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From the dawn of the hobby, a classic space game returns . . . Triplanetary depicts ship-to-ship space combat in the Solar System!
From the dawn of the hobby, a classic space game returns . . . Triplanetary depicts ship-to-ship space combat in the Solar System!
From the dawn of the hobby, a classic space game returns . . . Triplanetary depicts ship-to-ship space combat in the Solar System!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Tim Farley about 22 hours ago

      I've changed addresses recently. How do I update my address for shipping?

    2. Philip Reed
      on April 14

      @Fire Broadside! - "Any news on whether this will hit retail or not? *fingers crossed*"

      A small number will be offered to distribution.

    3. Fire Broadside! on April 13

      Any news on whether this will hit retail or not? *fingers crossed*

    4. Russonc
      on April 11

      That map is huge.... :)

    5. Missing avatar

      Chris French on April 11

      And the ad in the box is "mostly _OGRE_" -- I wonder if this is a Sign I need to write up "OGRES IN SPAAAAAAACE!".... :)

    6. Jeffrey L. Hammans on March 26

      Any news on the mapsheet coating?

    7. Chris S. aka Pepsiman
      on February 9


    8. Missing avatar

      Noah Doyle on February 9

      Looking forward to this!

      I also could be wrong on the 'realism' of the map. I'll have to find my notes and design work from a few years ago...

    9. Roland Boshnack on February 9

      And funded at over $41,000!

    10. Missing avatar

      Noah Doyle on February 9

      I completely missed the question about the map! I'll answer that sometime this weekend - but since it's going to be the standard map, that leave the opportunity for me to design a more 'realistic' map!

      (And the 'Jump Troops' article in Ogrezine has broken loose some old ideas about using Triplanetary to represent Ogreverse space combat...)

    11. Mike Norris on February 9

      Off to do my taxes. i hope:

      A. I am done in time to watch the final countdown.
      B. That I still have money left after.

    12. Russonc
      on February 9

      I'll miss the actual finish so I'll just do a "Early Congratulations!" now. Looking forward to a piece of history!

    13. Russonc
      on February 9

      Up over $40K, nice finish

    14. Steve Jackson Games 12-time creator on February 9

      So close to $40K! Thank you all so much for the support, looking like we'll finish strong! -HS

    15. Sean Malloy of Phoenix Rising
      on February 9

      Another type of solo play is to pick a set of planets that you have to pass by, adding to the difficulty by specifying that you have to make a full orbit around each one, and run it several times to try to minimize the time and fuel use.

      Abstractly, having the planets stationary feels wrong, but this is a boardgame, not an orbital-mechanics simulator, and having to deal with all the physics involved would kill all the fun in playing, and there are already simulations out there to satisfy those needs.

    16. Steve Jackson Games 12-time creator on February 8

      It clearly won't happen before the campaign ends, but long before the game ships we will DEFINITELY get a helper video posted for combat. And I will make sure to include there, or post on the site, or something, some worked examples of vector difference. Is there anything else at this point that you, the mass mind, want to see explicated further? -SJ

    17. Steve Jackson Games 12-time creator on February 8

      @Matthew Gabbert: Honestly it's unlikely, SJ is in and out of the office, and we're in crunch mode with the Kickstarter ending in less than 48 hours. We do hope to have one online at some point just to assist, however. -HS

    18. Missing avatar

      Matthew Gabbert
      on February 8

      Any chance of the combat demo video getting posted before the campaign ends?

    19. Thorbolt on February 7

      Thanks for the info. :)

    20. Steve Jackson Games 12-time creator on February 7

      Thorbolt - Yes. There are no specific solitaire rules but it's easy to play against yourself, giving one or both sides specific constraints. I have done that a lot :) - SJ

    21. Thorbolt on February 7

      How is this game played solo, by playing both sides?

    22. Russonc
      on February 7

      Final 48 hrs.... !

    23. Steve Jackson Games 12-time creator on February 7

      Sure. Does it help if we assume that one ship is standing still? Then if another ship is moving one hex/turn, its relative velocity is 1. If it is moving two hexes/turn, its relative velocity is 2, and so on. -SJ

    24. john moss on February 7

      Could you provide another example of “Relative Velocity Combat modification”? I still don’t understand it.

    25. Russonc
      on February 6

      I've been looking at this one every day...finally pulling the trigger for 2...

    26. Thorbolt on February 5

      Just found this, I'm in. :)

    27. Mike Norris on February 5

      @SJG - Guess who is back....:)

    28. Michael Dudek on February 1

      Wouldn't be an acceptable place to host the files as an alternative?

    29. Stefan Jones on February 1

      @HS: One thing I would like to ask the webmaster to do is to post an illustration in my variant article; it is a movement example. I've been promising to supply it for over 20 years now ...

    30. Steve Jackson Games 12-time creator on February 1

      @Stefan Jones: It's doubtful we'll have enough Triplanetary activity on the forums to justify their own subforum, but I'll discuss that with our moderators to see if there's a place that could live, or on our site potentially officially. -HS

    31. Stefan Jones on February 1

      Is there / could there be a place in the Forum for Tripe fans to post graphic accompanyment to variants?

      The web site has my old variant articles, and Winchell Chung's counter sheet. I could see alternative maps and more counters going up as well.

