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35 years after the first publication of OGRE, we're coming back with a massive new edition, and YOU can make it better.
35 years after the first publication of OGRE, we're coming back with a massive new edition, and YOU can make it better.
5,512 backers pledged $923,680 to help bring this project to life.

Overseas Rates - Canada, Australia, UK

We are pleased, and hugely relieved, to finally announce SOME overseas support rates. We have Canada, Australia, and the UK covered. This will be shipping by FedEx, trackable, and insured. Some of you have told us you like FedEx. Some of you have said you hate FedEx. If you really, really don’t trust FedEx, we are sorry; it was the best option presented.

We expect to announce rates for Europe and Scandinavia next week.

International Extras

We have struggled for two weeks now with the problem of letting the non-US supporters choose exactly the extras they want, and shipping them at a reasonable price, within the limitations of Kickstarter’s code. Kickstarter was not intended as a shopping cart!

We have already posted free-shipping offers on dice, shirts, and pins for overseas supporters who are paying shipping for something else (i.e., a game, or another dice/shirt/pin). We will honor those orders. They will be separate packages and will probably be shipped USPS, not FedEx.

Rather than offering any further extras to overseas supporters as part of the Kickstarter program, we are going to print more extra components than originally planned, and ask you to order what you want from Warehouse 23 while supplies last. By using the USPS flat rate boxes, we’ll be able to minimize your overseas shipping costs for large orders without penalizing the small orders. This will also minimize our own craziness at shipment time. Thank you for understanding.

Warehouse 23 will only ship “extra” exclusive Kickstarter items (the shirt and the counter sheet) to names/addresses that we find on our supporter list!

New Extras

By popular demand: an a-la-carte copy of Ogre for those who (for instance) bought the $200 level, which only included one copy. Please don't add more than two to your order, and note that that's US only - the single-copy rates for other destinations have been, or will be, posted.

The Next Round of Stretch Goals

Now that our international supporters can finally get into the game, we can have more stretch goals.

$325,000 - We will release an Ogre expansion set late in 2013, with at least one map. The contents will be determined by survey. Mmmm, surrrrrvey. Since time is getting short, we’ll also start the surrrrrvey for the next stretch goal . . .

$350,000 - We will add a new 11.5 x 17.625” Kickstarter-exclusive sheet containing either more 3-D units or more 2-D units and/or overlays. (To allow weight for this in the box, we canceled the one unsold $3,000 custom counter sheet.) We will survey to see what you find most interesting, and the survey will include requests we have had in comments, such as “Flat Ogres” and “Old-style square B&W counters.”

We have had a number of requests for duplicates of the extra overlay sheet that was the $140,000 goal. So if we hit $350K, we will “unlock” that one, print more copies, and put it in every set sold -- and we'll offer it in W23 so you can buy individual extras.

$400,000 - LOCKED. Those who keep up with Wired's GeekDad ( will get the earliest hint about what we are thinking.

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