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35 years after the first publication of OGRE, we're coming back with a massive new edition, and YOU can make it better.
35 years after the first publication of OGRE, we're coming back with a massive new edition, and YOU can make it better.
35 years after the first publication of OGRE, we're coming back with a massive new edition, and YOU can make it better.
5,512 backers pledged $923,680 to help bring this project to life.

Mail, Steve's New House, And Miniatures


The Ogre Designer's Edition has shipped and officially reaches store shelves on December 6, 2013. If you need another copy -- either for yourself or to use a gift -- please contact your local game store. And keep your eyes open for news about upcoming launch events and an announcement on when (and which!) extras will be offered on Warehouse 23. (Hint: December.)

Brandon's Mail is Overflowing

If you are waiting for a response from Brandon -- -- please be patient. Between working through the onslaught of requests and the upcoming holidays he will require a little longer than usual to process your messages. All mail will be handled, but Brandon is getting some (very deserved) time off this coming holiday weekend while our office is closed.

Steve's New Home

Steve, as many of you know, lost his home in a flood on Halloween. He has spent weeks with cleanup and reports that if all goes well he will close on his new house today. Good luck, Steve! I can't wait to visit the new place.

Miniatures Restocked!

Fans of Ogre Miniatures will want to visit Warehouse 23 right now for a shot at more miniatures. A number of miniatures -- including the popular Ogre Mk. III -- are available again. You heard it here first!

- Phil Reed

Available Now!!!
Available Now!!!
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    1. Eric Dow on December 1, 2013

      Best use I've found so far for the left over Sprus is indoor Frisbee Football at the OGRE Logistics Facility. We will recycle them later, but they fly so well, it's hard to walk by one without picking it up and giving it a toss :)

    2. Rob Koch on November 26, 2013

      Great news on the minis.I still have a copy of Deluxe Ogre and Deluxe GEV still in shrinkwrap… I bought at least two copies when they first came out. I need to inventory my metal and get them painted so compliment my ODE version.

      Fantastic news that Steve is close to a new house!

      There can never be too much Ogre!

    3. Frankie
      on November 26, 2013

      Has anyone had anyone got any good ideas on how to make use of the pile of punched counter sheets left over after assembling al the Ogres and punching out all the tokens?
      They just seem to good to throw away! :)

    4. John H. on November 25, 2013

      I played Ogre Miniatures against ODE counters the other day - great peanut butter & chocolate moment there!

    5. Kenneth W. Scott on November 25, 2013

      Nevermind... I Googled. :P

    6. Kenneth W. Scott on November 25, 2013

      Has the price point for the retail edition of Ogre Designer Edition been announced? If so, what is it?

    7. Steve Jackson Games 13-time creator on November 25, 2013

      Please note we do not advise using the Designer's Edition trays for storing anything heavy like metal minis, as that was not part of the intended usage when we designed them. Do so at your own peril! - Brandon

    8. Jonathan Woodward
      on November 25, 2013

      Very pleased Steve will have a new home so soon.
      @Kirk, I obviously can't speak to SJ's specific circumstances, but if there is one thing I have learned playing with Legos as both child and father, it's that they can be washed.

    9. Kelroy Was Here
      on November 25, 2013

      The metal miniatures is good news. Steve's house news is great news!

    10. Joshua R on November 25, 2013

      Those metal minis go well in the extra spaces in the Ogre garage... I got a V and a III a while back and they look great.
      Glad Steve's going to have a new home soon! Closing the week of Thanksgiving is nice. Congrats, Steve.

    11. Kirk Bauer
      on November 25, 2013

      I'm afraid to ask... but, regarding Steve's home, how many board games and Legos were lost?