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Grace Surpasses: A film of hope in Southern Sudan.'s video poster

Grace Surpasses is the latest production by Nadus Films. It is a 60 min. film of one family's struggle in war-torn Southern Sudan. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on April 10, 2011.

Grace Surpasses is the latest production by Nadus Films. It is a 60 min. film of one family's struggle in war-torn Southern Sudan.

About this project

Hi my name is Coury Deeb, in 2005, I founded a non-profit film company named Nadus Films out of a hope to shed light on the injustices throughout the world. My vision took me to Sudan in 2007 where I and a film crew completed Nadus Films’ first film entitled, The New Sudan. Currently, The New Sudan is available via Video On Demand on 15+ cable networks nation wide and expected to be on HULU very soon. My friend William Mapother (Ethan Rom from LOST) narrated the film. The film has been sought out by many and has already proven to be successful.

We have begun a new project. I just returned from Sudan from shooting the current film project Grace Surpasses. This film is a “docu-drama” filmed on location in Sudan. We’re about 70% done with the rough cut of the film and currently have the trailer posted on our film site:

We have about $100,000.00 invested so far in this film and are in need of a minimum of $25k more to finish it. We’re asking for a minimum of $18k from our Kickstarter fans. All our work relies heavily on donations. We don’t currently receive any support via grants or government organizations. We’re a grass roots organization that thrives off of supporters like you.

About Grace Surpasses: Grace Surpasses is a story about perseverance in a country where peace is an ancient relic and hope is a dangerous luxury. In Southern Sudan, Grace's family lives in constant fear of violence as a never ending war rages around them. With nowhere to hide, each new day brings the potential for danger. Grace Surpasses focuses on the experiences of one child. And through her eyes we get a glimpse into the day-to-day realities of life in Southern Sudan, where the absence of clean drinking water, public health, and a consistent food supply make even the most basic necessities of life a constant struggle. Despite the hardship, Grace and her family manage to thrive in the face adversity – until a personal tragedy threatens to destroy Grace’s hope.

What these Kickstarter funds directly go to are: A.) Animation Intro- which will serve as the back story to our main character, “Grace.” B.) Studio Time- for the musicians who are building the soundtrack for the film. C.) The Editors- have about 70% of the film rough cut but are in need of more money to make the final cut with color correction.

Our film company Nadus Films is different in that it promotes action as a result of its raising awareness. It’s because of this desire that in the past year, we’ve enabled over 12,000 people to drink clean water and been able to deliver thousands of dollars of medicine and mosquito nets on the ground. We’ve traveled to Sudan 6 times in the past few years to serve our ground partners. We’re a film company that makes films that make a difference. We want to be able to fund this project and watch as this story moves forward.

Please check out the incentives on this page and consider donating! We desire to complete this film and begin others that help shed light on the injustices of this world with an outlet to take action. We’re fulfilling our mission on a daily basis but desire to be more powerful through your support! Thanks to all of you who help make this project happen! We’re so close to finishing it and can’t wait to share it and see lives impacted on the ground in Southern Sudan!

The film Grace Surpasses will be released in late 2011/early 2012. All kickstarter gifts will be mailed just before the release!

Learn more about Nadus Films:


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    The SOUND GIFT: You’ll receive the Digital download of the Grace Surpasses soundtrack. *shipping on all gifts is paid for by us.*

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    The FILM GIFT:
    The film, Grace Surpasses, in physical copy sent to your door before its official release on DVD in late 2011/early 2012!

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    You’ll receive a digital soundtrack of Grace Surpasses. A physical copy of the film, Grace Surpasses. A Grace Surpasses t-shirt, pretty lil’ Grace Surpasses tees on American Apparel soft gray/grey (look it up in the dictionary it’s correct both ways!) tees.

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    You’ll choose one of three signed Grace Surpasses 11x17 prints by our digital painter Yvonne Herbst. Yvonne worked with Pixar for a decade on films such as Cars, Ratatouille, and Toy Story. Your name in the credits. A Grace Surpasses Film Poster! And everything above.

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    A beautiful bound book of Yvonne Herbst’s paintings from Grace Surpasses. You can place it on your coffee table and bask in its beauty. This package also includes all the Grace Surpasses gifts listed above including your name in the credits!

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    You’ll receive everything listed above PLUS a special thanks in the credits of Grace Surpasses.

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    The VIP package includes a VIP ticket to the Louisville, Kentucky premier or a premiere in a town near you. A signed copy of Yvonne Herbst’s Grace Surpasses bound book. A signed Grace Surpasses Poster by the crew. A copy of our first full-length documentary film, The New Sudan. Everything listed above. The VIP tickets gets you into the premier as one of our very special guests and gives you our very sincere thanks!

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    This package includes everything listed above plus you'll be given one of Grace Surpasses Producer Credits on the Film.

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