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35 years after the first publication of OGRE, we're coming back with a massive new edition, and YOU can make it better.
35 years after the first publication of OGRE, we're coming back with a massive new edition, and YOU can make it better.
35 years after the first publication of OGRE, we're coming back with a massive new edition, and YOU can make it better.
5,512 backers pledged $923,680 to help bring this project to life.

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Ogre Scenario Book 2 Preview PDF


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Ogre Video Game Update


As we announced last month, Auroch Digital is hard at work on an Ogre computer game for release late in 2017. Over the last month we've worked with the Auroch staff on the earliest stages of the game design process, and today we'd like to share very early progress on the game.

The below video shows unit movement in the game. This is a very early mockup that Auroch used to demonstrate options and ideas, and everything here is incomplete and not at all the final work. We're sharing this video to give you an idea of the direction we're taking the game. The video shows movement and unit stacking . . . and a small treat. 

- Phil Reed

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Contest: Name the Ogres!


The Ogre 6th Edition set will come out early in 2017, followed in a few months by an expansion set, currently titled Ogre Reinforcements.

This set will include three Paneuropean Ogres, to match the three Combine ones in Ogre 6e.

The Paneuro Ogres need names, so we’re doing a backer-only contest. Post your suggestions here. We’ll run this for about 10 days, maybe a bit longer, and then either choose a winner or not. So impress us.

If we pick your suggested set of three names, we’ll send you a copy of Ogre 6e when it comes out, and then a copy of the expansion when THAT comes out.

Ogre names typically have two to four characters. A winning entry will probably have three names that follow a theme, like LRY, CRLY, and MOE. But you can do better than that. Start posting!

– Steve Jackson

Update on Stretch Goals


We made a lot of promises on our march to nearly a million dollars of support. Many of those have been kept, including the humongous Designer’s Edition itself and a host of add-ons. Some remain to be done, years later . . . The list below is complete and will be updated occasionally, getting shorter each time.

Scenario Contest PDF

This might be the next thing finished. Since we chose not four but 14 winners, the contest will get its own fully-laid-out color PDF which will go to everyone who supported at $25 or above.

Status: Real soon now. The layout is finished and Drew is giving it a last bit of proofreading.

30 Minutes of Tom Smith Music

Almost done – the suite is already longer than 30 minutes, and Tom is down to polishing a couple of vocal pieces. Several times in the last few weeks I have found myself with Ogre music – and not the main theme, which you have already heard, but new pieces – stuck in my head.

Status: This will be available soon as a free download for everyone who sponsored at $25 or above.

Ogre Computer Game

As you read here recently, we’ve contracted Auroch for this project. Based on their past work, you will really like the game they build. In the next update we will share some very preliminary visualizations from their first few days of work. There will be more soon.

Status: Contracted at last, and expected in late 2017.

New Units

We promised rules detail on the Vulcan, the Ninja, and the Combat Engineers. Then we gave in to mission creep and started revising the Light Artillery Drone and the HW Teams.

Status: Combat Engineers have been up on our site for a while at and getting good testing. The Light Artillery Drone, everybody’s favorite cheap howitzer, and the revised Heavy Weapon Teams are also up for comment and testing at the same URL. The Vulcan is kicking back and forth between me and Drew, and will be up soon. The Ninja is still the subject of intense discussion – in our quest to make the new version more ninjatastic, did we make it too complex for Ogre? Stay tuned.

Eight Scenarios

Two stretch goals were for four scenarios apiece, written by yours truly.

Status: The first scenario is posted for comments at . The next one will be posted in a few days, and the last six are queued up for Drew’s comments and then for public posting. Each scenario is linked to a comment thread on the forums.

Ogre Designer’s Edition Expansion Set

This will be Kickstarted. It will include at least one map and probably two, as well as counter sheets (per the survey of some months ago). This one is farther in the future. Among other things, it needs a name, though I suppose we could re-use “Battlefields.” Suggestions?

Status: Late in 2017 at best – we’ll see how I can do.

Ogre Miniatures, Second Edition

In the queue behind the new units, since they obviously have to go in the book. The text will be easier than the photography; the bar for both minis painting and minis photography has been raised a LOT since the first edition came out. We would love to hear from some skilled minis photographers, even if you don’t have your own painted Ogre collection (because we do . . .) Contact us directly at

Status: Behind the new units. Probably behind the expansion set.

Nightfall Scenarios

Not an original Kickstarter promise, but one that we took on because so many of you had paid for the set. We long ago shipped the counters to everyone who ordered them (if you ordered and never received them, tell us at !) The scenarios are more of a problem. We had understood that they were largely finished. In fact, we received little more than a non-canon fictional background and some lists of units. Life is rough. We’ll forge ahead.

Status: We’re still going to do this, but it will likely be the latest of the late, after all our own promises are kept. Drew is looking at ways to map out a campaign so that individual scenarios can be the subject of another contest.

Car Wars

In playtest now and fun is being had. The focus has moved to completing a good update of the original Car Wars background.

Status: A 2017 Kickstarter. If you signed up for the backer-only Car Wars forum, it’s still active at .

We’ve also got a lot of upcoming Ogre releases and proposed releases that were not part of the stretch goals. Soon I’ll do an update covering those.

- Steve Jackson

Dog Days of Summer


As we deal with the heat of the summer months, we’re making steady progress. The rules for Combat Engineers have been posted, along with an updated version of the Heavy Weapon Teams rules. I appreciate those of you that have taken the time to post feedback on the forums. It has been very helpful, and the rules have been refined in response to your suggestions. Revised versions will be posted shortly.

Keep checking the New Units webpage,, as rules for the Ninja are in their final review and will be posted very soon. Just wait until you see them! (Or maybe you won’t . . . it is the Ninja, after all!). This is a very different Ninja from the Ogre Miniatures one that some of you know. As with the other units, I want you to try them and then let me know what works and what doesn’t. There will be a thread on the forums for you to post your experiences with the Ninja. Rules for Vulcans and their Heavy Drones have entered the editing stage, and should be posted on that page soon.

Steve will have an UPDATE (note the caps!) soon, discussing the overall status of Ogre and the various projects on the stove, but I want to address two topics that have been popping up periodically.

First: Pocket G.E.V. This is being evaluated as to its feasibility. To be clear, we will not be able to produce this at the $2.95 price point, or even close. That was a promotional price for Pocket Ogre that is just not sustainable, and G.E.V. is bigger. But a Pocket GEV around $10 is a potential option. So my questions for you: would you buy Pocket GEV for $10, and would you want it completely retro or more modern? By that, I mean the really basic map of the 1st edition G.E.V. (not unlike the Pocket Ogre map) or the full-color glossy map of later editions?

Second: Nightfall. Yeah, that. We are very aware that Fire Mountain Games promised a scenario book, and that we took on that promise. We have had discussions as to how to proceed with this; we’re starting with very little material (read: general concepts only). Although it is not forgotten, we feel our focus should be on completing our original commitments, before attempting to finish those others made. So, although as a fan I want to see it made as well, this is a project that is in the distant future for now.

- Drew Metzger