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35 years after the first publication of OGRE, we're coming back with a massive new edition, and YOU can make it better.
35 years after the first publication of OGRE, we're coming back with a massive new edition, and YOU can make it better.
35 years after the first publication of OGRE, we're coming back with a massive new edition, and YOU can make it better.
5,512 backers pledged $923,680 to help bring this project to life.

A Second Ogre Scenario Into The Wild!


In Update #186, we announced the release of the first new scenario for Ogre Designer’s Edition and today, we’re releasing scenario number two into the wild!

After getting a chance to play Storming the Castle, head on over to the Ogre Scenario Contest sub-forum on our website and let us know how it went. We’ll be taking feedback on this scenario until July 20, and as always, we’re looking forward to hearing your opinions.

We’ve already gotten some great feedback in our forum on the Mark-O Polo scenario on our website, so keep it coming!

As a quick reminder, once all 14 scenarios have been released, and after we've looked at the feedback and done any necessary editing, we'll assemble them all in a PDF available from Warehouse 23.

Thanks again!


Ogre Designer's Edition Scenario Contest!


We're excited to announce the release of Mark-O-Polo, the first of 14 new scenarios for Ogre Designer's Edition. These scenarios were written by you for Ogre fans everywhere, and we look forward to hearing your feedback on the scenarios as they're released.

To make sure we all get plenty of time to play each scenario, we'll be releasing one approximately each week starting today, May 14.

After each release, head over to the Ogre forums on our website and let us know what you think. Each scenario will have its own thread, and we'll be taking feedback on each scenario for 60 days after release. After 60 days, we'll close the individual thread so we can look at the feedback and incorporate it as needed.

Once all 14 scenarios have been released, and after we've looked at the feedback and done any necessary editing, we'll assemble them all in a good-looking PDF available from Warehouse 23.

We're looking forward to your thoughts on the new scenarios, and we're grateful to everyone who has taken time to contribute to this game!

-Jen Atkinson

Ogre Expansion Non-Update Or: Why Talking Too Soon Is Bad


Earlier this month I wrote:

"My personal goal is to launch the survey before May 1, 2015."

Unfortunately, that won't happen. Jen and Rhea have worked at the survey, but the usual hurdles and obstacles of business -- distractions caused by more pressing concerns, technical headaches, my failing to turn around feedback quickly -- mean that we will not even have the survey ready to share with Steve until next week. 

So, I must say to all of you: I am sorry. I shouldn't have even hinted at the expansion survey until it was completed and ready to launch. I was confident that we could post the survey before May 1, but I'm again reminded why it is best not to talk in specifics until a task, no matter how small, is actually finished.

I'll try to remember this lesson the next time I start to speak too soon about a work in progress. I hope you all can forgive my failure here. As soon as the survey is completely finished and launched, we will post another update here with a link, and then you can tell us what you want out of the upcoming Ogre expansion.

Something I can safely say is that the Car Wars Arenas Kickstarter project is closing in a couple of hours. The $105,000 stretch goal has been unlocked and the value of the bonus PDFs for backers at $39 and higher exceeds the international shipping costs; hopefully, that will soften the blow for them a little bit. Wish us luck in these final hours, gang. We appreciate all of your encouragement and support with this and all of our projects.


- Phil Reed

Ogre: Operation 218 Artwork and Car Wars Arenas Final Days


As we announced last month, we've partnered with Your Move Games to create Ogre: Operation 218. Over the last several weeks Brandon Moore -- who handled the new artwork in the rules and scenario books for the Ogre Designer's Edition -- has been hard at work on the artwork for the Ogre: Operation 218 card game . . . and here's a taste so that you know what to expect from the finished game!

Brandon is close to finishing the 20+ new illustrations for the card game and, if all goes well, will turn over the last of the artwork in the next week. Steve and Jen have been providing Brandon with feedback and guidance on the art; I can happily report that last night Steve sent over his final notes. This is going to look incredible!

Expect more news on Ogre: Operation 218 in a month or so as we move the game to the next stage of our development and production process.

Car Wars Arenas Closes on Wednesday

Rhea and Scott have spent March and April working on the Car Wars Arenas project -- they've learned a lot about adapting and keeping up with feedback during a Kickstarter project -- and as we go into the final days they have opened up a new reward level specifically for the international gamers who asked for the Arenas box and the PDF downloads: Electronic Duellist, priced at $39, is a combination of a single copy of Car Wars Arenas in print plus access to Uncle Albert's Catalog from Hell and all issues of Autoduel Quarterly that are unlocked during the project. Click here to become an Electronic Duellist today.

Ogre and Car Wars Sale at Warehouse 23

Did you miss out on a sponsored sheet or two? Are there Car Wars PDFs you've always wanted? Hurry, because on May 1, 2015 the sale at Warehouse 23 will be over and Ogre and Car Wars purchases will no longer apply to unlocking Car Wars Arenas stretch goals. We've still got several Ogre t-shirts available, so get ready for summer with a new shirt or two (and maybe you'll even find new opponents when the world sees you showing your love for futuristic tank warfare).

- Phil Reed

Ogre Sale at Warehouse 23


During this project, Car Wars fans were given the opportunity to offer their support to the Ogre Designer's Edition game. Today we're happy to announce that we're giving Ogre players a chance to support the Car Wars Arenas project:

  • The value of all Ogre sales at Warehouse 23 during April, 2015 is being virtually added to the Car Wars Arenas project for stretch goal purposes. Each dollar spent on Ogre at Warehouse 23 this month is one more virtual dollar added to the Kickstarter project, so if you've been wanting a new Ogre shirt, more Ogre accessories, or more Ogre dice, then now's your chance to grab some goodies and lend your Car Wars friends some support.

To make the the event just a little more special, we're also running an Ogre sale! Starting today, and ending at the end of the month, nearly everything Ogre at Warehouse 23 is 15% off. Make sure to check out the list and grab yourself some Ogre stuff before May 1; you can get some great Ogre toys that you may have missed and the Car Wars fans get closer to reaching their next stretch goal.

And if you've not yet joined us for Car Wars Arenas, there's still time. Click now to become a Pro Duellist and secure Car Wars Arenas, Car Wars Classic, and Car Wars: The Card Game for your collection. 

- Phil Reed