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35 years after the first publication of OGRE, we're coming back with a massive new edition, and YOU can make it better.
35 years after the first publication of OGRE, we're coming back with a massive new edition, and YOU can make it better.
5,512 backers pledged $923,680 to help bring this project to life.

Hong Kong Update: Ogre Looks Awesome!

Posted by Steve Jackson Games (Creator)

Sam and I arrived in Hong Kong over the weekend -- we're both trying to blank the flight from our minds -- and have now spent a day in the Hong Kong office where we reviewed the very first production copy of the Ogre Designer's Edition. This was a completely sealed carton exactly the way the factory thought it should appear . . . and everything was perfect!

The first thing we noticed when we picked up the completed game in its shipping carton is that it's considerably heavier than we were expecting; it seems that the added styrofoam plates and cardboard packing inserts -- as well as the thicker carton -- increased the game's weight a little more than any of us had estimated. But it's worth it; all of the added cost of the packing inserts is just fine with us since it helps guarantee that the game inside will reach all of you in great shape. It would take a major impact to get through those layers of protection.

Once we finished staring at the shipping carton -- "No, YOU pick it up now. It's heavy!" -- then we proceeded to dig through the game layer by layer, checking every piece and comparing the counts and components to our packing instructions. There was a moment of panic when we couldn't find the Pocket Edition game in the box, and then we all realized that the game we were looking at was Kickstarter A and NOT Kickstarter B. So no problems!

Things that really jumped out at us:

  • Trays. AM. A. ZING! This was the first time we had seen full production copies of the trays and they were even better than we had hoped. The heavier materials really added to the strength and quality of what were already impressive trays, and inserting the e-flute pieces beneath the base tray increased the strength of that lower tray. The best part was when our rep was talking about how they were trying to decide where to drop the rules in the box and then discovered the slot for the rules; a perfect fit! Sam did great work on the tray designs and deserves to be rewarded.
  • Counters. Everything packed on the back of the game box, inside the carton, worked out great and the one bit of advice I have for all of you is this: Open the game on a flat surface with the cover down. You don't want those bricks of counter sheets running wild once you rip the shrinkwrap off.

It's now Tuesday morning here in Hong Kong and we're about to pack everything and head to the factory in China. Today we'll visit the plastics factory -- where dice are made! -- and find our way to the hotel by dark so that first thing tomorrow morning we can dig into the Ogre assembly process. But I have to admit that after reviewing the first production copy of the game I'm feeling much better about the entire process.

I'll have more to say -- assuming I have a strong net connection -- from China. 

For now, though, enjoy these pics from the Hong Kong office. If you imagine me saying "Just one more second, Sam." when you look at the photo of Sam holding the finished game then you'll have some idea of how much fun it can be to take a picture of someone holding the box. Sam got a bit of a workout before I let him put the box down.

- Phil Reed

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    1. Steven Lord

      Okay, so forget cookies. I'm thinking alcohol is in order as thanks ;)

      Thanks AstralWanderer and Philip. With nearly 100 updates, it's hard to miss little (or BIG) details like that.

    2. Missing avatar

      AstralWanderer on

      Time to buy shares in Federal Express - I get the feeling they'll be having a bumper delivery season!

    3. Royce Day on

      *28* pounds? I hope the shoulder strap on the bag is reinforced.....

    4. Philip Reed Collaborator

      Ogre - Kickstarter A comes in at a bit over 28 lbs. The game is just a little heavy.

    5. Missing avatar

      AstralWanderer on

      @Steven Lord: The box weighed 25 pounds in update 84, and by the sound of things, the extra packaging will increase that.

    6. Steven Lord

      About how much does it weigh? I want to give a warning to the guy here at work who delivers packages from our receiving area to our offices when my copy ships. And maybe bring in some cookies or something to thank him ;)

      If the prototype (before all the stretch goals) weighs 14 pounds, I'm thinking somewhere in the 15-20 pound range?

    7. Missing avatar

      Matthew Schultz on

      That is just all kinds if awesome. Love the pocket ogre

    8. Missing avatar

      Louis Brenton on

      How thick are the counters in the pocket edition? Just curious.

