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A Starfinder-themed version of Munchkin complete with looting, lasers, and levels!
A Starfinder-themed version of Munchkin complete with looting, lasers, and levels!
A Starfinder-themed version of Munchkin complete with looting, lasers, and levels!
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Production Update and Survey Reminder!


Hello fellow Starfinders! We wanted to post a quick reminder for those of you that haven't replied to your BackerKit survey. We will be refunding people that did not reply to their survey THIS WEEK! You can log into your BackerKit account by following this link to confirm if you have replied to the survey.

On the production side, nothing new to report, just general progress! We previewed some of the tooling samples on Facebook live in a previous update, and after some tinkering, those samples were approved. The game is at print currently, however the Chinese New Year plant closures are in effect. This is all planned around, of course, as it happens each year like clockwork. 

We're in the "no news is good news" portion of production, and so far things are going smoothly. We're currently on schedule for our planned ship date. 

Here's to a great 2018, the Year of the Dog! 

- Hunter Shelburne

Unboxing On #SJGamesLive!


Just a quick update, we've got a live unboxing of the "I Want It All" box tooling sample over on our #SJGamesLive show! Spoiler alert for those of you that don't want to see the entire contents, but if you were interested in a sneak peek at some of the cards and components, check it out. (Not final product)


That's all, thank you to everyone who has been completing their survey; make sure you have that done by this Friday, January 12!

- Hunter Shelburne

BackerKit Surveys & Preorders Closing Friday, January 12!


We're wrapping up the surveys this Friday, January 12! Make sure you've filled out your BackerKit survey by then. After that date, if you haven't submitted your survey, we'll be refunding the pledge. If you aren't sure if you have completed the survey already, simply email and we can check for you. 

If you have friends looking to preorder, make sure to let them know that preorders also close on Friday! They can preorder using this link. 

In other news, we have tooling samples in for the "I Want It All" box, which in turn means we have tooling samples in for all the add-ons and game! It's quite an engineering feat that it all fits in this box, I must say. 

You can also check out our Facebook page tomorrow, I'll be unboxing it live on #SJGamesLive. 

That's all for now, please get those surveys submitted! 

- Hunter Shelburne

Credstick Tooling Samples!


We have one last holiday surprise! The tooling samples for our Munchkin Starfinder Credsticks are here, and they are beautiful. These are seriously some of the coolest accessories we have made! They are finely detailed, look amazing, and have some serious weight to them. (Not final product)

We recorded a quick video of me shaking them so you can (hopefully) hear how it sounds, which should give an idea of the weight. 

Remember, add-ons are capped, so we have limited quantities left, and these are still available to add-on to your order! Get some extras for your Starfinder RPG game as well; they're just a great accessory! 

This is our last update until 2018, so have a safe and happy holiday!

- Hunter Shelburne

The Munchkin Starfinder Christmas Card!

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