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Plastic Ogre miniatures for use with the Ogre Sixth Edition and Ogre Designer's Edition games.
Plastic Ogre miniatures for use with the Ogre Sixth Edition and Ogre Designer's Edition games.
Plastic Ogre miniatures for use with the Ogre Sixth Edition and Ogre Designer's Edition games.
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    1. Steve Jackson Games 15-time creator on

      @Julian Wan - "Hi, I am a backer for the miniatures second edition rulebook and recently (June 30) got a notice to fill out a survey so I could get some reward, but when I click on the respond now bar, I only get the generic kickstarter home page. Is the survey not active yet?"

      Please check "manage my pledge." Also, when you're logged into Kickstarter, check the very top of the page. Any surveys you have not yet answered will be broadcast at the top of each page on Kickstarter.

      And yes, the survey is active.

    2. Julian Wan on

      Hi, I am a backer for the miniatures second edition rulebook and recently (June 30) got a notice to fill out a survey so I could get some reward, but when I click on the respond now bar, I only get the generic kickstarter home page. Is the survey not active yet?

    3. HRH Mo on

      OK, thanks! That helps as I start painting the Infantry from KS #1 Many Minis and how the numbers might get shunted around for re-painting to bring Force Grey up to strength.

      Gets tricky staying on plot around here....

    4. wolf90 Collaborator

      @ HRH Mo - Both Set 1 and Set 2 of the Battle Box come with Infantry so the Many Minis level will have 42 Infantry from Set 1 and an additional 18 from Set 2 in grey. There will also be 18 Infantry of each additional color in the Many Minis box.
      These actually ARE the Paneuropean Infantry. The Combine conventional units have yet to be done (and we shall see, re: your question!)

    5. HRH Mo on

      And query on possible future infantry: if (or when as we all hope!) you do Pan-European plastics, are you likely to do a different sculpt of infantry too, or will they be the same design?

    6. HRH Mo on

      Infantry count query: will we be getting two sets of Grey infantry, one each with the Grey Set 1 and Grey Set 2?

    7. Missing avatar

      Doug Houseman on

      Well the miniatures have a base coat of paint - and they will be on the table Wednesday night next week at Origins for a 6 hours set of games. If you are at Origins, come join us, it should be fun.

    8. HRH Mo on

      For amusement's sake, I crunched the numbers. It would have taken ordering 4x Many Minis of Set 1 (28 sets) and 7x Many Minis of Set 2 to get balanced numbers of 35 complete sets. Spray paint would take care of doing complete sets in matched colours.

      That is championship level Hotdog & Buns packaging =^,^=

    9. HRH Mo on

      @Philip: good to know, thanks. I will hope for the best and keep a weather eye out for them.

    10. Philip Reed Collaborator

      @HRH Mo - "Any chance that Set 2 will be available on its own outside of the Battle Box or perhaps through another Kickstarter like the Mk.VI & Friend?"

      There may be a very, very small number of the set 2 pieces (without any retail packaging) available from our online store -- -- after we fulfill the Kickstarter rewards. Our experience with the first set led us to keep the excess pieces of the second set to a minimum.

    11. HRH Mo on

      @Jean McGuire (and others facing daunting piles o' plastic to paint), spray paint is your friend!

      I've been doing mine in multi-coloured speckled camouflage and they go up right quick. I'll brush on treads and other details later, but a session with the spray cans gets them ready enough for the table.

      You can make a note of your colour recipes if you want to duplicate them later, but I've been using this technique for decades and find that speckled camo all goes together nicely!

    12. HRH Mo on

      Any chance that Set 2 will be available on its own outside of the Battle Box or perhaps through another Kickstarter like the Mk.VI & Friend?

      The Many Minis pledge of Set 1 yielded 7 sets. Many Minis pledge of Set 2 yielded my 8th of Set 1 (yay, a perfect amount for running big convention games), and 5 of Set 2 (Hotdog & Hotdog Bun packaging schemes, grrrrrr).

      Alackaday, my budget was tight and I didn't spring for All The Minis here to go up to 9 and 10 sets respectively.

    13. Jean McGuire on

      I think it hadn't really hit home until now: the delay is for *750* minis of all sizes, shapes, and descriptions landing on my doorstep. That's on top of the 315 (is it really only 315?) from the first set, which I haven't even primed yet. And because I'm an Egypt geek who can't resist a good Kickstarter (or two), I have entirely too many cast floor/room pieces from the Path of Osiris stuff, including several kilograms of broken pieces I ordered to use as rubble in a diorama, that are ALSO sitting around waiting for paint.

      I think I'm going to go panic now! And maybe look into whether I can get miniatures paint by the quart instead of the little thumb-sized bottle; I think I'm gonna need it.

