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35 years after the first publication of OGRE, we're coming back with a massive new edition, and YOU can make it better.
35 years after the first publication of OGRE, we're coming back with a massive new edition, and YOU can make it better.
5,512 backers pledged $923,680 to help bring this project to life.

Ogre Launch Event Pics, Kickstarter Games Available, And Scenario Contest Update

Posted by Steve Jackson Games (Creator)

We have a limited number of copies of both red and yellow Ogre Designer's Edition games available at this time and we're offering these only to Kickstarter backers (you will need to enter your email address to complete an order). If you order one of these then you will randomly receive either a red or a yellow set, but if you receive a red set we will include a Pocket Ogre game with your order.

Only 30 copies are available at this time. We might have more copies at a later date, but today we're only offering a small number (we need room in the warehouse!). Available here!

In addition to the games we also have a handful of Ogre Blueprint Banners for those of you who want a giant wall decoration. And if you would like an additional base tray for your collection those are now in stock.

Check here for a list of all currently available Ogre extras.

Scenario Contest Update

This is not yet ready to officially launch, but I've seen that Daniel and Steve are discussing the upcoming Ogre scenario contest (one of the stretch goals) and we hope to have an official announcement soonish. Start your creativity engines! We're looking forward to your entries.

- Phil Reed

Ogre Launch Events

Over the Ogre Designer's Edition launch weekend, our valiant MiBs ran some launch events on our behalf! They set up in local game stores, played a bunch of Ogre, and had a great time! Thanks to our MiBs for helping make this happen. Here are some pics!

- Brian Engard

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    1. Steve Jackson Games 20-time creator on

      @Andrew - If you pledged $150 or more you should have received a Pocket Ogre. Please email if you require further assistance with your rewards. - Brandon

    2. Andrew on

      I'm sure I was supposed to receive a pocket ogre with my copy. did anyone else not get one?

    3. Philip Reed Collaborator

      @linuxgurugamer - This will be up to the sponsors. When we have news from the sponsors we will post an update. Sorry, I wish I could be more help today.

    4. Missing avatar

      linuxgurugamer on

      Any idea when the final two Sponsored Counter Sheets will be available? Specifically, the:

      Barbarians at the Gate
      Ogre Designer's Edition Sheets B3 & B4
      Sponsored by Drew Metzger


      Uncommon Ogres
      Ogre Designer's Edition Sheets E5 & E6
      Sponsored by Walt Freitag

    5. Steve Jackson Games 20-time creator on

      The Scenarios PDF reward is what is available on e23. If you did not receive it please contact us at and we'll look into the issue for you. - Brandon

    6. Missing avatar

      Aaron Bohm on

      Maybe I missed it but of curiosity, since we are talking about scenarios, I know one of the funding levels discusses a PDF copy of "Ogre Scenario Book One." I already received a PDF of the book entitled "Scenarios" (the same Scenarios book included in the base game) and was wondering:

      Is "Scenarios" what was included in the Kickstarter


      Are we awaiting an additional PDF book that we may or may not get included with our pledge? (and will it be similar to the 2001 PDF "Ogre Scenario Book 1" currently in e23?)

    7. Steve Davies

      Darn it -- I must have thrown my original away with the packaging. I didn't see it and figured, "Oh well, I got a lot of goodness anyway." I actually have the original anyway (Metagaming), so this was totally an extra. This will teach me to look through the packaging more thoroughly.

    8. Missing avatar

      David Kirkpatrick on

      Thanks! I was mightily tempted by a second copy, but in the end I just went for the banner I'd been hoping for… I've always loved that cut-away schematic!

      Pity there's no Pocket Ogres available now - next year's holiday season it'll definitely be Pocket Ogres for all the nephews (nieces would get it too, if I had any to give the game to!).

    9. S.D. on

      Fantastic, thanks you guys! That's not only an answer, but it's also the answer I wanted to hear :-D

      Happy holidays, Team SJG!

