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35 years after the first publication of OGRE, we're coming back with a massive new edition, and YOU can make it better.
35 years after the first publication of OGRE, we're coming back with a massive new edition, and YOU can make it better.
35 years after the first publication of OGRE, we're coming back with a massive new edition, and YOU can make it better.
5,512 backers pledged $923,680 to help bring this project to life.

The Moderately Outrageous Announcement

This is an announcement I was sure I would never make. And some of you are going to think it’s booooooring, and some of you will dance.

You know how you (you know who you are) kept asking for “classic” B&W counters in the 1” size? But the majority said “naaaah”? And we said “Right, naaaaah.” Well, on the one hand, that really is a minority preference; the surveys showed that only 20% of you are very interested in the old-style counters. On the other hand, it now looks like we might print 5,000 or more of the new Ogre, and 20% of 5,000 is still a lot of gamers.

So our $500K stretch goal is: Fine. We will print those. We’ll probably need to print them in the US to meet deadlines, and it will be a short print run, but we’ll do it.

We think this will require six 8 x 10 (more or less) sheets. We will die-cut them, and use 1.5mm chipboard or as close to it as the printer offers, so you won’t have to repeat the “scissors” part of the original experience.

That’s right, I didn’t give the price, because we don’t want anybody ordering them early. At current support levels, though, we could hit $500K early tomorrow. (Again, thank you!) The set will be added, once we meet the $500K mark, as an “extra.” Canadian and overseas supporters are asked to wait and order them through W23.

We will also make those files available as hi-res PDFs, for those who want far more than they can afford and don’t require super quality . . . and against the day when we sell out.

(Now we need to bring you something even more off-the-wall for $600,000. And we think we know what, and we’re not going to tease you as long as we did this one . . .)

Sam’s Videos Are Cool

And his latest one shows how to use overlays . . . first to modify a map, and then to trash it completely. You’ll find it at the bottom of this update.

Two New Shirts!

We have two new shirt designs. One is the fluorescent green and orange Ogre wireframe, first created by Richard Meaden almost 20 years ago and still one of the most amazing shirts I have. What’s it look like? I’m wearing it in the intro video. Go look. You can’t have mine, but we are making more.

The other is the Ogre Blueprint Poster rendered as a white-on-blue shirt - see below!

We will only offer these as extras. Please don’t ask to substitute one of these for the “supporter” shirt, because our memory banks are full now and we have no room for more thoughts. Free shipping to the US; no other orders now, please.

Retailer Order Form

Here’s a link to a form. It is not for retailers to place orders. It is not for you to order a retailer, either. It’s a form that you, the gamer, can fill in and hand to your local retailer, if you plan to buy the game locally, just to help the store realize that yes, you really want this!

- Steve Jackson

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    1. Missing avatar

      Tim Kauffman on

      OGRE CARD DECK update

      They could be used for "fog of war" situations also.
      Players draw from the deck each turn and must deal with the consequences.
      you would need blank Cards then, and this may be a whole different Deck than just
      the original swag Deck featuring cool illustrations of all the units...
      ohhh!!! ARTWORK as well!!!
      We could have some of the nice stuff like Winchel's 1st edition cover art, and so on.

    2. RicBret

      Never mind. Just found it. That first page is so honking huge my mobile was having download problems.

    3. RicBret

      @Tim: Sorry I've been over everything that could be construed as a "main page" all the "at the bottom's" and I find nothing that lists the prices of the shirts outside of your note above. I'm currently at the $100 pledge level and want to add the blue print shirt. I imagine I just add $25 (or whatever that cost is - the actual announcement doesn't say) to my pledge and fill out a form when the product has funded.

      @SJG: It would be really nice if the options here were as easy to understand as other Kickstarter projects with lists of extras, etc. If you want to hit stretch goals, take the questions out of the heads of your funders - it will pay off.

    4. Mike Malley on

      Somehow letting those cards stand in for a NPC Ogre would give them a second use.

