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35 years after the first publication of OGRE, we're coming back with a massive new edition, and YOU can make it better.
35 years after the first publication of OGRE, we're coming back with a massive new edition, and YOU can make it better.
5,512 backers pledged $923,680 to help bring this project to life.

Happy Pic, Sad Pic

Posted by Steve Jackson Games (Creator)

First, the happy picture! Kickstarter got their copy of the game, and posted a video:

Now, the sad picture. Mighty though the outer carton may be, it IS possible for a shipper to damage the game. Here’s a picture from Kevin Nunn. Looks like a crowbar was involved, doesn’t it?

We’ve already reshipped to Kevin; we will deal with the shipper. We have no illusions that this will be the only one damaged, though.

If your game arrives with scuffs and dings on the carton, fine, it did its job. Throw away the carton, enjoy your game, and rejoice.

If your shipment arrives with damage to the game itself, we will make it right. You can help us by:

(1) Calling it to the deliveryman’s attention immediately, if the damage is as obvious as Kevin’s was. If you are given something to sign, write DAMAGED on it.

(2) Take a picture of the damage and send it to us at Include the name you supported under and your phone number – we’ll need those to get your game replaced and to start the claims process.

(3) Don’t discard the damaged game (not that you would do that), or unbox it any further – just keep it safe until a recall ticket is generated.

Shipping Progress

We have shipped to about 20% of our supporters. Those included a large random sampling of backers in every part of the US, because the first batch of picking sheets we printed was not properly limited to the West Coast. So if you are on the West Coast without a tracking number, and you see a “Got mine!” note from somebody in Texas, that’s why. We goofed and they got lucky.

At this point I can say that November 10 was a completely unrealistic estimate for the finish day. The people responsible have been sentenced to remedial math. So far, we have peaked at 320 supporters a day – some supporters, of course, get multiple packages. If we can keep this up, the last one (not counting address or phone issues) will ship around November 20 or 21. We DO have some ideas for making it faster, but so far they are just ideas.

Party Page

We’ve got a web page up about the launch party. Lots of photos.

– Steve Jackson

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    1. Missing avatar

      daniel b trimble

      @Robert Thanks, I knew there had to be a simple way to check but it kept eluding me. I became worried because I'm awaiting rewards from another kickstarter that hasn't arrived yet either

    2. Robert Bruce Garlinghouse on

      @daniel Look at the supporter levels column to the right of the comments. There should be a place that says "You Selected" at your pledge level. In that box wil be a place that says "Survey sent 5/29/2012 : Your response". The "Your response" is a link, click it, it should open with the adress info etc. you provided to SJG.

    3. Missing avatar

      daniel b trimble

      This is going to sound very dumb, but....I was wondering, where are you shipping mine to? Did I give an address at some point?

    4. Keith Carter on

      @Brandon - I got a reply the next day. Missing classic counters received. Thank you.

    5. Missing avatar

      linuxgurugamer on

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      Reports have been coming in about enormous tanks rumbling on the roads of the country. They seem to be originating from a small warehouse in Austin, Tx, and heading across the entire country. No area seems to be exempt from their presence.
      These vehicles are the size of football fields, and the army has, as of now, been unable to stop their movements. Their destinations currently remain unknown at this time, as well as the owners and/or controllers of them. Nothing seems to be able to stop them; they have been seen to go underwater, over hills, and in at least one instance, through a highway bridge. There is nothing left of the bridge.
      Residents are urged to take cover and avoid them at all costs if they are seen.

      --- Update ------ Update ------ Update ------ Update ------ Update ------ Update ------ Update ------ Update ---
      A new report has just come in about another pair of these large tanks. These seem to be headed towards New Jersey, exact destination is unknown. They are expected to reach New Jersey sometime on Monday; residents are urged to take cover and avoid them at all costs if they are seen.

    6. DropDeadCriminal

      Will the North East US orders be shipped in time for the East Coast Launch party?

    7. Madmecha on

      Sad face, no confirmation yet :(

    8. Phillip M.

      I'm in DC and still haven't gotten either an email, swag or game! :( I have a game day on Veterans Day.

    9. Steve Jackson Games 21-time creator on

      @KeithCarter - You should expect a reply about any problems by the end of the next business day if not sooner.

      @AstralW - International orders should begin shipping very shortly.

      If you backed at the Zone D or Zone H tiers, Pegasus will be handling getting your game to you. All other rewards will be sent from Austin. If you haven't responded to our email asking for your phone number (for all backers outside the USA), please make sure to contact us at with your phone number so we can get your rewards mailed.

