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35 years after the first publication of OGRE, we're coming back with a massive new edition, and YOU can make it better.
35 years after the first publication of OGRE, we're coming back with a massive new edition, and YOU can make it better.
35 years after the first publication of OGRE, we're coming back with a massive new edition, and YOU can make it better.
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I just made this announcement from our booth at BGG. Now I'm telling the rest of the world.

Eric has advised us that everything has been shipped that can be shipped (we are still waiting for more info on a few problem orders, and of course we know there will be new problems; life is ever thus). But the queue is currently ZERO.

So if you don't have a tracking number by tomorrow morning, write to

No photo this time. Imagine me and Phil GRINNING LIKE LOONS.

Thank you for your patience. But this is not – not NEARLY – the last update I will post. There's more to do. But the order of business for this evening is simply GRINNING LIKE LOONS.

– Steve Jackson

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    1. Missing avatar

      Rapierking on

      Silly trivia: All the punched-out sheets weigh 3-and-three-quarters pounds. Insane :-D .

    2. Bob Buckley on

      I have never waited so long for a game and been so incredibly satisfied. It was worth the wait. I agree with other.. lets find a way to do the same thing with CAR WARS!!

    3. Missing avatar

      Russell Purkey on

      My OGRE game arrived and it is AWESOME !!! Minor ding at center of bottom edge of box front. I'm keeping it as is, Dings happen in Combat ops :)
      You guys did one hell of a job on this one.
      Now to join up with the one friend of mine who also got the game, We can throw a monster game day !!!
      Now, about Car Wars...

    4. Christopher M. Kelly on

      Got mine on Wednesday. My 9 year old Geekling, CJ, has been building pieces nightly. He built 40 last night alone!

      CJ: "It's just like building Legos, Daddy. Piece of cake." I told him, since he was such a master Ogre builder, he could build them all. He told me I could be the Manager.

      CJ: "I love these Ogres, Daddy. We can hang out more. You're awesome. I love you."

      Man, can I cry on my brand new Ogre game? It's so cool to have this awesome game to bond with him over. Thanks, SVG!

      Oh, and pics!

    5. John Turner on

      My copy of Ogre has already claimed its first victim! The FedEx guy smashed his finger under the 30# box when he set it on the counter.

    6. Missing avatar

      Bill Mazerat on

      Reported sightings of Ogre units in the Who Dat nation. Deploying GEV Scouts for recon. (It's on the truck for delivery)

    7. Tony Thomas on

      Mine arrived in Murfreesboro today... OGRE launch party MidTN to be held at Casa de'Tomas on Saturday evening!!!
      3 copies and 2 boxes of swag.
      Only issue was a crumpled transport box containing the Kickstarter Edition with pocket Ogre.
      The left hand third of the actual game box is rumpled... as if it were dropped from a great height (or stored at the bottom of a stack of OGREs!). Nothing inside appears to be damaged though.

    8. Tom Parker on

      Loving mine. The final product truly exceeded all expectations. Now I just need a deluxe edition of Awful Green Things with figures instead of counters and my life would be complete.

    9. Missing avatar

      Malor on

      Your grins are well-earned.

      Please, please send thanks to the shipping crew. These things are *heavy* and they shipped a couple *thousand* of them.

      Thanks so much for putting in all that labor, guys/gals.

    10. Missing avatar

      Leslie Furlong on

      Mine arrived last week at my family's house. The dice followed a day later. I'm not sure if I'll ever open the main game; I live half a world away, and was hoping to pick it up last Christmas, but now it's twice as heavy and the airlines have cut luggage allowances. These things happen. I'm not complaining, merely wistful... Still, at least I'll have the pocket version to play...

    11. John LaTemple on

      Mine arrived today in perfect condition (at least from the outside). I haven't even had a chance to open the box because it looks like I'm going to need to chug an energy drink and plenty of time on my hands before I do!

    12. Missing avatar

      Jenora Feuer

      Yay, after a full week of confusion and back-and-forth with the courier delivery agent, I finally have both boxes, the Ogre main game and the bonuses here in Toronto. Everything looks good, both boxes in good shape.

    13. Kelroy Was Here

      And I should add, I got out of breath carrying it upstairs. BIG doesn't begin to describe it! Nor does it describe the size of my own loon grin either. Great job, SJGames!

    14. Kelroy Was Here

      It's here! The new OGRE is here! The new OGRE is here! I am somebody now!

      The FedEx guy said, "What is this, a game console? I've been delivering them all day." I got him interested enough to say he would look up OGRE on the internet when he got home. Another convert. :-)

    15. Bat Guano on

      Wow. Just hauled my copy in from the front porch - my son asked me if it was a TV. Worth every minute of the wait.

    16. John Turner on

      Mine was attempted to deliver today, but something about a signature required has returned it to Fed-Ex's warehouse :(

    17. Alan Geoffrion on

      Mine arrived yesterday. Can't wait to play.

    18. Pedro Benitez on

      Got mine yesterday...had to pick it up at local depot cause no one home to sign for it during the day. Almost blew out my tires on my Honda driving it home. Should a got a trailer to haul it with. Grinning like a Loon myself now. Thanks, been a long wait...but worth it!

    19. Tad Simmons on

      Congrats! Now we can really start bugging you about Car Wars! ;)

    20. Philip Reed Collaborator

      Everyone, please don't think this is over. More fun is to come, including an announcement on when extras will be available -- at -- so if you wanted extra vac trays, dice, shot glasses, boards, and more then get ready.

