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35 years after the first publication of OGRE, we're coming back with a massive new edition, and YOU can make it better.
35 years after the first publication of OGRE, we're coming back with a massive new edition, and YOU can make it better.
35 years after the first publication of OGRE, we're coming back with a massive new edition, and YOU can make it better.
5,512 backers pledged $923,680 to help bring this project to life.

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Mail, Steve's New House, And Miniatures


The Ogre Designer's Edition has shipped and officially reaches store shelves on December 6, 2013. If you need another copy -- either for yourself or to use a gift -- please contact your local game store. And keep your eyes open for news about upcoming launch events and an announcement on when (and which!) extras will be offered on Warehouse 23. (Hint: December.)

Brandon's Mail is Overflowing

If you are waiting for a response from Brandon -- -- please be patient. Between working through the onslaught of requests and the upcoming holidays he will require a little longer than usual to process your messages. All mail will be handled, but Brandon is getting some (very deserved) time off this coming holiday weekend while our office is closed.

Steve's New Home

Steve, as many of you know, lost his home in a flood on Halloween. He has spent weeks with cleanup and reports that if all goes well he will close on his new house today. Good luck, Steve! I can't wait to visit the new place.

Miniatures Restocked!

Fans of Ogre Miniatures will want to visit Warehouse 23 right now for a shot at more miniatures. A number of miniatures -- including the popular Ogre Mk. III -- are available again. You heard it here first!

- Phil Reed

Available Now!!!
Available Now!!!

Launch Party East: Success!


Launch Party East was a success! Here's what Sean Ferris had to say:

"The Ogre Launch Party East went very well. We had 40 people throughout the day that came for the party, plus the regular customers who were asking tons of questions. Joe Bloch was a tremendous help! Frank and his staff (especially Jersey Joe) were great! We also had a MIB in training who was up to the task! We had tons (or close to it, there were a dozen Kickstarter copies there) of Ogre fun! Several people traveled long distances and said it was worth it!!! (7 from PA, 2 from NY and one was Cooperstown area, 1 from MD, and 1 got a hotel because he came from VA, with the remainder from all parts NJ). There is even talk of a monthly Ogre meet up here at TOGIT!"

Pics or it didn't happen! BTW, we think the Ogre cake is particularly cool.



I just made this announcement from our booth at BGG. Now I'm telling the rest of the world.

Eric has advised us that everything has been shipped that can be shipped (we are still waiting for more info on a few problem orders, and of course we know there will be new problems; life is ever thus). But the queue is currently ZERO.

So if you don't have a tracking number by tomorrow morning, write to

No photo this time. Imagine me and Phil GRINNING LIKE LOONS.

Thank you for your patience. But this is not – not NEARLY – the last update I will post. There's more to do. But the order of business for this evening is simply GRINNING LIKE LOONS.

– Steve Jackson

Under 1,000!!!


As of the end of Friday the team had fewer than 1,000 Ogre Designer's Edition games to ship. We are on track for all of the goods to be out in the wild by the end of this week, which means than many of you in the US will get to spend your Thanksgiving holiday weekend playing Ogre!

And since so many of you have been enjoying the map Brandon gave us an update. Thank you, Brandon!

-Phil Reed

Ogre Selling for Charity Tomorrow


I know, not much notice. I didn't have much notice myself . . . We contributed an Ogre **retail edition** – the first one in the wild, as far as I know – to a very good cause. This is for a family that has had far more than its share of tragedy. And they're in Buda, a small town just south of Austin, where I may very well be moving soon (my old home being fit only for bulldozing at this point).

So if you happen to want another Ogre, and/or to give to a good cause, and you happen to be near Buda tomorrow (I know, that last part's the catch), you might think about showing up, eating BBQ, and bidding. Read about it at

Meanwhile, Back at Launch Party East

A note from Sean Ferris:

"The OGRE LAUNCH PARTY EAST will start at 12 noon tomorrow, Saturday, November 16th at: The Only Game In Town 211 West Main Street Somerville, NJ 08876 (908) 725-7077 There is NO entry fee. There will be free pizza (I also heard that there may be an Ogre cake). There will be some Ogre 101 Rules Classes. There will be a LOT of open gaming to play whatever size scenario you wish. You do not have to be a Kickstarter backer or even know anything about Ogre to attend. Each person who attends will receive free swag (until it's gone) and a raffle ticket for the "RARE" swag that Steve Jackson graciously gave us. That rare swag also includes the exact swag bag that was given at the Austin Launch Party. Backers, please bring your copy of Ogre and some friends who need to preorder their own copy!"

And now a note from me again:

I doubt that anyone will attend BOTH those events. If you do, there's a medal in it for you.

- Steve Jackson