen 2-time creator on

      I know why the original OpenLOCK had a single 'lock' point in the middle of a two inch section but I'm extremely glad that Printable Scenery then updated to have them every inch. Would have been quite limiting otherwise

    7. Missing avatar

      Marcus Tillman on

      OK, so the first version has the security camera, and version #2 does not. It also comes into the slicer facing the opposite direction.
      I like how you put the OpenLocks every inch, so you don't have to figure tessellation from inch wides to 2 inch wides.

      Looking good so far, Thank you.

    8. Nick Fatchen 2-time creator on

      @Marcus Tillman - It's at this point I'd like to be able to say 'Congratulations! You passed the test!' however the reason you couldn't see anything obvious was because while I was running mesh integrity checks I inadvertently saved one of the models under both names, thus effectively deleting the alternate model.
      I have fixed that and have sent out an updated file via RPGNow. As always if you didn't get it give me a shout!

    9. Missing avatar

      Marcus Tillman on

      What's the difference between the two versions of the 2" wall. I'm not seeing anything blindingly obvious.

    10. Jimmy on

      Father nurgle would love such a drop pod! :-P

      Looking forward to the rest!

    11. Nick Fatchen 2-time creator on

      @ Marcus Tillman - Yes... the 'bunny' would probably be drooling corrosive goop... Thanks for putting up the 28mm scale - to be honest, I designed it with the intention of sitting on desks, shelves etc which is why I did a base and I never got around to testing the sizing for 28mm - although it would probably make a good drop pod at its default size...

      Anyone who has pics they want to display (now or in the future) is welcome to post on the Arid Hills Gaming - Miniatures Facebook page.

    12. Missing avatar

      Marcus Tillman on

      Egg look very good. Scale to about 25% to make it the right size for 28mm scale. The 100% is going on my desk at work. (I'd hate to see the Easter Bunny that delivers this egg.)

    13. Nick Fatchen 2-time creator on

      @ Robert J Mills - it's okay. It hasn't made it to you yet. ETA for the egg is the next couple of days - I've decided to make a stand/cradle for it so it can be printed as a a bit of a presentation 'gift' since it's coming up to Easter. XP

      In other news the doors and doorways are nearly totally finished and I'm on target for the High Tech release on 17/4.

    14. Missing avatar

      Robert J Mills on

      Hi nick.

      I was re reading ur latest update. About how certain packs will be delayed. Totally understand.

      Can u confirm if we have been sent the alien egg yet? U said u would be sending it before the 17th. If u haven't sent it, cool. If u have, I can't seem to find it in mail or junk boxes.


    15. Nick Fatchen 2-time creator on

      @ Marcus - Awesome!

    16. Missing avatar

      Marcus Tillman on

      Cool! (I am $90 backer)

    17. Nick Fatchen 2-time creator on

      @ Marcus Tillman - the teleporter will be designed and made available to the $90 backers of this Kickstarter. It will become available through DriveThru RPG affiliates at some point after that. I will be doing further sci-if themed Kickstarters and previous stretch goals and sets will be available as add ons. So the answer is a sort of yes and no... ;)

    18. Missing avatar

      Marcus Tillman on

      Is there any way to get you to work on the teleporter? (A second Kickstarter or something?)

    19. Stevie G

      Great campaign. Loving the look of the tiles and the versatility.

    20. Robert Entwistle on

      Congratulations on an excellent Kickstart. Looking forward to the rewards :D

    21. Piotr Adamiak

      Thank you very much Nick ! Just got your message.

    22. Piotr Adamiak

      Congratulations on a great kickstarter. Unfortunately when I upgraded my original 30$ pledge to 90$, I was traveling and didn't notice that the pledge reward also needed upgrading to the 90$. So the question is will this be a problem to receive the 90$ rewards and bonuses ? Hopefully not and my utmost apologies for the extra unneeded problem.

    23. Nick Fatchen 2-time creator on

      @ Robert J Mills - Thank you! I'm glad you backed it too. I'll be posting regular updates and photos and there'll be a survey soon about things that backers might want in future so stay tuned...

    24. Missing avatar

      Robert J Mills on

      Well done on being funded. You can tell a lot of work went into the design of the pieces. Glad I backed it

    25. Nick Fatchen 2-time creator on

      @ Marcus Tillman - yes I think I'd like that too...

    26. Nick Fatchen 2-time creator on

      @ Stevie G: you'll need to set your alarm clock then! �

    27. Stevie G

      Man, this is going to wrap up while I am sleeping. Dang it! We are actually pretty close to hitting AU$ 8K too.

    28. Missing avatar

      Marcus Tillman on

      Thanks for making this OpenLock, I saw this while I was backing Rampage Castles. Reading some of the previous comments, I would definitely like to see all three phases of alien egg,

    29. Nick Fatchen 2-time creator on

      @John Rykert- that's a fair point... if we hit $8k I will advance the $90 backers up an extra two stretch goals so it includes the stasis capsule AND the teleporter. It's doable � We only need to find ten new $90 backers! Get the word out on the great deal!

