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35 years after the first publication of OGRE, we're coming back with a massive new edition, and YOU can make it better. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on May 11, 2012.

35 years after the first publication of OGRE, we're coming back with a massive new edition, and YOU can make it better.

Recent updates


Refund Deadline

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Because we are so very, very late, we've been offering refunds on request. We are now so deep into the final logistics that we have to set our shipping list in stone, and announce a deadline. So: if you are going to drop out at the last minute, the last minute is here. Specifically: refund requests have to be received by 8am Texas time on Friday, September 20th.

And please note that we will have to refund by check. Turns out the credit card companies won't process a card refund more than a year after payment. This is not a problem we normally have to deal with . . .

I hope this note is just a formality and none of you want to quit NOW!

- Steve J.

Ogres Incoming!

The Ogre Logistics Facility is now up and running! Our first container of Ogre arrived today. It has already been unloaded, and visible damage was minimal. There are seven more containers coming here, and right now our main concern is the last one, which has the canvas bags and a lot of the other swag. If this one gets held up in Customs for as long as the first one did, that will use up a lot of the slack in the current schedule. Fortunately, we have 24-hour access to the OLF, so if we have to do a last-minute unloading push, we can and will.

Return of the Minis

The casting equipment has been repaired, and all is well in the land of molten metal. The Ogre Miniatures are back in production, and shipping now from Warehouse 23.

Assault Packs

We are now working on a set of four “Assault Packs,” which will be Ogre add-ons with new counters and overlays. Thanks to David Rock, who visited Austin for three days to help playtest both the Assault Pack scenarios and some of the stretch-goal scenarios.

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New Electronic Releases!

Electrons are a lot lighter than the final Ogre box will be, so we've been getting ready for the big release with two items on our digital goods store, e23:

Ogre Designer's Edition Quick Start Rules: These "quick start" rules are designed as a great introduction to the world of Ogre, helping new players get started playing right away. It even includes the classic Mark III Attack and Mark V Attack scenarios, so new players will have a reason to fight!

Ogre Classic Counters: These black-and-white counters recreate (on a big scale) the classic chits from the 1977 version of the game. Print as many as you need to merge the best of old-school aesthetics with modern mayhem!

Both of these are free to download as PDFs, right now from e23. (Soon you'll also be able to buy Classic Counters as commercially printed, die-cut sheets from Warehouse 23; we'll be sure to let you know once they're available.)

Closing Launch Party Registrations

We had 20+ new registrations by Monday afternoon, and only got about three more today, so I'm saying "it has tapered off, and everybody who wants in is in."

The signup site will be live until 8am Wednesday, Austin time, and then it will close and stay closed, and we'll take our final numbers and start crunching. We will not be selling memberships at the door, so please don't drop in without preregistering.

BGG Con Pickup?

It's been suggested that some supporters might want to pick up their sets at BGG Con in November. Since that's a month after we start shipping out the supporter editions . . . maybe not. But then again, maybe. If you think you might like to pick up your sets at BGG Con, leave a comment below, and if we get very many, we'll consider doing that.

– Steve Jackson

Launch Party Details

We have our launch party site. We will also use this space for shipping the Kickstarter material. It used to be a furniture store; now it's the world's biggest Ogre garage. (There's a photo at the bottom. This makes it look huge. It's huger.)

Since we've got the space anyway, and since a lot of people are coming a long distance, we are going to make this a two-day event: Saturday, October 19, and Sunday, October 20. Your membership covers both days.

For those who didn't sign up but wish they had, or for those who like the plan more now that Sunday is included, we are re-opening registrations for a limited time/number. We think we can accommodate about 100 more people in this space. Here's the link: 

The price is now $35. Not the early bird rate, but still a good deal . . . You'll get a shirt, an Ogre-imprinted swag bag with Ogre swag, and, of course, the event itself. If you are interested, sign up now. We will pull the plug either when it's around 100 OR when new registrations have slowed to a trickle. It's important to be able to finalize our list. So please don't wait. We may or may not even post a "very last chance!" update here.

Finding the Party

13776 N. US Highway 183
Suite 105
Austin, Texas 78750

It's in the Anderson Mill Shopping Center, but NOT on Anderson Mill Road. It's on Lake Creek Parkway. If you are headed north on 183, exit at Lake Creek Parkway, stay in the exit lane to make the left onto Lake Creek, then turn into the shopping center on the right.

This is a very car-friendly site; it's easy to get to, and the parking lot is huge. So if you're planning to take your Ogre home with you, all is well.

It is not terribly convenient to the airport. It's 23 miles north of the airport on US 183, so it's a bit of a trek in Friday afternoon traffic, but not too bad on Saturday morning. (We repeat: only a crazy person would take the Ogre box on a plane, so if you are coming by air, we hope it's just to play. Unless you have your own jet, in which case, can I have a ride sometime?)


The current plan is 10 to 10 on Saturday, and 10 to 7 or so on Sunday. Closing times might change. Opening times are solid.

Lodging and Food

There are decent hotels nearby. Info on those soon. There are several places to eat just across the parking lot.

Sloooowly, it comes together!

– Steve Jackson

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