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Now Steve Jackson’s award-winning Ogre Miniatures rulebook is back!
Now Steve Jackson’s award-winning Ogre Miniatures rulebook is back!
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What pairs well with a Mark VI?

Posted by wolf90 (Collaborator)

By passing the $85,000 combined total during the Ogre Miniatures, Second Edition Kickstarter, we have committed to running a different Kickstarter for more miniature Ogres in support of the game. We have already stated that one of the two Ogres funded by this Kickstarter will be the fearsome Mark VI. The question before us is: what other Ogre will be constructed?

We have some exciting options. Obviously, the Mark III, IV, and V have already been produced, as have the Fencer and Fencer-B, so they will not be on this list. That still leaves us a number of choices: 

  • Mark I
  • Mark II
  • Mark III-B
  • Ninja
  • Vulcan
  • Doppelsoldner
  • Ogrethulhu
  • Nihon Oni
  • Nihon Samurai
  • Israeli Golem
  • Chinese Dragon 

We will combine the Mark I and Mark II into one “Ogre” for the purposes of this survey. Additionally, we will add four Heavy Drones to the Vulcan sculpt should that Ogre be chosen, as they are intrinsic to a fully capable Vulcan. All other Ogres listed will represent a single unit. For those of you unfamiliar with the history of Ogre and the various cybertanks, please see The Last War and either this summary, or this one, for the different types of Ogres.

Those of you with a keen eye may have noted that there are a number of Ogres listed other than the standard Combine and Paneuropean cybertanks. Ogrethulhu was produced previously and could be recreated if chosen. However, the final four Ogres listed would all be entirely new creations.

Which brings me to my final caveat: if one of the “new” Ogres is chosen, this will add to the cost and time for completing the promised “Mark VI plus Ogre TBD” Kickstarter. Conceptually, we will need to run a separate micro-Kickstarter to pay for the turn-around time and concept artwork of the new Ogre, after which we will run the “Mark VI plus” Kickstarter. Although presumably self-evident, to be clear, I have marked those Ogres that would require a separate micro-Kickstarter with this sign in the survey: “($$$)”. Should the micro-Kickstarter fail to fund, we will move forward with whatever existing Ogre design garnered the most votes for the "Mark VI plus" campaign. 

This survey will run until June 25. You can access the survey through this link. We want to hear from as many of you as possible, so please spread the word. What do you want to have matched up with an Ogre Mark VI?

- Drew Metzger

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    1. Missing avatar

      Tollenkar (TFT Backer 203) on

      I'd love to see miniatures for MK I Ogres. That said, The Golem would be mint. I can do without Ogrethulhu completely.

    2. Missing avatar

      Jerry Emery on

      Ogrethulhu (and spawn)!

      I completely understand the folks who want all the "real" units done first.

      But for me, all of that is just more of the same. I just don't think the game gains anything from them.

      The origin of the game was "one monster vs an army". I say give us different monsters! ;-)

    3. Missing avatar

      Knockman on

      Dopp/MkI/MkII is priority number one for me. It begins the rounding-out process to get the foundation of the game sorted and settled.
      MkIIIB would be next, the Vulcans & Ninjas.
      After that the 'Other Nations' stuff, but it would be good to have those with some additional vehicles for those countries as well.
      Ogrethulhu last. I get that there's a following for it. But it almost becomes a deal-breaker personally for me as I want the basics provided first for those elements of the game in the rulebook that have yet to have the miniatures treatment.

    4. Troy Gustavel

      Dopp for me. It just pairs so thematically with the VI.

      Id like to see the other factions, but as others have said, to do them right they really deserve a full size KS so the whole range can be fleshed out.

      Likewise the Ogrethulhu, without more work to provide rules and integrate it (even just hypothetically) into the world its just an oddball model. I do like the one idea of pairing it off against the VG. Maybe thats whats going on in Europe during the factory states period. Either way, again, it needs more work than this mini campaign is designed for. Just go with the dopp for this and lay out some planes for the rest down the road after PE and NAC are decently developed.

    5. Missing avatar

      Scott Hanson on

      A kick starter for Nihon and Chinese might bring people out of the woodwork that have all the old metal miniatures they will ever need but might jump at the chance for new content.

    6. Missing avatar

      Doug Houseman on

      I am happy to contribute to a micro-kickstarter for Japanese, Chinese, and other factions of Ogre art work that could turn into units.

      Digital artwork (even .png or .jpg) would be enough to get me to contribute to such a kickstarter.

    7. Duncan McEwen on

      I think that the Nihon and Chinese units should only be done if their entire force is created. I would love to finally see some new forces besides Combine and PanEuro in Ogre. Especially since both of those nations have unique cybertanks and forces.

    8. Mike Malley on

      It would be one thing if people knew for sure that there would be an Ogrethulhu set with all the trimmings, but without that assurance, I can see why that would be the obvious choice for some people. And I hope that if Ogrethulhu won, rules would be supplied, even if they were tentative for a while, like the Ninja was.

    9. PinkZeppelin13

      Vulcan, Ninja, and MK 1's & 2's.

    10. David Crowell on

      Dopp, Vulcan, III-B for me. Based on what I am likely to use in play.

      I like Jeff Saxon's thinking and pretty much parallel it. I just suspect that the dedicated KS may bump Mk VI + ? to set #3 in the order of release.

    11. Jeff "Great Cane of Doom"™ Saxton on

      Random additional thoughts:

      OM#3 = Combine Set to mirror OM#1 (4 HOW, 8 HVY, 8 GEV, 6 MSL, 14 INF, 1 CP), but with a Mk. IIIb and _then_ the Mk. I and Mk. II -- making it an all NAC set.

