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35 years after the first publication of OGRE, we're coming back with a massive new edition, and YOU can make it better.
35 years after the first publication of OGRE, we're coming back with a massive new edition, and YOU can make it better.
5,512 backers pledged $923,680 to help bring this project to life.

70%, The Dice Tower Unboxes Ogre Designer's Edition, And A Car Wars Question

Posted by Steve Jackson Games (Creator)

Today's mail reports that we're right around the 70% mark when it comes to shipping games and swag to all of you. That second shipping line is really helping! Everyone who wants to follow along should take a look at the updated map. Brandon will update this once each business day until all of the games are shipped.

Damaged Game?

Remember, please, that if your game arrives damaged we need notification immediately. Email us at and try to include photos of the shipping carton, photos of interior damage, and your phone number. Also, please note that if the damage is significant you may be asked to box everything back up for FedEx. 

It is very important that you open your games as soon as possible. Once we release all of the extras for sale we may find ourselves without replacements, so if you wait a month or more before peeking inside your Ogre Designer's Edition we may be unable to replace some components. It turns out the distributor orders are even higher than first reported. That's a good thing!

A Look Inside The Box!

Thank you to Chief at The Dice Tower for this fantastic unboxing video. The years of work are paying off as all of you receive your games, and seeing videos like this -- as well as all of your great comments and pics -- is our reward for a job well done. Thanks, Chief, for showing the world just how much comes packed inside every copy of the Ogre Designer's Edition.

Car Wars Question: Grid Or No Grid?

I'm not officially working on Car Wars today, but that doesn't keep my brain from thinking about automotive death almost constantly. One question peeling out in my head this week is whether or not the new edition of Car Wars uses gridded maps -- great for nostalgia --- or functions more as a tabletop miniatures game. You know, using the bare table and terrain bits instead of maps.

I personally prefer the tabletop with terrain and no maps/grid approach, but I'd love to hear what all of you think. Drop a comment here and let me know your thoughts: grid or no grid?

- Phil Reed

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    1. Randall Porter on

      For a terrain game it depends on the scale. It you went with 15mm, HO or N gage there is lots of stuff out there

    2. Missing avatar

      Jason Wallace

      Whether or not there is a grid, what I >really< want is a nice game board, like the Designer edition GEV maps.

      A fold out game board really makes the game feel more like a game, and wins over friends who are huge board gamers but don't touch minis. SJG could then sell game boards as accessories, completely optional and completely profitable. The old maps can be reprinted on firm boards, and we won't have to tape down all the corners each game.

    3. Infinite Dimensions Games

      Maps no grid! Awesome movement templates would be aaaaamazing though. :D

    4. Kelroy Was Here

      Gotta go with da grid. I can old-school-DIY if I want to, like I used to.

    5. Missing avatar

      csx on

      So, how about maps with no grid, and a transparent plastic grid that can be placed over it? SJG could sell two or three of the most popular scales of transparent grids. But please make the maps available as a watermarked PDF file, so that I could print them at the size I wanted, or overlay a grid on them in an image-editor, then print them on a poster-printer.

    6. Missing avatar

      Patrick Pittman on

      Put me in the "No grid, take a look at X-Wing, MicroMachines / Hot Wheels scale" camp.

    7. Jim Vanderveen on

      The 1/4" grid scale makes for a very compact game, although my friends and I always preferred using Matchbox if space was available. I'd suggest sticking to the grid, and those of us who want to play "Car Wars Miniatures" can DIY just as we did in the 80's.

    8. Wayne A Arthurton on

      I still love my old Car Wars package. Just remake that for me. :)

    9. Bike Monet on

      Second post in a couple seconds: I like the idea of matchbox scale or micro machines scale because then SJGames doesn't have to produce as many miniatures driving up the price of the game. It allows fans to create their own cars to pimp out their version of the game (I'm sure fans will share their creations and how-tos with other fans which creates a strong community for the game).

    10. Bike Monet on

      I don't know if I am going to take part in the car wars campaign in the future, but the hybrid map style (grid for streets, table space for rural zones) sounds awesome.

    11. Missing avatar

      David Cassidy on

      Hybrid style! "Cities" are cardboard maps with a grid, "rural zones" are the table outside of the cardboard. Aren't all cities surrounded by castle walls in the fluff, thus preventing cheese? Also, new scenario "Siege Mode".

      Please also look X-Wing's simultaneous turn structure. You use hidden dials to select your movement, and pilot skill determines who moves first. The simultaneous nature means that turns go fast, because both players get to do something on each turn.

      As for scale, I like "matchbox car" scale, because instant minis for the cheapskates. Although I suppose you could do "micro machines" scale and get the same benefits...

      TL, DR: maybe just license X-Wing's game engine? :-P

    12. Missing avatar

      Magnus Karlsson on

      My vote is on a square grid, classic style.

    13. jonbly on

      Grid for Midville, City Blocks, highways... anywhere where 90% of the time, I'm travelling on the grid.

      No grid for arenas or off road where 90% of the time, I'm off-grid.

    14. Missing avatar

      MTKnife on

      Grid. I realize that no grid is pretty, but this is a game, not a diorama, and having a grid is practical, because it lets you judge distances without using a ruler. But then, I've always secretly suspected that miniatures gamers were more concerned with making pretty scenes than with strategy or simulation....

    15. Don Hanson on

      Map with grid please. Just not into the tabletop.

    16. Missing avatar

      Mike Streufert on

      Grid sounds good to me!

    17. Steve Jackson Games 21-time creator on

      What about a grid that can only be seen with special glasses . . . ?

      Though I can't help being a BIT conservative on the question, isn't it fair to say that changing to a triangular or hex movement system would make the rules so different that they'd have to be completely relearned?

      -Steve J.

