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An efficient, rugged, affordable underwater thruster to propel the future of marine robotics and ocean exploration.
An efficient, rugged, affordable underwater thruster to propel the future of marine robotics and ocean exploration.
An efficient, rugged, affordable underwater thruster to propel the future of marine robotics and ocean exploration.
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    1. BlueRobotics 2-time creator on

      @blueStar - We haven't worked on it, unfortunately, but these guys ("SeaCharger") have done it and successfully made it a Hawaii a few weeks ago:

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      blueStar on

      Any news on SolarSurfer? I'd really love to see that project progressing and eventually riding the ocean.

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      thomas kump on

      Any update on shipping the BlueROVs to Kickstarter backers?

    4. BlueRobotics 2-time creator on

      @Jenner - Most of the Kickstarter BlueROV kits still have to ship. We'll have a more detailed update this week. We just fixed the website, which should indicate that they are available for "pre-order" only.

    5. Missing avatar

      Jenner Hanni on

      What's the current status on shipping the BlueROV to Kickstarter backers? The website says they're in stock.

    6. BlueRobotics 2-time creator on

      @Kevin and @blueStar - Apologies that we haven't responded to these comments! We haven't been checking them quite as often anymore. We are still behind (as always) but making steady progress on all fronts. We've shipped many more T200s, T100s, and BlueESCs since the last update. We're currently expecting to finish all Kickstarter shipments in September.

      We'll try to get a new update out within a week or two - it's been too long.

      If anyone wants to check on their specific order or just chat, feel free to email us at!


    7. Missing avatar

      blueStar on

      I hope it's no bad sign to hear nothing. I'm also waiting for T100's w/ BlueESC.

    8. Kevin Spier on

      I have not received my T100's w/ BlueESC -- any idea when these will really ship?

    9. Missing avatar

      blueStar on

      I've recently found this video of a DIY test chamber… which is described here to do 2400 psi, or the equivalent of 5600 feet. (165bar or 1650m)
      Another video with a guy having fün with Hydroforming with a pressure washer:…

    10. BlueRobotics 2-time creator on

      @blueStar - SolarSurfer is on hold for the moment as we want to make sure we fulfill all of our Kickstarter rewards before spending time on anything else. We still plan to launch it in the future!

    11. Missing avatar

      blueStar on

      What are the plans for the SolarSurfer?
      Any updates there?

    12. BlueRobotics 2-time creator on

      @Andrej - Great link! We've been looking at the various HomePlug devices on the market but we haven't been able to find a board level version. Thanks for pointing that out!

    13. Andrej Osusky on

      I would like to share one more tip. The module LX200V20 (for example) can convert 200 Mbps ethernet to 2-wire twisted pair which can be used as a tether. I have tested it up to 1000 meters and the documentation says about 2000 meters. Using some module is more elegant and maybe cheaper solution than what I have seen: hacking a homeplug adapter (ouch!) or using ADSL modem.

    14. BlueRobotics 2-time creator on

      @Shane - The normal OpenROV kits have shipped, but those with T200 or BlueESC upgrades have not shipped yet. We just started shipping the first few BlueESCs and the T200s will start shipping in May. Thanks for being patient!

    15. Shane Vogelgesang on

      Has the OPENROV shipped yet?

    16. BlueRobotics 2-time creator on

      @Andrej - We we will have a cast acrylic dome option eventually for the watertight container. It will be very easy to upgrade.

      @Joerg - Sorry for the delayed response! We'll have drawings available as soon as these products are available on the store. The T200 drawing should be available within a week.

    17. Andrej Osusky on

      For the BlueROV, think about using optically clear acrylic dome instead of the flat end cap. They are sold for $30/piece. Then a servo would move a small enough camera sensor, for example OV5640 or better. It has autofocus, white balance, flexible cable and MIPI interface compatible with many development boards. So you could look up and down because the most interesting view is at 45 degrees down - you are looking the same way while scuba diving. I would hack the BlueROV this way.

    18. Missing avatar

      Joerg Johann Mueller on

      @Creator Please give me further informations about my questions from february the 23th and 25th about the cable-penetrators and the technical drawings of T200 with BlueESC.