      OM#4 = Combine set to mirror OM#2; the Ogres then can be Ninja and Vulcan. Another all NAC set.

      Future Set #5? for Mk. VI and Doppelsoldner.
      Futre Set #6? for Oni, Samurai, Golem, Dragon (two or three of each, maybe?).
      Future Set #7? for Ogrethulhu and infected human units

    12. Jeff "Great Cane of Doom"™ Saxton on

      Oh, yeah, having no rules for an Ogrethulhu is also problematic ... but in the end, SJG needs to do what makes the most economic sense for them. I'm just elated they put questions to us to help them decide on the future directions of Ogre.

    13. John Fleisher on

      Until Ogrethulhu has rules, there’s really not much point to it. I think it should be in its own Kickstarter, so the people who are interested can vote with their wallets.

    14. Jeff "Great Cane of Doom"™ Saxton on

      If it ends up being an Ogrethulhu, that'll scuttle any participation for me. I don't need a Mk. VI that bad that I'd take an Ogrethulhu too. Save Ogrethulhu for a dedicated set with the infected tanks and figures ...

    15. Missing avatar

      Shawn Bond on

      Nice! So many choices! Hmmm...well, I picked Mark I and II as first choice (two Ogres for one slot, and given the relative ubiquitous nature of the Mark I, a logical choice). Then the Mark III-B, and finally the Dopp. Your mileage will vary...doesn't really matter for me what we see (although, no offense to my fellow Ogrethusiasts, I really don't want to see an Ogrethulhu taking up a precious spot).

    16. Keith Lewis on

      OK it's time to get behind the Ogrethulhu. The Vatican Guard and it's allies were made to fight this beast and its spawn.

    17. John Fleisher on

      The Dopp is the obvious choice for me, to match the VI. The Mk 1 and II can be added to one of the combine vehicle kickstarters, and so could the III-B.

    18. Charles Li on

      Ogrethulhu naturally!
      This design (plus some working rules) stands the greatest chance of bringing-in brand new players while pleasing the existing base.
      Let's face it, any other version of Ogre, while nice, would only serve to please a small group of Ogre enthusiasts for a limited number of scenarios but not be useful for the majority of existing players.
      Let's keep expanding the Ogre universe!

    19. CON-Troll on

      I voted for the 2 x MK I / 1 x MK II because I can see so many uses for them in many scenarios. After that it was a tough choice between the Ninja and the Dopp. Like others here have said, I really want them all. Well, if we keep smashing Kickstarter goals, I feel confident that we WILL get them all. Eventually...

      I feel like (ever since the release of OGRE Designer's Edition) we are in the midst of OGRE's golden age. And it will continue right up until quite a ways past the last OGRE Mini's Kickstarter. (Which I predict will be Set 5, -since we will probably get everything we hoped for AND some by the end of that set.)

    20. Kevin on

      I went with Doppel so Mk VI had something to go up against, there is no need for a mini KS, and less time to get going. That said I do want to see the new 4 someday!

    21. Missing avatar

      Scott Hanson on

      "but there's some stuff on there we may never get another chance to see, which makes them super-tempting too..." -A.Mull

      And that is what I experienced also as soon as I saw the list. My thoughts were do we complete the Combine and Pan European armies or do we jump at the chance for new content that has never been offered before?

    22. wolf90 Collaborator

      @A. Mull - If we can keep (or better yet, grow!) the interest in Ogre, we stand a chance of seeing all of this come to light. They key is A) prioritizing, and B) spreading the word.

    23. wolf90 Collaborator

      @Mike Malley - they would all be of the same color. Certainly it's possible that stretch goals might be of a different color (the details have yet to be determined, so no promises!), but the base level for the KS would be a Mark VI and some other Ogre both of the same color.

    24. Missing avatar

      A. Mull on

      Dopple is the obvious choice, but man oh man if there isn't some red-hot liquid temptation on that list. Glad the survey is running a little bit, gives me time to think about it.

      The obvious choice is Dopple, get the matchup of the heavyweights going...but there's some stuff on there we may never get another chance to see, which makes them super-tempting too...

    25. Mike Norris on

      One and two for fist choice.....since we just have markers for them. Second choice was the Dopnotevengonnatrytospellit. Then the Mark III-B.

      Would love to see a Ninja/Vulcan combo in box 3.

    26. John McMillen

      Ogrethulhu and it's spawn. Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn

    27. Mike Malley on

      What colors will the non-Combine/Paneuro Ogres be, or is that another survey?

    28. wolf90 Collaborator

      @Scott Hanson - I would love to see them all created. But we have to start somewhere, and the on-going support by fans such as yourself helps move these projects along. The stronger the support, the faster we reach our mutual goal of all the Ogres! So, thank you!
      @Mike Malley - Sorry! This is a tough one!

    29. Jim McLaughlin

      I did the survey, but it has to be a Doppelsoldner, doesn't it?

    30. Mike Malley on

      Man, I would choose any of those over a Mk VI. This is the most difficult SJG survey yet.

    31. Missing avatar

      Scott Hanson on

      Damn I want them all! I can only hope in time we can fund new content and have Nihon, Chinese Hegemony, Israeli units and army lists for each faction.

      1st Choice Dopplesoldner, the Mark 6 needs something to fight.
      2nd Choice Chinese Dragon, I want a third faction for non symmetrical warfare.
      3rd Choice MK1 and MK2 Ogres, two for the price of one...

    32. Missing avatar

      Chris Kenth on

      Nijon On and Nijon Samuri.