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35 years after the first publication of OGRE, we're coming back with a massive new edition, and YOU can make it better.
5,512 backers pledged $923,680 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Creator Philip Reed 6 days ago

      @Mike Malley- No decision on Pocket GEV at this time.

    2. Creator Mike Malley 7 days ago

      Was Pocket GEV ever decided on?

    3. Creator Philip Reed on April 1

      @fredgiblet - The internet is his friend! I'm sure if he was interested he'll search online. Thanks for spreading the word.

    4. Creator fredgiblet on March 24

      Nah, I didn't really think about my response, just said "They had a new edition Kickstarted." No idea if he's going to follow up or not because he left right after.

    5. Creator Philip Reed on March 17

      @redgiblet - And did you tell him about Pocket Ogre?

    6. Creator fredgiblet on March 16

      Wore my shirt to the mall today, a guy stopped me and asked if Ogre was still in production and that he hadn't seen it since the 80s. I told him about the Kickstarter.

    7. Creator Michael on February 9

      Would by Pocket GEV, but the map needs to be in color per the original, I don't think it works in greyscale.

    8. Creator David McGuire on February 9

      I'd spend 10 on Pocket GEV. And another 10 on Pocket Reinforcements

    9. Creator David Valenze on February 4

      I would certainly buy a couple of copies for friends at the very least.

    10. Creator Geoff Speare on February 3

      I would buy Pocket G.E.V. for ~$10. Possibly two copies.

    11. Creator Gregory Matyola on January 23

      Just got my Fire Mountain games sheets! (I assume last night, I missed the slim envelope in my screen door!)
      Thanks SJG and Fire Mountain!

    12. Creator loopy on January 22

      Either SJG is branching out to hip-hop or this a ripoff of his trademark?…

    13. Creator Nick on January 22

      Mad props to SJ Games, I also just released my SJ Games edition "Fire mountain games" add on.

    14. Creator Mike on January 17

      Thank you SJ Games.. my Fire Mountain sheets showed up today from Warehouse 23.. you guys rock.

    15. Creator Merijeek on January 14

      Yes, and the real bitch of it is that I spent three times as much on the other one. If only I'd know, I'd have just gotten 4 of these. And then I could have used them to build a fort. Or stun someone with shock.

      I actually had a Skype interview with a certain games company on The Coast (didn't get the job) that had a couple people quite jealous of the gigantic OGRE box on my game shelf behind me. I don't see anyone being jealous of the boxes from the other one that will likely not get opened.

    16. Creator Karen Neville on January 14

      It beats that other KS we both backed.

    17. Creator Merijeek on January 14

      I have to say that this is probably the only gaming KS I've done that I actually found to be satisfying.

      Which is my way of saying "When is Car Wars?"

    18. Creator Mike on January 13

      Anything new on Fire Mountain? I hate to think my pre-order is lost to oblivion.

    19. Creator Mike Malley on January 13

      I'm with Poi on this one. The previous two updates were regarding the ACD sheets, and the two before that dealt with Car Wars. I assume behind the scenes Ogre is being worked on, but there's no indication of it on our end.

    20. Creator Poi on December 25

      Sorry, but just maintaining the silence is pretty poor.

    21. Creator Philip Reed on December 20

      @Poi - There is no news at this time. News will be posted as updates to this project, so keep an eye on the updates page. And you can turn on updates through Kickstarter so that the news is delivered to your mail.

    22. Creator Philip Reed on December 20

      @Nick - We're working on that.

    23. Creator Nick on December 19

      Firemountain Games web site is gone. Any chance of an update?

    24. Creator Poi on December 17

      Just checked the list and more outstanding than I realised.
      $90k 4 scenarios on website
      $130k 4 more scenarios
      $300k computer game
      $325k expansion with new units and map
      $425k music
      $475k scenario contest, PDF of winners and previous 8 scenarios
      $575k miniatures rules 2nd edition with new photos and graphics, print and PDF
      $651k engineer and Vulcan rules

      Have I missed any news?

      Any word on Tom Smith's recovery?

      Jen mentioned the scenario contest in update #176, but only in passing.

    25. Creator Poi on December 17

      Any sign of the remaining stretch goals?

    26. Creator Bob King on November 14

      Got my Barbarians punchboards, Drew included some token dividers by way of apology. Nice touch. Rulebook looks good, but I have not had a chance to sit down and read it yet.

    27. Creator Rick Koeppen on November 12

      Wow, just got my Strategic & Tactical Objectives and Barbarians at the Gate counters and supplement book in the mail. The book looks to be very well done! This finally completes my collection of the sponsored OGRE counter sheets. :]

    28. Creator Kent Ing on November 12

      Finally got an ACD order placed with Warehouse23. Was not going to miss it a second time.

    29. Creator Bob King on November 11

      I just got my shipping notice from Drew Metzger so my Barbarians punchboard is finally on its way!

    30. Creator Jon Shelky on November 11

      Still waiting on FMG sheets with sounds like almost everone else. Any updates? Their website hasn't been updated in quite awhile, and no e-mails answered in months.