    19. BlueRobotics 2-time creator on

      Andrej - We'd love to test them at 11,000 meters! Hopefully we get a chance to do that some day. The next thing we'd like to do right now is perform the same tests with the thrusters running and with the BlueESC attached to see how that does at depth.

      Glad you appreciate the metric depth units. Still used PSI though ;-)

    20. Andrej Osusky on

      I just received your update about testing the thrusters at WHOI. I am so curious what would happen at 11000 meters. Will you test it some day? It is weird that the polycarbonate cone has some issues at extreme depths, no idea why.
      By the way I am impressed that while reading the article, I didn't have to do any google conversion from those feets, inches, legs, arms... Joking :)

    21. Missing avatar

      Joerg Johann Mueller on

      Are there technical drawings of the T200 with installed BlueESC available, so I can use them for planing my ROV?

    22. Missing avatar

      Joerg Johann Mueller on

      Cable-Penetrator means a watertight cable connector, or just a watertight cable gland? I look for a solution to connect and reconnect the thrusters in a easy way. Can you give me further informations about the penetrator?

    23. BlueRobotics 2-time creator on

      @Joerg - The BlueESC power cable is 0.245" (6.2mm) and the signal cable is 0.145" (3.7mm). We will have a "cable penetrator" available for both cables in the near future.

    24. Missing avatar

      Joerg Johann Mueller on

      What are the diameter of the BlueESC power- and signal-cables? I still look for watertight connectors, like seacon and so on.

    25. BlueRobotics 2-time creator on

      @Shane - We've shipped all of the standard OpenROV Compatible Kits, but since we haven't started shipping the T200 Thruster or BlueESC, any pledges with those items have not been shipped yet.

    26. Shane Vogelgesang on

      An Update on the OpenROV?

    27. BlueRobotics 2-time creator on

      Quick Update for Everyone: We've shipped most of the OpenROV Compatible Kits and they look great! Stay tuned for an update shortly!

    28. BlueRobotics 2-time creator on

      @Pravin - I'm sorry to hear that. I will send you a message momentarily.

    29. Missing avatar

      Pravin Singi on

      i have ordered 6 of these thrusters for 615$. The problem is that I am being taxed custom duty of 310$ for the same. My order id is #362 & the tracking ID of the product is CJ465294888US.
      Please revert asap as our project is being delayed due to this unnecessary payment which was not mentioned prior the transaction by the website during the backing of project.

    30. BlueRobotics 2-time creator on

      @Shane - We're not experts with the OpenROV so I would recommend visiting their website and forums at for suggestions.

    31. Shane Vogelgesang on

      What controller would you guys recommend for me to control the OPENROV?

    32. BlueRobotics 2-time creator on

      Thanks and happy holidays to all of our backers! You guys totally made our year great! We're looking forward to the next year.

    33. Missing avatar

      Joerg Johann Mueller on

      Merry christmas to you all and for your backers. Have a great time with your families and friends. I look forward for news about the project.

    34. BlueRobotics 2-time creator on

      @Joerg - Yes, you understand correctly. The thruster with integrated ESC has two separate cables. The power cable is thick to handle a lot of current and the signal cable is much thinner. We also wanted to reduce the possibility of electrical interference between the power and signal.

      This does mean that you would need additional connectors to penetrate the vehicle's hull, although we anticipate that it will be best to connect the power and signal cables via the Power Junction Board and Signal Junction Board and have a single connector for each through the hull.


    35. Missing avatar

      Joerg Johann Mueller on

      So I understand right? From BlueESC comes two cables one with power and other with signals. Does this mean from T200 Thruster with integrated BlueESC (this combination I order) comes two cables and not one? I hope assembled thruster only use one cable, that combines power and signals. So one watertight connector would be enough to attach it to the ROV. Two cables mean two connectors and this would rise the costs a lot and it add another point of failure.

    36. BlueRobotics 2-time creator on

      @troy - Check your messages. Yours will be sent next week.