      But holy mooing cow ... when you think about what their metal counterparts sold for, back when they were new ... these are an insanely good deal. Plus, you can haul a nice big army to a game without needing a wheeled cart. I can live with waiting until they get things sorted out on the other side of the world.

      Convention prep weirdness: A box of little glowy cubes (affix spots and they're glowing dice decorations) arrived this afternoon ... and 5 out of 6 were DOA: bad batteries. As I said, "stuff" happens.

    14. Jean McGuire on

      "Stuff" happens. More of it happens when you're dealing with someone who speaks a different language and is thousands of miles away. We'll deal. Myself, I haven't even started painting my Set 1 yet (I've had too much blood in my caffeinestream)

      After all, I'm leaving for a convention tomorrow that I thought was NEXT week! (if any of y'all are going to be at TrekLanta, stop by the Wintertree booth and hit me up for swag and a homemade chocolate chip cookie) Mis-timing happens.

      Also, Steve, check the printing on your name. :p

    15. Jester of Valoria; Ambassador to Ghrys

      Doggone it... do I mount all my minis at once or do I then II and risk conflicting paint schemes?!? But, if I wait - I’ll have like a zillion minis to do all at once...

    16. Missing avatar

      A. Mull on

      Phil answered the Fencer question over in the 2nd Edition comments. Popping turrets it is!

    17. Missing avatar

      A. Mull on

      @wolf90: That's what I figured the answer would be, but I don't regret asking...means I can plan accordingly, rather than suffering from my trademark awful timing or making a potentially expensive wrong guess. Thank you thank you! (And congrats on the rulebook, we're funded as of 12:19am EST!)

      While it's the more expensive way out, thinking about it the last few days it's the better answer not just for you guys (but how cool would it be for this momentum to run so long you have nothing better to do than pump out the faction-specific genuine-imitation Mk.III, Mk.III-B, and Mk.V used by PanEuro and Nihon...), but also because it means having left-over sensor masts to make swimmers out of. Those GEVs are gonna need a bigger boat...

      Follow-up: Any chance of there being over-printed black units from Set 2 [Fencer / Mk.IV] to be put up ala carte, the way the ones from Set 1 were? Would also love to snag some extra Fencers, if only so I can glue the turrets in place and not have to worry about losing them / screwing up the paint popping them back and forth.

    18. wolf90 Collaborator

      @A. Mull - There are no current plans to reprint the Mark III and Mark V sculpts. I can't say it won't ever happen, just that I know of no plans to do so at this time.
      I can fairly comfortably say we are unlikely to make Legionnaire/Huscarl sculpts that are in any manner different from the usual Mark III/Mark V castings. There is so much to do more relevant to the game, that they simply aren't even on the long-distance radar.

    19. Missing avatar

      A. Mull on

      Continuing to dwell on it...I don't have a vested interest in either answer. It would suck cutting up a bunch of standalones just to have them announced in a set...and likewise, it would also suck holding out on the hopes they're in a set only to wind up at "That's all, folks!" right after the black ones sell out.

    20. Missing avatar

      A. Mull on

      @wolf90: I understand the answer is probably 'we haven't decided yet' or 'that's classified, sorry', but has there been any talk of either reprinting Mk.III / Mk.V in the Combine sets, or doing all-new Legionnaire / Huscarl sculpts?

      I can make my own out of the black Mk.III / Mk.Vs pretty easily, but it would really suck to dump that kind of cash (I'm currently supporting 15[!] sets, because Too Many Minis) only to have the KS for a new set launch and contain them.

    21. wolf90 Collaborator

      @Matt Mills - It's certainly a possibility. I'd like to see all units available in plastic. Ultimately, the success of the sets as they're released affect the likelihood of future sets. Next up would be the Combine basic units . . .

    22. Matt Mills on

      This may have already been asked but will you ever produce a plastic Ogre MKVI? I can't find one of the metal ones anywhere. I'd easily pay 50-100 for one of those in plastic. More for the metal of course

    23. Steve Jackson Games 15-time creator on

      @Timothy Chan: You replied back in January. -HS

    24. Philip Reed Collaborator

      @Timothy Chan - "Hey I don't remember filling out a survey for this. Is there anyway that I can double check that I completed that?"

      Please email with any questions.

    25. Missing avatar

      Timothy Chan on

      Hey I don't remember filling out a survey for this. Is there anyway that I can double check that I completed that?

    26. EvilWill on

      Why is that darned Badger sing stuck in my head...
      Ogre ogre ogre ogre ogre ogre ogre ogre ogre ogre ogre ogre ogre ogre ogre ogre ogre ogre ogre...

    27. Missing avatar

      Ty Shillito on

      Yeah, it would be neat if we got an update on this. Haven't heard anything in awhile.

    28. Steve Jackson Games 15-time creator on

      @Stephen: Nothing notable, but I think Drew is going to be doing an update in the near future as a general "Here's the state of production." But currently just in production, still on schedule as far as I'm aware. -HS

    29. Stephen

      Any news?

