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35 years after the first publication of OGRE, we're coming back with a massive new edition, and YOU can make it better.
35 years after the first publication of OGRE, we're coming back with a massive new edition, and YOU can make it better.
5,512 backers pledged $923,680 to help bring this project to life.

First Two Containers Ship This Week!

Posted by Steve Jackson Games (Creator)

Sam and I are back in the office after our visit to the factories in China. The factory tours were incredibly fun and productive . . . the flights not so much. My own return flight was frustrating and miserable but it cannot begin to compare to Sam's flight back to the U.S. Sam left Hong Kong about 26 hours before me and I still managed to get home before he did. His awful experience included sitting on a runway for six hours in China and then returning to Hong Kong only to leave a second time the next day.

The good news, though, is that two loaded containers are leaving the factory this week for their long journey to the Austin office. That's two of sixteen containers! We're still on track to start shipping games in October.


I've included two photos from the factory, and we have some video soon. Sam is reviewing all of the photos and video that we shot while in China -- that's not a quick task! -- and he's editing everything together into a single video that should give you a better understanding of how game manufacturing works. We will post another update when the video's ready.

Games at Gen Con!

We will have two completely finished copies of the Ogre Designer's Edition to show off at Gen Con next week. I'm working out a way to hold a public unboxing . . . once we have the location, time, and date finalized, we'll post the details here. For those of you who cannot make it to the show, we will film the unboxing and post the video online. This will be a copy of Kickstarter A -- no Pocket Ogre inside -- weighing over 28 pounds. Yeah, that's a lot of game.

Thanks For Your Patience!

I again want to apologize for how long the game is taking to complete. I hope that you're enjoying these updates and can see just how much work goes into producing such a massive game. We -- Steve Jackson Games staff, our reps at GPI, and even the factory staff -- have learned new manufacturing tricks and really pushed to find and expand beyond our limitations. All of this experience will be useful: we're already applying lessons learned to other games and Car Wars will benefit greatly from this entire experience.

But that doesn't excuse the delays, so please accept my apology for the lateness of the game. I'm sorry. We will do better the next time we design and publish a 28-pound game.

- Phil Reed

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    1. Missing avatar

      Malor on

      Very belatedly, the thought occurs: poor Sam had a miserable time, but it might be worth putting it into a little perspective: he flew, almost literally, halfway around the world in a little over a day.

      Not so long ago, people would have looked at you like you'd lost your mind if you said you'd come to the US from China in just 26 hours.

    2. Philip Reed Collaborator

      @LeighBC - I don't have an exact weight once the carton and protective pieces ar removed. I'm thinking a punched and assembled game will come in at about 24 pounds. But we'll know for sure after GenCon.

    3. Al Griego on

      About 27 lbs. ;-)

    4. Missing avatar

      LeighBC on

      What is the weight like once you remove all the excess cardboard from the counters?

    5. Al Griego on

      @Rod - I added on to our house last summer so we would have enough room for this game. I just need to get bigger shelves to hold it...

    6. Steve Jackson Games 21-time creator on

      Car Wars will definitely NOT be a 28-pound game. One of the most important lessons we learned by doing a 28-pound game is "Don not do 28-pound games."

      See you all (well, some of you) at GenCon, I hope . . .

    7. Philip Reed Collaborator

      @Dustin_00 - Well, you could always get all of the sponsored sheets if you need more weight.

    8. Missing avatar

      DutchUncleHAR on

      Agree with @Julia - stop apologizing, because the audience is already separated into "time lost is forever" and "focus on the product". This is Kickstarter, not Amazon.

      My son and I are each getting one of these monsters. My wife is gonna kill us.

    9. Missing avatar


      28-pounds? We wanted 30!

      Excellent work. No complaints here.

    10. Philip Reed Collaborator

      @Brian Rayburn - Each container holds between 800 and 900 games. Containers are being loaded and shipped each week now that Sam and I have approved the assembly and QC; for the next month+ containers loaded with Ogre will leave the factory every week.

