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35 years after the first publication of OGRE, we're coming back with a massive new edition, and YOU can make it better.
35 years after the first publication of OGRE, we're coming back with a massive new edition, and YOU can make it better.
5,512 backers pledged $923,680 to help bring this project to life.

Component, Counter, Support Level Lists

Posted by Steve Jackson Games (Creator)

First - here's a mini-banner that supporters can add to their web pages. If you link it to it will send your readers to the Ogre project page, and maybe they'll support too!

At Last, Component Lists

Here’s the list of components as updated the morning of May 7.  A new stretch goal might add something. A counter sheet might be lost if its supporter drops out. We don’t expect that.

This is long, but it's been a frequent request . . .

Standard Edition Includes:
    - The outer shipping carton - about 22" x 18" x 4"?
    - The game box. Currently 21.5” by 17.625” by at least 3.5”.
    - Cardboard counter tray insert / “Ogre garage”

    - Ogre map (2 pieces )
    - GEV type maps G1, G2, S1, S2 (2 pieces each)

- Plastic storage trays to hold the maps in the box

Counter/overlay sheets
All about 11 x 17, printed 4/4, diecut - right now I count 16 of them.
    - Combine 2D units (2 identical sheets, about 65 units each, 1.5 mm)
    - Paneuropean 2D units (2 identical sheets, about 70 units each, 1.5 mm)
    - Basic map overlay sheet (3 identical sheets, 1.5 mm)
    - Stretch overlay sheet (1.5 mm)
    - Assorted Ogres and buildings (3 different sheets, 2 mm)
    - Sponsored sheets for $3,000 supporters (5 different, some 1.5, some 2 mm; all use existing dies)
        --- (1, 2) “Mercenary” sheets - two, using Combine units
        --- (3) Maaaybe one w/ hidden buildings. Under discussion.
        --- (4) One with a whole troop of Ogres in a new color.

        --- (5) One, probably, with a new color of Paneuro units.

Booklets and other paper:
    - Rulebook - 24 pages?
    - Scenario book - 12 pp?
    - Reference sheets with CRTs, unit lists, and so on (2 copies)
    - Ogre Record Sheet masters (2 copies, black only)
    - Blueprint poster
    - "How to Build the Ogres" flyer

Two 19mm acrylic dice, one blue with Combine logo in white, one red with Paneuropean logo in white.

Kickstarter Copies Also Include:
    - Kickstarter sticker on the box front

    - Kickstarter Exclusive Counter Sheet (“Targets Go Boom”)
    - Kickstarter Exclusive Counter/Overlay Sheet #2, still unnamed and under development
    - Signed Certificate of Support

Also Included At KS $100 US Level
    - Website and box-side listing as supporter
    - Three PDFs and 30 Minutes of Music (actually, these kick in at $25)

Swag Added At $150 US Level
    - A second copy of the “Targets Go Boom” sheet
    - Humongous Canvas bag
    - Pair of lapel pins
    - Exclusive T-shirt

Support Outside The Box
    - Record sheet app
    - 12 scenarios, so far
    - Constructible Ogre/building templates

    - PDFs of classic counters
    - PDF record sheets


And here is TODAY'S list (edited Tuesday May 1) of the contents of most of the counter sheets. This WILL change as we find better ways to fit things together, or if the factory comes back and tells us we are not as clever as we think. But it should not change very much.

