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$32,237 pledged of $20,000 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

$32,237 pledged of $20,000 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

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    1. Missing avatar

      Darin Sunley just now

      Generally speaking, a two-player game is good for solo play if the two sides have (or at least can have) significantly different strategies, and [most importantly] all game state information is public. Having a degree of randomization (i.e. to-hit rolls) helps too. Triplanetary satisfies all of these.

    2. Randy Woods
      1 minute ago

      The ship counters need a small I/D letter or number if detailed damage rules are being used, or if players are using email.

    3. Steve Jackson Games 12-time creator 1 day ago

      I've played it solo a lot over the years. It's fun. There are no special rules for playing against yourself, but just seeing what the dice do, and dealing with it as best you can, has been a good experience for me. -SJ

    4. Allen F. Schell 2 days ago

      I have known about Triplanetary for years but never played it. How suitable is the game for solitaire play? Or is it possible to make a VTT version of the counters and board? Living in the country has _some_ disadvantages :)

    5. Leinad
      4 days ago

      wow - dry-erase maps takes me back to Railway Rivals! classic 80s!

    6. Steve Jackson Games 12-time creator 4 days ago

      @Aaron Funk: We definitely made it for dry erase, but as Steve says, make sure to do small test marks and make sure it wipes off. -HS

    7. Missing avatar

      Aaron Funk 4 days ago

      Personally my first intention is to use grease pencils, and so after some searching I found these which I intend to have on hand for when the game arrives:

    8. Stefan Jones 5 days ago

      How about a silly stretch goal, like a War Rocket Ajax counter?

      {Grabs chair arms, visibly struggling for ten seconds}


    9. Stefan Jones on January 15

      On board!

      I bought my first "tripe" set from the GDW booth at Origins III in 1977! Still have it, as well as the newer flat-box edition.

      The earlier edition has a alien invasion scenario; I hope that is made available as a historical curiosity.

      For those who would like to see bigger boards, and other stellar systems: Just go for it? Not hard to find big hex maps (or cobble them together) and you can buy a sheet of clear plastic from Lowes or Home Depot.

      Here is an article with "big map notes:"

      Among other things. I wrote that article, and another with a Flash Gordon type scenario, when my second job was winding down in 1990 or so.

      I WILL produce the movement diagram mentioned in the article.

    10. Alan Bengs on January 15

      I also would love another video with a few more details about the game. I have already pledged, as this is right up my alley, but some more information would help me build some excitement with some friends who might also enjoy this.

    11. John DeCocq
      on January 15

      Any chance of a gameplay video before the end of the campaign? The comment section is full of praise, mainly from people who owned this in a previous incarnation but I have no idea what the game is actually about.
      I would like to have a better understanding of the game mechanics and theme before I decide if I should back for a copy. Thank you.

    12. Raymond Mullikin
      on January 14

      Very funny, SJ. Loved your humorous response. :)

    13. Mike Norris on January 13

      LOL, you win this time SJG. A little water, soda, mercury, hydrochloric acid, liquid nitrogen is ok. :)

      As long as I am careful I can get a nice pack of colored wet erase for this. and then just wipe it with a damp cloth.

    14. Steve Jackson Games 12-time creator on January 13

      Small amounts of water or soda or whatever , spilled on the surface, would bead up and could be wiped off. Immersing the map in water would be a bad idea. Do not play this game in the pool. Anyone who wishes to play in the pool has my permission to paint the map on the bottom of the pool and carve spaceships out of pretty rocks. Tripooletary! Just send pix. -SJ

    15. Mike Norris on January 13

      @SJG - Ahhh...nice. Do you know how they handle getting wet? I assume that water on them would be ok...but just want to check.

    16. Steve Jackson Games 12-time creator on January 13

      @Mike Norris: These are mounted boards that work with dry erase, not just paper. They are coated to work with the markers. -HS

    17. Mike Norris on January 13

      @SJG - If dry erase will work, then I am assuming the map is not coming just as paper? What kind of material is it going to be? (I prefer wet erase over dry erase. I usually laminate stats sheets or sleeve cards and use wet erase pens to prevent smearing and get a good clean off of it even after days or weeks of having the ink on.

    18. Randy Woods
      on January 12

      A second rally race scenario might more interesting with a team of ships for each player
      A base with repair capacity and unlimited fuel
      A tanker
      A slow combat unit ( or better yet fair acceleration and very limited fuel )
      A balanced ship average acceleration, some combat factors, average fuel
      A unarmed ship with better speed and fuel
      Two decoys that can't move
      Place them in orbit (planet / moon) hidden to which type, each player can only place one unit around each planet or moon

      reveal all counters that have another players counter in the same or adjacent hex

      1: no combat is allowed against any ship within one hex of a planet or moon
      2: no combat is allowed against any ship on Ceres
      3: The first ship to enter the gravity wells of all the planets and two moons is the winner

    19. Steve Jackson Games 12-time creator on January 12

      Steven - That Wikipedia entry is not phrased the way I would have written it :) All counters are blank on the back. The "Lateral 7" scenario starts with inverted counters, both real and dummy, and players remove dummy counters on first acceleration of their ships. Pirate scenarios require some honor on the part of the players, in that a Patrol player may not go zooming out to attack a pirate ship which is outside the printed detection ranges on the map; once detected a ship stays detected until certain events happen.

