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35 years after the first publication of OGRE, we're coming back with a massive new edition, and YOU can make it better.
35 years after the first publication of OGRE, we're coming back with a massive new edition, and YOU can make it better.
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Plastic Ogre Miniatures Update

Posted by Steve Jackson Games (Creator)

We're getting closer to making an official announcement, but we thought many of you would want a peek at the test shot of the first plastic Ogre miniature. We're still working with the factory so this may not be 100% final, but we're getting close to nailing down Sculpt One. Additionally, we've reviewed CAD files for other units, and the project continues to move forward.

More Ogre news to come, as we're now about one week from the pre-mortem for Ogre Reinforcements. Once that's knocked out, the files will head to print, and we'll continue moving forward on the set of plastic Ogre miniatures.

In other news, the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game has surpassed its funding goal and already broken through the first stretch goals. If you're a GURPS fan, please take a look at the project today and join in on this big GURPS boxed game. We've reduced shipping costs for EU and Australian supporters, dropped shipping costs by $10 for all backers thanks to stretch goals, and are on track to deliver the game on schedule. 

- Phil Reed



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    1. Philip Reed Collaborator

      @James Cameron - There are more details than are showing in the pics. These are shots of the pure test shot minis, exactly as they came to us and without any paintwork.

    2. Missing avatar

      James Cameron on

      I gotta say, when you consider the detail of recent plastic minis (say, for the Conan Kickstarter game, or any recent Cool Minis title) these seem rather underwhelming... there's almost no detail at all. I would send the boys back to the drawing board and have them come up with something inspired. This is not anywhere near the state of the mini art, Philip.

    3. Philip Reed Collaborator

      @John Fleisher - We will have more news in the next few weeks. Just a little longer to revealing all of the units in the first set. And yes, there are Ogres in the first set.

    4. John Fleisher on

      Phil, is there a unit breakdown for the miniatures sprue? Like how many and what types? In other words, what do I get when I buy a set? Or 20 sets?

    5. Philip Reed Collaborator

      @John Fleisher - The minis in Ogre Miniatures Set One will be red and blue, yes. What is shown in the pics is, as you say, just a standard test shot.

    6. John Fleisher on

      Looks like standard uncolored polystyrene to me, exactly what most model manufacturers use for test shots. I imagine the final product will be colored, hopefully red and blue for the two factions.

    7. Missing avatar

      Jerry Emery on

      At last! What should've been in the ODE box in the first place. ;-)

      Pulled out a map and set one of my metal minis on it. The scale looks spot on.

      The material looks like what Reaper uses on their Bones line of minis. But I'm guessing there's a Chinese connection involved. Have to take into consideration Phil's frequent flyer miles and all. LOL

      Expecting the GEV to be next followed by the missile tank and the howitzer. Infantry will be interesting to see as I suspect it will be the most difficult to unit to produce. Single cast unit in 3, 2, and 1 squad configurations? Or a better way to plug in and pull out figs from a single base?

      Of course, what will make or break the project will be the Ogres. If those look good at the right price, there should be enough folks to purchase those alone to keep the whole deal in the black.

    8. Herr T on

      Looks super detailed and brithle. What kind of plastic is that? For Boardgame Pieces id rather vote for less details but simplified und sturdy parts like in Axis and Allies or Risk. This Tank looks very fine detailed but also like at least the barrel would shatter on its first 2 feet plunge to the floor. If You want super detailed Tabletop minis You can re-release the ral partha metal line? Id rather like to see no resin plastics but more vinyl like stuff as with the renegade legion plastic tanks or Matchbox 1:76 plastic soldiers (not like the Dust Tactics infantry with their bent guns).

    9. Missing avatar

      Doug Houseman on

      Sweet! I hope every unit in the Designer Edition gets mini's!

    10. wolf90 Collaborator

      Re: photos and detail.
      These are juuuuuust the first test shots from the factory. There will be time for far more detailed pictures when we get to that point. The idea currently is to simply let everyone know the project IS moving forward.
      Man! I love the excitement, though!

    11. Philip Reed Collaborator

      @Jeff Butler - These are earliest test shots and not 100% final. We only posted these photos because we thought you guys would enjoy seeing the early shots.

    12. Jeff Vandine

      Those are some sweet looking miniatures!

    13. David Crowell on

      These look good to me. The iconic Heavy Tank. I'm itching to see the rest. I too would like a shot with an ink wash to better see the details.

    14. Jeff Butler

      Alternatively, why not add a couple of additional pictures, to show with an ink wash, as well as the actual test shots?

    15. Jake on

      @Phillip Reed,

      Your test shots do not photograph well, that can hurt you. Label the picture "With ink wash to show detail". Many miniatures companies do exactly this for web photos in their online shops and even during KS projects

    16. Scott Chisholm

      Posted too quickly....

      Any idea of the price point on these?

    17. John Fleisher on

      My understanding is these are identical in size to the previous metal miniatures, within a few % points anyway. I suggest spraying them flat grey to bring out the detail.

      I will buy a 3D printer if SJG releases/sells the print files for these.

      I intend to buy these by the hundreds...

    18. Philip Reed Collaborator

      @Jake - That would not give an accurate representation of the minis. We do not want to misrepresent the pieces by modifying them. The pics are of what we received as test shots.

    19. Philip Reed Collaborator

      @BRW Games, LLC - These are roughly the same size as the metal minis. We started from there and CAD files were created. There are differences, yes, but these are in the same ballpark as the old metal minis.

    20. BRW Games, LLC on

      Apologies if this has already been answered elsewhere, but my biggest concern is scale. Will they be compatible with the old metal figures?

    21. Jake on

      Maybe give them a bit of an ink wash to show the details? That color does not photograph very well.

    22. Mark Indiveri on

      Ditto the 3-D printer files comment! I would GO OUT AND BUY a 3D Printer JUST to print Ogre Miniatures!!! Please offer the files!

    23. Roland Boshnack on

      These look great! I can't wait to paint up a few regiments of them.

    24. Jeff Butler

      I don't suppose there is any possible chance of getting these released as printable STL files, for those of us lucky enough to have a 3D printer? Not for free, obviously (unless you're feeling SUPER generous), but I personally wouldn't mind paying for a 3D printable OGRE. Especially since I could scale it up nice and large!