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An efficient, rugged, affordable underwater thruster to propel the future of marine robotics and ocean exploration.
An efficient, rugged, affordable underwater thruster to propel the future of marine robotics and ocean exploration.
An efficient, rugged, affordable underwater thruster to propel the future of marine robotics and ocean exploration.
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T200 Compromise. It's unlocked now!! 20 Hours Left to Upgrade!

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Hello everyone!

The T100 Thruster Kickstarter campaign is less than 20 hours from the end! It's exciting - we've had a strong boost in pledges over the last few days. You are all awesome!

This is Important:

There has been a lot of interest in Stretch Goal #3: The T200 Thruster after we announced it a week ago. We've been getting many messages and comments from people who want to upgrade. We're really close to the stretch goal ($95K), and there's a good chance we'll hit it by the end, but even if we do, there probably won't be time for everyone to upgrade their pledges.

Here's what we're going to do:

We're going to compromise.

We are unlocking the T200 Thruster RIGHT NOW! You can add $40 each to your thruster reward levels to upgrade to the T200 Thruster. Check out the pledge table to find the proper amount.

Here's the catch:

We originally stated that the T200s would be delivered about 3 months after the T100s. Since we haven't actually hit the stretch goal and we don't have the development funding we were hoping for, it will take 4-6 months longer to deliver the T200s. That means they will be delivered around March, April, or May of 2015.

We will do everything we can to accelerate development and deliver them quickly, but we can't make any hard promises.

Also important: The T200 requires a larger "Basic ESC". Please add $25 each instead of $20 each if you upgrade to the T200 to get 30 amp ESCs instead of the previous 20 amp ESCs. The integrated BlueESC will work for both thrusters and is still $45 each.

We've updated our pledge amount tables on our website to reflect this change. We didn't add the T200s to the OpenROV kits because the T100 already has double the thrust of a standard OpenROV. If you have an insatiable need for thrust, you can add $120 to upgrade the OpenROV as well.

The T100 Thruster will still be delivered on schedule! If you aren't interested in upgrading to the T200, this doesn't pertain to you at all. Just sit tight till the end!

Why should you upgrade?

As we mentioned in the original Stretch Goal #3 Update, the T200 Thrusters have more thrust and are better for larger vehicles and especially for human-carrying vehicles. It's much better suited for use on a kayak, stand-up paddleboard, while scuba-diving, or even on a small fishing boat. They are the same physical size as the T100 Thrusters, but the internal components are larger.

Why are we doing this?

  • Based on the interest level, we are going to be developing the T200 no matter what.
  • If we managed to hit the stretch goal in the final few minutes, there wouldn't be time for anyone to upgrade their pledge.
  • The primary up-front costs are the tooling for several new plastic parts. If we delay the schedule a little, we'll be able to afford the tooling.
  • We want our backers to get the thrusters they need for their project!

Remember, if you are interested in upgrading, you have less than 20 hours to do so.

Just add $40 each to upgrade your thrusters from T100s to T200s. They will be delivered 4-6 months later if you upgrade. Check the tables if you are unsure of the total price.

Thank you to everyone who has backed us so far. We have had an incredible campaign and we are truly grateful for your support!

Happy Thrusting!

-Rusty, Joe, and Josh at BlueRobotics

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