BLUE ON WHITE (Paneuropean – was white in original game)

Flat armor and infantry for ONE sheet (we will do two identical sheets). 70 counters on this sheet, so about 140 total. Each sheet:

    Heavy Tank (4)
    Light Tank (6)
    Missile Tank (4)
    Superheavy (2)
    GEV (6)
    LGEV (6)
    GEV-PC (4)
    HWZ (4)
    MHWZ (4)
    Missile Crawler (2)
    Crawler w/o missile (2)
    Hovertruck (6)
    Truck (6)

    Train counters (3)

    Infantry 3/2 (8)
    Infantry 2/1 (5)
    Marines 3/2 (2)
    Marines 2/1 (2)

RED ON BLACK (Combine - was black in original games)

Flat armor and infantry for ONE sheet (we will do two identical sheets). 65 counters on this sheet, so about 130 total. Each sheet:

    Ogre Mark I (1)
    Heavy Tank (5)
    Light Tank (6)
    Missile Tank (4)
    Superheavy (3)
    GEV (8)
    LGEV (6)
    GEV-PC (5)
    HWZ (3)
    MHWZ (3)
    Missile Crawler (2)
    Crawler w/o missile (2)
    Hovertruck (2)
    Truck (2)

    Infantry 3/2 (7)
    Infantry 2/1 (4)
    Marines 3/2 (4)
    Marines 2/1 (4)

And now the 3-D counters . . .

RED (Combine - was black in original games)

Ogre counters, 3-D  -
    Ogre Mark VI
    Ogre Mark V (2)
    Ogre Mark IV
    Ogre Mark III (4)
    Ogre Mark III-B (2)
    Ogre Mark II (2)

Building counters, 3-D
    CP (3)
    Laser turret (2)
    Laser tower (2)
    Mobile CP (1)
    Building (2)
    Strongpoint (2)

BLUE (Paneuropean – was white in original game)

Ogre counters, 3-D  -
    Fencer (3)
    Fencer B
    Ogre Mark V (2)
    Ogre Mark III (4)

Building counters, 3-D
    CP (4)
    Laser turret (5)
    Laser tower (3)
    Mobile CP (1)
    Building (4)
    Strongpoint (3?)

TARGETS GO BOOM sheet - Kickstarter exclusive
    Ogre Mark V, green
    Ogre Mark IV, green
    Ogre Mark III, green

Combine Buildings (red)

Paneuropean Buildings (blue)
    Building (3)
    CP (1)
    Strongpoint (2)
    Laser turret (2)
    Laser tower (1)

Third force (green, Paneuro design)

    Building (1)
    CP (1)

Five $3,000 Sponsored Sheets

Two (the “Mercenary” sheets) will be Combine armor and infantry units in a green color to match Targets Go Boom. One is set to be a troop of gray (WWII aircraft gray) Mk III and V Ogres.  One will have 16 flat Ogre counters. The other is still under discussion but is set to include some flat mystery-building counters and some PE armor units in the same color as the Mercs (those mercs get their units wherever they can), as well as some interesting Howitzers.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Bill K. on

      @Erich: Exactly. Two Lt Tnks are often better than one Hvy Tank. And the same may often be true for one GEV and two Lt GEVs. Which means that a better strategy might often be to have pesky half-sized armor units all over the place in lieu of (what I consider to be the sweet spot of the game) HVYs and GEVs. But personally I dislike playing games with misquoto units running rampant across the board. A few are fine for scouts or to stretch out thin defense lines, but swarms of them just make the game "bleh" for me.

    2. David Dodge on

      A couple of Ogres labeled as the bolos from the bolo stories by laumer would be cool as well (if you have any extras etc)

    3. David Dodge on

      Im hoping one of the merc units (maybe a superheavy tank) has Col. Hammer as the name on it (reference to hammers slammers). That would be so cool

    4. Duncan McEwen on

      So I was just looking through the unit list and I do not see any Paneuro Mk. Is. The Paneuropeans got the Mk. I templates when the Shefield plant fell and made them under the name Pikeman. I think there should be some counters for them in the game.

    5. Erich Cranor

      @Bill: I think the lights need to be plentiful if they're in at all because one of the ways to use them is to gain survivability by giving the enemy more targets than he can attack. But also...who would you bet on in Hvy Tank vs 2 Light Tanks? I think heavy has 55% chance if it shoots first, but if it shoots second it only has a 1/3 to survive to achieving 'shoot first odds'. Overall heavy has about 37% chance.

