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35 years after the first publication of OGRE, we're coming back with a massive new edition, and YOU can make it better.
35 years after the first publication of OGRE, we're coming back with a massive new edition, and YOU can make it better.
35 years after the first publication of OGRE, we're coming back with a massive new edition, and YOU can make it better.
5,512 backers pledged $923,680 to help bring this project to life.

Ogre Metal Preorders Shipping Late May


Thank you for the preorders. The last round of metal Ogre miniatures is in the works and we expect to ship all of the preorders late in May. Some miniatures are in stock now; jump on these if you want more forces for your game, because we don't expect that these will be run in metal again.

Plastic Miniatures?

Maybe. We'll emphasize the maybe part of that first sentence. The tooling costs are not insignificant. Plus, factory minimums make the process of creating plastic miniatures slightly more complicated than if we knew we could sell tens of thousands of sets. 

We're investigating options. Richard made a suggestion this morning -- a set of plastic miniatures that corresponds to the units featured in the original Ogre game -- that sounds to us like one of the better approaches. This would leave several classic units off the table (pun intended), but if the first set sells incredibly well then the door would be open for expansion sets with new minis.

This idea requires manufacturing and sales research to determine whether it could be workable (and profitable), but we like the rough concept enough that we wanted to get your thoughts.

So please let us know: Would you buy a set of plastic Ogre miniatures that gives you everything needed to play the original Ogre game, but probably no more in the initial wave?

- Phil Reed

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    1. Missing avatar

      Kevin on

      Coming in very late :)
      Even though my collection probably weighs in at a hefty amount and could be used to line a good section of a modest fall out shelter, I will probably be a purchaser of a OGRE plastic set. I'm loving plastic miniatures over metal more than I realized I would.

    2. Missing avatar

      Dave Rosenzweig

      When can we expect more rules for new Ogre units? The Heavy Weapons team went up a while back and nothing since.

    3. Missing avatar

      Charles Barnett on

      Yes indeed. Be worth having for it's own sake, but also a fine way to figure out how
      to do it for everything else - so we can squash Car Wars figs with Militia. MONDOS
      with micronukes, yes!

    4. Tom Tjarks on

      *nod* Plastic? Heck yeah!

    5. Missing avatar

      Knockman on

      Sorry, a little late to this update, but to answer your question on would I buy a 1st wave set of plastic Ogre miniatures - yes, several sets - in the same scale/dimensions as the original metals and in plain plastic colours so that they can be painted. I would want to buy copious amounts to reinforce my limited metal collection.

      I had researched this a while back with a UK plastics manufacturer who's been involved in some outstanding successes with a well known UK range of historical figures. Our design was a simple modular two-part vehicle in this scale - an upper combat chassis, and a lower traction chassis. That way the sprue could include wheeled, tracked, hover and grav lower-bodies, and the upper chassis would be light tank, heavy, missile platform and APC. It would have meant you could make up your own fleet from the two fairly basic components.

      It was high outlay cost, mainly for the tooling of the metal master frame for plastic injection moulding, which would cost more than a similar arrangement for metal-casting. However, after the high initial cost, that frame lasts a lot lot longer than metal-cast, can produce more product in the same time period, and the raw materials are fixed on oil price and are cheaper per se, than the cast metals. Fringe benefits are that shipping stock of plastic product is considerably easier and cheaper as it's lighter, and plastic miniatures lend themselves very well to the keen modellers modifying and converting/customising the product into some quite distinct creations. And of course, Ogres as multi-part modular plastic miniatures would be the ultimate bonus to all of this.

      It is achievable, and given the Ogre metals range seems to be dying and is highly priced, it would be quite something to put in place. You also have the potential that new customers would buy plastic Ogre miniatures for their own preferred games, especially some of the more iconic models like the Galahad and Cossack GEV-craft. And that may even lead those buyers towards exploring Ogre Miniatures rules too.

      If you want to discuss this further you can reach me on my usual Gmail or my Tiffin Games e-mail from our previous discussions about the Customs Sponsor Sheets.

      Be interesting to see what you decide to do :o)

      Best regards,

      Tim Gordon
      Tiffin Games Ltd

    6. Fred Kiesche on

      I'd buy a set. Probably more than one. Of course, I'd also probably buy a GEV set and a reinforcements pack set and additional terrain boards, so...

    7. Philip Reed

      Sprues: Yes, these would likely be sprues of mines and not individual packs of minis. Sets and not singles. Packing maps inside makes the entire package a lot more expensive. Those giant gameboards were not cheap to produce.

    8. Philip Reed

      @Daryl McLaurine - We will announce when the Tom Smith music is complete and available.

    9. Daryl McLaurine

      What ever happened to the Soundtrack?

    10. John H. on

      @Philip - thanks. Though I certainly hope you're not planning on developing and selling individual plastic miniatures.