    37. BlueRobotics 2-time creator on


      We're going to do a detailed update on the progress of the BlueESC sometime next week. The quick answer to your question is that there are two cables coming from the ESC, on with power and ground, and one with pwm, i2c, and ground.

      Stay tuned for update!

    38. Missing avatar

      Joerg Johann Mueller on

      Can you give me further informations about the cable you will use withe the BlueESC? You can control it by PPM and I2C. I prefer to do by I2C. Are both signals and powerlines running thru the cable and I can use them? I think about a watertight connector and so it would be great ot know the number of wires. You also talked about a board to Combine all the thrusters into one box and so you only need one cable connected to the hull of the ROV, to reduce cost for connectors and reduce danger of leak in. Does this board support I2C too? Maybe you can show us a drawing/photograph.

    39. troy barnhart on

      I was wondering when you expect to be finished shipping the early bird thrusters? I believe I was one of if not the last to back at that level and I really need to get my thrusters.

    40. BlueRobotics 2-time creator on

      @Tal - Those two products are very different. The 3DR power distribution board is designed to connect multiple speed controllers to the positive and negative terminals of a battery. It handles a large amount of current. It would be great to connect multiple Basic ESC for the T100 Thrusters.

      I'm not too familiar with the ControLeo, but it looks like it is an Arduino microcontroller with extra peripherals onboard like an LCD screen, relays, etc. It is for power distribution. It does have digital outputs that could be used to control the ESCs. You could use the Arduino Servo library to send the signal.

      So basically, you could use both products together to control a set of thrusters.

    41. Missing avatar

      Tal J Moskowitz on

      How different is the

      ControLeo described here (a Kickstarter that funded about 1 year ago):

      ... different from the hexacopter power distribution board:

      ... with respect to running a set of T100s?

    42. Andrej Osusky on

      Just for future ideas - I am talking about this design:…

      Some people are experimenting with it and the major drawback in salt water is the motor. M100 is the solution. Of course, it can be simply redesigned to match the M100 motor. I am not an engineer, but I feel that such thruster is more robust if the motor attachment is close to the propeller duct and not on the opposite side of the motor (because of leverage...). With strong material like polycarbonate, it probably doesn't matter.

    43. BlueRobotics 2-time creator on

      @Andrej - That's a great idea. Unfortunately we already have quite a few built with the shorter shaft. It's possible to the shaft through to the other direction with an arbor press or vise.

      @blueStar - The BlueESC sends the actual RPM of the thruster so yes, it is possible to detect a jammed propeller.

      The PCB material for the M100 is FR4. We've had great luck using them in water so far. The edges are untreated. If you have any thoughts or experience here we'd love to hear more.

    44. Missing avatar

      blueStar on

      Is it possible to detect a jammed/blocked propeller with the BlueESC? Does it give an indication of actual motor RPM?
      Is the PCB material of the M100 saltwater resistant? Is the side of the PCB treated or is the untreated milled edge?

    45. Andrej Osusky on

      It would be great if the M100 shaft could also extend on the bottom of the thruster. Then it would be compatible with some popular 3D printed thruster designs.

    46. BlueRobotics 2-time creator on

      We've posted two updates in the last few days. Check it out!

    47. Missing avatar

      Joerg Johann Mueller on

      Thanks a lot for the new update. I am sure not only me can't wait to see more in the future. It's a wonderful project you started and it will result in many happy people explore parts of the world they never visit before. You should build a gallery where the users can show their ROVs they build and where they can exchange experiences while building their project.
      So far I wish you a great success with your business. Hope more stunning components will be added to your shop. Like grabber, Pan-Tilt-Cameramodules and many more.

    48. BlueRobotics 2-time creator on

      Hello all! We've got a full update coming in the next day or so. We've got a lot of updates so we might spread it out over a few updates.

      We're planning to ship the first batch of thrusters to Early Bird backers this week! We'll be shipping a lot more in December.

      Stay tuned.

    49. James Jackson on

      @BlueRobotics please update ASAP!

    50. Missing avatar

      Christopher Niemoeller on

      Can you tell us some more about the current project status?



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