    6. Missing avatar

      Bill K. on

      Any chance of swapping out some of those light tanks and light GEVs for more HVYs and GEVs? (I don't like playing with lots of lights--to me, they feel like they're outside the sweet spot of the unit power spectrum.)

    7. Sean K King on

      The "Tagets go boom" sheet is 3-D as well?

      It could go either way with the list the way it is. Of course probably stated somewhere else.


    8. Steve Jackson Games 21-time creator on

      @Allen F. Schell: I think this has been mentioned elsewhere by now, but just in case I wanted to come back and answer this question where it was originally asked. The maps come in two halves, so when we say "2 pieces each," we mean "each of these maps is split between two pieces that join to make one map."

    9. Graham Brand on

      (You need to remove the note about the train not being on the sheet from the bottom of the Blue counters section.)

    10. KevinR

      @Andrew: each Kickstarter box will contain one of each Kickstarter sheet ($75K and $350K). An additional copy of the $75K sheet (Green Ogres/Targets Go Boom) is available for $8. [One of those sheets is also included in the $150 level.] I don't think that we know anyting about extra $350K sheets yet.

    11. Andrew Tullsen

      So to get the Kickstarter sheets, do I need to add an extra $8 to my pledge (pledged at $100 level) ?

    12. Andrew Gelbman on

      Record sheets? Meh - give us a nice PDF we can download and save the weight. Copies are a nickel a pop at the local quickie print shop and I am going to make peg counter Ogre records for each Ogre I have a model for (which is one of each type for the Combine, PanEuropeans, Israelis and soon the Japanese)

    13. Graham Brand on

      @KevinR: Ah, thanks. Probably the right choice given that the weight sounds critical.

    14. KevinR

      @Graham: I believe the original idea was dry-erase record sheets (with no paper copies). One of the early surveys swapped the dry-erase boards for (i) two paper masters in box, (ii) PDFs outside the box, and (iii) an iOS/Android App for record keeping. This seems to save some weight, although it requires players to have a printer, copier, or scratch pad before they play.

    15. Graham Brand on

      @Chris Hinkes: further to Fox's reply, I think the box originally had record sheets included, but these were removed to save a bit of weight to add other stuff. (Or did that just happen in my Kickstarter-Ogre-dreams?)

    16. KevinR

      Checking the new retailer sheet posted by Phil on BGG. Lots of interesting out-of-box support. No reprints and distributor orders need to be in by the end of May.
      The GEV maps are 28"x32". Even as two-piece maps, this seems to mean that they need to fold to fit in the box.
      I don't recall seeing the missle crawler before. It looks like it might not fit in a hex, even at 90%. The counters do look good at 90%.

    17. Steve Jackson Games 21-time creator on

      @Allen F. Schell: Pictures of the dice are on the way, and fairly soon I believe. As for the maps, to be completely honest, I'm going to have to check on that before I can answer. This project is moving a mile a minute, and it's hard to keep up!
      @Mike Malley: That's a really good question! I'll check in on that and get back.
      @Chris Hinkes: That is correct. You'll either want to make copies of the masters, print outs from the PDF, or use the record sheet app.

    18. Karl Gallagher on

      @Daniel Jew: I want individual unit IDs. Gotta keep track of which truck has the fleeing orphans and which has the ammo resupply.

    19. Missing avatar

      MrBlarney on

      @Daniel Jew: Ah, thanks for the update regarding the Mercenary sheets. Since the sheets are being sponsored by the fans, the unit distribution should be made to fit their desires as much as possible. And so if demand for sponsoring units are more in line with the Combine distribution, then that's what should be provided!

    20. Spyke Alexander

      Just wanted to say thanks for this update... I think it's good for everyone involved to have an up to date list like this as everything is getting huge! =)

    21. Humanoid Typhoon on

      @Rae - The backside has the disabled unit printed on it.

    22. Scot Ryder

      @Rae IIRC, the counters are back-printed with the unit art and the word DISABLED.