      (Hint: Coming around the same time a certain giant tank launches in stores.)

      And there will be more updates as scenarios, the Kickstarter project for an expansion, and Car Wars moves forward.

    21. Philip Reed Collaborator

      @Johnny Imnot - Most, yes. One is waiting for the supporter.

    22. Johnny Imnot on

      Have the $4.5K sponsor sheets been shipped to the sponsors yet? :)

    23. Missing avatar

      Mark-12 on

      I would like to thank Steve Jackson and Team for such a great product. I can't wait to see what you do for the Car Wars game (of which I'll definitely pledge to, as well).

    24. Graham Brand on

      Congratulations on a magnificent journey; I've enjoyed every step of the way. I'll treasure the photo of me grinning like a loon when the UPS man passed me the box (in the street, a mile from my house 'cause he found out I was at the Town Hall). Going off to stay with a friend who is also grinning like a loon with his own set for a mad weekend of Ogre and Dr Who. It doesn't get better than this. :-)

    25. Missing avatar

      Gareth D Edwards on

      Congratulations. Job well done. And thank you. I got mine today, and I'm impressed and grateful that you put the work into something like this.

    26. Kelroy Was Here

      So there I was, minding my own business, when the FedEx notification email came. I started giggling like a schoolgirl. And then the reality of the situation broke in upon me like the OGRE itself: delivery is imminent and I don't have anywhere to put it! Where the heck am I going to put the box!?! It looks huge from all the pictures I've seen! Suddenly I feel like the CP in the opening story: my doom is upon me....

      But it's a good kind of doom to have.


    27. Missing avatar

      Driscon on

      I just got mine today. Big grin. The game is so big, my 20lb cat is terrified of it.

      Great job, SJG. You delivered, just like we knew you would.

    28. Scott Walker on

      Evidently grinning like loons comes with the package. Must have been a stretch goal that I wasn't paying attention to. 'Cause I was grinning like a loon when Ogre arrived. So, grin and enjoy it. You've all earned it. Congratulations!

    29. Olna Jenn Smith

      And I have mine!!!!!!!!!!!! This thing is STUNNING.

    30. Ron Olszewski on

      Congratulations! You guys should be so proud. Ogre Designer's Edition is going to be that "Holy Grail" game that so many gamers will wish they had gotten. It truly is an amazing thing. Thank you Steve and the rest of the SJG crew!

    31. Mark Delsing

      Picked up my copy today!

      Have to say, I would have much preferred UPS to FedEx.

      Regardless, thanks to everyone at SJG! I'm looking forward to Car Wars...

    32. Missing avatar

      Craig H on

      Well done people ! So....Car Wars....? :-) Okay, maybe you can rest a day or two....

    33. Missing avatar

      James on

      Got mine today. Just looks fantastic

    34. Doug Grimes

      As one who has just today received their tracking number...YESYESYES!!!

    35. Missing avatar

      Joe Block on

      Got my copy, it looks great. Broke it in properly with a decisive Ogre victory :-)

    36. Missing avatar

      linuxgurugamer on


      Now waiting on the additional counter sets.

    37. Missing avatar

      David Kirkpatrick on

      Mine just arrived today, and is amazing - all the little touches really add up to a fantastic package. My daughter laughed at the warning on the Read Me First. I had to take a photo of the original Ogre game next to the Designer Edition box. Now I have to pull out my list of what I ordered to check that everything's there. Might take a while... !

    38. Merijeek on

      Stayed home from work today (well,worked from home) and spent a whole hour away from the house to take the dogs to the vet.

      Guess when FedEx came by? Arrrgh.

    39. Bat Guano on

      This pleases me - congratulations, all involved. It's been a long 18 months, and your efforts are muchly appreciated. Now, I anxiously await my tracking number. I may stay up all night checking my email.

    40. nerdwerds on

      I just got my copy of the game today and it looks magnificent!

    41. Geoffrey Bent on

      Congratulations and thanks!

    42. Missing avatar

      Dan Calaway on

      Stayed home from work yesterday so I could sign for it and it was worth it. Even after seeing it at GenCon and Origins all I can say is wow. I need to attach legs to it so I can store it in the living room as a coffee table. Put a nice piece of glass on it and I am all set.

    43. Missing avatar

      James Watkins II on

      well Im hoping to see confirmation tomorrow, which is a bit disheartening since I'm at BGG and was planning on bringing this with me.

    44. A Jacob Cord

      Congrats! My copy has just been delivered here in North Idaho this afternoon!

    45. Kelroy Was Here

      That was one massive OGRE-sized effort to go from "Everything might be shipped by this weekend" to "It's all shipped and it's only Wednesday." Well done!

    46. Missing avatar

      Warren Sistrom

      Hopefully soon info on purchasing extras :)
      For those of us International customers wanting to save on shipping and support our FLGS but still supported at a lower than game level (Ogre PDFs) to get the option for extra purchases.

    47. Eric Lawson on

      Congratulations, and thanks.

    48. Missing avatar

      AstralWanderer on

      "...the order of business for this evening is simply GRINNING LIKE LOONS."
      2-word fix for this - CarWars Kickstarter. :)

    49. Robert Miller

      I got my second box today. Externally all looks good at first glance. I probably won't open them up and go through them until this weekend.