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35 years after the first publication of OGRE, we're coming back with a massive new edition, and YOU can make it better.
35 years after the first publication of OGRE, we're coming back with a massive new edition, and YOU can make it better.
5,512 backers pledged $923,680 to help bring this project to life.

Launch Parrrty! Registration Now Open!

Posted by Steve Jackson Games (Creator)

When and where will the Launch Party be held?

It'll be held in Austin on Saturday, October 19, 2013. Doors will open at 10am. The exact venue will be announced later.

How do I register? How long will registration be open?

You can register here. We'll take this form down at some time after noon (Austin time) on Monday, July 8th. 

Must I register in advance? Are places limited?

Yes to both. Only those who register before Monday, July 8th will be guaranteed places. 

How much do tickets cost?

Tickets for age 14+ are $25. This includes a goody bag with a limited edition Ogre-Launch-Themed T-Shirt ($19.95 MSRP value) and other items.

Tickets for age 13 and under are free. However, these guests must still be registered in advance (there's an option to add friends and family on the form).

If you want a child-sized limited edition T-Shirt for your child guest, there's an option on the form to select a T-shirt size for them. This will automatically upgrade the child ticket from "free" to "$15". This ticket comes with a child-sized T-shirt (it does NOT come with anything else in the goody bag).

What events will be at the Launch Party?

There'll be signings by Steve, the opportunity to buy extras, organized play, and more. We aim to arrange for the sponsored counter sheets to be on sale (whether a particular sponsored sheet is available may depend on the individual sponsor). 

There'll also be tables for open play, since what many folks will want to do is to just sit down, open the box and start playing!

Can I pick up my Kickstarter rewards? (Game + extras)

Yes. If you do, you'll be among the first to get Ogre Designer's Edition

NOTE: You have to choose to either grab it all, or nothing. Unfortunately, we're not able to separate your rewards.

Will the extras come with my pickup?

Yes. Note that if you choose to pick up your rewards, then you must take it all.

Can I NOT pick up my Kickstarter rewards?

Yes, you can still get your Kickstarter rewards shipped to you. This is the default option on the registration form. Shipping will begin on Monday, October 21.

Can a friend register me as an additional ticket holder, if I'm a Kickstarter supporter picking up my rewards (game + extras)?

No. Only main ticket holders can pick up Kickstarter rewards (this is clearly stated on the form).

Do I have to print my registration confirmation to bring to the event? Or just bring ID?

Only the main ticket holder (for each group registered together) needs to bring ID to the event. We'll check your ID against the guest list. There's no need to print out your registration.

Can I buy additional extras at the event?

Yes, you can buy anything that's still available at the event. Pocket Ogre will NOT be on sale (though backers at $150 and above will receive their copy if they're picking up rewards). We intend for only $150 backers and above to have Pocket Ogre, for a few months at least. 

I'm not a Kickstarter backer. Can I still come to the Launch Party?

Yes, you're welcome to register!


We hope this clarifies any questions you have about the Launch Party. 

We're really looking forward to seeing many of you, and celebrating this gigantic monster which we created together!

-- Daniel Jew


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    1. Steve Jackson Games 21-time creator on

      @Tom - Easiest way for address changes is just email with the new address (and the email address used to respond to the survey if sending from a different email address). - Brandon

    2. Missing avatar

      Tom Haessly on

      How can we change our delivery address for Ogre?

      I hope to make the party or the alternate pickup day now that I live in Austin. But if not, I don't want Ogre going to my old Houston address.

    3. Steve Jackson Games 21-time creator on

      @Mini - If you continue to have troubles try emailing us at and we'll work with you to resolve the issue.

      For anyone having an issue with registering properly and having the KS email rejected when selecting to Pickup your Extras, go ahead and register saying No to picking up extras and send us an email to the above address stating the issue. Be sure to include the address used for your confirmation email so we can quickly locate your registration. We can manually confirm you are a backer and correct your registration to reflect that you do indeed want to pick up your rewards. Thanks!

    4. Ryan Harris on

      Not being able to get to Austin, I look forward to a webcast of this paaaaarty!

    5. Missing avatar

      Miniature Review on

      For whatever reason the form isn't accepting my Kickstarter email address.

    6. Steve Jackson Games 21-time creator on

      @Joshua - Currently there are no plans to offer the goody bag as a purchasable item. -Brandon

    7. Missing avatar

      Joshua Megerman on

      Since there's no mention if it, I'm assuming it's a no, but I'll ask again: Is there any way we can either purchase a goody bag to be shipped to us, or otherwise register to get a goody back and have another attendee pick it up for us to ship themselves? There's no way I can be there as much as I'd love to, but I'm definitely interested in the goody bag :)

    8. Steve Jackson Games 21-time creator on

      Craig - I like the way you think.
      Graham - Some kind of webcast would be very cool and we're talking about it.
      Everyone - please note, again, that (1) sure, I will sign other games at the launch party, and (2) we ARE trying to work out a no-frills, no-cost pickup day for those who just want to collect their stuff and run.
      - Steve Jackson

    9. Miles Matton

      I have a pair of I:NWO "One of Everything" boxes, but, unfortunately, Texas is way too far for me :(

    10. Philip Reed Collaborator

      @Brian Rayburn - Sure, bring your Illuminati and Zombie Dice as well. As many Steve Jackson Games items as you'd like. It would be wrong of us to tell anyone they cannot bring Steve's work and ask for signatures.