    5. Missing avatar

      Tim Kauffman on

      The Maps along with the OVERLAYs are such an awesome idea!
      It does not get any better than this as far as maps and being able to customize them go.
      Sounds and looks like we are getting EVERYTHING as far as Terrain goes(.)
      Thank You!
      S T O K E D
      ...and the new OGRE Mk5 Blueprint T-shirt.
      I thank You, my wallet...not so much. ;)
      Probably too frivelous of an idea, but I just thought how cool it would be to have a
      Each card would feature an illustration of a unit, OGRE MK5, GEV, Infantry, ect.
      along with stats like on the ChipBoard unit counters.
      Players could then take from the Deck whatever units are in their force for a particular game
      and lay them at their end of the table for reference and more cool OGRE eye candy appeal.
      Maybe they could be used in the game somehow for other more meaningful uses.
      I'd buy a an OGRE DECK of cards just on the swag coolness alone.
      "All hands on Deck!" could use them to see who goes first instead of rolling cool OGRE dice!
      ...and maybe the Deck would inspire a OGRE Card game someday.

    6. Missing avatar

      Brian Dunkle on

      @Ray - the T-shirts are listed on the main page, at the bottom, like the other optional items. 1. Pick your "reward level" on the right; 2. add the amount for whatever extras you want; 3. type that amount in as your pledge amount. e.g. $100 regular game package + 2 $25 t-shirts = $150; on your pledge, you'd pick the $100 level reward (NOT $150) but enter $150 as your pledge amount. When the project is officially funded, they'll send out a survey asking what your extra $$ is for.

    7. Ray Spitz on

      How the heck do I get the new T-shirts, esp. the blueprint?

    8. Jeff Vandine

      I kind of like the reinforcement die idea, but you would probably have to go for a 20-sided die to do it real justice! ;-)

    9. Missing avatar

      Bill K. on

      More Dice Ideas...
      Tread Dice 2.0:
      Side 1: black Ogre Mark III
      Side 2: red Ogre Mark V
      Side 3: "plink!" (in a small, curving font - a ricochet)
      Side 4: "blat!" (an armor hit)
      Side 5: "pfft!" (a misfire)
      Side 6: "thwuung!" (a fendor hit)
      Scenario Reinforcement Dice:
      Side 1, 2: GEV silhouette
      Side 3: Hvy Tank silhouette
      Side 4: Missile Tank silhouette.
      Side 5: 3 Infantry squads
      Side 6: 2 Lt Tanks

    10. Steve Jackson Games 18-time creator on

      Lewis - If you go to the basic listing for this project and scroll down, you will find all the extras.
      Tim - There will indeed be rivers, swamps, roads, train tracks, and ?. No ??? are planned.
      Mark - Believe it or not, wa talked about a sound chip in the box. But then we all pointed at each other and laughed. There will be sounds in the app, though.
      KevinR - Multiple poor grunts, and many of us at the office will become poor grunts ourselves for a while.
      Bill - Should those two "hit" sides be an Ogre, or should it be something like an explosion side or a dancing infantryman? Hmm. A yellow die in Zombie Dice has two explosions, but you'll have to be creative about the brain and footprint results.

    11. Missing avatar

      David D Hagood on

      How about your "computer" version being a modern AJAX style web site that allows for multi-player games? Want a bit of nuclear violence? Go to, pick the style of game you want, find some like-minded folks, and blow stuff up.

      Done correctly, the game should work with any reasonably modern browser, either on phones or desktops.

      You could even make it be a subscription service with some moderate fee, and get an on-going revenue stream!

    12. Lewis Stoneking on

      $$ OR MORE LIST $$ ... Perhaps in the next Update, could you provide us with a list of the "EXTRAS" that have been offered since the Kickstarter inception, those things outside of the standard Pledge levels. I want to be sure to include enough $$ to my Kickstarter pledge to cover all the other goodies I want to get?? So many new things have been added from breaking through so many STRETCH Goals... I don't want to miss out and want to update my pleadge to cover the EXTRAS!! Thanks...

