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35 years after the first publication of OGRE, we're coming back with a massive new edition, and YOU can make it better.
35 years after the first publication of OGRE, we're coming back with a massive new edition, and YOU can make it better.
35 years after the first publication of OGRE, we're coming back with a massive new edition, and YOU can make it better.
5,512 backers pledged $923,680 to help bring this project to life.

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Launch Party West: Success!


Launch Party West was a success! C. Andrew Walters had this to say:

"We had over forty people; people stayed all day, there were people there after 7pm when I left so they had been playing nearly eight hours. We had a bunch of people who started in 1977 and a bunch of people who learned to play today. We had at least five second-generation Ogre players, including one about six years old. The six year old had helped his dad punch and assemble Ogre DE so he was fairly knowledgeable about Ogres and their configurations. Many of us discovered Ogre fans that lived near us that we knew nothing about. We had enough prizes and they were well-appreciated. People drove up to two hours to attend and left really happy. I met new people and saw people who haven't come out to an Ogre event in years. Many Command Posts were smashed. Plans for future events were discussed."

Check out the photos from the event!

2,683 Ogres to Go!


Today we add these states to the "completely shipped" list: Alaska, California, South Carolina, and New Jersey. These four join the previously completed states to leave a reported 2,683 shipments to go. And some of that 2,683 include the games Pegasus is shipping in Europe, so our own staff have now worked through roughly half of the games they're tasked with getting out to all of you.

Oregon and Georgia are both close to done, with only a few holds remaining in each state. If you live in Oregon or Georgia, and you do not yet have a tracking number (or your game), please check your email for messages because we may be waiting to clarify information with you before we ship your box(es).

A second shipping line was opened last week and we're expecting to see the rate of games leaving the building increase this week. Fingers crossed!

Remember, if you're in any of the states we have completed and you do not have your game and/or tracking number please contact us -- -- and we'll try to figure out where your game is hiding.

European Ogres!

We've received confirmation that Pegasus has started processing the Ogre Designer's Edition. No details beyond this at the moment . . . watch the horizon for incoming awesome!


Did your game arrive damaged? So far the damage reports have been minimal -- especially considering the volume of materials involved -- and we're thankful for that. It looks like all of the effort we put into the game's packaging is paying off. Whew!

If you were unlucky, though, and your game did suffer some damage in the shipping process then please contact us immediately -- -- so we can take care of everything for you. This includes damaged or missing components, so please examine your game carefully and contact us right away if something is wrong. We have a limited number of extra components and want to be sure that all of you get everything in good condition before we start selling the extras.

- Phil Reed

Over 2,000 Ogres in the Wild!


As of this morning we have completed shipping to Washington, Nevada, Hawaii, Rhode Island, Vermont, Delaware, DC, Maine, New Hampshire, and Connecticut. Additionally, Oregon and California are each down to a handful of orders being held for answers to questions. 

If you are in any of the above states and do not have your games or a tracking number please contact us -- -- and we'll figure out what went wrong. 

Thank you, everyone, for your patience as we assemble packages and ship games and swag out. I'm sure that once your game arrives you will understand why this entire project -- from the design to manufacturing to shipping -- has been a major challenge. There's enough raw materials and design/production involve in the Ogre Designer's Edition to equal five, six, or even ten average-sized games. But this one box is what you might call an "ogre" of a game.

I hope those of you who have your games are loving them. And to everyone else, please continue to be patient as we get the games shipped.

- Phil Reed

Stealth Ogres


When you go home today, you might want to be on the lookout for Stealth Ogres. They're crafty, and every bit as dangerous as the noisier kind.

Stealth Ogre hiding cleverly.
Stealth Ogre hiding cleverly.
Can you spot it? Look carefully.
Can you spot it? Look carefully.

Thanks, everyone, for your concern


I wanted to post a picture of the view from the evacuation boat, but it may not happen. The  phone took the pics, but that may have been its last act in life. Too bad - they were all dramatic and stuff.

I'm fine. Monica's fine. My Mac is fine. I had not taken my copy of Ogre home yet, so IT is fine. And some of the really precious old Metagaming stuff was on a top shelf, so that might be fine. If the house is still there. I have conflicting information right this second on whether the water has even started to go down. (The pretty car was at the office so it's fine. The faithful old Corolla was drowned before I woke up.)

Flooding is a rorblem for some other staff members too, but AFAIK nobody is in danger. The office and the OLF are both well away from the danger zones.

Now moved into a hotel room. Showers are good. I have canceled plans for the next two weekends, but still intend to go to BGG.

Thanks, everyone, for the good wishes and offers of help. Right now there is nothing you can do except be excellent to one another and play Ogre when it shows up. 

– Steve Jackson