    30. John Rykert

      Of course, I'd like you to say "Stasis capsule for $90+ backers", but that's just me. The special extras for $90+ backers is eroding otherwise.

    31. Nick Fatchen 2-time creator on

      Oh... and now that we're over $7k I can say 'Freestanding ladders for (almost) everyone!'

    32. Nick Fatchen 2-time creator on

      @Piotr Adamiak - I'm not sufficiently happy with the burst pod yet so unfortunately it's not ready to show - I'm tempted to do one with a nasty creature in the process of bursting out and then a totally empty burst pod.

      In relation to add-ons, yes there will be. I have some ideas already in that direction, but they'll need to wait until this project is finished and all rewards have been delivered. Rest assured that it will all be compatible with these sets.

    33. Piotr Adamiak

      Also, after the Kickstarter, do you envision adding additional features like bridges, gantries and walkways ? This would allow for even better play-ability with games like Necromunda.

    34. Piotr Adamiak

      Can you show us how the burst egg looks perhaps ?

    35. Nick Fatchen 2-time creator on

      @ Robert Entwistle: no - I'm innocent there. My introduction was in the below ground section of the southern cross arcade in what was Tactics. I've been almost exclusively Sci-Fi based (although there's a a starter set for bolt action sitting plaintively on a shelf waiting for time to get into it)

    36. Robert Entwistle on

      @Nick - Just as a matter of curiosity, Did you ever game with the South Australian Historical Wargamming Society? Back in the dim dark past (Warning - I'm a bit old :D )

    37. Stevie G

      @Nick ... Glad to hear the SGs we don't unlock here will be made available at some point. I am very much interested in the curved walls, consoles, chairs, additional boxes and drums, etc. And alternate versions of doors and walls is always good for the variety.

    38. Nick Fatchen 2-time creator on

      @ Robert Entwhistle - that's okay, every bit helps and I appreciate everyone's pledges. Besides, after all the backers have received their rewards, all the sets, damaged and undamaged as well as the stretch goals in some form will be available from DriveThru RPG so you won't have to miss out. (and there WILL be a next time ;) )

    39. Robert Entwistle on

      @Nick - Good to see a local designer getting in on the act. Now to just get my printer working ....
      Pity I couldn't stretch to the full $90 but oh well ... maybe next time LOL

    40. Nick Fatchen 2-time creator on

      @ John Rykert - No, the SG list will stay in the order that it is (I'm capable of admitting I got the order of the SGs wrong ;) ) We're up to every $15+ backer gets goals up to and including the Lockers. All $90 backers get all the goals up to and including the Lockers AND a undamaged and damaged wall ladder for each set AND they also get the standalone ladder.

      Of course... if we get to $7k...

    41. John Rykert

      Are you going to adjust the SG list?

    42. Nick Fatchen 2-time creator on

      Oops... you're right... Oh well - everyone gets lockers! Lockers for (almost) everyone!

    43. Stevie G

      I thought the stretch goal for reaching AU$ 6K was the lockers? The ladders were SGs 7-10?

    44. Nick Fatchen 2-time creator on

      @ Stevie G - well I'm glad you're back! And getting over $6k means that everyone who pledged $15 or more gets that ladder!

    45. Stevie G

      @Nick ... Thanks for the answer, that is what I was hoping was the case. Just decided I needed to get back to being all-in. Just pushed us over the AU$ 6K mark. Nice!

    46. Nick Fatchen 2-time creator on

      @ Stevie G: I'm glad you like them. The hole on the floor is just that - an opening made by using 2x2 tiles with a 1x1 tile between creating a 1x1 hole. The ladder then clips into one of the exposed OpenLOCK holes on the surrounding tiles.

    47. Stevie G

      @Nick ... I am more interested now than before due to the ladder with the integral clip. I like how it can easily attach to the outside edge of an upper walkway. But I am curious ... one of the shots showed it being used in a floor opening (where it is surrounded by walkway) and that looks really great. Except ... I have not seen any shots of that floor piece before. Is that something you rigged for the photo shoot, or do we get a floor with that opening so we can do the same thing? Or is that opening the result of using a 1x1 square floor and a 1x2 square floor, thus leaving a 1x1 opening?

    48. Nick Fatchen 2-time creator on

      @Creepy Pumpkin Head - It seemed such a shame - I knew exactly how the wall mounted ladders would go and they're such a cool bit of scenery... I just couldn't not do them... XD

    49. Creepy Pumpkin Head

      @Nick, that's awesome, I felt the same way as you, its a shame to have multi-level terrain without ladders to actually permit level changes. Thanks for the include.

    50. Nick Fatchen 2-time creator on

      @at Creepy Pumpkin Head - Yes... We do seem to have Kickstalled (as my wife puts it XD). I'd like to be able to pull out another level which was well presented, however I'm not prepared to publish half formed models... I'm working on spreading the news further and hopefully we'll see some more movement as a result. Of course, I'm always open to ideas :)

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