    23. Rae F Noritake on

      Recent supporter so limited knowledge of prior updates...Question; are the counters back-printed? If so, with what??

    24. Jonathan Woodward

      No Paneuropean Mark Is (the Pikeman), as seen in [modest cough] GURPS Ogre?

    25. Daniel Jew on

      @Daniel Gillette: could you just use existing Mk I counters with a different record sheet?
      Which leads to this question: do folks think it'd be useful for units to have unique ID letters/numbers on them?
      Merc units will have individual names, but it might be useful for scenarios if PE Truck A is distinguishable from PE Truck B.

    26. Daniel Jew on

      @MrBlarney: Nice idea. You'd lose internal (Merc) coherency to gain some coherency when using Merc + PE. You'd also lose an Ogre Mk I, which folks seem to want more of.
      Anyhow, it's not unfortunately feasible at this stage, as the Mk I is one of the top picks for name sponsorship.

    27. Missing avatar

      MrBlarney on

      It seems rather interesting to me that the announced mercenary sheets will both be based off of the Combine counter sheet die rather than be split with one sheet based off of Combine and the second based off of Paneuropean. The latter approach would allow more versatility, since it would allow for more coherency in the unit designs if only a small subset of mercenary units are being employed. In addition, if the mercenary units had color highlights in red and blue, they could also be hired by both sides simultaneously without too much additional trouble.

      But perhaps I am getting ahead of myself a bit, since there are still unannounced materials on the remaining sponsored sheets, and based off of the original reward description each sponsored sheet was originally planned to be only half the size of the full sheets. Still, depending on the coordination of the extra counters or units, we could have quite the large third faction indeed.

    28. Stilettoblade

      I'd also like to chime in that there seems to be an awful lot of Paneuro CPs on there. Also I thought the reactor was a new building for "Targets go Boom", so I'm surprised to see it on the standard sheets. Turning the whole KS sheet green/merc colors seems like a logical step - if I need a second reactor for NAC one day, or an extra CP for PE, I can easily throw down a green one (better than a blue building amongst my Combine army or a red one in my sea of Paneuro armor) and they're distinct for when used with the 3rd force. After turning the KS sheet green, I think there's still 4 PE and 3 NAC CPs, maybe you can turn some of that space into a couple more little Mk I's?

    29. Humanoid Typhoon on

      I'd also love to see all of the Ogre I variants make it in, as I'd love to have a few MK I-B Rattlesnakes escorting my MK III. Please? Perhaps in a future supplement?

    30. Humanoid Typhoon on

      For a unit that "...never went out of production, and could be found in nearly every order of battle during the Last War." there sure does seem to be a shortage of them. I know that they're not the big and flashy Ogres everyone fell in love with, but these seem like a much easier unit to mix in with conventional forces. I also think having a bunch of I's and II's replacing a III or a V could add a new twist to the classic Ogre scenario.

    31. Humanoid Typhoon on

      I too was hoping for more MK I and MK II Ogres. Perhaps one of the custom sheets will round those out, as it seems like one would be more likely to field a larger number of the smaller Ogre units. Here's hoping that the $350k sheet is the 1-hex ogres and it's filled out with the smaller MK I and MK II units.

    32. Missing avatar

      Trevor D. Schulz on

      Please don't omit the ogre garage. People who don't want it can toss it. I want it!

    33. Scott Walker on

      Wow, just wow! This is going to be so much fun. Thanks, Steve, for bringing back a taste of the good old days of board games!

    34. Missing avatar

      Joshua Megerman on

      I just recounted everything, and it looks like the Paneuro sheets have 72 counters each. Not that I'm complaining... :)

      And count another vote for extra 2-D counter sheets fun W23...