    9. David Dodge on

      thanks for the nice view of the pocket edition counter sheets which i hadnt seen before and the shipping carton.
      fyi since its being printed in china you ought to maybe look into a chinese translation of the basic ogre pocket edition game. it might sell well there.

    10. Missing avatar

      Barry Kendall

      Wonderful news! Very happy for your sakes as well as ours that the production edition not only met, but exceeded, even your expectations. Really looking forward to it now!

    11. Tim Williamson on

      I love that the SJG stock # is 1977. Since 1977 was the year Ogre first came out. :)

    12. Al Griego on

      I'm going to need a bigger bookshelf

    13. David Churn

      Looking good and greatly anticipated.

    14. Lone Shark Games

      I think I could fit two Pathfinder Adventure Card Games in that box!

    15. palenoue on

      Could there be a gas station scenario?

    16. Steve Jackson Games 21-time creator on

      @Phillip M -- I'm working on scenarios right now! :)

      ~ Daniel Jew

    17. Chris Shockey on

      Holy crap! I really need to start making room for that box....

    18. Phillip M.

      Seriously. The pictures look better than the copy brought to Origins. Daniel Jew better get working on more scenarios.

    19. Talarius on

      Just checked... I pledged $152 including various extras. Fingers crossed I get the Pocket edition. :-D

    20. KevinR

      re Ogre A and B. These have been called different things at different times. KS backers at $150+ will get one B version (with Pocket Ogre) and their other copies will be A versions (no Pocket Ogre). This implements the "one Pocket Ogre per backer" rule.

    21. KevinR

      @Brian -- if memory serves, Pocket Ogre is going into general release about a year after the Deluxe edition. Summer 2014?
      (I think that folks on BGG had asked about holiday gifts for 2013 and that Phil said no.)

    22. Missing avatar

      John S. Fetzik on

      Great news! I am definitely going to need to hit up Ikea to get a set of legs for this thing. ;-)

    23. Missing avatar

      Louis Brenton on

      These look absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for the ongoing updates. SJG has done an overall very good job of keeping us in the loop.

    24. Missing avatar

      Brian Dunkle on

      The pocket edition will be available for sale eventually, though I don't know that they've given a date.

    25. Jeff Vandine

      Totally sweet -- and so worth the wait. And to think, I've got TWO of those bad-boys coming! The postman will definitely be filing papers on his work injury if anyone else in the neighborhood is getting one! ;-)

    26. Steve Jackson Games 21-time creator on

      Yes. What they said. There are three kinds of carton:
      Kickstarter B gets the exclusive KS stuff AND the Pocket Edition. This was at the pledge level for $150+.
      Kickstarter A gets the exclusive KS stuff but not the Pocket Edition.
      The boxes for general distribution - they have a name but I cannot recall it - do not have either the exclusive KS stuff or the Pocket Edition.

    27. Rick Koeppen on

      Oh my gosh it looks better every time I see it. This is completely and totally worth the wait. Can't wait to get that beast on the table.

      Can I also fantasize a moment? In my wildest dreams, Howard Thompson hands over the rights to The Fantasy Trip to SJG and we get a deluxe boxed set of TFT. Okay I'll snap back to reality and continue drooling over these Ogre pics...

    28. James Floyd Kelly

      Now I'm just getting nervous worrying how the delivery personnel will treat my game. Will it arrive with no corner damage or will one or two corners be dinged up like other games I've ordered online? The size of this box (and weight) has me picturing all those YouTube videos of delivery people tossing boxes around because... "Hey, not mine!"

    29. Talarius on

      Wish I'd pledged for Pocket Edition too. It looks pretty sweet, even with the incredible Deluxe version. Really enjoying these updates. Thanks!!

    30. Missing avatar

      Matthew Schultz on

      If you pledged $150 or up you get kickstarter b

    31. Missing avatar

      mearls on

      This is like getting in-flight updates from Santa Claus. Can't wait to get my copy!

    32. Missing avatar

      Matthew Schultz on

      Kick b gets the pocket ogre, kick a doesn't.
      Kick b is $150+ kick a is 149-

    33. James Floyd Kelly

      Oh, and sorry.. looks GREAT. Cannot wait for my box!

    34. James Floyd Kelly

      Forgive me, my memory of what is what is getting fuzzy. What do you mean by Kickstarter A and Kickstarter B?