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35 years after the first publication of OGRE, we're coming back with a massive new edition, and YOU can make it better.
35 years after the first publication of OGRE, we're coming back with a massive new edition, and YOU can make it better.
35 years after the first publication of OGRE, we're coming back with a massive new edition, and YOU can make it better.
5,512 backers pledged $923,680 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates


Pre-Holiday Report


First: Those of you in the US,  have a happy Fourth of July!  Actually, all our backers everywhere should have a good day too. That seems only fair.

The office is taking a week-long holiday break, so rather than wait till everyone’s back, here’s another “no big milestones reached but there is lots of progress” report.

Computer Game

Phil and I will meet Tuesday (vacation? What is this “vacation” of which you speak?) and do another round of contract comments, but we really are almost there.

Ogre Scenario Book 2

. . . will be the fan scenarios, since there are so many of them, and we’ll create a Book 3 when I finally finish the others. It will, at least for now, be a PDF-only release. We talked about putting it on retailer shelves, but most of the scenarios require the Designer’s Edition maps, which would just frustrate people new to the game. So, it will be PDF, and you have the ODE, right?


Thanks to all of you for the many and useful comments on the plastic minis. We hear you and we will mostly comply ☺

New Ogre Edition

Still on track to go to press mid-July. The OGRE title on the cover is almost as big as it is on the Designer’s Edition. Dice update: Rather than choose one faction’s die to put in there, and get into trouble with the fans of the other side, we re-specced the game with both. There will be a red Combine die and a blue one for Paneurope, just like the ones in the ODE.


One more track received – this one is a good draft of the finale piece. And Tom promises more soon.

Combat Engineers

Look for an update to the New Units page - - after the break, with a rules draft for the CEs. They’ve learned some new tricks . . . as I type this, we are talking about the numbers and whether to add a bit of complexity by dividing their abilities into “automatic” and “die roll.” The big Combat Engineers, the Vulcans and their drones, will be next. Vulcans can do almost everything, if not everything, that CEs can do, and do it faster. They also have some talents of their own. But they’re expensive, and rare, and sentient. Oh, yes, and they have a sense of humor.

- Steve Jackson

New Line Editor: Welcome, Drew!


The plan was that I’d act as my own Ogre line editor indefinitely, but, due to the months that my pneumonia took out of my schedule and my still-slow recovery . . . there’s a new plan. Drew Metzger (wolf90 on the forums) has been an invaluable aide for some time. Most recently, Drew is the reason that the fan scenarios are as far along as they are. So as of a few days ago he is your friendly neighborhood line editor. Welcome and thank you, Drew!

Ogre Minis Progress

We now have good bid info from the factory. We can retail a set of plastic Ogre minis, on the sprue, for $40. This includes a Mark III, a Mark V, and enough armor and infantry to play the basic Ogre scenarios with good flexibility in unit choice.

But, again, that $40 is for an unassembled set, on the sprue. $40 doesn’t seem bad for that many little plastic tanks. But the bid for assembled sets was high; the bid for assembled and painted sets was higher.

We thought about doing a surrrrrvey, but then we thought “Maybe we should do a Kickstarter for the plastic mini set and see if we can get enough support to do the assembled ones.” And that’s a very new thought, so feel free to comment and help us think it through. Do you even care whether they come already assembled, or would you be happy building the minis yourself?

At the moment we think this will go to print before GenCon and hit the stores in early 2017, after the new Ogre edition. This might change based on the conversation in the comment section.

New Ogre Edition

The new edition (ODE scale, but Ogre only) is now scheduled to go to print in mid-July, for a January release.


I just today got another finished piece of music from Tom Smith. We’re closing in on this promise.

Fan Scenarios

Moving along very nicely. Several of the fan scenarios are now ready to be handed off for typesetting and layout, and the others are all close.

Ogre Objective 218 Demos in Las Vegas

Little Shop of Magic in Las Vegas – – has an advance copy of Ogre Objective 218 and is scheduled to run demos this weekend and next weekend.

Their schedule is at:

Several Fronts, Some Progress


It’s time and past time for another update, so even though I have no big milestones to report, here’s where we are.

Ogre Computer Game

We are in serious negotiation with an experienced publisher. We have agreed on basic terms, and contract drafts are being passed back and forth. Of course, I should not name the publisher until something is actually signed.

Scenario Contest

Drew Metzger has taken point on this project. He would very much like to hear from the following five scenario writers: Kevin Henson, Arianne Lapine, Mike Ptak, Kevin Roust, and Corrado Zabetta. For this urgent purpose, you can reach him at Note that general correspondence on the status of the scenarios will not be answered from that email . . . please use the Ogre forum so everyone can see the question and answer.


We think we have some forward progress on the plastic minis. At this point, we are waiting for tooling feedback and final pricing from the factory.

Regular 6th Edition Boxed Set

This is the set that is just the Ogre game, but with the map and counters in the Designer’s Edition scale. It’s coming along very nicely. If the final files don’t explode and catch fire in some exciting way, we should have advance copies for store demos in December, with the game in stores in January. Rules and counters are complete . . . thanks to the forum-dwellers for comments on various versions of the rules! The box and Ogre garage are in second-draft stage but not finished.


The tunesmithing continues to happen. I got a track from Tom earlier this week and had no comments past “I like it!” Keep putting those notes together, Tom!

Ogre Objective 218

. . . was not part of the Kickstarter, but this is a good chance to let you know it’s only a month away. It’s a fast two-player game. Read about it at – and watch the video!

– Steve Jackson

New Rules Draft Posted


Sorry for my prolonged absence. I came back from a series of trips with a little bug, which grew into a big bug, which was eventually diagnosed as pneumonia. I’m now three weeks (plus) into the treatment and definitely better than I was two weeks ago. Just not good. Thinking is hard and slow, and physical effort has to be avoided.

But some Ogre progress is being made. Now on the forums is a new 12-page PDF with all art corrections, many text corrections resulting from your comments on the last version, and a more compact layout. The remaining empty space will be turned into art and (probably) one ad. This may start as soon as next week, if Sam and I can just get better.

– Steve Jackson

A Soft Announcement


Though the main appeal of this release is intended to be for those who did NOT get the Designer's Edition!

- Steve Jackson