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35 years after the first publication of OGRE, we're coming back with a massive new edition, and YOU can make it better.
35 years after the first publication of OGRE, we're coming back with a massive new edition, and YOU can make it better.
35 years after the first publication of OGRE, we're coming back with a massive new edition, and YOU can make it better.
5,512 backers pledged $923,680 to help bring this project to life.

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Car Wars Classic Now Available!


...But not for long. The Car Wars Classic boxed set finally arrived at our warehouse, and is now available at Warehouse 23! Hurry, because supplies are limited.

Speaking of limited supplies, our hobby distributor is already sold out of Car Wars Classic, so the copies showing up at your local game store are going to be the last of them until the hastily ordered reprint shows up. Next April.

Moral of the story -- get your Car Wars Classic now!

-- Scott Haring

Counter Sheet Report


We have news on the status of four of the sponsored counter sheets

Two of them are now available in Warehouse 23! We have the blessing of ACD to make their sheet available at retail. We have heard nothing more from Walt Freitag and hope that, whatever is going on with him, he pulls through. If we do hear anything, we'll share; I know a number of you have expressed concern.

The ACD counter sheet, with the stylish yellow-and-blue buildings, Fencer, and Dopp, is $8.00. 

The Uncommon Ogres sheets, which have never AFAIK been seen in the wild, are $15 for the set of two.

Fire Mountain Games Sheets (Nightfall)

I talked personally with Gary McBride, and we have agreed on an approach to take, and you'll like it. Forgive me for not being specific, but Murphy's Law teaches me to wait till it's all nailed down. But experience teaches me to at least tell you that yes, things are moving forward. Thanks again to Michael Clarke for helping to keep everyone in communication.

Drew Metzger's Sheets (Barbarians at the Gate)

With Drew's permission, I will quote the last thing I got from Drew about his sheets:

"Things are just about wrapped up here. I have a 20-page book of rules, art and scenarios to accompany the sheets. I'm hoping to ship the week of Halloween.

"I have re-opened orders with good results. They can be placed at the sponsored counters page on your website. I am accepting international orders too, but need those interested to contact me for shipping estimates. They can do so at

"Included in my sales are the 400 Tactical & Strategic Objectives counter sheets from Tiffin Games from our swap. I have sold over half of those sheets, and although I am currently holding orders to one sheet per person (to maximize the availability to those interested), I will likely remove the restriction later next week.

"I have one request: I have a pair of emails that are bouncing back to me from invalid email addresses of people that pre-ordered. Could you ask any who have pre-ordered from me that are NOT receiving my regular Updates to contact me at ? I wish to confirm their addresses.

"As previously mentioned, I will be sending books to all those who purchased sheets at the Launch Party as well. They are not forgotten! "

Other Goodies Still Remain

We also have a limited number of Ogre Designer’s Edition regular boxes, Kickstarter A and B games, and the Vulcans & Friends and Targets Go Boom sheets.  You'll need to be logged in to view the product pages.

Likewise, we have limited numbers of black, grey, green, maroon, and navy polos, the Kovalic Ogre shirt in blue, black, and tan, and the classic green and orange shirt.

As always, the original Pocket Ogre is still available

The Kickstarter-exclusive items such as Targets Go Boom won’t be visible to anyone outside the Ogre Kickstarter group we created on the site, so look for the badge under the "my groups" section of your W23 account page to make sure you're in! If you find that you are not in that group, write us at

-Steve Jackson

Warehouse 23 Badges and Ogre Boxes.


You may wonder how to tell if you're able to view and purchase the exclusive Ogre Kickstarter items on the store when they become available on the 21st. To help you with that, we've implemented a badge system on Warehouse 23.

Simply log into your account on W23 and go to the My Account page. Once there, if you've been successfully imported from our Ogre database, you'll see a section labeled My Groups and the following image:

If you see the image on your account page, then you'll be able to see and purchase any of the Ogre Kickstarter exclusive items. If you don't see anything like that, then please write to and let us know your store login and email. Once we've confirmed you were a Kickstarter backer, we'll update your W23 account and let you know to check for your badge again.

To clarify yesterday's update, we will not be selling empty Ogre Designer's Edition boxes.  We will only be selling complete games.


Coming Next Week! Sponsored Counter Sheets, Ogre Designer’s Edition Again, and More!


It’s almost here! On October 21, 2014, we will release more Ogres into the wild! Uncommon Ogres and the ACD sponsored counter sheets will go live on Warehouse 23 next Tuesday about noon Austin time. In addition, we’ll have a limited number of Ogre Designer’s Edition boxes, Kickstarter A and B games, and the Vulcan & Friends and Targets Go Boom sheets. 

We know you can't show your love for Ogre by carrying your Ogre Designer’s Edition with you everywhere, so we’ll also offer more Ogre shirts during next week’s restock. The polos, Kovalic Ogre shirt, and the classic green and orange shirt will be available in limited numbers. 

Items available exclusively to Kickstarter backers will not be visible to anyone without a Warehouse 23 account, and even then the items will be limited to the special Ogre Kickstarter group we have created on the site. To guarantee you are a part of the necessary group, we suggest making sure that your account at Warehouse 23 uses the same email address that you used to back this project at Kickstarter.

-Jen Atkinson

New face around the office


Folks who have been following the updates here know there has been some movement around the office. 

Daniel is in Singapore, enjoying being a new dad and pursuing life outside the Ogreverse. With his exit, a new Ogre line editor is here. . . namely, me. Today is my third day with the company and if I were any more excited to be here, there would be two of me.

To give you all some background, I am a bit new to the world of Ogre. I’m a lifelong roleplayer, from GURPS to D&D to Exalted to anything and everything else anyone wanted to play, but tactical wargaming is newer to me. 

My beloved husband got me into Ogre, when he mentioned he was dropping some cash on this Kickstarter, and I smiled and went along with it. We both attended the launch party, and now our box lives under the bed because we don’t have another place for it. Yet. 

Being newer to Ogre presents some challenges and gives me some advantages. 

The challenging part is going to be the same as it is with any new system—learning more than the basics, learning the language of that system until you can talk about it in your sleep, sharpening my tactical skills in general. I figure this means I’m going to lose a lot more Ogre games than I win, but that’s okay. It’s a learning process, one that I can’t wait to really ramp up. 

The advantages are probably harder to see, but they’re there—does the system make sense to a newbie, does the everyday language you use to talk about Ogre make it harder to understand, do scenarios help new players ramp up, stuff like that. Just like two Combine infantrymen standing around talking about a mission are going to be pretty incomprehensible to Joe Random Civilian, two enthusiasts talking about Ogre may be hard to understand too. I’m okay with saying “whoa, wait, what?” 

 On a personal note, I’m a native Texan, a Navy brat, happily married with an assortment of dogs and cats, a member of the Texas Army National Guard, and a total geek. I’m an avid reader, I can quote along with the entire Princess Bride, and I knit. 

 If you’d like to know anything else, please drop a comment here and I’ll answer! I’m looking forward to this amazing ride with you all! 

-Jen Atkinson