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35 years after the first publication of OGRE, we're coming back with a massive new edition, and YOU can make it better.
35 years after the first publication of OGRE, we're coming back with a massive new edition, and YOU can make it better.
5,512 backers pledged $923,680 to help bring this project to life.

Copies Are Arriving!

Posted by Steve Jackson Games (Creator)

Comments on the last update have included some “Mine is here!” So that's a few dozen down, a few thousand to go.

Having said that:

It’s definitely too early to write and ask “Has mine shipped?” or “When will mine ship?” or “Is my address on the West Coast?” or any variation on that. The people who could answer those questions are busy shipping games, and they need to keep shipping games. As we get farther along, I’ll try to post more specifics. I hope that very soon I can say, for instance, “If you live in New Zealand, you should have gotten a tracking number by now.” Please keep in mind that tracking-number mail is exactly the sort of thing that your spam filter loves to eat, so check that spambox!

Those first few dozen who didn’t get automatic tracking number e-mail should now absolutely have gotten a manual e-mail with the tracking number, except for those who FedEx says have already gotten the box! Those first shipments were to the supporters who registered for the party but did not make it. If you were on that list, you should now REALLY have gotten your box or at least your tracking number. So go look out your front door. If you can’t see the street, it’s probably because there’s a box in the way.

Here's a picture of a thing with some other things.
Here's a picture of a thing with some other things.

Yes indeed – as commenters pointed out, Pegasus’ help on the shipping means, in theory, no extra VAT on the European copies, though it may (or may not) delay the arrival of the package by a few days. Even though they may start shipping later, they’re starting from inside the Eurozone.

“When will APOs be shipped?” Well, if your address is APO San Francisco, it will ship with San Francisco, and after that the service will send it to where it believes you are. If you’re on a carrier, the map will fit nicely on the flight deck. If you’re in a sub, I don’t know where you’re going to play; please send a photo. Rare earth magnets are your friends?

I see several people saying “I should have done a launch party!” How much of that is serious interest in that kind of event, and how much is just poking us about shipment schedules? If you want more gamer parties, we can keep that in mind. If you’re just giving us a hard time, that's fair, too. (Please remember: the central US would have been shipped after the coasts no matter what, because in delivery terms it’s closer; the gamer parties just slipped the coasts ahead of the relatively small number of non-US, non-European orders.)

Also please remember: If and when you find a real problem, writing to will get a quicker response than posting it here, both because we will probably see it sooner and because we won’t have to stop to look up your email address.

The goal is in sight . . .

– Steve Jackson


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    1. Missing avatar

      Clarke Robinson on

      Arrived in CA yesterday...very impressive and well worth the wait. As per the "Read Me First" sheet, we punched out enough counters to play a quick round of Mark III gosh I felt like I was 12 again.

      Quick question: has anybody tried punching a few small holes in the box lid to make it easier to open? This thing generates enough vacuum to inhale a small town.

    2. Greg Silberman

      I received a tracking notice but missed the fact that the address was my previous company up the street (could have sworn I changed the address), unfortunately, my Ogre has been "Returned to Shipper" Hopefully it will be back in CA for Thanksgiving.

    3. Missing avatar

      Stephan Szabo

      I haven't seen a tracking number, but did get a box of swag (counters, shirts); it's almost enough to play with already with some creativity and an old pocket box. :)

    4. Sean Lambert (sum1els)

      @Jeremy: if you send your copy to me, I'll be happy to draw on the box. ;)

    5. Pete Bratach on

      I live in California, and I haven't received a shipping notice yet. I did check my spam folder. Thanks!

    6. Ronster on

      @Dan Spezzano My tracking number came from, YMMV.

    7. Philip Reed Collaborator

      @Randall Porter - No reason to worry. We are still shipping thousands of games. It will take time.

    8. Randall Porter on

      I still have not gotten any emails regarding my shipment, Randall Porter, I live in Indianapolis.

