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35 years after the first publication of OGRE, we're coming back with a massive new edition, and YOU can make it better.
35 years after the first publication of OGRE, we're coming back with a massive new edition, and YOU can make it better.
35 years after the first publication of OGRE, we're coming back with a massive new edition, and YOU can make it better.
5,512 backers pledged $923,680 to help bring this project to life.

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Sponsored Counter Sheets


This is an update on the status of the various sponsored counter sheets created by third parties in support of the new Ogre edition. The biggest lesson we learned from those was: it’s risky. Some of the counter-sheet sponsors performed their obligations flawlessly. Some had problems but are working through them. Some seem to have fallen off the map. 

The problem, with 20-20 hindsight, is that it’s possible to have enough money and enthusiasm to sponsor a counter sheet, and even take orders, and still not have the ability to follow through. This not only makes us look bad, but burns a lot of our time just trying to get answers to report to our fans. Two of these sponsors have not answered MY mail for many months! 

You can see images of all the counter sheets on our site. 

ACD Distribution Sponsored Sheet: One sheet. Originally available to ACD’s retailer customers as a bonus with the copies of Ogre that they ordered. Retailers can now order them directly from ACD, so ask your favorite retailer if they have an ACD account. 

Barbarians at the Gate: Two sheets, sponsored by Drew Metzger, with a rules/background pamphlet. Drew has shipped all his sheet orders, but there have been issues with production of the pamphlet and further orders are “on hold” while he works that out. He is communicating regularly with us and, we understand, with his customers. He’s also working on a co-op distribution agreement with Tiffin Games in the UK, sponsor of the Strategic and Tactical Objectives sheet (see below). The purpose is to save shipping for both US and UK customers by having the US-sourced sheet also available in the UK and vice versa.

BGG 3-D Units: One sheet, sponsored by BoardGameGeek. Was available in the BGG Store at launch time, and is still available. Let me add here that working with BGG was a dream, from conception of the counter sheet through its release, and I’d do it again any time. 

BGG Exclusive Overlays: One sheet, sponsored by BoardGameGeek. As above: it became available immediately and is still available. 

Nihon Empire: North American Divisions: One sheet with support material, sponsored by Roy (Thirdpower) Kubicek. These became available on time and are still available; orders are shipping promptly. In other words, Roy was an example of what we naively thought all sponsors would be. 

Ogre Nightfall: Two sheets plus scenario material, sponsored by Fire Mountain Games. Orders were taken starting last year, but as of last month there had been no deliveries, and email (including my own) was not being answered by the president of FMG. We reached another employee at FMG who told us that the first 300 orders would be shipped soon, counter sheets only, and the scenario book would be distributed in PDF. As of now (June 5) we have seen reports that some purchasers have received their counter sheet. 

Strategic and Tactical Objectives: One sheet, sponsored by Tiffin Games, with support material. The sheet became available quickly and is still available on the Tiffin site. They are working on a co-op offer with Drew Metzger for his Barbarians at the Gates. 

Uncommon Ogres: Two sheets, sponsored by Walt Freitag. The last we heard from Walt was, more or less, that he was “very busy and would get back to us.” This was before the game launched. We still have all his counter sheets here, because we have not heard from him to confirm a shipping address! I’ve written to him myself, more than once. The last letter was an offer to refund his sponsorship and take over the sheets. No answer. This is frustrating, because the Ogres on these sheets are beautiful. 

So what are we going to do about this? 

We shipped 3,500 copies of each sponsored sheet (except for Walt’s, which are still on the shelf and waiting). Under the terms of the sponsorship agreement, the rest are ours to sell starting a year after ship date. So on October 21, we’ll start selling in Warehouse 23 those sheets (and only those sheets) which are not at that time available from their sponsors. 

 – Steve Jackson 

PS - If you have information that supplements (or contradicts) any of the above, please add it as a comment. Thank you.

Mini Car Wars Available Now!