      Plastic miniatures should be sold in groups containing one or more sprues, with each sprue containing multiple miniatures or a single Ogre. If you're spending labor cutting individual minis off sprue, you're adding unnecessary cost. A la carte, worst case, you sell individual sprues.

      Please look at the old Epic 40,000 sprues for examples of how to do things in this scale.

    11. Teodoro Alonso on

      @phillip agreed. How about packaging a sprue for the basic games (MarkII and MarkV) along with the nicely mounted maps? If you can retail this for something like $70, you will sell it well. Then a "Deluxe Gev" Game with an Ogre MarkI and IV and lots LGEV and LTANKs or something like that?

    12. Philip Reed

      @John H. - If plastic minis cannot come in at a significantly lower cost than metal (50%) then it's not even worth considering plastic.

    13. John H. on

      I think we are all assuming that plastic Ogre Miniatures are going to be priced cheaper than the current metal minis.

      If the plastic Ogre Miniatures are going to have cost like the previous round of pre-clearance metals ($10 per GEV, $60 per OGRE), that's going to put a serious damper on things.

    14. Missing avatar

      Barry Kendall

      Although I can't commit absolutely until the price is known, if I can live with what it costs, I'd definitely enjoy playing with miniatures and would buy a set.

    15. Missing avatar

      Jeff Rakow on

      YES, but only if you promise to make minis for Car Wars as well!

    16. Missing avatar

      Allen C. Smith on

      Depending on price point, I woild buy a basic set in plastic. i just pre-ordered a fair amount of PE armor in metal, so I would be more interested in Combine units in a future expansion. I would also spend money on PE and Mk I and II Ogres - Is and IIs should run in packs, and their cost in metal is too prohibitive.

    17. Missing avatar

      Brad Hakala

      I would buy a plastic set.

    18. Timothy P. Dougherty on

      Plastic? Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes and yes. I think my investment in metal speaks volumes for my degree of commitment. Additionally, yes to any future questions about my willingness to stay motivated as a spending consumer. Did I mention "yes?"

    19. carby

      Yes to plastics.

    20. Pedro Benitez on

      What Jeff Brewer and John H. said...pls ignore corrado coda camelot...he has 2d issues! Once you go 3d you can't go back!

    21. corrado coda on

      I don't think my Ogre games will benefit from miniatures. I like it 2D , and I am already struggling for making 2D Ogre for my kickstarter edition since we don't like all that 3D stuff ( forgive us , me and my friends are senile wargamers , accustomed to old time stacks of counters )
      I'll buy them anyway (since I own nearly all SJ production ) IF the price ( and the shipping to Italy ) is reasonable AND the material can be painted on . ( Not a cheap , flexible , horrible plastic like Starcraft boardgame ones , for example .... ) THX

    22. Rob Koch on

      I assume these would be OGRE mk III/V, HWZ, INF (1-3), MSL, TNK, CP, and GEV units then? Almost definitely for me (price would be factor) event though I have everything in metal now!

    23. 67GTO on

      Yes please... sign me up for a set.

    24. Creature on

      ABSOLUTELY! Please make them.

    25. Jeff Brewer on

      Would I buy plastic Ogre miniatures, to cover those needed for the basic game? Yes, yes I would, depending on the price and cost of shipping to Australia.

      I would probably buy more than one, again, depending on cost (I don't expect them to be sold so cheap that you don't make a profit, or even lose money on them, but I would certainly purchase them for a realistically, reasonable price.

      I would also buy any other plastics in future waves, and cases/garages to store them in.

      I would buy unpainted, pre-painted, or even coloured plastics, to differentiate between forces. If not pre-painted, regardless of how they come, I would probably undercoat and paint anyway - too tempting not to...

      Heck, I'd even purchase pre-made Lego kits of Ogre forces, if they were available - some of the designs I have seen on the web are just fantastic. Has SJG considered doing these as Lego "piece packs", something akin to Cuso (is that it?)? Presumably SJG's profit would be in Lego being given limited rights to produce and sell such "official" OGRE packs.

      Any of these would be a fairly high priority on my wish list of games and miniatures, as I have no/ zero/ zip/ nada miniatures for Ogre, in any scale, and I think they are something this fine game deserves!

      As others have said, Kickstart it, and we will back it, but don't forget about Car Wars!

      In a nutshell, my response is a resounding "YES"!

    26. John H. on

      If we are laying out sprue contents, they work out to be something like this:

      1x core command
      - 1 CP / MCP
      - 1 Hwz
      - 20 Inf

      core armor:
      - 4 Hvy
      - 4 Msl
      - 6 GEV

      - 1 Ogre mk.III

      - 1 Superheavy
      - 1 Mobile Howitzer
      - 4 Light Tank
      - 4 Light GEV

    27. John H. on

      BTW, the notion of bundling Ogre Miniatures with a map is eerily reminiscent of this product from when SJG produced Ogre minis in house:

      Of course it paled in comparison to Deluxe GEV...

