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Now Steve Jackson’s award-winning Ogre Miniatures rulebook is back!
Now Steve Jackson’s award-winning Ogre Miniatures rulebook is back!
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BPC Bound Book!

Posted by wolf90 (Collaborator)

We've crossed our first stretch goal, allowing us to bind the books in biphase carbide*, making each book sturdier and more likely to survive your next battle. With tac-nukes flying about, the last thing you want to worry about is your manual falling apart! Congratulations to everyone now that we've passed our first hurdle beyond funding!

Which brings us to our next hurdle . . . as mentioned, this will include a die-cut Mark IV, in the same manner as all Ogre units in Ogre Sixth Edition. Despite not being plastic, this may be used in conjunction with other plastic Ogre Miniatures, as the scale is exactly the same. Although I hope to see all Ogre units rendered in plastic, providing this Ogre within this project brings gaming options and versatility to the tabletop quicker.

But the die-cut sheet is much bigger than one Mark IV Ogre. As implied, you can expect to see at least one Laser Tower and one Laser Turret, probably more (faction undetermined, at this time). That said, I'd like to invite everyone to weigh in on what structures they'd prefer to see. Note that this is not a formal survey, but rather, simply an informal discussion as to what people are interested in. No promises! Consider this market research. Please post your thoughts and interests in the comment section.

Congrats again on reaching the hardbound copies of the book. Onward and upward!

- Drew Metzger

* biphase carbide being defined as standard hardbound book-binding in 2018 for this reference!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Kendrick Chua on

      @SJ - The admin structures from the designer's edition look great, but they're also not really representative of a lived-in battlefield. I have to admit that I've got a really specific wargaming scenario in mind, where a lone attacker gets a one-in-a-million line of sight shot down a curved mountain pass and through a hole in the side of a skyscraper. What I essentially have in mind is something like the Westgate Tower in Austin.

      Since the Vatican faction has been getting a lot of love in the comments section lately, I'd also want to have some variety of cathedral on my wishlist. That's a low priority though.

    2. Missing avatar

      A. Mull on

      I'm with HRH Mo on that one. Anything that furthers the goal of "Closing the Gap" between 6E and ODE is welcome, redundant or not! Especially when it comes to stuff that has long since sold out [like the BGG radio towers] or wasn't widespread even in ODE's heyday [reactors]...worst-case, the 6E guys get some stuff they were too late to the party on, and the ODE guys get some more of something they might be short on.

    3. HRH Mo on

      Oh, and please don't worry about going with any 'redundant' options — having full-colour printed and ready to assemble heavy card models is reason enough to duplicate offerings from any other medium.

    4. HRH Mo on

      In the Sarissa bridge link, the little rectangles under the V-struts are the ends of tabs from the bridge deck piece.

      On other items, I have no interest in any die-cut Ogres, they will never go on a gaming table with my miniatures.

      Any or all of a military installation would be good: HQ/Comm Center, Barracks, Hangars for a vehicle park, fortified perimeter walls

      I hope any structures will look like solid 3-dimensional buildings with 4 sides and not like skeletal standees. These are accessories for a miniatures game, I hope we can be trusted to use some white glue if necessary for construction!

    5. HRH Mo on

      Bridge-building technology has been pretty well solved by the makers of laser-cut terrain. Extended tabs on the deck plates slot into matching holes in the side-frame. Can be doen with 5 pieces: 2 side frames, 2 end ramps, and center decking. Very sturdy and easy to assemble.

      Here's one such example. (In this model the ramps don't slide into the side-frame, but you should be able to visualise how that would work.)

    6. Steve Jackson Games 21-time creator on

      David - Yes, those D counters will be thicker!

      Kendrick - Are you looking for something like the Admin structures from the Designer's Edition, or something bigger, or what?