    11. Brian Rayburn on

      These pics are great. I really wish more companies gave a 'progress blog' of upcoming games. Glimpses into the production process are fascinating. Even if I don't jump on the Car Wars project, I would be really interested in pics and stories like these for it.

      Phil, you mentioned that a couple of containers have already shipped. Are those just the pick-ups at the Launch Party? Or does 'container' imply a much larger... well... container, big enough for all the KS copies?

    12. Philip Reed Collaborator

      @nerdwerds - I am definitely taking a break between Ogre and Car Wars. I need to be fresh and ready to kill it when I jump right in the arena and shift all of my Ogre time to Car Wars.

    13. Philip Reed Collaborator

      @Julia Gosztyla Ziobro - Julia, thanks.I'm glad you think the delays are looking worth the headaches. We're trying to do everything we can to keep all of you updated as the game grows closer to being completely done.

    14. Philip Reed Collaborator

      @Kirke Lawton - We have printed diecut sheets with this factory before and there have not been curling problems. Sam and I saw the drying room where the sheets are left to cure so we know everything is going through the same processes we've used before. There should not be any problems.

    15. Philip Reed Collaborator

      @AstralWanderer - I thought I had taken photos of the over-sized classic counters. Now I'm not finding those pics. But as soon as we have some to share we will.

    16. nerdwerds on

      Delays are understandable for a project this size.
      With every update I get more excited to receive my copy. I'm looking forward to the Car Wars kickstarter and the many updates we'll get from that too! :-D

    17. Missing avatar

      Doug Houseman on

      @David Kirkpatrick -

      Or maybe "SJ Games" home of the only game big enough to start as a lineman for the NFL.

      I love this game, seeing it in person at Origins, was amazing. I have shared some of the pictures I took with a 1 foot builders triangle with several people and they had a hard time believing how big the game was even when holding the triangle in their hands.

      I am really looking forward to the game, but I am not picking it up at the Ogre-thon in Austin - rather I am letting SJ Games ship it, I can see trying to carrying it on an airplane. TSA would stop me if the pilot did not.

    18. Julia Gosztyla Ziobro

      Two words of advice:
      Stop apologizing.
      Those of us who want awesome (the vast majority of us) have accepted your apology and we're just excited to get the 28-pound monster Ogre whenever. The complainers are not going to be happy even if you apologize in every communication for the rest of your days.
      You're clearly making awesome best-faith efforts and the results look well worth the extra weeks.

    19. Kirke Lawton

      Quality control question: what tests are done to confirm that the pieces won't warp weeks/months after printing? I experienced that with at least one game from a major publisher. What a nightmare that would be for this project. I expect this risk was on your list and you did whatever it is that one does to guard against this, but I'm curious.

    20. Missing avatar

      David Kirkpatrick on

      New company slogan: SJGames - Home of the 28 pound game!

      And regarding the wait - my name's on that box, so I'm damn glad that you took the time to make it a quality product!

    21. Missing avatar

      AstralWanderer on

      The counter sheets in the first photo look to be from Pocket Ogre - any chance of a look at the classic counter sheets for the main game too?

    22. Kelly Overholser on

      @Glenn: According to the web site, Guinness's record for the largest board game commercially available is The War Game: World War II, though the only "statistic" on the Guinness site is board size at 6'5.6" x 3'2.6". According to BGG, box size is 13.5 x 27.25 x 4 inches, and weighs 15 pounds. So while Ogre wins out on weight, I'm not sure what the final board and box dimensions are.

      Also, I don't know what Guinness classifies as "commercially available" board games, so the record might need to only include the normal, non-Kickstarter retail version of the game.

    23. Kilrathi on

      Am I reading between the lines correctly and understanding that Car Wars will be Kickstarted soon and also be a 28-pound game? AWESOME!

