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35 years after the first publication of OGRE, we're coming back with a massive new edition, and YOU can make it better.
35 years after the first publication of OGRE, we're coming back with a massive new edition, and YOU can make it better.
5,512 backers pledged $923,680 to help bring this project to life.

Stealth Ogres

Posted by Steve Jackson Games (Creator)

When you go home today, you might want to be on the lookout for Stealth Ogres. They're crafty, and every bit as dangerous as the noisier kind.

Stealth Ogre hiding cleverly.
Stealth Ogre hiding cleverly.
Can you spot it? Look carefully.
Can you spot it? Look carefully.
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    1. Jack McCrary on

      Ogres spotted watching the Northern Lights along the banks of the Yukon River near the 65th parallel, deep in the Alaskan Bush. Now I am eagerly awaiting the box with the bonus counters to arrive. Hopefully that comes in tomorrow. Out here multi-package shipments frequently get split between multiple ail plane loads.

    2. Missing avatar

      daniel b trimble

      I had thought to ask if SJG takes veteran's day off, but at this point what does it matter. OGREs will arrive, or they won't.

    3. Missing avatar

      Jeff Kapustka

      @Richard Grady: In the photo, there are actually three boxes under the mat. There's a smaller box on top of the Ogre boxes which contains things like t-shirts and tote bags.

    4. Missing avatar

      Frank on

      I hate when they do that to packages on my step, it looks far more conspicuous than a brown box that might just blend in or be assumed as a junk box.

    5. Missing avatar

      Will Todd on

      Just got my tracking numbers for delivery in Florida. Was picked up from Austin today 11/7/2013 "Direct signature required"

    6. Missing avatar

      Dave Rosenzweig

      Tracking numbers received in CT. Brace yourselves, East Coast, you will likely see some unusual tidal patterns over the next week or so.

    7. Missing avatar

      Alex Jay on

      @Jason Zavoda

      Did they leave some sort of contact info on door or something? I've been trying to use the FedEx website to do that, but it keeps telling me that service isn't available right now

      Was so looking forward to my OGRE box today :(

    8. Missing avatar

      Jeff Salzmann on

      Signature required and I can't change this? Seriously? Some of us have jobs....

    9. Jason Zavoda on

      @Alex Jay The message I received from fedex said to contact them if you can't sign for it so you can arrange to pick it up from them.

      They've bumped my date to Tues the 12th which gives me one evening to look it over before I go into the hospital for surgery on the 13th. I hope it gets here early in the day.

    10. Mark Graybill on

      @Mark D: Fedex says the first box should arrive tomorrow, the other two on Monday. Not sure what to make of that. Good to have someone else nearby. :)

    11. Missing avatar

      Chuck Meeks on

      Still waiting in Nebraska yet. I would have expected an attack on Strategic Command here at Offutt AFB by now. Of course that means that I will be gone as well, since I only live about 2 miles away. But at least I should be able to see the Ogres coming a couple days out, what with all the flat land around here....

    12. Missing avatar

      Alex Jay on

      Anyone else run into an issue with FedEx arriving when you're at work and will not leave the package on the doorstep? Was 200% excited about getting my OGRE box today, but unless I take time off work it looks like it's going to be stuck in FedEx limbo...

    13. Missing avatar

      Will Todd on

      Anybody from Florida get theirs yet? I haven't anything yet

    14. Missing avatar

      Jeff Kapustka

      My stealth Ogre arrived today. It was trying to hide behind (well, under) another box. Ogre's never were very good at stealth....

      Anyway, it is amazing! The box is fookin HUGE!!! The Ogre garage inserts are fantastic, and then some! There are places in the plastics for everything and then some. It was definitely worth the wait!

    15. Mark D on

      Well the ogre is still cloaked. But Fed Ex has been able to get a tracking beacon on him. So as soon as he gets in range. I will decimate his outer armor and look gloriously upon his inner contents...... There also seems to be a Mark I traveling with the Mark V. This could be dangerous or an early Christmas for me.
      @Graybill hey Mark I live close to Colfax. Got Ogre?

    16. Javawarlock on

      Just got mine in Vancouver Wa the day before Fed Ex said it would be here. I'm sorry for the driver, he had to lug it up my quarter mile driveway in the rain after dark. The inside box had one smashed corner and a slight tear but is in good enough shape for me.

    17. Missing avatar

      Ben C on

      My OGRE proved stealthy as well... like David's, a day before I expected. Just now getting home to start unpacking and verifying swag though. To battlestations!

    18. David Sherman on

      "Ogres spotted advancing to key positions Northwest of Seattle! Intel projected movement in the area as early as tomorrow... they were wrong! Run for your lives, OGRE is on the move!"

      (I got my copies today, a day early; they are in very good condition. All loot accounted for as well.)

    19. Mark Graybill on

      I got my shipping info yesterday afternoon. Colfax, CA. I hope that helps those of you still waiting. Today they say one box is coming Friday, the other two on Monday.