    9. Dan Spezzano on

      Did they ever give a heads up on where the email is coming from so I can check my junk mail. I get about 400 junk mail piece a day thanks to AT&T

    10. KevinR

      @Philip -- the fancy pen is an Ogre Sherpa:…

    11. Andrew Lloyd on

      Okay, I just got my tracking number about 2 minutes after posting this. So mine is en route to the Bay Area. Hurrah!

    12. Andrew Lloyd on

      @ Sean Brannon - I'm in the East SF Bay and I've neither rec'd a tracking number nor my game, so you aren't alone here.

    13. Missing avatar

      Philip on

      How do I get one of those pens. Looks like it would work on the counter sheets we got with the game. Was it an extra I somehow missed? (I've been totally out of it since I pledged. I just got the game last night and got everything punched.)

    14. Jonathan Woodward

      I'm starting to suspect that they're shipping in alphabetical order... (Curse you, name ending in W!)

    15. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Marshall on

      @Philip It's okay (…)

      And I got my tracking number this morning! Looks like I can expect Ogre this Friday! Thanks!!

    16. John Fleisher on

      My Ogre Mk V poster says that it weighs 418 tons, so not quite.

    17. Missing avatar

      Bryan Beatty on

      @Malor: Well, if they're shipping 5512 copies at 28 pounds apiece, that works out to around 77 short tons. By comparison, an M1 Abrams tank is around 68 tons.

      So I'd say, no, it's not anywhere near as much as an Ogre. But maybe as much as a heavy tank? :-)

    18. Missing avatar

      Malor on

      >My napkin math says they are shipping 8200 pounds of OGRE a day.

      Heh, which raises the question: is the total weight of all the Ogre games as much as an actual Ogre?

    19. Philip Reed Collaborator

      @Sean M. Brannon - We are working on it. As soon as we have complete and final info on shipping we will post an update. At the moment roughly 20% of the shipments have been sent.

    20. Sean M. Brannon on

      I'm in the SF Bay Area and haven't gotten a tracking number. At least one backer in NJ claims to have gotten a tracking number, but is also attending a "launch party." Perhaps those attending a launch party have priority over the "West coast first, then east coast, and then the poor guys in the middle" shipping order.

      Oh, well, I guess I'll have to exercise patience at least until some east-coasters start actually getting their boxes.

    21. Philip Reed Collaborator

      @Curt Steindler - Not yet a problem that we know of. We're still working on shipping and as of yesterday no states are completed.

      @Jeremy Marshall - I know I'm not drawing on your box. That's not the type of work I do these days. Sorry!

    22. Curt Steindler on

      Hmmm. I haven't received a tracking number and I live in Los Angeles.

      I hope there isn't a problem.

    23. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Marshall on

      Oh, and I have not received a tracking number.

    24. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Marshall on

      I'm not kidding about either of my statements. There is likely no correlation between the two, though. :)

      I am on the West coast.

      I did ask for a drawing (but I don't expect it!) :)

    25. Nick D.

      My napkin math says they are shipping 8200 pounds of OGRE a day. That's 3.8 metric tons!

    26. Steve Jackson Games 21-time creator on

      Jeremy - You're kidding. Please tell me you're kidding.

      Thomas - I am sorry to report that the sponsor of Uncommon Ogres hasn't responded to my mail recently. It could be anything from serious tragedy to a bad spam filter. Yeah, I know, now the whole internet will be going "Where's Walt?" So Walt, when this gets back to you, drop me a line, okay?

      Just Dave - If there will be *nobody* at your shipping address in November, let us know at - we can hold it, or ship it elsewhere - but you don't want it to sit outside for a month. The shipping carton is epic but not THAT epic.

      -Steve J.

    27. Missing avatar

      Daniel Schulz on

      5000 copies at 300/day is about 4 weeks. I have a feeling it will be Thanksgiving before I see this. I think I'll just try to forget about it for a while.

    28. Missing avatar

      Jimmy on

      got a tracking number this afternoon, NJ. attending launch party.