      (ok, probably not but if either or both of those were true, it'd be great... that said, I think I'll have my hands full with 28-pounds of Ogre that'll keep me busy for a long time. Great work and thanks for all the updates - I've enjoyed them all and are really looking forward to the finished product).

    24. Philip Reed Collaborator

      Thanks, everyone! I just saw the two Ogre copies in our warehouse and can verify that they're here and ready for Gen Con next week.

      @Magentawolf - Everything from the factory -- dice, canvas bags, extra sheets -- is completely under control. The other items are being tackled and will be ready on October 19. I started digging into those items last week while I was in China and am working with Sam and my new assistant to get the materials.

    25. Quentin Westcott on

      People need to learn how to wait. Can get your toys right away = first world problems.

    26. John H. on

      Good update, and glad to see product and hear it is on its way.

      Thanks, Phil

    27. Greg M on

      I am glad you took the approach you did. Quality over quantity for something as special as this is. The wait will be worth it!

    28. Marshall Robin on

      Given how awesome this game is looking, I am happy to wait for it. Good job guys!

    29. Magentawolf on

      I'm assuming all of the other swag, dice, shirts, hats, etc.. are all complete and will be shipped along with the game?

    30. Glenn Copeland

      So has anyone contacted the Guinness World Records folks? Sure this product has broken several records, even if one is not Most Delayed.

    31. Sable Gryphon on

      I just wanted to leave a few words of encouragement. You guys are doing a fantastic job and we all* are willing to wait a little while longer to get our paws on this beast. Some few among us may be impatient, but that's not because of the delays. It's because we have a visceral hunger, a driving need, to possess what we know is going to be an awesome game. This should not be viewed as criticism so much as a complement, to know that you've developed something that can incite a rational being to base desire.

      Until then, we will cheer your successes and lament the setbacks with you. Know that you are creating something that will improve the world ever so slightly, but permanently. You are altering history ever so slightly for the better by creating this. Thank you.

      *2% margin of error

    32. Justin Gramm

      It's been said many times by myself and others, there are many of us who don't mind waiting a bit when it means the product we're getting is higher quality. You guys have always kept us in the loop about what was going on, which I for one appreciate. We all want to get our hands on our copy and play, so no one likes watching the dates slip, but when we're all kept in the loop as to why it's happening and we are aware of the challenges and limitations you're facing, it makes it all understandable.

      It's a 28 pound game. No one has ever even attempted something so audacious, let alone succeeded, so of course you were going to run into problems no one could have predicted. That's reasonable. So, while I appreciate your apologies, I for one don't need them, as I think you guys have done everything as well as you could have, which is mostly thanks to the level of open communications you gave us.

      Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, a word of advice. If by some miracle you could have shipped the exact game we are getting today a full month earlier than the original Kickstarter Estimated Delivery dates, you'd still have people whining about how long it took. :P You can never please everyone, so don't kill yourself trying to make that 2% happy who never will be. Personally, I'd rather wait longer for a higher quality game, and from the comments, so do a lot of other backers. If we have to drag a few people kicking and screaming across the finish line to get that, so be it. You guys have done a fantastic job, and this is a project you all should be very proud of. The original delivery date may have been missed, but I'd still call it a successful project, especially considering the scale of it. Enjoy it, celebrate it, and don't let the people who would never be satisfied anyway ruin any of that for you. You guys have earned it.

      Just my $0.02. Okay, well, maybe that's more like my $0.06 or something. :)

    33. Rod Fleck on

      Phil, the focus on the quality of the product is overcoming any concerns about the time needed to produce such an awesome game. The running joke in our house is where will this mammoth box find a home and do we need to add on to the house! ;-)

    34. Tony Thomas on

      Great news. Now I need to search Kickstarter every week for "28 pound game", so I can back it early.

    35. Lawrence "Saker" Collins

      Sweet! See y'all next week!