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By utilizing a genuine internal cesium atomic clock, we have created the first atomic wristwatch; accurate to 1 sec in 1000 years.
By utilizing a genuine internal cesium atomic clock, we have created the first atomic wristwatch; accurate to 1 sec in 1000 years.
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Cesium 133 Update

Posted by John Patterson PhD - Bathys Hawaii (Creator)

Aloha to the Cesium 133 Backers!

Hope everyone is well. Progress on the Cesium 133 project is moving along, however when you really consider how many things we needed to work out to make this watch work properly - it's very daunting task.

Our firm had no prior experience with CAD/CAM (because our case makers only required photo-renderings from us, not technical drawings), nor the fine points of GPS time-setting, nor had we ever produced our own printed circuit boards (PCBs), nor milled our own cases from aluminum. That was about 3 years of work we had to do in the past 9 months! However now we have in-hand our own dedicated GPS-system, our 3D CAD design is basically done (and looking quite nice from my biased perspective), the PCB is in the final stage of design, the first cases are getting milled this week, and a thousand other small things. Also, because I believe in making things by hand as much as possible - you're going to get a handmade custom leather strap and a handmade custom koa base-station box - things are really coming together.

So, here's my best guess about the debut and delivery times. I think we will have one complete, fully functional Cesium-13 production model in time to debut at Baselworld 2015 which runs March 19-26.

I will be there presenting the watch to the media* on Saturday March 21, and will be attending the Fair from March 19-March 22 - so if any of you would like to come down to Basel and meet up I'd be more than happy to arrange my schedule so we can meet. The best time for me would be some time Thursday pm or Friday during the day, or Saturday morning. 

I had hoped to have all 10 watches done in time for Basel, however this simply is not possible. However now that all the design and engineering is complete, producing the remaining 9 watches will come quickly and I am hoping for a May 15 delivery.

As you'll see once the watch is revealed, you will have the option to customize the case colors (quite a bit in fact) because of both the design of the case and the fact that we're using aluminum which can be anodized into dozens of colors. We may also offer the option to make the cases from magnesium or stainless steel and/or provide you with the CAD files needed to make a case yourself (any good watchmaker or electronic technician would be able to re-case the watch).

All right, guess what I need to get back to doing ^_^?

Cheers and all the best,


*The final part of this update is somewhat confidential - so please keep this to yourself. From conversations I've had, I expect to see 1-2 very high end ($50K-$500K) brands entering the CSAC fray at Baselworld 2015. In fact we may end up working together - but this is unknown at this point. This is why I want to wait to reveal the design.

Already I have been in pretty close communication with Richard Hoptroff, the London-based watchmaker who also uses a CSAC in a pocketwatch and now a wristwatch as well - although his watches are both more complex in function and expensive than ours. He and I will be presenting our work together in Basel because we feel our work is more complimentary rather than competitive.  And by presenting together we feel we can make our "story" much better for the media and the watchmaking world in general.


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