    18. Missing avatar

      David Finn on

      I'm fine without the grid, but please, please make a expansion (cost extra) that is a full on board game! Arena fights are fine, but I've got tons of board gaming friends, not as many mini loving, ruler toting friends.

      Besides, a straight boardgame aspect will broaden the appeal for a larger audience. If its just minis, i'll probably collect it just because it car wars, but actual play time will probably be close to 0. If my wife reads this, she will probably forbid me from pledging, just for 'collecter' reasons.

    19. Michael Miller on

      Maps without a grid. The "pencils and pop cans" arena doesn't do it for me.

    20. Missing avatar

      daniel b trimble


      And BTW doid anyone else think that the Dice Tower video was worthless? Apparently "The Chief" hasn't been following the SJG updates as evidenced by his casually tossing aside the poster and other items during unwrapping. I just wanted to scream at my screen "Dude, its not about the size of the box, its about the quality of the components. And the size."

    21. Missing avatar

      Warren Dew on

      I would prefer a gridded game - if I want ungridded car wars I can go out and tailgate small cars in my (wife's) Odyssey. That said, I'm not a big Car Wars fan, so discount my vote by a bit.

    22. Jimmy Anderson on

      I was in the grid camp and the "old school" camp until I started playing X-Wing Miniatures game. WOW! This reminds me so much of what Car Wars "wanted" to be - fast paced, great minis, quick movement, quick combat resolution... You get to the "next round" MUCH faster.

      So I say no grid and take a look at X-Wing...

    23. James Diss on

      Grid preferred. We scaled it up to use matchbox cars back in the 1980s and it led to a number of disputes.

    24. Missing avatar

      bobrunnicles on

      Yeah, put me in the grid preferred crowd, although I'm almost certain to pledge either way :)

    25. lonejedi

      In general I prefer the grid system (especially at the 1"=10' scale), but I could definitely play without it... though I'd think something a little heavier than just a paper chit would be in order (ala Wings of War or X-Wing ;).

    26. Patrick Daily on

      Oh, I got my OGRE yesterday in South Carolina.

    27. Patrick Daily on

      I prefer grids, but can easily see playing it without and scaling as needed.

    28. Alan Schirtzinger on

      Ah, KY is finally finished, and - - - I got my tracking number. Yay!
      Now I have even more of a reason to obsessively get on my email. :)
      Oh, and I'm a gridder.

    29. minus_273c on

      Grid (presumably scaled for the newer, larger, vehicles), and printed maps/roads. That should be easy enough for anyone to translate to miniatures and table top.

    30. Carl Taylor on

      I am leaning toward at least some arena maps and a several road/highway overlays which can be used anywhere. On thing I seem to remember about the grid was that it made range finding much quicker.

    31. Philip Reed Collaborator

      @Jon Foulkes - When the Car Wars Kickstarter project launches we will post an update here. So: "Yes."

    32. Missing avatar


      I'm for a grid...and for the original scale. i was always fascinated with the "real time" movement--what was it like 3 squares for every10 mph' and then the way the turns and spin outs worked. Very elegant in it's own way.

    33. Philip Reed Collaborator

      Thanks for all of the feedback, guys!

    34. Missing avatar

      Jon Foulkes on

      P.S. will this Ogre Kickstarter let us know when Car Wars goes live for funding? Would hate to miss it....

    35. Hastati on

      As a long time CW player I'd vote for grid. Can be used if you want it, can be ignored if you don't. To be honest, I have always preferred the original sized maps and game pieces over 1/72nd scale versions. The smaller size gives you the ability to have huge maps with lots of space and to transition from highway to city on one long table. But, that could just be me.

    36. Missing avatar

      Jon Leonard on

      Grid, please: Having positions be clear helps for those times where the whole game needs to be moved, or someone bumps something, for being able to figure out where something was, etc. If the rules are flexible enough to work either way, so much the better, but I'd prefer the boardgame feel that that kind of structure brings.

    37. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Watts on

      On the theory that it's easier to ignore a grid than to add one, I vote for grid. I quite like the idea of a triangular grid of dots rather than the previous orthogonal lines, though, as that means the grid is useful at more angles, while not being very obtrusive.

    38. Hunter Mayer

      I am ok with no grid. So heres an idea... What about grids but not on printed maps? I wonder if the times a grid is nice to have it could be done with a grid on a clear overlay. If the key had grid you could lay that like a turning key in front/side/back of your vehicle, then you have a grid aligned to you, just not printed. I will say that using transparent overlays requires dexterity to pull it away that I do not always possess (I suppose no worse than turning keys most of the time and I like those) but I am pretty good at lightly holding the marker(s) and slipping the overlay out now. occasionally we just leave the grid overlays under markers until its time to realign or play leaves the grid. Anyway its a thought that shoots the middle.

    39. Missing avatar

      Theodoros Alecos on

      I'm a no grid guy. It's a lot of lines when we can just use a ruler. Think of the nicer maps.

    40. Voyages Toys on

      I like both grid and no grid. Maybe "Pocket Car Wars" with grid... Kickstarter Car Wars no grid.

    41. Richard Durrer on

      Got my tracking number, showed the unboxing to my daughter who was alternatively amazed, incredulous and happy for me :D

    42. Clyde Lee Graham

      Grid, prefer classic. No interest in minis or hot wheels scale...

    43. Missing avatar

      Dan Massey

      Classic grid

    44. Mike H


    45. Missing avatar

      Bill Su on

      I want a grid and map. Someone below mentioned a hex grid. That's a big change from the original, but it might be worth considering. Would that reduce the issues with cars that aren't at orthogonal arrangemets?

    46. Merijeek on

      Anyway, on the shipping on the next KS, let's please not give the midwest the finger again. My last name starts with an S but I suspect I'd have mine by now if we'd just done alphabetical.