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35 years after the first publication of OGRE, we're coming back with a massive new edition, and YOU can make it better.
35 years after the first publication of OGRE, we're coming back with a massive new edition, and YOU can make it better.
5,512 backers pledged $923,680 to help bring this project to life.

Classic Counters!

Posted by Steve Jackson Games (Creator)

Three containers of Ogre are now on the water! To celebrate, I thought it a good time to share photos of the Classic Counters that will also start shipping in October. Enjoy these pics of the counters shown with the Ogre Pocket Edition counters.

- Phil Reed

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    1. Keith Carter on

      @ Phillip Reed - Just pulled down the classic counters PDF. Having a digital version of the classic counters was an important part of the project for me. I am very happy to have them.

    2. Poi on

      @Phil Here's hoping 22nd November is possible. Birthday pressie to myself.

    3. Steve Jackson Games 21-time creator on

      Easiest way for address changes is just email with the new address (and the email address used to respond to the survey if sending from a different email address). -Brandon

    4. Missing avatar

      Alex Jay on

      Hey, if we need to update our address how can we do that?

    5. Philip Reed Collaborator

      @KevinR - Thank you!!!

    6. KevinR

      @Phil, Keith -- I find a comment from Phil about a classic counter PDF, but haven't found another reference in the SJG or Phil comments on Kickstarter:… (maybe the link will work)
      Philip Reed on May 10, 2012
      Free PDF of classic counters. Yes, this is still happening.
      It looks like Phil's comment was in response to a question by Keith Carter:
      Keith Carter on May 10, 2012
      When the classic black & white counters were announced as the $500K stretch goal on May 3rd it also said that a high resolution PDF of the same would be made available at some point. I have not seen any mention of the PDF file since. It is not in the extras text of the Kickstarter project home page, not in the Goal Achieved! text for $500K, nor is it in the PDF list in the unofficial Ogre Pledge Configurator!.

      Is the PDF of the black & white counters still in play?
      And here's the promise: Update #21 on May 03, 2012,
      We will also make those files available as hi-res PDFs, for those who want far more than they can afford and don’t require super quality . . . and against the day when we sell out.

    7. Philip Reed Collaborator

      @Poi - UK delivery should be happening roughly as fast as packages can make their way around. All shipping starts October 21, but between the number of packages we have to ship and delivery times I'm unsure of specific delivery dates. I don't even know how many we'll be able to ship each day once we get rolling.

    8. Philip Reed Collaborator

      @Keith Carter - Keith, I don't have the master list here at home so can you point me to where we stated the classic counters will be released in PDF? If that's something we announced then I want to get instructions sent off to staff ASAP. Thanks!

    9. Poi on

      Great news.
      I'd better get my game shelf reinforced.
      What's the current estimated UK delivery?

    10. Keith Carter on

      When will the high resolution PDF of the classic counters be available?

    11. John H. on

      @KevinR: The silhouette is clearly a mono-chassis, so any MCP will be on a MSL or MHWZ chassis, not a MCR chassis. I just need to get a feel for which chassis makes more sense.

      The Hovetruck chassis is the same as the GEV-PC, based on the classic silhouettes..

    12. KevinR

      @John H: there are official HCP and CP minis in Warehouse 23 now:
      For MCP, I would probably consider a NAC CP or PE HCP on a missile crawler. For the GEV-MCP, maybe you could fit something on a hovertruck: maybe one of the canvas tops with a dish from a PE HCP or a Mark I tower?

    13. Royce Day on

      @PHil Reed Thanks!

    14. John H. on

      I spy, with my little eye:
      D1 MCP
      D2 MCP

      If one were to model these things in Ogre Miniatures, how big are they? MCP on a MSL chassis? GEV-MCP on a GEV-PC chassis (like HVR-TRUCK)?

    15. John H. on

      Pre-punched Ogre counters? What is this world coming to?

      Why in my day, you had to cut the counter sheets with scissors.

      And not these new-fangled scissors with the wide plastic grips.

      Oh, no. It was thin metal scissors that made your fingers ache.

      Kids, today.

    16. Missing avatar

      daniel b trimble

      @ Phillip Reed: thanks! Looking forward to seeing the video. I might bust out my old GEV for comparison. Sadly my original Ogre set is MIA.

    17. Missing avatar

      Daniel Schulz on

      Center nibs? BOOOOOOO!!!!!!

    18. Matt on

      +2 on the oversized old school counters comment below.

    19. Philip Reed Collaborator

      @ Royce Day - The counters will be offered for sale later.

    20. Philip Reed Collaborator

      @daniel b trimble - There were two. One we shot Wednesday and a second with BGG. Ours will go live once staff has time to finish editing everything together. The guys used a mic and three cameras during the event.

    21. Philip Reed Collaborator

      @Joshua R - No amount of "Trust us, the game is giant!" really prepares you for seeing it and holding the game. Trust us, the game is giant!

    22. Malechi on

      Punch out counters? I guess I can put away my scissors for this edition!!! ;D

    23. Andrew Hamilton on

      That first picture could make a neat wallpaper. Is there a larger scale available? =)

    24. Missing avatar

      AstralWanderer on

      "Three containers of Ogre are now on the water!"
      Shouldn't that be "Three containers of Ogre are now crawling across the seabed!"?
      Nice to see the classic counters at last. Now we'll have to ask for full scale B&W maps to go with them. :)

    25. Missing avatar

      daniel b trimble

      Was a video of the unpacking at gencon made? When/where will it be available?

    26. Joshua R on

      @Merijeek Agreed! I went to the booth thinking "Okay, let's see this giant OGRE garage and if it really lives up to- HOLY CRAP!" It really is an amazing package - the trays are really nice, the assembled bits are all very sharp. I'm super, super excited to finally get my hands on the thing.
      Huge. Awesome.

    27. Royce Day on

      Will the oversized B/W counters be available for purchase once the Kickstarter boxes start shipping, or did I miss my chance by not getting them with my original pledge?

    28. Andrew Lloyd on

      I still have my single-sided blue/white and white/blue counters from an early edition of G.E.V.!

    29. Merijeek on

      Just a quick note from my Gen Con visit.

      I've read so much "oooh it so huge!" and "ooooh it's so awesome!" so I'd kind of started tuning it out.

      But man, when you see it in person it really is THAT impressive. It is so huge and it is so awesome.

    30. Kent Bunn

      Hey now, those aren't very classic! I remember using rubber cement to get the thin little counters on cardboard, then painstakingly cutting the damn things out. Now THAT'S classic!