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35 years after the first publication of OGRE, we're coming back with a massive new edition, and YOU can make it better.
35 years after the first publication of OGRE, we're coming back with a massive new edition, and YOU can make it better.
35 years after the first publication of OGRE, we're coming back with a massive new edition, and YOU can make it better.
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Announcing Ogrezine


We’ve been hinting about this for weeks now, but at last I can officially announce our latest Ogre 40th Anniversary release: Ogrezine! I can barely express how excited I am about this project! One of my favorite gaming publications was the original release of The Ogre Book. I must have read and re-read that book over a hundred times as a boy. Having that collection of fiction, scenarios, strategy articles and variants at my fingertips expanded the possibilities of Ogre in so many ways. I want to try to recreate that value for this generation of gamers.

I know many of you are very gifted writers and passionate about Ogre. I’ve seen the scenarios and discussion threads on the forums. Although this makes for lively and entertaining forums, so much wonderful material gradually fades into the mist of time and while not lost per se, it is buried under more recent threads making it virtually impossible for newcomers to enjoy. I explored the possibility of submitting articles to general gaming magazines, but failed to find a suitable publication. Steve Jackson Games no longer publishes this type of magazine, in no small part due to the poor response they receive in today’s market. Alas, The Space Gamer’s time has come and gone! Although I wasn’t sure that Ogre had a broad enough background to support a dedicated magazine in the same manner as Autoduel Quarterly or Pyramid, Steve and Phil pointed out that such a publication need not be more than an annual release.

Which brings us to Ogrezine and this upcoming Kickstarter. The goal of this publication is to produce an electronic “magazine” dedicated to Ogre material. Even more importantly, this is to showcase the material that you produce. Do you have a scenario that you and your gaming community have been enjoying? Write it up. Have you discovered a creative way of utilizing your forces to bring the Ogre down on its gear casings? Let us know. Do you have the exploits of a fearless infantryman’s struggles just itching to be told? Send us your story. Do you have an artistic side? We want to see your work. This Kickstarter is designed to create the publication you want; the more support it receives, the bigger Ogrezine gets.

Ogrezine has many goals. Obviously, its primary goal is to be a vehicle for the many gifted Ogre enthusiasts to share their ideas with the rest of the community. Second, this publication will expand the material available for Ogre and further the game line. Additionally, we’re offering an opportunity for those that missed the Ogre Miniatures Set 1 Kickstarter to load up on minis. Finally, it will serve as a referendum on Ogre itself; is there interest in this type of product? Will you, the fans of Ogre, support this endeavor? For now, Ogrezine is being presented as a one-time event. But . . . and this is key . . . if the support is there, this can be a yearly release. That’s my vision for Ogrezine – to create an on-going annual publication that showcases the talent and creativity of you, the many fans of our beloved game.

We’ve posted a sample article to give you an idea as to what you might expect in Ogrezine; you can find it here. We hope this is just the beginning. Stay tuned for Writer’s Guidelines which will be posted soon for those of you itching to get started. So check out our Ogrezine Kickstarter on August 7th and let your friends know about it. This is a two-week Kickstarter. Let see what we, the Ogre community, can create. I look forward to seeing it!

- Drew Metzger

Ogre Tournaments At Gen Con!


We've got a quick announcement that may be of some interest to Ogre fans heading to Gen Con! We've got a few spots open for Ogre Tournaments, happening throughout the convention at our Organized Play area in Hall E.

Not only do you get to play Ogre, but winners will receive a limited-edition blue acrylic Command Post token. These tokens were laser cut and etched here in the office, and have only been given out at select events.

Hope to see you out there! Swing by booth 1413 for a sneak peek at the Ogre video game as well! 

- Hunter Shelburne

Some 40th Anniversary gifts from Auroch!


I hope everyone is enjoying Ogre’s 40th Anniversary party as we move through the year. There have been some great products released and exciting games played, and the best is still to come! One of our eagerly anticipated products is the video game version of Ogre. Auroch Digital has been hard at work developing this game and it shows. And now, we can give you a glimpse into their creation as well. Please bear in mind that these screen shots don’t represent the final product because the game is still in development, but I think you will enjoy them nonetheless!

Screen 1 is a direct capture in-engine so there’s lots of extraneous user interface in there that won’t be present in the final game. The menu you can see is the tool we use to configure the maps as well as the terrain and the units in play. The small sun icon depicts where the light source for the scene is located; the neon colors on the unit simply show that it is currently selected; and the straight vertical line shows where the game’s camera is pointing. These won’t be in the final product.

Screen 2 is a model in the game, though it doesn't have its outer texture on it here . . . that’s why it's all metallic. Think of this stage of the model as a base coat on a miniature that will then be painted to add its faction color.

Screen 3 is an image Auroch has not released before, but it shows a unit that will be available in the full game.

We hope to share even more of the game in the near future as Auroch Digital continues its development, so please make sure you follow us by subscribing to our Ogre News email list found at and watching for updates on our dedicated forum. Happy 40th Anniversary Ogre . . . and to all of us!

- Drew Metzger

Ogre Status Report


Drew Metzger and I, ably helped by Sam and Randy, have been assiduously working on various Ogre projects. Here's an overview.

In General: Kickstarter FTW

The Kickstarter Ogre projects have been comparatively more successful than the non-Kickstarter ones. We clearly have a focused and relatively small fan base; that tells us that further projects should be Kickstarters.

But let's enlarge that fan base. If you have a friend who likes hex boardgames, play Ogre with him and spread the word!

Ogre Minis

Set 1 is almost ready to start production. There have been delays, very educational delays, but we are moving forward. We have all the CAD files for Set 2, and plan to launch the Kickstarter once we have shipped Set 1. The Set 2 Kickstarter might be combined with . . .


The big supplement promised in the original ODE Kickstarter. Battlefields will include two GEV-type maps, G3 and S3. There will be two sheets of counters, with new things to blow up and new Ogres (Ninjas! Finally!) to blow them up with. Stretch goals will include an overlay sheet, mostly swamp and water, since that was in short supply in ODE.

Equally cool: Battlefields will include a complete and expanded ODE rulebook, 32 pages long, which takes all the new units and other material and puts it in the context of the original ODE rules.

Ogre Videogame

Moving forward! We are at milestone 11 of 14, and if there are no hiccups we will see a Steam release in October 2017. We are very happy with the graphics Auroch has developed, and we are looking forward to testing the game interface and matching wits with the AI, both in the classic scenarios and in a brand new ten-level campaign written by Drew, with creative interference by yours truly.


That might not be the name, because we are still hashing out details, but we are thinking about Kickstarting a project to do a collection of Ogre articles curated by Drew. This is a further test of Ogre support on Kickstarter, as well as an excuse to create some short material for you. If it goes well, it might even become an annual thing.


This is progressing nicely. A campaign of scenarios set deep in the Factory States era has been developed and is being checked and tested. Expect further updates on this soon.

- Steve Jackson

Ogre Scenario Book 3 Delivered!


Another goal bites the dust; Ogre Scenario Book 3 has been delivered! This book includes eight scenarios written by Steve Jackson in PDF form; some serious, some funny. We're happy to finally have this in backers' hands! For folks that didn't back Ogre Designer's Edition, this will be available on Warehouse 23 for general consumption later this week. Fortunately it works with Ogre Sixth Edition and Ogre Reinforcements just fine, so if you have friends lacking in ODE, they still have a use for this book!

If you haven't received your copy, please email and we'll get that corrected. Enjoy the new scenarios!

- Hunter Shelburne