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BETWEEN US: Based on the hit play; the upcoming movie by's video poster

A new movie from Slamdance co-founder and filmmaker Dan Mirvish, based on the hit Off-Broadway play "Between Us" by Joe Hortua. Read more

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A new movie from Slamdance co-founder and filmmaker Dan Mirvish, based on the hit Off-Broadway play "Between Us" by Joe Hortua.

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"Best friends. Life choices. Different paths. Explosive confrontations. A poignant reminder that some friendships, no matter how deep, are not made to last." - The Associated Press

"Very sharp about how money shapes - and taints - the most intimate relations." - The New York Times

"Perceptive and discomforting, Joe Hortua's 'Between Us' is a gripping study of the little familiarities that breed contempt. Hortua delivers a different sort of story - one that is both fascinatingly and frustratingly hard to predict." - The Los Angeles Times

"I know, come Hell or high water, that [Dan] will film and finish his idea. I’ve seen him hit setbacks, but I’ve never seen him stopped." - Film Threat

[Note: if you've missed the deadline - don't panic! You can still get involved by investing, making a tax deductible donation, or other means. Just contact Dan directly at - and thanks to everyone who's contributed so far!!]

BETWEEN US is an upcoming feature film based on the hit Off-Broadway play of the same name that premiered at Manhattan Theatre Club in 2004 (and was originally commissioned by South Coast Rep). With a screenplay adapted by original playwright Joe Hortua and film director (and Slamdance co-founder) Dan Mirvish, Between Us is a dark comedy exploring the bittersweet friendships between two couples who meet as old friends and discover their lives are tarnished by money, success, sex and children. It brings to mind Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf, but with more the tone and scope of Sideways. The film has already generated intense interest from internationally recognized actors who know this will be a critical success. For further information on the project, including synopsis, bios, production plan, etc., please feel free to download our BETWEEN US PROJECT PDF.

Casting Update - as of 12/15/2010: We already have one actor committed who was the lead in two Oscar-winning films, and director Dan Mirvish just had lunch today with a prior Golden Globe winner (who's also a nominee this year) who's inclined and poised to be in the film. We also have offers out to one other Golden Globe winner who's already a fan of the script and another actor whose last film grossed $240 million with him as the lead. Schedule and availability are now the big factors, but there's no doubt we've got momentum. (We're not at liberty to reveal the actors' names publicly, but contributors will find out in our secret updates.)

Production on the film is set to begin in March 2011, with shooting to take place in Los Angeles, Omaha and New York.

Given current economic conditions and the state of independent film, the optimal budget for a movie of this nature is $200,000, with a bare-bones minimum of $60,000 (where the actors get paid, but sadly not the crew). We've already raised $25,000 from the generous support of private investors, which is enough to set a start date and start locking down our cast. But it's still not enough to actually make the movie. SAG requires that the actors get paid; someone has to buy them peanut-butter so they can make their own sandwiches; and ideally, we're going to need a camera. And maybe some lights.

In our case, we're not trying to raise the whole budget of the movie through Kickstarter. But we are trying to cross the threshold we need to actually start production of the movie, and to also give supporters an easy way to donate small sums of money and be part of the project.

Every dollar helps, and there are several ways to get involved: You can contribute any amount of money through Kickstarter. But if you're interested, you can also make an actual investment (minimum $5,000), make a tax-deductible donation (we're fiscally sponsored through Filmmakers Alliance, a 501c3), or if you want to do product integration - or even have your company place an ad in the movie! - you can pay as a marketing expense. For more information on those options, please download our BETWEEN US PROJECT PDF

There are already a lot of really cool people involved in the film, including director Dan Mirvish (Slamdance; Open House; I Am Martin Eisenstadt), playwright Joe Hortua (an award-winning protege of Tony Kushner) and producers Hans Ritter (Hard Candy; Smiley Face), Barry Hennessey (3-time Emmy winner for The Amazing Race; Open House), Dana Altman (Lovely, Still; Omaha (the movie)) and Mike S. Ryan (Junebug; Choke; Palindromes). But we need your help, too!

For those of you unfamiliar with Kickstarter, the way it works is that you simply click on a donation and it uses your Amazon account to charge your credit card....just like buying a book! But if we don't reach our $10,000 goal in 30 days, then you get charged nothing. Kickstarter is very hot right now - Time Magazine just listed it as one of the Top 50 Inventions of the Year, aptly calling it "crowdsourced philanthropy," Wired Magazine had a nice story, and the Los Angeles Times recently talked about how people are using Kickstarter for restaurant start-ups, too.

The Kickstarter campaign for Between Us was just named as an official "Certified Film Threat in Progress" - by the influential website Read their article for a more information on the film and this Kickstarter campaign. IndieWire ran a nice profile on us in this week's "In the Works" column. Huffington Post just ran a great story about us called How George Clooney Got a Happy Ending from My Sloppy Seconds, which talks in depth about the genesis of the project. If you want to see excerpts from the recent Australian production of the play version of Between Us at the prestigious Ensemble Theatre in Sydney, this video might be interesting to watch. (Mind you, though, those are not the actors - or director - we'll be using in the film. But they do have cool accents.) While you're at it, please feel free to watch Dan's directing reel on Vimeo. Finally, here's a funny article from the Omaha World-Herald about us trying to raise money for the film.


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