    29. Philip Reed Collaborator

      No reason for anyone to be worried. We are working through the shipping process and will have an update when we have detailed info. Lots of games to ship!

    30. Missing avatar

      Joshua G on

      just got a shipping notice, WA.

    31. Missing avatar

      David Kirkpatrick on

      Way up here on the North Coast (Minnesota), nary a sign yet of a shipping notice... I'll be happy if I see it within the next two weeks!

    32. Missing avatar

      Chris Busse on

      If we're West Coast, when should we start to get sketchy and nervous?

    33. Tim Collins on

      Kind of glad to hear it's coming by FedEx, I'm not sure my mailman weighs 28 lbs himself.

    34. Missing avatar

      Doug Houseman on

      Both of my boxes arrived approximately 30 minutes ago, all in good shape.

      Holy WA batman! Holy WA! This thing is huge, well made and looks like a huge pile of fun.

      Thank you Steve Jackson Games for doing it.

      My first chance to us the game at a convention will be U-Con. I am looking forward to having all the Tournament maps on the table at one time.

    35. Missing avatar

      Good2find on

      Mine arrived today. Gorgeous huge heavy box of fun!

    36. Hastati on

      One question on military APO orders (I have an APO AE address). Are they shipping USPS as FedEx and DHL don't work for APO's to my knowledge?

    37. Curseyoukhan

      Live in Boston... no email yet. ... blood pressure rising... AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! WHEN!!!!!!!!!!!

    38. Luke Bunyip on

      @Philip Reed Ta muchly.

    39. Philip Reed Collaborator

      @Jonathan Kinney - These are shipping through FedEx.

    40. Philip Reed Collaborator

      @Luke Bunyip - We are shipping international orders through DHL.

    41. Luke Bunyip on

      Out of curiosity, who is handling delivery in Australia? Is it Australia Post, or a smaller private cartage/delivery company?

    42. Jonathan Kinney on

      Thanks guys. Just wasn't sure what West Coast meant and was worried that my tracking number had slipped through the cracks. I was going to head to my PO box on Monday to pick up another Kickstarter, and was hoping to see how close Ogre was to getting here...then maybe I'd delay a couple of days. Wishful thinking I guess. :-)

    43. Thomas Smith on

      Don't worry guys, you're just getting what us guys in the middle of the country experience all the time. You'll get your stuff and it will be AWESOME!

    44. Stephen E Brown

      @Jonathan, mine is also shipping to a Washington address, and nothing in my inbox either. I'm assuming "West Coast" actually means "within a certain number of miles of San Francisco" or "those who registered for the West Coast Launch Party". I think we just have to be patient, for now.

    45. Missing avatar


      @Jonathan Kinney: You'll get an email from FedEx when it is shipped -- they're sending roughly 300 a day until Nov 10, so yours may not be sent yet.

    46. Jonathan Kinney on

      Mine is being delivered to a Washington address and I have not received a tracking number (either automatically or manually). Should I just wait and see or is there a process to find out if my item has been sent? Can I check Fedex with just my name and address?

    47. Missing avatar


      Combat Unit R-690-TMY, "Timmy" of the Line has left Fort Worth. ETA: Thursday.

    48. Roger D Martin on

      My came in Friday, and as Steve mention the FedEx notice was eaten by my spam folder. I just spent 4 hours punching out counters and putting together the 3 d ones. Took some pics too. And I still not done.

    49. Just Dave on

      With me being from Michigan chances are I will not see my game for a couple of weeks, but I do like that people are sharing their joy in getting the game. The worst part is I will be gone most of November so even if the game gets to my house, I won't be able to enjoy until December...
      Thanks again to all the SJ games staff for your hard work

    50. David Dodge on

      Thanks for that last post. Thats the kind of reassurance I think we were looking for. That last update I think implied that the east and west shipments were out the door from SJ for the party people but not for all east and west coast people. Also Packages may be waiting for ups/fedex etc pickup but not actually mailed yet right? So therefore they wouldnt be in the system etc. Im guessing here but that last update was maybe just worded a bit vaguely.