    20. Raymond Mullikin
      on January 12

      @Gerald I think wet erase markers would probably work a little bit better for the game. Students at the community center that I work at use the wet ones for temporary drawing as they always accidentally erase them with their arms when they use dry erase ones.

    21. Steven Lord
      on January 12

      The Wikipedia page for Triplanetary includes this sentence: "Some scenarios use hidden counters, so that ships and planets can only identify enemy vessels that come within range." Could you say a little more about these hidden counters? Are they blank on both sides and used simply to cover other markers? Do they come with the same number / letter / identifier on both sides? Do they have an identifier on one side and blank on the other?

      I think having a few counters that have ID on one side and blank on the other would be useful for a "scavenger hunt" type game, where ships have to explore to scan randomly placed markers in order. They secretly look at the marker and record that they visited that particular location (so you can tell the order.) First ship to scan all the markers in order (potentially with others in-between, so something like 12536456 for a 6 marker game would work since 123456 appears in order) reveals the markers and their visitation order to confirm their win.

      These markers could also be useful for a "capture the flag" type mission, where ships that aren't already carrying a marker can take on board and look at an face down marker. Most are decoys, one is the flag. When a ship is disabled or destroyed it drops any marker it's carrying. First team to reach their base area with the marker representing the flag would win or score a point. How do you sneak the flag back to your base? Decoys.

      Just a couple random thoughts.

    22. Steve Jackson Games 12-time creator on January 12

      Oh, we definitely WISH to sell it to the distributors. And we will do our best. They just have to be convinced that this particular box is worth stocking during the current glut of games.

      I made a mistake down below. The COUNTERS are 5/8" and the HEXES are a smidge bigger than that.

      Wet erase markers should work on this surface, and so should grease pencils, but TEST FIRST - wet erase, especially, seems to come in more than one formulation. Make test marks, let them sit overnight (to simulate a long game) ten try to erase.
      -Steve Jackson

    23. Steven P Robinson on January 12

      @John Fleisher Harlan still lives, and is still obstinate.

    24. Fire Broadside! on January 12

      Alright, thanks for the info Jaspart and Philip. Fingers crossed and all that.

      As for Ogre 6E - this is actually readily available here in Sweden so I expect Triplanetary to turn up here as well, as long as SJG actually decide to sell to retail.

    25. Philip Reed
      on January 12

      @jaspart - We should have some copies of the game for distribution sales. We'll know more once we see what sort of demand there is and after we chat with our distribution partners.

    26. Missing avatar

      jaspart on January 12

      I ordered it on W23 today. Fortunately, since the total is under 100€, I will escape the import fee. But not VAT taxe and FedEx fees, so I will basically end paying 3 times what the game cost...
      @Fire Broadside! :
      Unfortunately, they did not communicate whether they will offer it beyond the KS. Or if it will get offered for sale in Europe. Although I think I saw a comment on store price on BGG, so it should mean it will get to the store, at least in the US. Which mean some will end up on amazon/ebay for cheaper, if you can wait and feel lucky.

      Moreover, I was in Finland recently and I visited a store there, they had the 6E Ogre stuff I never saw anywhere in France or Belgium, so ... perhaps you will get lucky in Sweden.

    27. Fire Broadside! on January 12

      Ah, forgot that the retailer pledge level is also US only. That makes it even more important to know further retail plans. I don't know if I can justify $34.50 shipping plus another ~$60 in import fees.

    28. Fire Broadside! on January 12

      What are the retail plans for Triplanetary? Should I expect it in my local game store here in Sweden, even if they don't back during the kickstarter?

    29. Gerald Collins
      on January 12

      Personally I hate dry erase markers because they smudge way too easy. If you could, I'd like to see a report on whether wet erase markers would work or not.

      I like Staedtler better than Vis a Vis by the way.

    30. Randy Woods
      on January 12

      I see there is just one type of base in the game, adding a tougher Command Base for Earth might a good way to add extra spice with one counter and a minimum of rules

    31. Randy Woods
      on January 12

      Great on the optional damage section
      One think I like about K?S is seeing old classic games come back to life, for something that has been out of print a long time adding great art and or a few options makes it feel like a better deal.

    32. Missing avatar

      Trey Palmer on January 11

      Steve - I'd say either the solar system in different conjunctions, or maybe a different solar system (Alpha Centauri, or another - something with interesting gravity arrows). I'd also include different units and I swear I remember variant rules for tugs that suggested rules for armed cutters as well.

      But... what I want doesn't matter. The best thing is, it looks like Triplanetary will be in print again soon. Hopefully that will inspire new fans. And what I'll be interested to see what comes from that more than my narrow wants.

      Also, congrats! It funded in less than a day and is still going.