    35. Jeff Vandine

      Thanks for the if we could readdress a couple of those surrrrveys! :-)

    36. Missing avatar

      Tim Kauffman on

      I almost had a moment of...omg...somethings wrong with the unit numbers...
      but noticed we are getting TWO (2) sheets of what's listed for Combine and Paneuropean
      for non Ogre units. SO DOUBLE THE #s you see listed for those!
      Glad to see the Cruise Missile Carriers, (with/without missiles) which raises the question:
      ?Are we getting RUBBLE and CRATER counters?
      ?Why so many Command Posts? (I thought you could only have one CP per side...)
      Glad to see some Marine Units/ a Mk 6/ a Doppelsolder and Fencer-B
      / HoverTrucks and Trucks/ Reactors/ StrongPoints and some Paneuropean Buildings
      /Laser Turrets and Laser Towers included.
      Glad to see...haha, sorry! This is Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!
      I was hoping for COLORED Combine and Paneuropean Dice.
      The respective logos on the dice is gonna be awesome, but without the dice being colored to represent the two, it loses a lot of WOW appeal. COLORED dice plz.
      If they are not, I won't be interested in getting extras.
      The "swirly black" ones would work better as alternative dice IMHO. Not the standard game issued ones.
      This is really good to see. I like the #s of the units.
      Plz make extra unit sheets available separately. I KNOW I will be wanting more of some of the units. Would be a great way to round out ones forces.
      THANK YOU for bringing back OGRE.
      Special shoutout and Thank You for giving us a copy of the OGRE BLUEPRINT POSTER.

    37. KevinR

      I think that the more important part of the counter tray is the "Ogre garage" -- Kickstarter copies will have 26 3-D Ogres and 45 buildings (plus whatever is on the $3K and $350K sheets) that need to be stored in a way that won't damage them and won't require disassembly.

    38. Michael Scott Matecha on

      I always find upgraded storage solutions for all my games so I wouldn't mind losing the counter tray

    39. Anthony Albert on

      I'd suggest dropping the counter tray, myself. There are a lot of different types of counters, but a few ziplock bags should suffice, say four or six to sort by nationality and partly by unit type. I'd be willing to toss them in myself, so that SJG doesn't need to... saving weight and component count.

    40. Desi Mims on

      Mobile CPs does sound nice...

    41. Chris Tham on

      That is an insane amount of stuff inside a wargame box....

    42. Kevin McCarthy on

      Carl brings up an excellent point. We need the Ogre - Naval version. Transports, Ogre transports, subs, stealth cruisers, the frightening cyber-battle cruiser.

      Oh yeah... I can see some possibilities with that.

    43. Missing avatar

      Joshua Megerman on

      Excellent! But what about mobile CPs? We need mobile CPs!

    44. Chris Hinkes on

      So, there isn't going to be a pad of ogre record sheets, just masters and we have to make our own copies to play the game?

    45. Carl Taylor on

      Thanks SJG. This is awesome!

      To the guys doing the sponsored sheets, more Ogre Mark Is would be nice as according to Ogre lore they are the only cybertank small enough to be transported by conventional means.

      Also, miss the Ninja.

    46. Mike Malley on

      Do the overlays have different terrain on the two sides? I can't get over how many there'll be.

    47. Missing avatar

      Christopher Lewis on

      Thank you Steve for the information, just amazing amount of stuff crammed in there!

    48. Daniel Jew on

      Great to know what's (probably) going to be in the box! Boy that's a lot of units...
      The Targets Go Boom buildings do seem to be a bit of a waste. PE already has plenty of those buildings, and Combine already has a reactor.
      It'd be great if the Mercs could become a complete 3rd faction, with Ogres and buildings (I'm a bit biased though!)

    49. Allen F. Schell on

      And while I'm making up my "wish lists" ... any chance of putting the remaining 3-D units not currently in the KS PDFs up for sale on e23? Never know when an extra Doppelsoldner or two might come in handy.

    50. Ronster on

      Any chance of GREEN buildings for the KS 'Targets go Boom'? sheet? I don't really need 6 (if I counted right) PanEuro CPs. If the KS buildings are green then we could have some buildings for the mercs, and they would be more viable for 3rd party scenarios.