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35 years after the first publication of OGRE, we're coming back with a massive new edition, and YOU can make it better.
35 years after the first publication of OGRE, we're coming back with a massive new edition, and YOU can make it better.
35 years after the first publication of OGRE, we're coming back with a massive new edition, and YOU can make it better.
5,512 backers pledged $923,680 to help bring this project to life.

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Happy February!


This Saturday I will be at Owlcon at Rice University in Houston, so if you are a Houston-area backer, come say hi!

W23 and Miniatures

We have been working on a code update to Warehouse 23, our online store, for a looooong time, and last week it launched. We do NOT yet have all the bugs out, but we’re stomping them as fast as we can. When those bugs are dead, it'll be a much better store. Among other things, the new system lets you put physical and digital items in the same cart, a long overdue improvement!

Right now you will not find the miniatures there. We’re still adjusting our pricing. Metal minis are just a lot less cost-effective than they used to be; for instance, see here and here for a couple of stories about Games Workshop’s phasing them out.

(Incidentally, on the first day W23 was open with the new cart, some of the miniatures were in it at crazy high prices. Bug bug bug. We think we have made it right with everyone who ordered at the crazy prices. If not, contact

So what about plastic minis? We are looking at Shapeways and other 3D printing options. Files have been prepared and we’ll test them soon. More on that if and when it happens.

Thanks, by the way, to everyone who asked if we had talked to Reaper about custom casting. We definitely did, since they are right here in Texas. But Reaper has all the work that they can handle, thanks to their own successful Kickstarters, and has neither the time nor the space to take on outside jobs.

Scenario Contest

The scenario contest closed last week. We got more than 40 entries, and Daniel is crunching on them now.

Remaining Stocks

Out of the 12,000 boxes we printed, it looks as though right now our warehouse has 16 of the regular 6th Edition sets left. Anyone can order those. But only 16 of anyone . . . Anyone #17 is out of luck. At last count, we have 24 of the Kickstarter edition, and they’ll be available, to supporters only, as soon as we teach the new shopping cart to read the Kickstarter supporter list.

- Steve J.

Ogre Extras Available Again and Contest Reminder


Greetings from Austin! We're back in the office after our holiday break, inventory is wrapped up, and it's time to open the gates and release a new wave of Ogre extras. You can click through to see the available extras, but I wanted to point out a few specific items that I know some of you have been hoping to see return:

There's more available today, including the Ogre Designer's Edition (and copies of Kickstarter B, available only to project backers), and we'll offer these for as long as our (currently) allocated supply holds out. I suspect we will offer Ogre extras again -- probably in February -- as the requests for replacement parts continues to wind down and we grow more comfortable with releasing our stash of goodies.

Scenario Contest

There's less than a month to go until our scenario contest closes, so we would like to encourage all of you to read the contest rules and submit your best scenario design. Please don't forget to check the scenario contest discussion on our forums, and we look forward to revealing the winners as soon as Steve and Daniel can finish judging all of the entries.

Good luck with your submission!

- Phil Reed

What? 2014 Already?


We had a good holiday, and we're now back in work mode. The Ogre Logistics Facility is closed, its mission having been accomplished. Further Ogre shipments will come straight from our warehouse (which now has solar cells on top, and yes, there will be a Daily Illuminator with pictures). And no, we are not really out of Ogre games. The status was changed to "out of stock" when W23 closed for the holidays, to make sure we didn't accidentally sell more than we have while we were home drinking eggnog. Soon (maybe today, the 13th), we will finish the last bits of year-end inventory and resume regular Ogre sales.

Metal Miniatures

. . . are also listed as out of stock, for a different reason. We weren't making any money on them! We felt obliged to keep offering them till the end of the year, but when they return, the price will include a reasonable profit margin. That price will be significantly higher. Metal's not cheap.

New Ogre Goodies

. . . will be announced soon, and I was going to make this a longer teaser, but really, that's enough right there. You are hereby teased.

We Warned You

The Ogre box is heavy. We keep telling you that. Tiffany Franzoni of Roll2Play sent this picture of a shelf that fell to the Ogre. So to speak. Fortunately, there was no collateral damage. (ObPlug - Tiffany and Roll2Play are running T.A.B.L.E., a Dallas-area gaming event, at the end of March. I will be there. Ogre stuff will happen.)

– Steve Jackson

Fan Scenario Contest!


With the Ogre Designer's Edition Kickstarter copies shipped, and retail copies flying off shelves, we're proud to announce the Ogre Fan Scenario Contest!

