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THis is the new cover to Tribal Force #1

THis is the new cover to Tribal Force #1

THis is the new cover to Tribal Force #1 Read More
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Tribal Force is the first Native American Super heroes in comic book in the history of the United States! Originally published in 1996 Tribal Force was well received by fans within and outside of Native country! "It is extremely important for our youth to have super heroes that they can relate to and envision as themselves. " Says creator/writer Jon Proudstar

The goal is to create an ongoing series of comic books that feature Native American super heroes form various tribes. I want to include language and culture that is significant to each characters tribe. I am the writer and artist of the book. Locally I have created relationships with skilled colorists and Photoshop Techs. Upon completion of the digital files I will pursue publishing through KABLAAM. KAABLAm is an internet publishing entity which allows independent comic publishers to publish their books in low run printings. I basically need 15,000,00 per issue. I am currently seeking funds to produce a four issue mini-series which will cost a grand total of 60,000.00.

The funds raised will be used for hiring the Graphic Artists (Colorists, Inker, Letterer , Editors, and various other staff needed to accomplish the project in a professional manor.


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    $I00 Pledges will recieve signed copies of the first issue!

    $250 - Special signed Prints of panel art work

    $500- Limited Special Edition Cover Signed.

    $1,000 - Special mention in the comic itself. Sketchbook signed by artist. Signed/framed Full color poster


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