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35 years after the first publication of OGRE, we're coming back with a massive new edition, and YOU can make it better.
5,512 backers pledged $923,680 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates


Launch Party West!

Ogre fans in San Francisco are planning a launch party on November 9. (By they they should all have their sets!) Venue and exact time TBA. Contact Andrew Walters, , for more info.

He says: "We're planning the biggest scenarios the table will support, a trivia game, and some more creative stuff. I'm pondering an obscure artifact exposition, since some of us have some rarities. If we can borrow a projector there's a program called Boxer that will let us play the DOS Ogre game on our Macs."

And yes, SJ Games will send some prize support, including some soon-to-be rarities!

- Steve Jackson

Pretty Green Tape

Three containers received now, and the last one went VERY smoothly. It was unloaded in one hour and 45 minutes! Kudos to the OLF team.

Look what they found in the LAST row of Container #3! I'm thinking that we should (after ship date, of course) auction this one off to benefit a charity.

Let me get some feedback here. Who among our supporters would OBJECT if we did a special-copy benefit auction (or even a few) and threw them open to everyone? If there are any significant number of objections, then, if we do an auction at all, only KS supporters will be allowed to bid. Otherwise, we could open them to everyone and probably earn more for charity.

- Steve J.

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Address Change Deadline

The third container is being unloaded as I write this -- YAY! -- and our business office will sit down soon to generate the necessary paperwork for your games to get pulled for shipping. Part of this includes addresses, so this is a final call for address changes. Please e-mail any changes to before 8am Texas time on Friday, September 27th.

We're still on track to start shipping games on October 21st. One month from tomorrow the package carriers of the world will feel the full weight of this Kickstarter project crash down on them; thank you, everyone, for your patience and for making this game so very, very amazing.

- Phil Reed

Refund Deadline

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Because we are so very, very late, we've been offering refunds on request. We are now so deep into the final logistics that we have to set our shipping list in stone, and announce a deadline. So: if you are going to drop out at the last minute, the last minute is here. Specifically: refund requests have to be received by 8am Texas time on Friday, September 20th.

And please note that we will have to refund by check. Turns out the credit card companies won't process a card refund more than a year after payment. This is not a problem we normally have to deal with . . .

I hope this note is just a formality and none of you want to quit NOW!

- Steve J.

Ogres Incoming!

The Ogre Logistics Facility is now up and running! Our first container of Ogre arrived today. It has already been unloaded, and visible damage was minimal. There are seven more containers coming here, and right now our main concern is the last one, which has the canvas bags and a lot of the other swag. If this one gets held up in Customs for as long as the first one did, that will use up a lot of the slack in the current schedule. Fortunately, we have 24-hour access to the OLF, so if we have to do a last-minute unloading push, we can and will.

Return of the Minis

The casting equipment has been repaired, and all is well in the land of molten metal. The Ogre Miniatures are back in production, and shipping now from Warehouse 23.

Assault Packs

We are now working on a set of four “Assault Packs,” which will be Ogre add-ons with new counters and overlays. Thanks to David Rock, who visited Austin for three days to help playtest both the Assault Pack scenarios and some of the stretch-goal scenarios.

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