    28. Missing avatar

      Jerry Emery on

      I'm in.

      To be sure, I am a bit conflicted I already have what I consider to be a full set of PanEuro and Combine forces in metal - painted in base blue and red.

      What I'm really hoping for long term is plastic Ogres.

      That being said, I will support and purchase this first set as a step toward that goal.

      When you say, "if the first set sells incredibly well", just how incredible are we talking here?

    29. Mike Nusbaum

      Kick start it guys :). Just don't forget about Car Wars :)

    30. Mike Nusbaum

      I would, depending on cost. I always wanted to collect them but the cost can be high. Plastic is cheaper in the long term as your molds last so much longer. I like the idea.

    31. Missing avatar

      Christopher Naylor on

      Definitely interested!

    32. Dave Doolin on

      I'm definitely interested.

      Metal is cooler, but the price/market is wrong right now.

    33. Missing avatar

      Julian Wan on

      Plastic models would be great - the game is basically a form of miniature gaming.
      Solid colors would actually fit the original game whose counters were black and white.

    34. Jim Beck on

      Definitely put me down for at least one set if it happens. Game play is always better with miniatures and solid colors would be fine. Maybe do light/dark of the same colors for team play.

    35. Bad_Syntax

      Colored plastic wouldn't be bad at all, like red/blue or even grey/white. That'd let them be used by just snapping them off sprues and tossed on the table. I wouldn't think this very hard at all, though they'd have to have multiple colors in stock... it'd be cool if they had an order on demand system to avoid loads of sprues in pink gathering dust while the olive drab ones keep selling out.

    36. John H. on

      A basic Ogre Miniatures sprue of Heavy Tank, Missile Tank, GEV, Howitzer and Infantry (all Paneuro to start, of course) would be a great start at bringing Ogre to plastic. If the minis need to downsize by -10% to keep cost down, that'd be OK, too - it will help with GEV "stacking". I wouldn't expect plastic Ogre mk.III at this point, as the tooling cost would be crazy.

      @Teodoro - I would not expect SJG to launch another Kickstarter until well after they complete this one and get Car Wars squared away.

      @Simon - I bought GEV DE for the boards and dice. Paying a few bucks for counters wasn't unreasonable.

      @Bad - try molded in color, not pre-painted. Red plastic or blue plastic.

    37. Teodoro Alonso on

      How about a Kickstarter to fund the plastic minis?

    38. Simon Hunt on

      Sign me up. But I'd be even more delirious if you offered the original GEV set. I keep telling people - I didn't buy OGRE DE, I bought GEV DE ;)

    39. Bad_Syntax

      pre-painted optional goals (obviously much more expensive) as an option would be a great idea. Though not for everybody, many of us would pay, say $40 instead of $10 per sheet if they were painted in a basic scheme... nothing fancy (though that could be an option too) though I have *NO* idea how to get that done, nor how much it would be, nor if it would be that popular... so feel free to skip this post :)

    40. Chuck Cooley on

      I have shied away from metal minis because of both cost and storage concerns. I would seriously consider a set of plastic minis, especially if they came in some kind of storage box. Nothing elaborate, just something that will fit on a shelf and offer some minimal protection. Cost-wise, it would have to come in under $60.

    41. Roy Kubicek on

      I know I would buy at least one set and would definitely be interested in individual units.

    42. Ray Forsythe on

      And to clarify, by "very interested" I mean "I will buy at least one set, possibly two."

    43. Ray Forsythe on

      I would be very interested. Just to clarify, would this include infantry as well or just vehicles?

    44. Missing avatar

      Jason A on

      Sure, I would just need to convince the wife to OK it. I would also lean towards a plastic that could hold typical modeling paint, although that might be more expensive, as well as a bit more brittle...

    45. Erik Johnson on

      Oh, and not painted is a must for me, since I paint minis. :)

    46. Erik Johnson on

      I would be interested, depending on price.

    47. Black Dog Enterprises on

      I would probably need to get a few sets, I am betting you could probably start another kickstarter for sets of plastic minis

    48. Missing avatar

      chris onken on

      would buy at least one set. pre-painted would be nice, but blank is almost as good.

    49. Deric Page on

      I'd pick up a set that matched the original Ogre forces. Heck, I'd likely pick up 2 as it would allow me to play a number of GEV scenarios as well.

    50. KevinR

      BGG has a scan of a Metagaming countersheet (unlabeled as to version):
      I'd probably be looking to add 20 of each PE unit and 40 of each Combine. Based on the unit distribution shown, that would be 2 of these complete sets, plus another 6 or so of the Combine part (if sold separately).