    20. Steve Jackson Games 21-time creator on

      @Josh - Once you have a tracking number, you should be able to contact FedEx and have them place a vacation hold on the delivery. Alternatively, you can write us at and we can hold off shipping your rewards until you are back at home (assuming we haven't already shipped them, of course). -Brandon

    21. Missing avatar

      Josh Rea on

      I am actually growing slightly concerned. I had believed my trip in mid/late november would be far removed from arrival time. Now I am afraid OGRE will arrive sometime during my 10 day absensce.

    22. Mark D on

      Well mine must be using a cloaking device. I can't see it anywhere on my porch.

    23. Phillip M.

      @PhilipJReed Please forgive me. I had a the sweetest brief taste of Ogre at Origins. It was a fleeting moment of pure joy (as Daniel crushed me twice) only to crash back to earth knowing the wait continues. Now I'm so tantalizingly close...

    24. Jeff Vandine

      Well, spank me and make me turn red -- I JUST got my shipping number notification! I would imagine I'll see it by the end of the week -- all 68.2 pounds....

      Just goes to show you, when all hope is lost, and you start whining about how woeful you are, the Gods of luck slap you upside the head -- apologies to all at SJGs for my temporary despair...Ogres are indeed on the way!

    25. Philip Reed Collaborator

      No region is complete yet. As soon as we have verified completion of states/regions we will post an update. Everyone at the shipping location is working on packing and shipping boxes as quickly (and accurately) as they can.

    26. JBLIII on

      There HAS been an Ogre sighting in central Ohio...but it's not mine! A friend of mine was one of the lucky 20% who've already received their shipments. He and his son have already begun playing. My son and I remain covetous.

    27. Phillip M.

      No reports of Ogres in Washington DC. Politicians are safe ... for now.

    28. Missing avatar

      linuxgurugamer on

      yes it was. A while ago I must have asked the Fedex guy to leave something under the doormat. This was the result

    29. Missing avatar

      Dan Calaway on

      Be glad you're on the coast, I am in Indiana and won't be shipped until the rest of the world is shipped first.

    30. Krishna Juarez on

      I received my tracking numbers last night. I am about as west coast as you can get ( about 8 miles from the beach).

    31. Eric Lawson on

      Should international backers have received tracking numbers already?

    32. Missing avatar

      Bill Mazerat on

      I am curious on when to expect tracking number for the New Orleans area.

    33. Geoff Bell on

      Stealth Ogres? I thought the BGG sheets with the Ninja weren't available yet...

    34. Missing avatar

      crashonhead on

      I thought using the word "Welcome" with camouflage was outlawed by the Pan-Combine Accords.

    35. Mark Graybill on

      Whoa! I think I see them. There's more than one, it looks like. I used some old multispectral image enhancement goggles, and outlined them in the images to help others pick them out:

    36. Jim Vanderveen on

      I'm in NorCal (Sacramento area), just got my shipping number yesterday.

    37. Ed S

      I may have missed the communication on this. So, sorry if it has already been mentioned. Are we getting a shipping notification that we can track the shipment?

    38. Andrew Lloyd on

      @Jeff Vandine - I rec'd mine yesterday here in East Bay SF (Contra Costa, specifically), for what its worth.

    39. Patrick Turner on

      Nice Fall theme on the doormat.

    40. GranitePenguin on

      @linuxgurugamer: Is this what it looked like when you found it?

    41. Missing avatar


      I'm more concerned about the nautical Ogres.

    42. Jeff Vandine

      I'm in Northern California (west coast?) and have two copies supposedly coming; thus far I have received nothing -- not so much as a shipping number. Sure hope they finish up the west coast tranche soon.... What's that? That was done a week or two ago? Hmmmm. I wonder if I'm going to have to hassle with customer service when all of this is said and done....

    43. Jeff Vandine

      Reminds me of the Ninjas in Ninja Burger!

    44. Julia Gosztyla Ziobro

      Mine arrived yesterday and I have to admit that I was floored... it is BIGGER than the photos make it look. The giant pile of counter cardboard is on the table, acclimating to our climate, under my daughter's Algebra textbook, and I've heard rumbling in the kitchen. Scary!

    45. GranitePenguin on

      The ECM must be very good at my house, because I don't see anything.

    46. Wumboist on

      @Darin: What unearthly force compelled you to even attempt washing it? Were you using it to hold the ultimate Taco Town Taco???

    47. Missing avatar

      daniel b trimble

      I've seen a few mentions of Maryland (and Virginia and Pennsylvania) here and in the forums, so the anticipation is killing me. No ogres, no swag, no shipping number.

      Any update on status, like what percentage of domestic shipping has been done?

    48. Darin Ramsey on

      Also @Richard, the shirt, bag, & some other goodies arrived yesterday (eastern Washington), but the big box looks like it'll show up today.

      Unrelated: the tag on the giant canvas bag says it's machine washable, but I don't recommend it. I lost most of the crosshairs on both sides.

    49. Missing avatar

      linuxgurugamer on

      Hi all, this was my delivery. In New Jersey (you may have seen my "News Flashes" in some of the previous update comments. Delivered Monday, Nov. 4.

      For those who asked, I got the Ogre shirt along with the rest of the swag.

    50. Lawrence "Saker" Collins

      A two-Ogre shipment! Hopefully that means the three-Ogre shipments will be heading out soon...