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Help me make YOU an album!
Help me make YOU an album!
362 backers pledged $24,638 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Madlyn Sculley on

      any idea when the pies will be shipped??!!!!!

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      Wendy Cohen on

      YAHOOOOO!!! I just got back to work/computer after a week. I'd been thinking about this and you and wondering if it happened, so checked right away. SO HAPPY for you!! HOORAY! WHOOP-WHOOP! Can't wait for the album. Much love and luck to you. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!

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      Beth Hundley on

      Katrina I am so happy that you raised the money for the Album! I have been a supporter ever since I saw you on The Voice. You have an amazing voice, gift and talent and I KNOW that you are going to make it big in the music world. Go forth woman and take the World by Storm~Blessings

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      Elaine Dennie Williams on


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      Janel S Kalaw on

      Congratulations Ms. Katrina Parker! Thank you for allowing us to be a part of this epic event. Looking forward to your successful career. Ths is just the beginning!
      Love you and your music!

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      Elaine Dennie Williams on

      So close almost there yes we are gonna get!!!

    7. Julie Christine Kemp on

      Good luck Katrina! You have my support....absolutely amazing!

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      Pennie Lochmoeller on

      Everyone on earth the time is now to unite and send as much money as you can to support this beautiful and talented super star. Katrina has a kind and caring heart dedicated to enriching lives with her music and live performances. We can not delay another minute. Give and you will receive unmeasurable music and entertainment joy. Not reaching the goal means she gets zero support, her heart will be broken and so will thousands and mine. I am pledging more in the last 3 days how about you. don't let this financial help disappear.

    9. Jessica S. Dunn on

      Katrina, on twitter you said I could donate on the $65 level and get the handwritten ty note instead of the tee shirt just to send a message to that effect with my pledge. There was no place on any of the pledge screens to add a note that I saw so I'm posting it here. Hope this works! :D And thanks again!!

    10. Bobby Goodrich on

      Pledging all I can to bring some wonderful music into the world!

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      Steven Moay on

      All the best Katrina! And the Skype offer's really tempting, if only I had enough money :(

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      Elaine Dennie Williams on

      Wish all the best I know you'll get it,love you girl

    13. Anne Clark on

      Wish you the best of luck! Can't wait for the album!