    32. Steve Jackson Games 12-time creator on February 1

      @David Wessman: There will be no stretch goals. The game is designed as you see it, and we have a specific size, retail price, etc in mind for everything. Those projects you mentioned are great and planned around stretch goals, but that wasn't our mission for this game. We wanted to bring the game back for people who want to play it, and for new players who want to play a classic. -HS

    33. David Wessman on February 1

      Very much appreciate that you are bringing this classic back into print, but I strongly urge you to reconsider stretch goals. There are additional ships and rules that could be added, but even if you limited your edition of the game to what was published in the original version, you could offer a range of component upgrades (beyond what you are already planning). Take a look at UBOOT The Board Game and Neanderthal & Greenland for just two examples of what's possible. It just seems like you're leaving money on the table...

    34. Steve Jackson Games 12-time creator on January 30

      @Mike Norris: We're definitely planning on moving Car Wars forward. We'll still have Car Wars Classic and other digital versions of older Car Wars available for folks who love the classic game, but Car Wars Sixth Edition will be a bit of a departure into faster gameplay, while keeping the customization and flavor of Car Wars. -HS

    35. Mike Norris on January 28

      I will be honest: I am not sure about a new Car Wars. My love will always be with classic.

      A week ago I took my friend to my FLGS, and got him a copy of classic. He and I played it for his first time about a year and 1/2 ago. He loved it.

    36. Clark Rodeffer on January 28

      Thanks! I'll look for the new rules file soon, and I'm really looking forward to playing again!

    37. Steve Jackson Games 12-time creator on January 28

      Clark - Correct. There's a thread about this in Update 6, but tl;dr You are right. Headers on table got switched. Missing words are "gravity hexes." New rule PDF should be up Monday. Thanks for all the attention this is getting. "With many eyes, all bugs are shallow." -SJ

    38. Clark Rodeffer on January 27

      I have a couple of questions about the posted rules:

      1. Page 7 Astral Bodies -- The last sentence seems to be missing a word, maybe "hex," at the end.

      2. Page 9 MegaCredit System table -- Nukes are shown with a mass of 300, but the mass is given as 20 under the Nukes section on page 6. The 20 ton mass seems more likely to be correct given the cargo capacities on page 1.

      3. Same table -- 50 tons for robot guards seems a bit on the high side, because it would leave no capacity for fuel, even for the biggest ships. Is that a typo?

    39. Steve Jackson Games 12-time creator on January 27

      Trey - That will be fine.

      A shout-out to Dirk Desiato who pointed out more glitches in the published rules.

      Ken - CAR WARS did not exactly get run off the road, but (obviously) it's delayed. We have some serious development time scheduled for the next couple of months - as in, it's on the canendar and the specified people are to be considered unavailable for interruption during that period uness the building is actually on fire. -SJ

    40. Missing avatar

      Trey Palmer on January 27

      Do you mean the board and dice games forum?…

    41. Kenneth W. Scott on January 27

      What happened to Car Wars?

    42. Steve Jackson Games 12-time creator on January 26

      Michael - The map will be 33 x 45 inches.

      Stefan - I have tried two concentric rings of gravity arrows by the sun. Scary powerful. Would not recommend.

      Chuck - We usually ask people to post rules questions on the forum so everyone can see, but if you are not a user of our forums, do whatever is easiest for you - post here and I'll respond, or send me mail at sj (at) sjgames (dot) com. -SJ

    43. Missing avatar

      ChuckB on January 26

      I am looking forward to receiving this game, since I missed it in 1977. I have a couple of quick questions concerning the rules, however; should I post them here or send them under separate cover to ???

    44. Steve Jackson Games 12-time creator on January 25

      @Erich Cranor: Honestly don't have a comparison to GMT's printing process. -HS

    45. Erich Cranor
      on January 25

      Regarding the map coating. I'm thinking of how the first printing of Talon from GMT came with a serviceable coating on the ships, but then they discovered that the coating they were using on the box was actually a better functioning and more durable dry-erase surface and are changing to that for the reprint. Any idea how this map compares?

    46. Steve Jackson Games 12-time creator on January 24

      @Michael: 6 fold Ogre Sixth Edition/Designer's Edition size, give or take. -HS

    47. Michael Romano on January 24

      When you say large map, how large are we talking? Not Campaign in North Africa big?

    48. Stefan Jones on January 24

      @Steven: I believe I saw a variant article in which Sol had double gravity hexes. Your ship got a double thrust in the direction of the last arrow traversed in the turn.

      I haven't seen any variants in which there were multiple concentric "rings" of gravity arrows.

      I suspect, but would have to do math stuff to confirm, that *on the scale of Triplanetary* (one hex = 10 million miles, a turn = one day) that the effect of gravity hexes is exaggerated. So concentric gravity hex rings would be really pushing it.

      OTOH, you could imagine a variant set in the Jupiter system where that might work out.

    49. Steven Lord
      on January 24

      Has anyone tested out house ruling different gravities (strength and/or "reach") for the different bodies? It seems odd to me that Sol has the same gravitational effect on a ship as Mercury and only affects ships that pass within an adjacent hex (also like Mercury.) That means you could slingshot yourself into time warp as easily by circling Mercury as you could Sol :)

      Maybe three arrows in the hexes adjacent to Sol, two in the next ring out, and one in the hexes two away, or perhaps 4/2/1, or an even more extreme progression. This means that if you get too close going too slowly you're stuck (as it should be) but if you fly at full speed you can whip yourself around.

      And yes, I know, "If you're wondering how he eats and breathes / and other science facts ..."

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