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Everything you need for monster-slaying, treasure-hunting action done the way you like it! Powered by GURPS.
Everything you need for monster-slaying, treasure-hunting action done the way you like it! Powered by GURPS.
Everything you need for monster-slaying, treasure-hunting action done the way you like it! Powered by GURPS.
1,587 backers pledged $176,450 to help bring this project to life.

Thank You! Now, Tackle Stretch Goals! Warehouse 23 GURPS Sales Count Toward Stretch Goals

Posted by Philip Reed

Thank you, everyone, for driving us to the $100,000 mark! We wouldn't be here without you, and now that we've met our funding goal it is time to reveal a few things.

First, in addition to your pledges, every dollar spent on GURPS and Pyramid Magazine goodies on Warehouse 23 during September 2016 counts toward the Kickstarter stretch goals. See the graph below.

And yes, this means we have shattered the first stretch goal. Everyone backing at $50 or higher receives $5 off the cost of shipping!

Second, as you requested, we have opened pre-orders for the Discworld Roleplaying Game and GURPS Mars Attacks on W23. And yes, pre-orders of those two books at W23 between now and the close of the Kickstarter project contribute to unlocking stretch goals.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions at all about the project. Thanks for taking us this far, and for showing us you want the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game brought to life as a boxed game.

- Phil Reed

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    1. Missing avatar

      E Bordeaux

      I sense a mini-dungeon forming as each stretch goal unlocks.

    2. Paragonlostinspace on

      Congrats! I'm looking forward to receiving my "I want it all" pledge. I just recently returned to the hobby after focusing on only online gaming for the past 18 years. I missed GURPS in particular. Really nice to see you all still making GURPs and other games! :)

    3. Missing avatar

      Blind Mapmaker on

      Now that's a fiendish way to make me buy the "nice to have" section of my wishlist without a sale going on. You rock, guys!

    4. Peter Dell'Orto on

      Nice Stretch goal picture. You guys really need to put out Cardboard Heroes: Dungeon Floors and Cavern Floors in PDF. They'd be very useful with this boxed set, even if they aren't a direct part of it.

    5. kustenjaeger on


      Backing this has got me thinking about getting into 4e and while for core books I prefer hard copy I could see myself ordering a few things from w23 this month e.g. Thaumatology.


    6. Philip Reed Collaborator

      @Justin Yoder - No PDF option available for those two at this time.

    7. Justin Yoder on

      Oh crap! Last time you guys did this for Car Wars and I single handily contributed over $200 additional dollars to stretch goals... But I've bought so many GURPS supplements over the years that I don't know what else to get! I've got basically nothing else on my wishlist! o_o;

      Also, will Mars Attacks and Discworld be offered in PDF formats for pre-order or just physical?

    8. Missing avatar

      Emily Smirle on

      Zoiks! Pre-ordered!

    9. Philip Reed Collaborator

      @Kenny Johnson - That is definitely helping GURPS out and showing us -- as well as retailers and distributors -- that you want more GURPS books and games. Thank you.

    10. Kenny Johnson on

      I pre ordered the new books from my LGS. I hope that news gets back to you guys.