    30. Missing avatar

      Doug Houseman on

      @EvilWill -

      Always when it comes to SJG goodies! More Ogres is always better!

    31. EvilWill on

      Is anyone else champing at the bit waiting for all this plasticy goodness to get here?

    32. Steve Jackson Games 15-time creator on

      @Chris: What he said, just this survey, no BackerKit. -HS

    33. Missing avatar

      das Grau Geist on

      @Chris - yeah, it's too late to upgrade. There's no pledge manager, so what you pledged at the end of the KS is what you get.

    34. Missing avatar

      Chris French on

      Insane Question: Is it too late to upgrade to "Too Many Minis"?

      I figure Garfield is right: The noose is around my neck; I may as well jump off the horse.... :)

    35. Steve Jackson Games 15-time creator on

      @Gero: Please email your information to, we can refund you. -HS

    36. Missing avatar

      Gero Niemeyer


      I just realised that this only ships into the US. So makes no sense for me (Germany). Is there someone who would like to take over my pledge? Or can I cancel it?

      Regards Gero

    37. John McMillen

      @A. Mull
      I'd be more inclined to just mount a small magnet to the bottom of each unit and keep them on a thin sheet of steel attached to the bottom of an appropriately sized box.

    38. Missing avatar

      A. Mull on

      I need to stop faffing about with things like 'doing laundry' and 'feeding the dog' and get priming / painting...I've got a preposterous pile of plastic coming in just a few months!

      I also need to get a few curious looks at Home Depot...I'm more or less buying small parts organizers by the case at this point. Same for Dick's Sporting Goods...gotta find a Plano deep enough for a Mk.VI [the tallest one, I think?], and then get enough of those to hold, erm, 84 Cybertanks and counting...

    39. John McMillen

      @Jean McGuire
      There may be a shortcut to painting all those mini's, if you want to keep them the same color as the plastic they are cast in. I know a lot of doll re-painers on YouTube use this matte clear coat called "Mr Clear Spray" to prime the dolls for painting. Apparently the stuff will at least stick to some kinds of plastic and does provide a surface to paint on. If it works on these minis, then it may be a great shortcut for those that just want to go paint a few details, wash, dry brush highlights, then seal up.

    40. Steve Jackson Games 15-time creator on

      @das Grau Geist: Lots of stuff happening coming back from break, update is coming today to let everyone know that missed it and post the deadline.

      @Dan Cyr: We aren't able to update the actual pledge levels on the campaign, so it shows the base level. The "applicable stretch goals" is what indicates the additional minis, you aren't going to be missing out on any plastic.

      @Jean McGuire: TOO MANY MINIS! -HS

    41. Missing avatar

      das Grau Geist on

      I'm a little surprised that there wasn't an Update to tell people that KS Survey is open (and needs to be completed to get your stuff!), but I finished mine, and look forward to Q2 delivery!

    42. Jeff "Great Cane of Doom"™ Saxton on

      The survey also says "And all applicable stretch goals" -- so that adds the missing numbers of minis.

    43. Missing avatar

      Dan Cyr

      Odd survey came. I bought the $75 package, which includes 6 sets: red, blue, grey, green, glow in the dark, basic set 1 grey and black miniatures. About 375 miniatures I believe.

      Survey told me that I was getting the red, blue, green and grey sets, a total of 150 miniatures.

      Problem here or just not all of the add ones not included?

    44. Jean McGuire on

      So, I got the shipping address survey ... for some reason, that makes it feel more real. Also more terrifying -- I bought HOW MANY miniatures? And all of the non-glowy ones need paint? If you need me, I'll be under my desk....

    45. Steve Jackson Games 15-time creator on

      @Bill Gibson: We offered extra sets in the last campaign because we had individual add-ons, this set will not have additional add-on sets.

      This created a massive logistical issue during delivery of OMS1, so we stuck with the I Want It All style boxes, and created additional pledges for those boxes, but not individual sets. This let us give more minis per dollar during the campaign as well. -HS

    46. Bill Gibson

      No pledge manager? What if I wanted to grab a few extra reverse color sets?

    47. Missing avatar

      Lynn Moore on

      @SJG: Good to know, thanks! Been a fan since Car Wars in the 80s...

    48. Steve Jackson Games 15-time creator on

      @das Grau Geist: Here's hoping! Still a lot of factors, but definitely helps the logistics end. -HS

    49. Missing avatar

      das Grau Geist on

      Thanks for confirming.

      I assume this will run *very* smoothly, simply due to the huge reduction in moving parts.

    50. Steve Jackson Games 15-time creator on

      @Everyone: Survey will be going out this week hopefully, once the Kickstarter funds are finished processing. -HS

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