    31. Creator Nyck'Non on November 10

      Any updates on the status of the FMG stuff.

    32. Creator mark on October 25

      @firemountain games - yes, we have always hated you! Your tardiness in delivering a product unforgivable. Enough already, send the booklet so we can all stop hating you!

    33. Creator Matthew Hirsch on October 23

      Yeah, I got screwed on the ACD sheet as well. Put it in my shopping cart, and then decided to let the site traffic simmer down before completing the order. Tried finishing it an hour later and my cart was "stuck" with an out-of-stock item. (had to clear it out and start over) If I had known it was in short supply, I would have pushed the order through sooner.

    34. Creator Joe Shelby on October 23

      Rather annoyed. I decided to wait on the sheets because of how the website was being pummelled (I was getting a lot of 500 errors). Had I known there was a limit on the ACD, I'd have pushed harder, but I expected there to be enough to go around (unless somebody bought up dozens of them...).

      There probably should have been a purchase limit per customer/sale so that they could be distributed more fairly, if that was the case.

    35. Creator Philip Reed on October 22

      @Kelroy Was Here - I have contacted ACD and we are trying to find out if they have any sheets at all.

    36. Creator Kelroy Was Here on October 21

      Will the ACD sheets be re-stocked, or are they gone for good?

    37. Creator Steve Jackson Games on October 21

      @Mike - yes! They went super quick but you can still order Uncommon Ogre - Brandon

    38. Creator Mike Nagel on October 21

      Are the ACD sheets out of stock already?

    39. Creator Craig Janssen on October 21

      Be patient with the SJG web site, It's getting slamming at the moment. I just got my order in.

    40. Creator Erik on October 15, 2014

      Ordered my Nightfall sets on Sept 4th 2012, so you guys shouldn't feel so bad.

    41. Creator Lewis Stoneking on October 14, 2014

      Any chance Steve Jackson games might entertain a thought of producing a smaller OGRE garage… something that we can fill from our 100 pounder OGRE Designer Edition box for smaller games or to take to a game date or to a friend’s house. I do love the super deal we got, but it’s hard to cart around without having a 4x4 truck or cartop carrier.

      In fact, many of my game friends would like to play the game… as in get their own copy… but none available in stores, or rarely available. Any thoughts to duplicating the old OGRE Deluxe game by selectively using the new game boards and minis?? Smaller footprint, but can envision many more sales!!

      Avid OGRE fan!!

    42. Creator Tony Thomas on October 14, 2014

      Wife just called.
      My counters arrived today... no notice... no nothing.
      But hey are here!

    43. Creator Rick Koeppen on October 14, 2014

      I posted this on the update but I'll do so here as well. Just TODAY I received my Fire Mountain counter sheets in the mail that I preordered over a year ago. It doesn't come with the book, but there is a sticker on the outside of the shrink wrap that says the scenario book that was supposed to come with the counters will be mailed out later separately. Don't give up hope just yet!

    44. Creator Tony Thomas on October 14, 2014

      I ordered mine in April 2013 - and nothing to show.

    45. Creator Gene Warren on October 2, 2014

      @Matt I haven't received my Nightfall counters and I ordered on 4/23/2013. I got a quick responses from them until December, then nothing.

    46. Creator Knockman on September 15, 2014

      With regards the third-party counters, and our one in particular, the S&TO sheet, we've provided Wayland Games with a re-stock, and many thanks to Daniel too for all of his behind-the-scenes work on the details behind each counter:

    47. Creator Bad_Syntax on September 11, 2014

      I'm in the US, and ordered mine in April, but haven't gotten anything yet :(

    48. Creator Stephen Rochelle on September 10, 2014

      @Matt: FMG is shipping Nightfall counters (but not the scenario book) sporadically and in small batches. I received my preorder in June or so. There is no apparent pattern to the shipping order except that every reported delivery I've seen has been in the US (only).

    49. Creator Matt Sailors on September 10, 2014

      Re: Third Party Counters

      I remember reading that Fire Mountain Games was supposed to FINALLY be shipping Nightfall, but has anyone actually received their copy yet?

    50. Creator Bad_Syntax on September 6, 2014

      Yep, I know about that Philip, and have talked to SVC about doing it.
      Which is why if I made an "ogre" game, it wouldn't say its an "ogre" game, nor would have it have any intellectual property of SJG within it.
      For example, the units would be user definable text files, that point to a graphic that may or may not look like Ogre graphics. Maps would be easy to edit, and could be designed to look like the Ogre/GEV/etc maps, or battletech, or whatever you imagine. The combat table would be definable as well. Things like attack/range/defense/move aren't SJG's IP so duplicating those stats for units is totally fine. Creating a "superunit" that is just a bunch of those stats consolidated into a single element isn't hard to code in either.
      Just saying, since we are not seeing ANY progress, if somebody wanted to help me with the graphics I could write a system that could be used for Ogre relatively easily, without needing anyone's permission, nor violating any trademarks/copyrights/intellectual property.
      Though I'd rather somebody else do it :)

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