    13. Mike Giordano on

      @Warren Dew .. .we've beaten the video game platform problem *to death* on the sjgames forum. They aren't ready to make a technical decision about the game ... and it will be a difficult decision that will *NOT* make everyone happy. SJ is in a tough spot on this one.

    14. KevinR

      @Dave: I'm not quite sure what link to t-shirts you are referring to. As far as I can tell, all we have is a picture of the blueprint shirt. Eventually the shirts (and other extras) should be sold through Warehouse 23:

    15. Scott K. Ellis on

      @Brian The Ogre Scenario Book is already going to be a PDF download for all supporters over $25. And the Ogre Book as well (at $10). They've already cried uncle when it comes to more stuff in the box, they're at the limit of what they can afford to ship overseas.

    16. Missing avatar

      Bill K. on

      $575K Goal Suggestion: special "Ogre Tread" dice--blank on four sides; ogre silhoutte on other two sides. (For rolling attacks on Ogre treads.)

    17. Dave Choat on

      Cannot see link to other T-shirts (military access servers can be wonky) how can I get the other shirts?

    18. Missing avatar

      Brian McCue on

      If you are looking for more ideas as to what to put in the box, may I suggest a reprint of Ogre Scenario Book 1? It's terrific. (The long-promised Book 2 would be nice as well, if you have the content for it.) Another thought might be a reduced-size (i.e., down to the size of the Scenario Book, though with perfect binding) of the Ogre Book.--Brian McCue

    19. Stabliser on

      Confirmation of Map S-2 by the looks of that vid

    20. Alan Schirtzinger on

      For those who want to play - - GenCon is coming up! No OGRE games last year it looks like, but lots of Munchikin, 3-D Car Wars games, and you could always submit and run your own OGRE game.
      @SJG: Any chance of you being at GenCon for some OGRE playtesting? Hmm? Please? New stretch goal?

    21. Ken King on

      1:43am Pacific time, OGRE made 1/2 Million! (and still going strong, but what do you expect, it's an OGRE!)

      "Goal accomplished, assessing new goal... computing... attainable, commencing action!"

    22. Missing avatar

      Tim Kauffman on

      OVERLAYs looking awesome!
      This is as big a feature of OGRE 6th edition as all the rules from all the editions
      being put together in one concise rule book. NICE!
      ...Big Question...
      (I saw everything except the following)
      Are we also getting:
      Train Tracks
      "Over 100" is awesome...but 100 of what...exactly?

    23. Bob Puckett on

      Next goal, IOS and Android app with games sounds players can trigger while playing.

    24. Dal Downing on

      Another ideal for a goal reward is a PDF with some Playtest Rules and Units Counters on it. Heavy Weapons Squads, Snipers, Medics, Ambulances, Combat Engineers, Combat Engineering Vehicals (small ones GEV / Tank sized.) Suprise us.

      Or a PDF of even more bizarre Over Lays. Mine Fields, Geyser, Giant Sink Holes, Tornado Funnel Clouds, just go nuts.

    25. Jeff Vandine

      Ogre fiction would definitely get a vote from me at this point! Hey Steve, can we revive that goal idea?

    26. Missing avatar

      Brian Dunkle on

      I *would* like Gurps Ogre.

    27. Matthew Sands on

      New Ogre Fiction PDFs? Additional Scenarios? An Uncle Schmalbert's Ogre Catalog for blatantly unbalanced joke units? PDF of Gurps Ogre for supporters?

    28. Lawrence "Saker" Collins

      Oh, and on the lapel pin thing---I'm not joking. $20 more . . .
      I bet you could sell 1000 units at least!

    29. Missing avatar

      Warren Dew on

      On a more serious note, if computers are an option for the computer game platform, program it using Java Swing and it will run on at least Windows, Mac, and Linux. That would be my suggestion. I'd recommend making it a networkable game (like Starcraft etc.) with a game server to make it easier to find opponents, in addition to solo and LAN play.

      And I'd love to be working on that project if you are financing it in house, though I'm guessing you will be licensing it.

    30. Lawrence "Saker" Collins

      I'll give you $20 more dollars for a Kickstarter exclusive gold-plated Ogre lapel pin.