    10. Missing avatar

      AstralWanderer on

      Any timeline for international orders? Specifically, whether (or when) EU orders have been shipped to Pegasus in Germany?

    11. John H. on

      @Steven - thanks! I don't know how I missed it before.

    12. Muzzlehead on

      I got lucky in Newark DE :)

    13. Missing avatar

      Robert Huss

      My copy arrived, safe and sound. Won't have time to unpack it until the weekend, unfortunately.

    14. Missing avatar

      linuxgurugamer on

      Just got my shipping notice.

      Now I just have to wait until Monday.


    15. Dave Doolin on

      320 per day is 40 per hour is one shipped per 90 seconds.

      That's pretty good.

    16. Steve Jackson Games 21-time creator on

      Thanks for pointing out that the Nov. 10 date is still in the party note. If I had you folks reading my whole website, it would NEVER go out of date. We don't even need the date in the party report - it would have to be changed again to the past tense when shipment is over, and we were trying to create a little historical archive, not a living page. So I'll probably just have it completely removed. No fear, there are plenty of other records of the bad estimate out there :)

      Keith - I would have expected you to get an acknowledgement quickly if you notified us of a misshipment. Send again, please.

      Patrick - Yes, we're hurrying as fast as we can consistent with avoiding any more foulups, and hope to move the estimate in the right direction, but I'll announce that when I believe it.

      –Steve J.

    17. Mike H

      What is the status of the backer for sale sheets? I sent one guy $$ already months ago, I can track it down via pay pal.. but when are you guys sending those out so I can expect his stuff?

    18. Steven Marsh on

      @John H.: The Tom Smith-scribed theme and ring tones were announced on in the June 20 update:
      They're available via e23, at…
      Hope this helps!

    19. Keith Carter on

      Given the focus on getting games out how long should we expect to wait to get a response sent to about a packing error involving the extras? I am willing to wait patiently while efforts are made to get others their games, I just want an acknowledgement that my error notice was received and noted.

    20. John H. on

      "November 10 was a completely unrealistic estimate for the finish day. ... the last one (not counting address or phone issues) will ship around November 20 or 21."

      Given the size of the box and number of backers, this is not really a surprise. I would be more surprised if all product was shipped before the end of November, what with holidays and so forth.

      Then SJG can focus on the other stretch goals such as the Ogre Expansion, Ogre computer game, and Car Wars.

      BTW, now that some of us are playing the game, it just doesn't seem right that we don't have the Tom Smith background music. Or ringtone. Any updates there?

    21. Sean M. Brannon on

      "At this point I can say that November 10 was a completely unrealistic estimate for the finish day."

      You're talking about last year, right? ;-) You know, the game isn't really late; the scope of the project grew beyond the original and therefore required more time. You guys have been REALLY great about communication(transparency in PC speak), which is one of the most important factors in keeping people happy.

      Thanks guys!

    22. Ronster on

      Seeing the WIA box makes me sad, but seeing the item number '1977' is AWESOME.

    23. Philip Reed Collaborator

      The street date is December 6.

    24. Missing avatar

      Patrick McDonald on

      I was hopeful that I would see a tracking number soon (in Omaha, NE) since a neighbor of mine has already received his copy. But perhaps it was part of the randomness?

      Also, what does this widening of the shipping window do for the street date? As I recall, the $250K stretch reward was delivery to KS backers "one month" before distribution copies -- will we be seeing games on FLGS shelves (or on Coolstuff/MiniatureMarket/Amazon) before shipping to backers is completed?

    25. Jamie Lumsden on

      hey guys just want to remind you that Hawaii is part of the US and not on the west coast so please dont forget us in the early shipping group because it will definitely take the longest to get here.

    26. Steve Jackson Games 21-time creator on

      @Vendolis - Send a note to explaining your situation and we will do our best to help you out! - Brandon

    27. Glenn Copeland

      Bummer for Kevin, mostly in that he was THAT CLOSE, but gets^w has to wait some more.

    28. Steve Jackson Games 21-time creator on

      As always, if you need to contact us regarding your rewards for shipping or any other reason, is the email address to contact. -JB

    29. Missing avatar

      Alex Jay on

      sad to see someone's package arrived to badly damaged, that's monstrously unfortunate, especially after a nearly 18 month long wait :(

      That said, I'm checking my email every day hoping for that tracking number :D

    30. Dean Steede on

      Thanks for the very clear update on shipping status and delivery dates. I'm feeling much better knowing that the process is experiencing only small hiccups.

      You might want to update the 10 November date posted on the Party page you linked at the bottom of this update.

    31. Missing avatar


      Who to contact when you are most likely not around to accept the package if they are delivered later than a certain point?