    10. Steve Jackson Games 20-time creator on

      When you open a Gold carton sitting vertically with the text legible from the top, there should be a thin strip of cardboard to prevent the Pocket Ogre from getting damaged when the packing tape is cut open. The strip and Pocket Ogre sit on top and outside of the shrink wrapped game itself. - Brandon

    11. Jeff Butler

      Mine was outside the shrinkwrap...

    12. S.D. on

      I'm still interested in knowing how Pocket Ogre is included; inside or outside the shrink-wrapped box :-)

    13. S.D. on

      (difference between red & yellow sets; I got it, thanks! my comment was in the text box during lunch and I hadn't posted it somehow)

    14. S.D. on

      What's the difference between the red and yellow sets? Only Pocket Ogre inclusion? Is Pocket Ogre inside or outside of the shrink-wrap?

      (P.S. Thanks for the head's up a few updates ago, Phil! I appreciate you responding to me. I did, indeed open the wrong box, and couldn't find my Pocket Ogre. Now that I've opened one, and found how BIG it is, I won't be playing double-sized games anytime soon, so I'll keep my second copy packed to survive storage/moves/etc).

    15. Philip Reed Collaborator

      @Robert Corbett - Open the yellow and you will find a Pocket Ogre.

    16. Missing avatar

      Robert Corbett

      I received two red copies and one yellow copy of the Designer's Edition. I have so far opened only one of the red copies. I do not recall seeing a copy of Pocket Ogre in the two cartons of add-on items I have also received. Should I have received the two copies of Pocket Ogre in one of the five cartons I have received so far?

    17. Steve Jackson Games 20-time creator on

      @Rick - The game boxes are the same. Only the shipping carton is Gold or Red, plus a matching colored sticker, on the outside of the shrinkwrap. - Brandon

    18. Philip Reed Collaborator

      @Sean K King - Wooden Ogres? I really don't know. I suspect that if we make more the price will have to increase to cover the costs. No plans at this exact moment.

    19. Sean K King on

      Still salivating at the hope for a wooden Ogre....but it probably have to wait until after Christmas now.....two large orders from SJG and a bunch of other things....that did I really need....(Yes yes I did :O) )

      Any chance those will come into production after the first of the year?

    20. Philip Reed Collaborator

      @loopy -Please email me at and I will check on it.

    21. Rick Koeppen on

      Ah, thanks for your quick responses! I should have refreshed before posting my clarifying question.

    22. loopy

      I'm was wondering if I can get a status update on my damaged Ogre shipment. Hopefully I can get good news before Christmas. But New Years will do for an all night session.

    23. Rick Koeppen on

      And I mean besides the inclusion of Pocket Ogre. Do the boxes themselves look different? What makes one red vs. yellow.

    24. John Idlor

      @Rick - The colors refer to the outer shipping carton. The yellow included pocket ogre and the red did not. Other than pocket ogre the content were the same between the two.

    25. Jeff Butler

      @ Rick Koeppen:
      The yellow box has pocket ogre, the red one does not.

    26. Philip Reed Collaborator

      @Rick Koeppen - The only difference is that one includes Pocket Ogre and the other doesn't. (And the color box band and sticker.)

    27. Rick Koeppen on

      This might be a stupid question, but I honestly am curious. Are there really two different versions of the game, a red one and a yellow one?

    28. KevinR

      @Jeff, Phil -- if you've lost track of what was KS exclusive and what was retail, there are lists of the retail contents and counters at the SJGames forums.

    29. Philip Reed Collaborator

      @Kenneth W. Scott - I suggest calling the warehouse directly -- 512-447-7866 -- and discussing with them. It is outside of my specific area.

    30. Philip Reed Collaborator

      @Jeff Butler - Sticking to the retail ODE will increase your chances, but I know they're going to consider some scenarios that use Kickstarter exclusive counters.

    31. Kenneth W. Scott on

      If I ordered a game, could I pick it up and avoid shipping? :)

    32. Jeff Butler

      To start prepping for the Scenario Contest, any idea if it needs to be limited to non-Kickstarter contents?

    33. Missing avatar

      Joshua Megerman on

      Looking forward to the Scenario Contest rules!