    7. Roland Boshnack on

      What I'd like (in no particular order): proper 3D Mk. I, radar station, jamscreen station, hardened CPs, GEV-mobile CP, and (if they're still in the rules) revetments. If space can be found (perhaps a second sheet as a further stretch goal?), then Mk. II, Mk. III-B, Vulcan, Ninja, Doppelsoldner, reactor, comm tower, admin, lasers, and stronghold - basically everything that's in ODE or the sponsored sheets, but not yet in plastic or in Ogre Sixth Edition and Reinforcements. Feel free to delete anything that'll be in Ogre Miniatures Set 3. ;)

    8. wolf90 Collaborator

      Some clarifications and direction to this conversation:
      - First, a typo: There will be a Mark VI (6) on the die-cut sheet, not a IV. I doubt this affects the decision as to what else people want included on the sheet, but I needed to own my error. (Serves me right for posting near 2 AM!)
      - Second, counters for the board game are not truly appropriate for this project. The 3-D die-cut structures certainly can blend in with the plastic minis, but 2-D counters do not. Stay tuned for Battlefields for those (2-D) game aids.
      - Third, a bridge. As mentioned, there are actual design concerns, but an interesting idea.
      - Finally, I'm hearing a lot of love for targets: reactors, the comm tower from the BGG sheet (now OOP), and buildings (military style and civilian). Many of these have versions that have been designed already (easy!) but also many may be found by other miniature manufacturers (thus redundant?).
      The above all said, this is a wonderful conversation! Please keep it going with your thoughts. You've already given me some ideas to pursue . . .

    9. Missing avatar

      David Pihajlic on

      It ought to have thicker disabled counters and a lot more of them.
      better than the thin ones of the previous editions.
      Clear plastic templates for spillover fire would be nice too.

    10. Keith Lewis on

      Based on the new rule set we need to see more LAD, an Ogre Ninja, Combat Engineers, Marine Engineers and hopefully the Ogrethulhu will finally make an appearance.

    11. Missing avatar

      Kendrick Chua on

      I want to echo GreyHart's suggestion for civilian buildings. Reading between the lines, I wonder if it's the intent to provide structures that wouldn't fit in with the hex map format of the Designer's Edition game, but would instead fit well into the miniatures rules. Non-military structures with no fortifications, no armored walls, and no weapons of any kind fit that bill..

      One of the most exciting things about the original miniatures rules is the notion of line-of-sight. Rather than doing the blanket defensive bonus that comes with an urban hex, what you have instead is isolated infantry units hiding around corners or under bridges, making enough of a nuisance of themselves that they open up enough time for reinforcements to roll in. Having a big square skyscraper (and the option to adjust the scale of the map) makes it possible for your infantry to tough it out against superior firepower, just like what we've observed in real-world urban combat. And making it out of die-cut pieces means that you could have the sides or the top of the building come off in pleasantly bombed-out looking ways.

    12. Missing avatar

      Allen C. Smith on

      How about a bridge? Since you teased us with a picture of one in the campaign material...

      (To be fair, the engineering might be a challenge...)

    13. Missing avatar

      GreyHart on

      Radars and reactors are good. How about some gun/missile emplacements, missile silos (cruise missiles), barracks, bunkers, repair bays.. all the kinds of buildings you'd see at a military base. I'd also like to (eventually) see just plain old civilian buildings (pristine and in ruins) to build a city to fight in.

    14. Dan 'Grimmund' Long

      Maybe another Vulcan?
      Radars ought to be lovely flat panel phased array units.

    15. Chuck Tewksbury on

      If European backers only pre-order, will that be counted toward the stretch goals some how or another?

    16. Missing avatar

      A. Mull on

      Nevermind. It's late, I'm dys-roman-numeralic or something right now. Don't mind me. An Ogre we don't have is an Ogre we don't have, that's the important part. >_<

      Sorry for the Derp moment!

    17. Missing avatar

      A. Mull on

      You mean VI? Front page has one, the update has the other. Either is awesome.

      With Battlefields rumored to have radar dishes, I'm willing to wait on those...Reactors are my big must-have [ideally 2], but other than that? Gimme something interesting to shoot at that isn't already planned for [or is planned for but you wish you had space to include more of], I trust you guys.

    18. wolf90 Collaborator

      @David Crowell - Thank you for the peer check. No, it is (currently) planned for just a Mark IV.

    19. Missing avatar

      Darin Sunley on

      The antenna tower from the BGG sheet would be an excellent fit (it looks /really/ good when you sharpie it's edges), and of course the old-school miniatures fans are going to want to see radars and those square-antenna scrambler rectennas.

    20. Missing avatar

      Darin Sunley on

      If we're talking existing die-lines, the admin buildings are too small, but the strongpoint entrances are not bad, and reactors are a virtual must. Combine CPs and mobile CPs of both factions would be good fits as well. If new die-lines are a possibility, bridges would be a genuinely excellent choice.

    21. David Crowell on

      Did you mean to say both a Mk VI and a MK IV for the die cut counter sheet?