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35 years after the first publication of OGRE, we're coming back with a massive new edition, and YOU can make it better.
5,512 backers pledged $923,680 to help bring this project to life.

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Day One Launch Party Wrap Up


Greetings from the Ogre Launch Facility! Devin, Stacy and Brandon here, sharing some highlights from day one of the party! More pics will show up on our flickr soon – until then, enjoy!

Morning Queue
Morning Queue
Webcast Happiness!
Webcast Happiness!
We're looking into Quality Control
We're looking into Quality Control
Empty cartons can be used as tables.
Empty cartons can be used as tables.
My Little Brogre
My Little Brogre

"104 Tons Of Chipboard Stock," A Thank You From Grand Prix International


Can you feel that? It's the ground shaking as the launch of the Ogre Designer's Edition keeps steadily rolling at us, and yesterday a welcome and very appreciated break hit the office when a package from our printer rep, David with Grand Prix International, reached my desk. The package was opened by our Production Manager, Sam, and the first I knew something was up was when I read the included card:

David's always being remarkably generous with his time and going out of his way to work closely with us -- I've joked at times that he's effectively staff; we print and reprint so many games that David spends as many waking moments working on games like Munchkin, Zombie Dice, and Ogre as any one of us at Steve Jackson Games -- and this card was exactly what I needed to help get through an insanely busy day.

But the card was just the start of the fun. Also included in the package was a signed and framed copy of the Ogre blueprint poster. Yes, the exact same poster that your support unlocked as the $100,000 stretch goal. This will look amazing on one of the walls in our office!

And mounted just beneath the poster is a small plate that really drives home just how big and impressive the entire Ogre Designer's Edition project has been. Because of the years we spent working on the game before this Kickstarter project launched -- and as a result of your generosity -- the plate reads:

"The game that required 21 rounds of quote revisions over five years, 83 total die cut, vacuum form and injection molds, 104 tons of chipboard stock, 56 tons of paper stock, and resulted in 14 containers of product shipped over the course of two months."

Wow. I knew there was a lot of raw materials used in the creation of the game, but I had never really sat down and thought through just how much chipboard and paper we transformed from blank materials into a truly remarkable and memorable game.

Thank you to David and Mike at GPI, to all of the partners in Hong Kong and the factories in China, and to all of you for working as a group to take our ideas and hours of sweat and produce what will very likely be the largest game that I ever work on. I'm proud of what we, together, have created, and I'm looking forward to hearing from all of you when your games arrive.

And to those of you visiting us in Austin this weekend, I hope that you will find a moment or two to accept a personal thank you from me. The game wouldn't be what it is without your contributions.

- Phil Reed

Ogre Has Arrived: News From The Front


A while back we got this communiqué from one of our soldiers on the front, Eric Dow. He was one of the first to sight the Ogre arriving, and it's been a long road since then.


We converged on the Ogre Logistics Facility at 13:45. Keith had already secured the site and engaged the environmental controls. Carl approached from the southeast, and Stacy and I came from the southwest. We were planning to prep the loading facilities for our Kelly Services team, who were scheduled to rendezvous with us at 14:00 for a briefing.

Before we could start, we received word from the trucking company informing us that our transport had been disabled at the port, and they were making emergency repairs. We were now scheduled to receive the goods at 16:00, a full hour later than the 15:00 plan. I negotiated with them to extend the two-hour unloading window since we were going to lose Carl and one of our three-person Kelly team at 17:30.

I then got a call from Darryl and Devin, who volunteered to help out. After I confirmed this with their command, I gratefully accepted their assistance. Fully staffed at 15:00, with no unloading to do, we proceeded to clean the facility and replace ceiling tiles while Keith set up the recording and surveillance equipment.

At 16:00 our truck arrived, and we started emptying it 20 minutes later. It took us unloading a few hundred copies of Ogre to hit our stride, and 75 minutes into the processing saw us hit the halfway mark. At that point, we were down two team members, and it wasn't looking great, but at least we had found our rhythm. Darryl and Devin handled nearly every copy of our beloved Ogre as cameras rolled. Stacy, Carl, our Kelly team, and I added to a steady wall of Ogre in the facility’s allocated spaces. We wound up with almost four mini-rooms loaded in this configuration: 3 boxes high, 4 deep, and 18 across. That's 860 copies in total off this container!

After attrition had taken its toll, Keith set the cameras to autopilot and jumped in, and I secured energy drinks from our FLGS two doors down. The combination saw us moving steadily again. We lost another Kelly member at 18:00, but we got to the 2/3 mark and pressed on. By 19:00 we were down to the last few columns, and by 19:20 we were done!


That was Day One, six weeks ago. Imagine that happening six more times, and you'll have an idea of what the unloading process has been like. We’re now pleased to tell you that the Ogre has officially landed! All boxes have arrived and are in our Logistics Facility, ready for the Launch Party and for shipping.

The transmission also included some pictures. You can find more at our Flickr set. We'd like to extend a thanks to all our staff who helped with the unloading: Eric, Keith, Carl, Devin, Darryll, and Stacy. You rocked it.

Launch Party East Correction


The contact for the Launch Party East is NOT the same as the one for the Launch Party West  :/ They are geographically distinct. Extremely so.

For Launch Party East info, contact Sean Ferris -


- Steve J.

Launch Party East!


Ogre fans in New Jersey are planning another launch party on November 16, starting at noon.


The Only Game In Town (211 West Main Street, Somerville, NJ 08876 - (908) 725-7077)

Venue and exact time TBA. Contact Andrew Walters, , for more info.

He says: "I saw the Kickstarter update with the Launch West event and we Eastcoasters don’t want to be outdone! We will be having an Ogre Launch Party East!”

Pizza will be provided for participants. How can you say no?