The Kickstarter $475,000 Stretch Goal said: "We will run a scenario contest, pick at least four winners based on fun and balance, tweak them if required, and put them online."

The winning scenarios will also be laid out in a color PDF with other bonus scenarios, and the names of the winners credited. The PDF will be sent free to all Kickstarter supporters at the $25 level and above. Non-Kickstarter supporters will be able to purchase the PDF. (All fans can use the online versions free.)

And, as if eternal Ogre glory weren't enough of an incentive, we're throwing in three copies of Pocket Ogre for each winner, signed by Steve!

Anyone can enter (not just Kickstarter supporters). Happy designing and playtesting! We can't wait to see what neat ideas you come up with!

-- Daniel Jew



  • Closing date. The closing date for submissions is Monday, 10 February, 2014.
  • Components. Your scenario must be playable with components from one copy of Ogre Designer's Edition. This can be a Kickstarter copy. We're unlikely to choose more than two winners from the Kickstarter-copy category!
  • File format. Email your submission to in Word or PDF format, plus any photos e.g. indicating map setup. Anyone who sends me a virus will have an angry Mark VI show up at their door!
PLEASE INCLUDE THESE (Or it wouldn't be much of a scenario!)

Use the Ogre Designer's Edition Scenario Book as a guide. See also "Creating New Scenarios" on p. 10 therein.

  • Scenario name. Give (doh!) the scenario name.
  • Flavor text. Describe the scenario in 50 words or less (be as succinct as possible!).
  • Maps. State the maps used, using this notation: "Ogre map" (the orange crater map) or "G1N" (the North map section of map G1). If using more than one standard map (e.g. map G1) or one map section (e.g. section G1N), include one photo of the maps laid out. (The photo need not be embedded; it can be attached separately.)
  • Note that it's possible to be creative in using maps, e.g. map sections G1S and S2N do connect geomorphically, so you could create a board using just those two sections!
  • Overlays. If using overlays in setup, include one clear photo showing how the overlays are set up on the maps. Note that it's possible to connect two map sections using overlays, which would otherwise not connect. Scenarios which have a high setup burden (too many overlays) will have a harder time winning!
  • Setup. How many players, and which factions, if specific ones are needed. How many units per side, where they set up or enter the map, setup order for picking units, setup and entry. Lasers and buildings must have an SP value. If Cruise Missiles would break your scenario, be sure to ban them (they're allowed, by default!).
  • Reinforcements. How many reinforcements per side, when and where they enter, what faction if any. (State "None" if none.)
  • Escape. Which map edges units from each side can escape from. (State "None" if none.)
  • Special rules. Any special rules, including optional rules used from Section 13 (e.g. Terrain Destruction) of the Designer's Edition rules. (State "None" if None.)
  • Objectives and victory points. How the game is won. Note that the standard victory points on p. 12 of the Scenario Book are in effect by default, unless stated otherwise (see e.g. The Last Train Out, Scenario Book p. 8).
  • Victory levels. Victory conditions for e.g. "decisive attacker victory", "marginal defender victory", etc. (State "None" if none.)
  • Expanded scenario. Changes to setup, etc for an expanded version of the scenario. (State "None" if none.) Note that it's possible to call this e.g. "Infantry scenario" or some other descriptive name.
  • Ogre scenario. Changes to setup, etc for the version of the scenario using Ogres. (State "None" if none.)

Ogre Launch Event Pics, Kickstarter Games Available, And Scenario Contest Update


We have a limited number of copies of both red and yellow Ogre Designer's Edition games available at this time and we're offering these only to Kickstarter backers (you will need to enter your email address to complete an order). If you order one of these then you will randomly receive either a red or a yellow set, but if you receive a red set we will include a Pocket Ogre game with your order.

Only 30 copies are available at this time. We might have more copies at a later date, but today we're only offering a small number (we need room in the warehouse!). Available here!

In addition to the games we also have a handful of Ogre Blueprint Banners for those of you who want a giant wall decoration. And if you would like an additional base tray for your collection those are now in stock.

Check here for a list of all currently available Ogre extras.

Scenario Contest Update

This is not yet ready to officially launch, but I've seen that Daniel and Steve are discussing the upcoming Ogre scenario contest (one of the stretch goals) and we hope to have an official announcement soonish. Start your creativity engines! We're looking forward to your entries.

- Phil Reed

Ogre Launch Events

Over the Ogre Designer's Edition launch weekend, our valiant MiBs ran some launch events on our behalf! They set up in local game stores, played a bunch of Ogre, and had a great time! Thanks to our MiBs for helping make this happen. Here are some pics!

- Brian Engard