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35 years after the first publication of OGRE, we're coming back with a massive new edition, and YOU can make it better.
5,512 backers pledged $923,680 to help bring this project to life.

When Ogres Are Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Have Ogres

If this New Scientist article isn’t a hoax, there are people out there right now who want to deny us a future dominated by giant, soulless killing machines armed with nuclear missiles.

Hmm. I’m not helping my case, am I?

Still, had I been the writer of that article, I would have pointed out that the anti-robot “AI expert” first tried to dodge the question “Couldn’t robots reduce risk to humans?” . . . and then acknowledged that it was just a coding challenge.

And I would have asked one more question: “Exactly why are you more upset by 'smart' devices than by, for instance, dumb land mines, artillery, and missiles fired randomly into populated areas by free-willed humans?"

At Last, The Ogre Music

For your listening pleasure: the Ogre theme, by Tom Smith, plus long and short ringtone versions. This is free on e23:

Tom is still composing; there will be a whole Ogre suite as a reward for all $25 and above supporters.

I Am 12 Ogres!

At Origins last week, I played 12 simultaneous games of Ogre. Won 8, lost 2, and two defenders had to leave early. I’ll be doing another simultaneous exhibition at Dexcon in New Jersey in a couple of weeks.

- Steve Jackson

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    1. Creator Andy Fundinger on March 9, 2014

      I may have missed it, but has more of the Ogre music been posted yet?

    2. Creator Steve Jackson Games on June 27, 2013

      @George -- I believe Steve will not be at the con on Sunday (it's his day off to see some of the local sights). I'm sorry you'll miss him.

      @Steve -- Yes, most of the unit pieces were actual pieces from the preproduction sample.

      ~ Daniel Jew

    3. Creator Phillip M. on June 26, 2013

      I was at Origins and played against Daniel twice (and he kicked my a$$ twice). The game is huge and frankly amazing. All the SJGs were apologizing for how long this was taking and were to a person honest about the issues they had. Clearly a good culture at SJG. Lastly, I will say they are doing things right. The box is reinforced to be able to hold the ~26lbs of goodies. The cardboard stock for the pieces are heavy and the 3D figures look fantastic.

      The pictures of the box don't do it justice. It's freaking HUGE.

      I'm looking forward to the end of October!

    4. Creator George Bracy on June 23, 2013

      @Steve Jackson - Are you going to be at Dexcon for the whole weekend? It looks like it runs for 4 or 5 days and I'll only be able to make it on Sunday.

    5. Creator Damien Macomber on June 22, 2013

      @ Paul, sorry you missed 11/12, I am looking forward to 11/13

    6. Creator Paul Mather on June 22, 2013

      November 2012 can't get here fast enough! I can't wait to play!

    7. Creator Steve Jackson Games on June 21, 2013

      Jared - They look warped because they're warped. The maps you see in this pic are just color printouts on heavy paper. If you look at the map at the bottom if the image, you can even see where the two halves are taped together. The real ones are considerably better :)

      I seem to recall, though - and Daniel can correct me if I'm wrong - that all the 2-D and 3-D counters were real ones, taken from our single sample copy. Yes, that's a lot of counters.

      Duncan - Yep, if an opponent has so few GEVs that I think I can kill them all, I will, if only for the morale effect. And if the opponent has so many GEVs that I clearly have no chance to kill them all, he's probably low on overall firepower.

      - Steve Jackson

    8. Creator Duncan McEwen on June 21, 2013

      @Jared - Many of these pieces you see were prototype and hand made stuff from SJG. I don't think anyone was using the actual pre-production sample copy of things. Trust me, the pre-production copy had nice maps. There were standard board game type boards. It was all so beautiful.
      @Steve Jackson - Yes, I may have to revise my tactics. Personally I would have swapped out my Missile tanks for more GEVs and maybe one more Heavy. I did notice that you went after the GEVs every chance you got. (and I ate up your two missiles that way too.)
      Don't worry Steve, we all know you went easy on the newbies. You had to let a couple of them win right? ;)

    9. Creator Stephen Rochelle on June 20, 2013

      @Jared: those looks like printouts from an inkjet. I harbour no fears that they are production quality.

    10. Creator Jared Parkinson on June 20, 2013

      Not to be a rain cloud here, but those boards all look pretty warped. Do those boards have the same specs that the final shipped copies will have? Do you have any concerns that this will pose a problem with the shipped copies?

    11. Creator Karl Gallagher on June 20, 2013

      Yay, Ogre theme! Now to set that as the ringtone for everyone in my Guard unit. . . .

    12. Creator Steve Jackson Games on June 20, 2013

      AstralWanderer - Yep. And if an "autonomous device," so-called, performs acts which would be war crimes if a human did them, then the human who released the device is responsible - if not of malice, then of negligence. This will remain true until machines demonstrably have free will. Which is why Ogre remains science fiction.

      Duncan - I think you should have taken a howitzer. (One of the defenders who beat me did so using two. Nobody tried four :) ) I also note, FWIW, that yes, indeed, the other 11 players claimed no experience with Ogre, and two of them beat me. That will keep me humble if anything will. Simultaneous is an interesting challenge!

      - Steve Jackson

    13. Creator AstralWanderer on June 20, 2013

      'And I would have asked one more question: “Exactly why are you more upset by 'smart' devices than by, for instance, dumb land mines, artillery, and missiles fired randomly into populated areas by free-willed humans?"'
      Good point, with the equally good answer that free-willed humans can be tried and punished for wrongdoing (though this is very much theory rather than practice in many places). The biggest argument against "smart" devices is probably the old saying: "Humans err but to really screw up you need a computer".
      Congratulations on the game results, though it's good to hear that real-world Ogres can be beaten. ;)

    14. Creator Duncan McEwen on June 20, 2013

      OMG. I am on Kickstarter in an update! That is me at the front left of the picture with the glasses. Steve kicked my rear hard. I am still highly impressed that out of 12 games, 11 of the players had NEVER played before. I was the only experienced Ogre player. (And the first one to lose...)

      Thanks for a great time Steve!

    15. Creator Ed Holzman on June 20, 2013

      Wow, it's like this guy thinks that OCP is ready to deploy the ED-209!

      Link for the uninformed...…

    16. Creator twb3 on June 20, 2013

      Offhand, I don't think I can think of a better way to guarantee the development and deployment of killer robots than "... a global treaty banning deployment of autonomous weapons."

      After, all war was banned by the Kellog-Briand pact of 1928, and look how well that has worked.

    17. Creator wolf90 on June 20, 2013

      There you go, Steve, using logic again! Interesting nonetheless...
      Vote on your preference: Ogre or Conventional Forces at…