    31. Missing avatar

      Warren Dew on

      Now with the classic counters, we need red, white, and blue faction dice, for Combine, Classic, and Paneuropean.

    32. Lyle Watson on

      @Don If you're serious, I'll pay postage plus a pittance if you'll send them to me instead of the landfill.
      @Allen - I can't be the only one who desires faction dice, and I continue to hope that they make it to the field some day.

      And now I have to strive for closer to $200 so that I can get my shirts to wear to wedding rehearsals, wakes, christenings, and the like. :-)

    33. Don Hawthorne on

      Gawd, I cannot believe that those lame rounded-corner dice won out over square corners. Who on earth prefers watching those stupid things roll for fifteen minutes... cats?!? Rounded corner dice will be the first things I throw away..

    34. Ken King on

      Looks like it's going to be easy to double the cost of my order with extra t-shirts and other little goodies. Well played, Evil Stevie! 8)

    35. Allen F. Schell on

      My "Red & Blue Faction dice" $575 goal was in jest. It appears as if the last line or two of that post ended up in the big bit bucket. I really don't want to beat that dead horse anymore. :)

    36. Missing avatar

      Warren Dew on

      Classic counters! Yay!

    37. KevinR

      @Michael -- given Steve's comment above ("Please don’t ask to substitute one of these for the “supporter” shirt, because our memory banks are full now and we have no room for more thoughts."), I think that SJG is planning on finding some poor grunt to stuff 1500+ boxes with the $150 swag. They won't be able to deal with any substitutions. See also the FAQ about "can I swap my X for a Y?".

    38. Pete Hooper on

      AFAIK. It's automatically the "Supporter 2012" tee.

    39. Missing avatar

      Michael Rhodes

      just to be clear at the $150 level do I get to choose which shirt I can have or is it automatically the ogre supporters T?

    40. Allen F. Schell on

      $575K goal ideas:
      1 -- A digital Ogre wallpaper in various resolutions
      2 -- Entry into a player locator database to help find opponents (perhaps the "Gamer and Store Finder" on the SJGames site. You could opt in or out on the survey form being sent at the end of the KS project.
      3 -- Red & Blue faction dice

    41. Mark Indiveri on

      A half a MILLION dollars and all we're talking is classic paper chits and cotton tee shirts? I want a cheap sound chip with explosion sounds. And sounds of tank treads crushing armor! Nuke sounds! Radiation crackle! They can be had for dime!

    42. Kevin McCarthy on

      @Jay Yeah, I'd love that. I played Munchkin for the first time last night and it was OK. But I'd love to break out the ancient CarWars boxed set too.

      I think a lot of players might like a world/wide battle, especially with the Ogre computer version. I think it was Warhammer that did something similar not too long ago.

    43. Jay Bryant on

      @Kevin McCarthy: I've tossed out the idea of a convention a number of times in various places. I think it's a natural idea, whether we do it here in Austin or in conjunction with some other convention (and so not in Austin).

    44. Missing avatar

      Marty Barylski on

      I am definitely a happy camper - classic counters, more shirts... sadly I will have to send more money. Sniff. Sniff. PS - to sj and team - I hate you people! I expect that feeling will only increase over the next week.

    45. Missing avatar

      Ken Schultz on

      Shirts... Why did it have to be shirts? Curse you, Steve Jackson!

    46. Jeff Hall on

      Another shirt??? ::sigh/::


    47. Missing avatar

      Brian Dunkle on

      Yes! I didn't want to force the classic counters on anyone, but I'm absolutely thrilled to have them available as an extra! And the PDF option is awesome, too.

    48. Terry O'Carroll on

      I notice the roads on the map have lanes on them now. Do the Ogre rules have rules for overtaking, etc. Now? "GEV Red-3, you should have been at 1117 four minutes ago!" "Sorry, Command, I'm stuck behind a Mark V - it won't let me pass. And It's only got one tread unit left!"

    49. Angry Ogre on

      SQUEE!!! New shirts! I upped my pledge.