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From the dawn of the hobby, a classic space game returns . . . Triplanetary depicts ship-to-ship space combat in the Solar System!
From the dawn of the hobby, a classic space game returns . . . Triplanetary depicts ship-to-ship space combat in the Solar System!
From the dawn of the hobby, a classic space game returns . . . Triplanetary depicts ship-to-ship space combat in the Solar System!
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    1. Stefan Jones on

      After 28 years, I finally supplied some missing diagrams to the @sjgames webmaster for a Triplanetary variant:


    2. Chris Bjuland

      Got my copy in San Francisco.

      Sad to read about the typos.

    3. Erich Cranor

      heh also sadly I didn't notice that I typo'd my search to see if anyone had already reported that

    4. Erich Cranor

      sadly the white Corsair chits have combat strength 2 instead of the 4 they should have

    5. Philip Reed

      @Sci-Fi City - I'll direct the team to your comment now.

    6. Allen F. Schell on

      Got mine last week in SE Pennsylvania. Box is a bit dinged but otherwise it looks outstanding! Looking forward to playing it.

    7. Sci-Fi City on

      Received our retailer level pledge. However we only got 4 copies in the case. Are the other two copies on the way? Is there a way to access our tracking information?

    8. A Jacob Cord

      Northern Idaho here, received last night!

    9. Chris S. aka Pepsiman

      Arrived today, SF Bay Area as well.

    10. Missing avatar

      Tom Vallejos on

      Wow. At least four Triplanetary owners in the SF Bay Area. Tournament possibilities?

    11. Missing avatar

      Matthew Gabbert

      Received in SF Bay Area. Is it my lighting/old eyes or is it really hard to tell the difference between white-on-black and white-on-blue chits?

    12. Bryan Gough

      I was looking at the links in the Expanded Play box and was hoping I'd find a Solo Game or Campaign somewhere in the mix. Checked SJ forums, Reddit, and now here. Anyone know of a solo mode adaptation for this game?

    13. Missing avatar

      Tom Vallejos on

      Mine did too. Thanks Jeff!

    14. Beast on

      Got mine today
      SoCal is where I am

    15. Mike Norris on

      Oh and the box and board are like 4 times the size I expected. I was thinking like the Small Car Wars pack size for some reason.

    16. Mike Norris on

      Just got mine today.

      Are the teams really uneven with markers? There are no white transports, and blue has only like 1 attacking ship.

      Also I tried wet erase markets on the board and they work great. Much better than using dry erase. I really recommend spending like $10 on amazon for the expo vis a vis set of 8 colors.

    17. Jefferson Krogh on

      My copy just arrived. Hope you get yours today as well, Tom!

    18. Missing avatar

      Chris Starnes on

      In the rules for the prospecting scenario what does it mean when it says "only freighters and packets are available..." as there are no Freighters in the box. Is it referring to a Transport or a Frigate?

      Also, the white faction corsair ships have a printed combat strength of 2. The rules say that all corsairs should have a strength of 4. Is it just a typo?

      Other than that, it's an awesome product!

    19. Missing avatar

      Tom Vallejos on

      @Jefferson Krogh. Still waiting for my copy. Andrew Walters received his today. good Luck Tuesday!

    20. Lee Graham

      Mine showed up today!…

    21. Jeffrey L. Hammans on

      Got mine today. Near Portland Oregon. Looks great.

    22. Jefferson Krogh on

      Thanks for the news! I just dropped by to see if anyone else was still waiting, and now I know I'm not alone out here.

    23. Steve Jackson Games 15-time creator on

      @Everyone: Thanks for being patient! Looks like delivery to certain areas on the West coast is taking a bit longer, but the packages should be en route. -HS

    24. Missing avatar

      Mike on

      Got the game late last week, managed to play a few turns last night. Love the heavy dry-erase boards - really sharp on the table! All great except that a couple of the counters are misprinted (white corsairs showing 2-20 instead of 4-20), but that's easily corrected (with a steady hand and a perm. marker). Now I need to go find all that old extra stuff - FAQ/scenarios/opt rules!

    25. Missing avatar

      Tom Vallejos on

      Not here in SF Bay Area

    26. Missing avatar

      David Meier on

      No delivery yet in Washington state!!

    27. Beast on

      no ,not yet

    28. Anthony Burdett on

      Is everyone receiving a shipping notification, either before or after, your package is delivered?

    29. Jeffrey L. Hammans on

      Arg! Still waiting for mine. What shipper is being used? UPS, USPS, or FedEx?

    30. Missing avatar

      Tom Vallejos on

      I received a cryptic email from Steve Jackson Games about three days ago. It said something was on the way. It didn’t say what. I am also expecting TFT postcards and received prior information of that coming.

    31. Bruce Gray

      Quick notes to the Crew behind the new incarnation of Triplanetary.

      Received here in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia on Thursday June 21, 2018.

      Wow! This really takes the cake! I am very pleased with this new edition and hope I can find some interested other players! Let me know if you ever plan any expansions.......

    32. Will Richards on

      Got it, Played it, had a great time!

    33. Russonc

      Thanks @SJGs for a great Kickstarter project and a rare early KS delivery!

    34. Russonc

      2 received in NC today.... both look in great shape... One will be on it's way to California tomorrow!

    35. BADJRM

      My game arrived in Maryland today. From the outside shipping box: 3rd Edition, 1st Printing, June 2018. All arrived in great condition. Thank you again for resurrecting this game for us and thank you for a great kickstarter!

    36. Stephen Miller on

      Got my package today. Was concerned when I saw a corner of the counter sheet bent, but the counters look okay.

    37. Michael Romano on

      Got mine today. It’s beautiful, much better than the older versions. Just one question...the various different color tokens don’t have the same variety of ship counters?

    38. Mike Norris on

      Mine has gone from MI to OR to WI to KS to TX....I am in CA. lol

    39. Steve Jackson Games 15-time creator on

      @Everyone: Glad games are hitting doorsteps! Sorry about the shipping notifications, it continues to be a bit spotty for our system to get those notifications out before it's delivered. -HS

    40. Michael Dudek on

      Arrived in NY today. No shipping notification.

    41. mk2 on

      Got my copy today already read through the rules , I am blown away by everything . Im really happy I finally get to play this legendary game in this new beautiful format .

    42. Roland Boshnack on

      I got my copy! It is STUNNING! I did not get an email notification.

    43. Russonc

      I have 2 things coming tomorrow, one must be this game... the other... I can't figure it out so it will be a surprise!

    44. Missing avatar

      Diversify on

      OH! and I did not receive an email before it arrived.

    45. Missing avatar

      Diversify on

      Arrived today. I've not had time to unbox, but everything looks correct from the outside.

      The shrink rapped game box was inside another protective cardboard box. heavy, but not very large.

      Excited to pull it all out when I have uninterrupted time and a safe table top.

    46. John Macek on

      Mine arrived today! Wooo! Thanks SJGames, for making a dream come true. Now, on to Melee/Wizard/TFT!

    47. Stephen Miller on

      I have not received a package or an email yet. I am in Coon Rapids, MN. I know it will come soon, just have to wait.

    48. Philip Reed

      @Mark Heckman - "Where is link to survey?"

      If you haven't completed your survey, you will see a big "SURVEY, NOW, NOW!!!" notice across the top of every page you visit on Kickstarter.

    49. Missing avatar

      Mark Heckman on

      Where is link to survey?

    50. Missing avatar

      Desert Scribe on

      Good catch, Patrick! For those of you who don't have the game yet, it's all of the blue (and red)-on-white corsairs with the combat strength of 2. All the other corsairs have a combat strength of 4.

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