We've released the first in our planned 2014 Car Wars titles: Mini Car Wars is available now at Warehouse 23! This is a great way to introduce your friends and family to the original Car Wars game and prepare them for the release of Car Wars Classic later this year. When? Later. (Shhhhh. We may have advance copies for sale at Gen Con. Don't tell anyone.)

Scott Talks Car Wars

As we announced recently, Scott Haring is at the wheel of the Car Wars line. In addition to helping get Car Wars Classic off to print, Scott's working on the new edition of Car Wars . . . which will be released when we think it's as amazing as it deserves to be. 

Ogre project backers who are participating in the secret Car Wars forums are already following Scott's weekly updates, and later this summer we'll have more to say to the world about the new game. 

- Phil Reed

Scott Haring Returns to Car Wars


I can’t help thinking about Al Pacino in Godfather 3, who famously said, “Just when I thought I was out, they pulled me back in.” But here I am. SJ Games has decided to relaunch Car Wars, and they reached out to me and asked me to come back and be in charge of it. I couldn’t say no.

For all you pre-Millenials out there, you may remember that I was Car Wars Line Editor back in the early days, way back in the . . . well, let’s just say it was a long time ago. But much fun was had, and I remember my autoduelling days fondly.

And now I’m back! What does that mean, exactly? When SJ Games launched the amazing Ogre Designer’s Edition campaign here on Kickstarter, one of the stretch goals was a promise to produce a Kickstarter-backed edition of Car Wars. I will be working with the Kickstarter contributors in moving Car Wars into the 21st century of game design and the 22nd century of game worlds. (And what does that mean? Stay tuned and find out.)

The first step will be a re-release later this year of Car Wars Classic and the Mini Car Wars starter pack while I begin the design and playtesting process on the new(est) edition. I will, of course, also be working with Phil Reed and maybe even Steve hisownself, when they have contributions to make. And I will be keeping the fans informed and listening to what they have to say. All that’s left to say is . . . Drive Offensively!

- Scott Haring

Ogre Metal Preorders Shipping Late May


Thank you for the preorders. The last round of metal Ogre miniatures is in the works and we expect to ship all of the preorders late in May. Some miniatures are in stock now; jump on these if you want more forces for your game, because we don't expect that these will be run in metal again.

Plastic Miniatures?

Maybe. We'll emphasize the maybe part of that first sentence. The tooling costs are not insignificant. Plus, factory minimums make the process of creating plastic miniatures slightly more complicated than if we knew we could sell tens of thousands of sets. 

We're investigating options. Richard made a suggestion this morning -- a set of plastic miniatures that corresponds to the units featured in the original Ogre game -- that sounds to us like one of the better approaches. This would leave several classic units off the table (pun intended), but if the first set sells incredibly well then the door would be open for expansion sets with new minis.

This idea requires manufacturing and sales research to determine whether it could be workable (and profitable), but we like the rough concept enough that we wanted to get your thoughts.

So please let us know: Would you buy a set of plastic Ogre miniatures that gives you everything needed to play the original Ogre game, but probably no more in the initial wave?

- Phil Reed

Ogre Metal Miniatures Now Open For Preorder


Visit Warehouse 23 today to preorder metal Ogre miniatures. As we mentioned last week, we're open for preorders between now and noon Austin time, Friday, April 11. Next week we will post a delivery estimate, but at this time we expect to fulfill all of the preorders for Ogre miniatures in June.

Any other items ordered along with preordered miniatures will sit in our Austin warehouse until the minis ship. We will not be separating items, so if you want in-stock goodies sooner, I recommend placing separate orders: one preorder for miniatures and a second order for currently available games and accessories.

To answer one question in advance, preorders are billed when you check out through our shopping cart system. Hopefully this preorder window gives all our Ogre fans a chance to grab the minis that they want. When we have news on the future of the miniatures line, we will post another update.

Thanks for all of your support!

- Phil Reed