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Now Steve Jackson’s award-winning Ogre Miniatures rulebook is back!
Now Steve Jackson’s award-winning Ogre Miniatures rulebook is back!
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Bonus Social Media Stretch Goals!

Posted by Steve Jackson Games (Creator)

As we come to our last few days of the campaign, we've added some fun bonuses for Social Media stretch goals in addition to the monetary goals! 

If we get 250 Shares on this Facebook post, we’ll include a re-skinned version of sheet L2 from Ogre Nightfall. These would be PDF overlays you could stick to an existing Nightfall counter sheet, and with some minor paper surgery, have some new looks for the units. This includes: 

  • PE-style CP 
  • Vatican Combine-style CP 
  • Nihon Mobile CP 
  • Vatican Admin 1 
  • Vatican Admin 2 
  • Nihon Reactor 1 
  • Vatican Reactor 2 
  • Nihon Laser Tower 
  • Nihon Laser Turret 
  • Nihon Strongpoint 1 
  • Vatican Strongpoint 2 
  • Vatican Strongpoint 3 
  • Nihon Hulk & destroyed tower - Unchanged

And if we can get 250 Fans on the Ogre Miniatures BoardGameGeek listing, we’ll add a re-skinned version of sheet K2 from Nightfall as well! To become a fan on BGG, simply click the Heart icon at the top of the page listing. This includes: 

  • Mark III - tiger 
  • Mark IV - pink 
  • Mark V - tiger 
  • PE-style CP - tiger 
  • Laser Tower - tiger 
  • Laser Turret - tiger 
  • Laser Turret - tiger 
  • Admin 1 - tiger 
  • Admin 2 - pink

We'll see if we can get there, it should only take a portion of the backers to go and share/fan the post and page and we'll have some cool extra files for everyone!

As always, thanks for the support and spreading the word; let's finish strong! 

- Hunter Shelburne

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    1. Missing avatar

      Alasdair Hood on

      Where these goals ever met?

    2. Missing avatar

      Erik Krieger on

      Also happy to see that ARF got an Ogre to join them. Could be some interesting possibilities there...

    3. Missing avatar

      Erik Krieger on

      Great. That's just great! Nihon lasers? Nihon Reactor? Nihon strongpoint? Up until now, the Nihon forces released were primarily an invasion force- heavy on Marines & mobility. These proposed Nihon units only make sense from a defensive standpoint. That means the Invasion of SF is out. Its gonna have to be something more like the Reconquest of Hong Kong. Now I've got to get sat photos of Hong Kong, figure out a map w/ Ogremap 2 or something, and develop a Nihon defense scenario. Then I can try to figure out how build Hong Kong terrain once the minis rulebook comes out. Not to mention the fact that now I have to scale back my planned last-minute dice purchase to get a stack of Nightfall sets. And maybe some uncommon Ogre sets to. Too good to pass up. You see what you made me do? I hope you're pleased with yourselves!
      Seriously, I think the reskin sheet is a cool idea, and I'm looking forward to trying it out. I'm thinking print on photo paper, coat w/ clear acylic & glue with spray contact cement or glue stick. A little edge touch-up & no one will ever know.

    4. Poi on

      Sorry, but no. These are very odd addons for a miniatures game, that relies on us having spare copies of something that some of us didn't buy in the first place. I have more than enough cardboard already.

    5. Missing avatar

      SilverAnvil on

      Done and Done.

    6. Dan 'Grimmund' Long

      Dang. Now, if you were going to produce the actual 3D unit sheets, that would be pretty cool.

    7. wolf90 Collaborator

      I just noted - the first list copied over wrong - the factions are all down one unit. The proper list is:
      PE-style CP - Vatican
      Combine-style CP - Nihon
      Mobile CP - Vatican
      Admin 1 - Vatican
      Admin 2 - Nihon
      Reactor 1 - Vatican
      Reactor 2 - Nihon
      Laser Tower - Nihon
      Laser Turret - Nihon
      Strongpoint 1 - Vatican
      Strongpoint 2 - Vatican
      Strongpoint 3 - Nihon
      Hulk & destroyed tower - unchanged
      No major changes, but a few shifted. The Vatican did not have Combine CPs and Nihon did.

    8. wolf90 Collaborator

      @Everyone - If you haven't done so, you might consider ordering extra Nightfall sheets ( They are 75% off through the end of the month, and once we hit these social goals (I have faith in you!), you can get some Vatican, Nihon, Anarchist Relief Front and Sons of Old Nassau 3-D units for your game!

    9. wolf90 Collaborator

      We have a link on our forums that can give any printer the reassurance to print your file. So no worries!
      Let's get those fans/shares!

    10. Missing avatar

      A. Mull on

      Oh, that's neat. Do they also come with a license to print for personal use? I do not have access to a color printer, so would have to get it commercially done and don't want any trouble from my local stores.