    11. Brian Rayburn on

      So there's going to be non-Ogre games there as well? Sweet! I'll make sure to throw Zombie Dice in my bag, just in case. Does anyone have a copy of Illuminati? Haven't played that in years. Heck, at this point, why limit ourselves to just SJG product? I'm always down for a game of Hive or Omen. If someone can bring Smash Up or King of Tokyo, that would be swell, as I've been wanting to try them!

      So, yeah. Its called the 'Ogre Launch Party' for a reason.

    12. Philip Reed Collaborator

      @Brian Rayburn - Not joking at all. Eben Waters asked if he could bring Munchkin games for signatures.

    13. Missing avatar

      Mike Montgomery

      for those that may still have issues registering, note that the kickstarter email line on the registration page is CASE SENSITIVE.
      May help some folks..that was what my problem was.

    14. Brian Rayburn on

      "Signings - Bring your Munchkin!"

      I assume you are joking.

    15. Philip Reed Collaborator

      Local Pickup - We are looking into this. No word yet, but if there is just a pickup option it will be on a different day.

      Signings - Bring your Munchkin!

    16. Missing avatar

      Eben Waters on

      Will the signings be just the Ogre stuff or can people bring Munchkin stuff as well?

    17. Kris Pelley on

      So, uh, no way for people who live in Austin but aren't interested in the launch party to just swing past to pick up their copies? Seems like a waste to have you pay for shipping it ten miles up the road to Cedar Park.

    18. Craig Janssen

      Any way, we can pay for the goodies bag and add that to our orders?

    19. Graham Brand on

      Please can the launch party be webcast so that those of us who have no way to get to Austin can join in?

    20. mike on

      Registered. Looking forward to playing the game at the launch. I hope most or all of the sponsored sheets will be there so I can pick them up all at one time.

    21. Matt Freitas

      Or can we make a registration for a guest and if they don't come get the money back?

    22. Matt Freitas

      Hey can i add a person at a later date? Or do i need to do something beore the 8th of July?

      It's in the middle of the school year for my wife and i don't want to spend 25 bucs now or before july 8th if she gets swamped with schoolwork.

    23. Steve Jackson Games 21-time creator on

      A small number of registrants seem to be having an issue with their kickstarter email being accepted. We are currently looking into this and apologize for any inconvenience. Please email us at and let us know the exact email you are entering; this may help us solve the issue. Thank you! ~Brandon

    24. Craig T. on

      Twist: Attendees will be put to work stuffing boxes for the rest of the orders for Monday Oct. 21st shipping date.

    25. Steve Jackson Games 21-time creator on

      @Zeb and Glen - please send me an email about your registration issue at so I can make sure our database and your Kickstarter emails match. ~Brandon

    26. DropDeadCriminal

      Is the game itself considered an extra (ie will you be selling extra copies of the game at the event)?
      If so, since the event is open to the public will you be selling them to non KS backers?

    27. Missing avatar

      daniel b trimble

      To all the nay sayers and cry babies: Boohoo!

      I wish I could attend for the simple fact that I'm so charged up about breathing life back into one of the best gaming experiences of my youth. Sure there's been delays. Yes its kinda odd that you can get your stuff early and save sjg shipping and still pau twenty five bucks.

      But that's not the point is it. The point is HOORAY OGRE'S BACK. Time to party like its 1984.

    28. Missing avatar

      Mike Montgomery

      Guys, gotta point out that a launch party was one of the stretch goals. SJGames is sticking to what they promised. At a guess, the party is set for the day they get the container, and they are going to spend that day also stuffing boxes to go out the moment the mail guy shows up with reinforcements the next day.

    29. Missing avatar

      Joshua Megerman on

      I'm feeling the opposite. I _can't_ come to the launch party, but I'd love to get the goodies :)

      Any chance of setting up some method of either allowing the purchase of the launch goody bag and having it shipped, or registering as "not attending" and having someone else pick up my goody bag and get it to me without my having to be there?

    30. Missing avatar

      John Buczek

      Yeah, it'd be nice if you could have a "pickup only" entrance for those that don't want to go to the actual party.

    31. Missing avatar

      Mike Montgomery

      Same as Glenn and Zeb

    32. Kyle R. Woods

      I'm sure glad that we're welcoming a year of delays by planning a party instead of shipping out the games to those who foolishly prepaid long in advance. Wait, no i'm not glad at all...

    33. Missing avatar

      Robert C on

      So if I want to pick up my Ogre in person, I have to pay $25 for the privilege? That blows. I have no interest in t-shirts or autographs... I just want my stuff.

    34. Glenn Copeland

      I'm in the same boat as Zeb. "Not a valid kickstarter email"

    35. Missing avatar

      Zeb Doyle on

      Trying to register. When I put in my information, it says "Not a valid kickstarter email." I've checked multiple times, and the email is the correct one linked to my Kickstarter account. Am I doing something wrong or is there a glitch in the system.

      Thanks for any help.

    36. Jeff Hall on

      Sounds like fun!

    37. Leila Ross on

      Nifty. Too bad I can't go.