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35 years after the first publication of OGRE, we're coming back with a massive new edition, and YOU can make it better.
35 years after the first publication of OGRE, we're coming back with a massive new edition, and YOU can make it better.
5,512 backers pledged $923,680 to help bring this project to life.

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Flash Floods in Texas

It’s possible some of you heard about the flooding in Austin, TX last night. If you haven’t: there were flash flood warnings throughout the night, and there’s quite a bit of water on the ground. As far as we know, everyone’s okay. There’s been some water damage; Steve’s house in particular is a total loss, and he’s looking for a hotel room to use until he can find a new place to live. We’ll update you if we find out anything else!

Happy Pic, Sad Pic


First, the happy picture! Kickstarter got their copy of the game, and posted a video:

Now, the sad picture. Mighty though the outer carton may be, it IS possible for a shipper to damage the game. Here’s a picture from Kevin Nunn. Looks like a crowbar was involved, doesn’t it?

We’ve already reshipped to Kevin; we will deal with the shipper. We have no illusions that this will be the only one damaged, though.

If your game arrives with scuffs and dings on the carton, fine, it did its job. Throw away the carton, enjoy your game, and rejoice.

If your shipment arrives with damage to the game itself, we will make it right. You can help us by:

(1) Calling it to the deliveryman’s attention immediately, if the damage is as obvious as Kevin’s was. If you are given something to sign, write DAMAGED on it.

(2) Take a picture of the damage and send it to us at Include the name you supported under and your phone number – we’ll need those to get your game replaced and to start the claims process.

(3) Don’t discard the damaged game (not that you would do that), or unbox it any further – just keep it safe until a recall ticket is generated.

Shipping Progress

We have shipped to about 20% of our supporters. Those included a large random sampling of backers in every part of the US, because the first batch of picking sheets we printed was not properly limited to the West Coast. So if you are on the West Coast without a tracking number, and you see a “Got mine!” note from somebody in Texas, that’s why. We goofed and they got lucky.

At this point I can say that November 10 was a completely unrealistic estimate for the finish day. The people responsible have been sentenced to remedial math. So far, we have peaked at 320 supporters a day – some supporters, of course, get multiple packages. If we can keep this up, the last one (not counting address or phone issues) will ship around November 20 or 21. We DO have some ideas for making it faster, but so far they are just ideas.

Party Page

We’ve got a web page up about the launch party. Lots of photos.

– Steve Jackson

International Supporters!


All international supporters: please check your email filters for a message from requesting confirmation of your phone number! The subject line is: "[Ogre Shipping] Request for confirmation of phone number for Ogre Shipment".

If you are an international supporter and did *not* get that mail, it would be best to do the "abundance of caution" thing anyway, and email with your phone number. The worst you can do is spam us a little bit, and we can take it.

- Steve Jackson

Copies Are Arriving!


Comments on the last update have included some “Mine is here!” So that's a few dozen down, a few thousand to go.

Having said that:

It’s definitely too early to write and ask “Has mine shipped?” or “When will mine ship?” or “Is my address on the West Coast?” or any variation on that. The people who could answer those questions are busy shipping games, and they need to keep shipping games. As we get farther along, I’ll try to post more specifics. I hope that very soon I can say, for instance, “If you live in New Zealand, you should have gotten a tracking number by now.” Please keep in mind that tracking-number mail is exactly the sort of thing that your spam filter loves to eat, so check that spambox!

Those first few dozen who didn’t get automatic tracking number e-mail should now absolutely have gotten a manual e-mail with the tracking number, except for those who FedEx says have already gotten the box! Those first shipments were to the supporters who registered for the party but did not make it. If you were on that list, you should now REALLY have gotten your box or at least your tracking number. So go look out your front door. If you can’t see the street, it’s probably because there’s a box in the way.

Here's a picture of a thing with some other things.
Here's a picture of a thing with some other things.

Yes indeed – as commenters pointed out, Pegasus’ help on the shipping means, in theory, no extra VAT on the European copies, though it may (or may not) delay the arrival of the package by a few days. Even though they may start shipping later, they’re starting from inside the Eurozone.

“When will APOs be shipped?” Well, if your address is APO San Francisco, it will ship with San Francisco, and after that the service will send it to where it believes you are. If you’re on a carrier, the map will fit nicely on the flight deck. If you’re in a sub, I don’t know where you’re going to play; please send a photo. Rare earth magnets are your friends?

I see several people saying “I should have done a launch party!” How much of that is serious interest in that kind of event, and how much is just poking us about shipment schedules? If you want more gamer parties, we can keep that in mind. If you’re just giving us a hard time, that's fair, too. (Please remember: the central US would have been shipped after the coasts no matter what, because in delivery terms it’s closer; the gamer parties just slipped the coasts ahead of the relatively small number of non-US, non-European orders.)

Also please remember: If and when you find a real problem, writing to will get a quicker response than posting it here, both because we will probably see it sooner and because we won’t have to stop to look up your email address.

The goal is in sight . . .

– Steve Jackson

Tracking Numbers Received!


We are beginning to get reports of tracking numbers received! And yes, Eric has assured me that the supporters who did not get automated tracking number notices are being notified manually.

We are now up to over 300 shipments a day, which means that we might finish with everything except Weird Individual Problems on November 10, give or take a day. If (when!) that estimate changes, we'll let you know.

The goal was to have everything arrive at more or less the same time. Let me emphasize that "more or less," before anyone starts trying to calculate International Ogre Time-On-Target Day. We can't get a whole wave out on one day. The truth is that some of the boxes will probably arrive before the last ones are even shipped, but we're doing what we can.

And at this point we will NOT quit work halfway through a day because we finished shipping one wave; we'll jump on the next wave and get more boxes out the door. The shipping order, basically, is: West Coast US first, then East Coast, to accommodate the fan-sponsored launch parties. Those have now been shipped. International is happening now: Australia and Singapore first, then Canada. Europe is its own deal - see below. Then back to the US for central addresses.

European supporters: If you supported for both swag and games, you will not get your two packages at the same time except by blind coincidence. Your swag will come from Austin, but your game box(es) will be shipped by our German partners, Pegasus. The staff of Pegasus is just a tiny bit preoccupied this week because it's Essen. We think this is a very good excuse, and we want them all to survive Essen! Again, we will keep you posted.

– Steve Jackson