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35 years after the first publication of OGRE, we're coming back with a massive new edition, and YOU can make it better.
35 years after the first publication of OGRE, we're coming back with a massive new edition, and YOU can make it better.
35 years after the first publication of OGRE, we're coming back with a massive new edition, and YOU can make it better.
5,512 backers pledged $923,680 to help bring this project to life.

Assemble And Store Your Counters


Many of you have noticed that the Ogre Designer's Edition is a little big and comes with more than a handful of counters. The black base tray provides storage options, but for everyone who would like an idea on how to use that tray we have posted a PDF showing the placement of various components inside the base tray.

Download the PDF!
Download the PDF!

Assemble Your Counters!

I you need assistance assembling the various 3-D counters in the game (as well as the unique 3-D counters on a few of the sponsored sheets) there is this assembly PDF showing instructions for reactors, the comm tower, and several more pieces. (My favorite of the sponsored counters has to be that comm tower from the BGG sheet of 3-D counters.)

December 6, 2013

The Ogre Designer's Edition officially hits game stores next week (YAY!) and I strongly suggest all of you keep your eyes on Warehouse 23 that day. If you missed out on the canvas bag, need extra maps and counters, or maybe just want a shot at more dice -- more dice!!! -- we should be able to help you out.

- Phil Reed

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    1. Missing avatar

      Ken Gober on

      S.D.: your copy of Pocket Ogre should have been in the shipping carton with the yellow printing. the shipping cartons with the red printing don't have them (Pocket Ogre was a per-supporter reward, not a per-copy reward).

    2. S.D. on

      Phil: Sorry if this was discussed previously, and if I've absent-mindedly forgotten it amongst the other 140+ updates, but I was wondering what the story is with the Pocket OGRE copies for KS backers? My tier contained it (or a couple?) but I can't seem to find it. If this is a known thing, than I apologize, and would appreciate a reminder of it's status. Otherwise, it may be the case that the game is so big it ate my Pocket OGRE! O_o

    3. Missing avatar

      Warren Sistrom

      Originally overseas backers were told it is best to buy locally, so I preordered from a FLGS. We were also kickstarter exclusive counters sheets will be available to purchase exclusively to those who backed this kickstarter at a lower than game level. I took the $25 level with no postage cost, a large part of that decision was to get access to these exclusive items.
      Will these sheets now be available to everyone on Warehouse 23?
      Or is there some other for backers who at the time we pledged were unable to order the game can get these sheets?

    4. Alan Schirtzinger on

      @Grinch- I think they said there was room for the add-ons left in the tray (the sheets you can buy from BGG, etc).
      @Seraphim: The 3-D OGRE garage bottom lips have to overlap, to fit in my box correctly.

    5. Missing avatar


      Speaking of odd little problems ... Has anyone else run into an issue of the large 3d piece holders that go on top not fitting back in? If I wedge them in just so they will go back in the box, but I am already noticing cut lines from the plastic lip on the bottom of the 3d holders on the inside of the box. It isn't an issue now, but in a year or two of use ... It just seems that they are a 1/4 inch too long.

    6. Missing avatar

      Das Grinch on

      All sheets punched out, total scrap cardboard weight: 1615 grams, 1.615 kilos, 3.55 pounds.
      Also, my large and medium unit openings are completely full, but the one for 'small' units I've got one side full, and the other is only half full. Anyone else seeing something similar?

    7. Missing avatar

      Ramcat on

      I did not know the link to the Ogre Book was on a 30 day timeout. I thought I'd just wait until I got my Ogre stuff to go get it (never even opened the email). Could someone PM me and send me the Ogre Book PDF?

    8. Missing avatar

      Das Grinch on

      I have finished punching out 3/4 of my sheets, so far the discarded cardboard from those sheets is totalling 1,220 grams, roughly 2.7 pounds. Just a fun fact.
      Brian, it does explain it. there are four types of 6-sided counter. The full hex, and then three that get shorter and shorter. The first smaller one is large, then medium, then small, which are labelled on the tray itself.

    9. Missing avatar

      Joshua Megerman on

      @Phil - no worries, keyboards are cheap :P

    10. Brian Oz

      Dang, was hoping that this pdf better details how/where to put the different sized six-sided counters. Having a hard time figuring this out.

    11. Joel "Legend #16" McConnell on

      Will the giant 3-D OGRE and the OGRE/munchkin shirt be available ?

    12. Mike H

      Any news about when the sponsor sheets will be available, have you guys shipped them yet?

    13. Philip Reed Collaborator

      Gap - The rules and scenario booklets fit in the space in the center of the base tray (above the GEV boards and below the Ogre boards). Sounds like we need to post a "packing your game" video.

    14. Jonathan Woodward

      @Jeff, @Jon, I suspect that gap is there to hold any future maps SJGames might produce if the stars align. It looks to be about the right size...

    15. Philip Reed Collaborator

      @Joshua Megerman - We will post an update here when the extras are released on the site. I don't have an exact time right now. Sorry.

    16. Missing avatar

      Joshua Megerman on

      @Phil - any idea what time stuff will be posted? I done want to wear out my F5 key... :D

    17. Jon on

      Thanks for the link, I will head on over to the forums, thank you!

    18. Jeff Butler on

      There is actually a discussion on this very thing over on the SJ Forums:…
      The issue stems from a slight gap between the GEV and Ogre maps. Proposed solutions generally involve placing filler material of some sort within that gap...

    19. Jon on

      This is probably silly, but here goes...

      I can't seem to get the maps snugly packed enough in the box such that when I carry the game in the canvas bag that the counters in the black try just go all over the place. There might not be anything to do here other than just bag as much as I can and keep the game as horizontal as possible during transit.

      Tonight is board game night at "Game On" my local game store (shameless plug, they're awesome, look up "grub from gamers game on") here in Chattanooga, if I manage to get out there I will be bringing Ogre!

    20. A David Merritt on

      Hopefully I will get my KS OGRE before December 6th, I wouldn't think Missouri would take this long.

    21. Andrea "Liga Ligabue on

      Francesco, my 7 years son, while i was checking istructions how to assemble the different pieces, assembled most of them and all correctly!!!

      Has been really great unpounch and assemble The huge amount of materials in my OGRE box!


    22. W. Craig Trader on

      Yay! Canvas Bag & more dice!