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A board game for 4-8 players about building rockets and escaping the meteor apocalypse.
A board game for 4-8 players about building rockets and escaping the meteor apocalypse.
1,984 backers pledged $90,114 to help bring this project to life.

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Black Hole Council entering last two days on Kickstarter


Hello Abandon Planet backers! This is just a quick note to let you know that our Kickstarter campaign for Black Hole Council is ending in about 48 hours! If you haven't had the chance, now is a great time to check it out. The funding goal's been doubled already, and now we're aiming for upgraded components and custom player pieces! Hope to see you there!

- Don Eskridge

Click here to check out Black Hole Council on Kickstarter!
Click here to check out Black Hole Council on Kickstarter!


Black Hole Council is live on Kickstarter!


Hello friends, happy 2018!! We hope 2017 was a great year for you, and that you got a chance to try out Abandon Planet. Now we're back with the newest game from Orange Machine Games: Black Hole Council! 


 If you've had to be a bit too nice this winter, Black Hole Council will give you the opportunity to yell at your friends to get exactly what you want - achieving your secret agenda, which may definitely involve throwing planets into a black hole.

But instead of talking about it here, check out the full page on Kickstarter! We've got a couple great ways to get involved in the campaign, like naming the planets in the Orange Machine universe! We're pretty excited about it.

Lastly, thanks one more time for being a part of the Abandon Planet campaign. It was a blast, and now we're ready for more. Cheers!

- Don Eskridge

Retail release, and... Black Hole Council!


Abandon Planet has been delivered to 2,000 backers and just last week hit retail!!! We hope you love your copy and have gotten a chance to play in a number of different groups and player counts. If you've played, be sure to rate the game on

Have a rules question? Check the FAQ! We've got some great answers already, and the more you ask the more we can support rules questions that others might have. Also, we really like the new website and hope you'll check it out!

And... we're announcing our next game!

Black Hole Council is a 4-8 player intense negotiation and deduction game about throwing entire planets into a black hole. Whereas Resistance has hidden roles, in Black Hole Council you have five hidden goals. The better you meet these goals during the 2-minute negotiations, the more influence you'll gain. And the better you deduce your opponents, the more you can block their road to victory. It's a loud and reckless brawl, and it's coming to Kickstarter in just 30 days! 

In fact, today is Day ONE of our Pre-Kickstarter 30! Like the planet above? Our own Bobby Reichle designed it, and you can help name it! So today we are beginning TWO contests:  

1. Like this post on our Facebook page! We'll be posting a new Planet every day for 30 days (30 planets, 30 days!) For each post that you like, you'll have one extra chance to win a free copy of the game. We'll be raffling off FIVE copies, so Like every post for the best chance to win.

2. Even better, we want your help in naming these planets! After Liking the post,  Comment with your idea for the planet's name, and Like the names you think are great that others suggest! We'll take the best names and let Backers choose during the campaign which ones stick. If you're a backer and one of your names wins, you'll receive a FREE second copy of the game!  

The contests start today, right now! Like all the Planet posts to win a free copy, make Comments for new name ideas, and be sure to Like other names you love to see them in the final game! 

We hope you're excited for this next step in the Orange Machine universe. We're extremely proud of Abandon Planet and we learned a lot in the process. Now we're ready to kick in space doors and take space names for this next project. So we'll see you on Facebook, on BGG, here in the comments, and very soon on the Kickstarter page for Black Hole Council!

- Don & Bobby



Shipping begins!


Shipping in the US has begun! We're super excited for you to receive your copy. For international backers, we are awaiting word on the package status. Within about two weeks those international orders should be shipped as well!

In the meantime, I am headed to PAX West to demo Abandon Planet and play-test games! If you're in the Seattle area this week, stop by the ACT Theatre to say hello and join in on what we're working on these days. 

Either way, check out this video by Girls' Game Shelf all about Abandon Planet! This is a great video that gives a solid run-down of the rules and play, and conveys the experience of the game. 

Thank you again for being a part of this project. We hope you love the game. Be sure to be a part of the community discussion on BGG, Instagram and Facebook! We want to know your stories of survival (or of enjoying the fireworks). 

Expect another update once shipping around the world is mostly complete, and please don't hesitate to message directly with any thoughts or issues with your deliveries. Enjoy your games! Backstab some friends!

Shipping on the horizon!


Abandon Planet is now on two sides of US shores and currently in transit to BlackBox! UK shipments have not arrived to docks yet, but should next week. Soon BlackBox will have the final pallets; their policy is to unpack, re-pack and turn the trucks around within 10 days of receiving products, so in about two weeks shipping should begin! So close. 

These boxes have traveled!
These boxes have traveled!

In the meantime, convention season has begun for OMG! In less than 12 hours we'll be wandering the halls of GenCon 50. Would you like to meet up to play games? We do not have a dedicated booth this year but I'm happy to meet up to show and play a demo copy of Abandon Planet mostly anytime and anywhere, as well as demo the new game we're working on! Gather a handful of pals and shoot me a message through Kickstarter or at Don AT to set up a time.

By the way if you still have not completed your survey, we'll of course send your game the moment we have your address but we can't guarantee it will arrive at the same as the big first shipment. Get those filled out! :D

Want a hint about upcoming games? Check out Getting On Board's 4th episode... Talk soon!