    33. Steve Jackson Games 12-time creator on January 11

      Gary – Please drop me a note at and tell me more about what you want to do. It is possible that we’ll say yes ☺

      Trey – I am not saying that I don’t want to sell stuff, because that’s what lets me buy food and books . . . but Tripe is kind of perfect as it is; I don’t know what we would put into an expansion that would make the game better. You could put the planets into different places for variety, but I’m not sure I should take your money for that! And I’ve played it with moving, orbiting and rotating planets, and it turns out to add bookkeeping without improving the feel of the game. YMMV of course.

      Randy – There is, in fact, an optional damage system in the new rules. Like anything that adds detail, it slows play, but some people will find it worthwhile.

      Mike – Standard dry erase. If you clean the map each time before you put it away, it should last a loooong time, and there are liquid cleaners available for when whiteboards get especially dirty, too. But if you absolutely don’t want to mark on your map, you can put acetate or Plexiglas over it. (And some people will choose to use grease pencils, which clean up pretty well with a dry cloth and even better with a bit of rubbing alcohol.)

      XVS650 – Map, 16 pages of rules, a separate reference page, counter sheet, two dry erase markers (probably red and blue), one d6. Hex size is 5/8” and counter size is slightly smaller. Map unfolded size, 33 by 45 inches.

    34. Gary Walker on January 11

      What copyrights, if any, are there on the ship designs? Would it be kosher to design and release 3d printable files of pieces for this game?

    35. Hamilton on January 11

      My old copy is battered and stained from questionable replacement grease pencils. Can't wait to get this!

    36. Missing avatar

      Trey Palmer on January 11

      Love it! Backed and glad to see the game back. I remember playing this in Jackson, MS with Steve back when I was a teenager.
      Hopefully this will sell well so may be we can see expansions in the future.

    37. Missing avatar

      Brett Slocum on January 11

      I can't wait to play Prospecting again. That was my favorite scenario. The madness that occured when a CT shard was found was amazing.

    38. Raymond Mullikin
      on January 11

      Good ideas, Randy. I didn't know there was a classic version...

    39. Randy Woods
      on January 11

      I loved the classic , might even have a banged up copy in mom's garage
      Can we add something new this time?
      Aa few new units, or a extra page of rules, say an optional damage system: draw a playing card for damage, ace explode, duce no damage, 10 can't accelerate until repaired, jack losing fuel...ect

    40. John Fleisher on January 11

      I'm still waiting for Harlan Ellison to publish "The Last Dangerous Visions". He is still alive, right?

    41. Raymond Mullikin
      on January 10

      I am on board as well. I'm not sure if this the kind of game that I like, but all my past experiences with Steve Jackson's games, card games, and Fighting Fantasy books have all been very positive and very enjoyable... So I figured why not? �

      I really have to make a comment on how great the video is... I like how the video played out how the game works in such a visual way with all the colorful arrows and labels. Helped influence my backing of the campaign as well. �

      I feel that I should also say that I was a kid deeply inspired by Steve Jackson's games that I am currently working on a RPG project of my own. Don't know if I will ever publish it or anything, but it was fun to make and featured my Quackup comic characters in it.

    42. Chris Smith on January 10

      Maybe for a future campaign - if you are definitely standing up a regular order process after the campaign funds, you could have a backer level that provides a checkout coupon code usable as part of the regular order. An individualized coupon can be digital delivery (no shipping!).

      That way, you can keep control of shipping costs inside the campaign, yet still benefit from international backers. It does leave international backers uncertain about shipping costs until later - although I think this would still be preferable to not being in the loop at all.

      All that said - this might be something more worthwhile for a campaign that takes longer than two days to reach 100%!!

    43. Mike Norris on January 10

      Well I am on board, but I don't know if this is my type of game. I love Car Wars, and Ogre is amazing. But this reminds me a lot of Star Smuggler that I despised.

      I have a question for someone who is familiar with the old game's versions or SJG. I don't like the idea of writing on the board. Was this able to be cleaned up easy? I would hate to have lines all over my board from past plays.

    44. XVS650 on January 10

      A few questions I haven't seen answered:
      - what are the physical dimensions of the map? Of the hex and counters? What exactly comes in a box besides the map, rules, and counters? I assume some dry erase markers and dice?

      Thanks for any answer you can offer.

    45. Steve Jackson Games 12-time creator on January 10

      Keith for MVP! Thank you all for your support! -HS

    46. Jeff Vandine on January 10

      Amazing. As I'm watching it, it turns over to $20K! Thank you Keith!

    47. Missing avatar

      on January 10

      Added a $1 to make it $20,000 even. (:

    48. Missing avatar

      on January 10

      Almost there... Almost there...

    49. Steve Jackson Games 12-time creator on January 10

      Brett - What, you don't believe we'll ever see The Last Dangerous Visions? -SJ

    50. Missing avatar

      Brett Slocum on January 10

      This is the longest I've waited for an announced product that will actually get produced (27 years from SJ's original announcement). Super-excited. Laser-level excitement.

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