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35 years after the first publication of OGRE, we're coming back with a massive new edition, and YOU can make it better.
35 years after the first publication of OGRE, we're coming back with a massive new edition, and YOU can make it better.
5,512 backers pledged $923,680 to help bring this project to life.

Launch Paaarty Update!

Posted by Steve Jackson Games (Creator)

We currently have about two hundred folks coming to the paaarty in Austin on October 19!

Please sign up by Monday, July 8 if you'd like to secure a place. There's a FAQ about registration here.

Can I bring Munchkin and other games for Steve to sign?

Yes, please do!

Will the party be family-friendly?

Absolutely! It'll be booze-free. (So please don't bring any!) Under-14s get in free (but must be registered) unless you choose the $15 ticket which includes a child-sized T-shirt.

What hours will the party be open?

We're currently looking at having doors open from 10am to 10pm (exact times to be confirmed).

Where exactly will the party be in Austin?

We'll book and announce a venue after registration closes.  

I have a cool Ogre scenario I want to run at the party. Can I?

Sure! We plan to have open gaming tables available. If you'd like to prearrange your game, feel free to use the Ogre forums to find other players.

Can I run Munchkin, or other Steve Jackson games?

Yes! There's nothing stopping you from pulling out, say, Zombie Dice for a quick round of shotgun-or-brains.

Can I run games of Ogre Miniatures?

Please email Brandon at if you'd like to arrange for larger tables for minis. (These places will be limited.)

I'd like to run an Ogre game, will you be supplying the materials?

You'll need to be able to run the game from the set(s) you pick up on the day (unless you're bringing your own materials).

I'd like to run an Ogre game. How will I know what pieces are in the box?

You can access the rulebookscenario book, reference sheet and record sheets online. Ogre War Room is also available. There's a fan-made list of the box counter contents here if you want to design your own scenario.

Will Ogre minis be on sale?

We aim to have the minis on sale, including reprints of out-of-print items (and rare or never-seen-before units like the Combine Unity Missile Crawler and Paneuro Laser Turret). Please note that prices on the existing stock of minis will only hold good until they sell out. 

I can't make that day, but live locally. Can I just pick up my game and extras?

We aim to schedule another day(s) for folks who want to just pick up their stuff.

That's all for now -- Steve and the rest of the Ogre team look forward to meeting many of you!

-- Daniel Jew


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    1. David Drake on

      With the probability of numerous out of Austin attendees, I would like to recommend looking into holding the event at or near the airport. This would help lower our costs, and reduce the number of people who get lost driving around Austin.
      Just a thought, struggling to wait another three months!

    2. Steve Jackson Games 21-time creator on

      For anyone having an issue with registering properly and having the KS email rejected when selecting to Pickup your Extras, go ahead and register saying No to picking up extras and send us an email to the above address stating the issue. Be sure to include the address used for your confirmation email so we can quickly locate your registration. We can manually confirm you are a backer and correct your registration to reflect that you do indeed want to pick up your rewards. Thanks!

    3. Steve Jackson Games 21-time creator on

      @Drop - Nobody will be able to purchase the game (IF we have any extras available to sell at the party) who did not already back the project. Backers will still get the game before retail editions become available. ~Brandon

    4. Missing avatar

      Doug Houseman on

      Got my ticket, so looking forward to it!

    5. DropDeadCriminal

      What happened to backers get the game 2 months before anyone else?

    6. DropDeadCriminal

      So people who did not back the game will have it before the backers?

    7. Steve Jackson Games 21-time creator on

      @Dave - please send an email to which includes your contact email and I can look into the status of your registration.

      @Drop - If we have any extra copies of the game we may be offering some them for sale at the event. That will definitely not include any Pocket Ogres.


    8. DropDeadCriminal

      So will Ogre be sold at the convention (it said previously that extras could be purchased)?

    9. Dave Borne on

      Is there some sort of confirmation email from registration? I thought I had registered some time ago, but I can't find anything in my inbox.

    10. John Lach on

      Matt, don't worry, it'll still be 90+ degrees out

    11. Missing avatar

      Matthew Schultz on

      Too bad it isn't during the summer, might have come but sounds awesome